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Dj sr nonstop 2014 torrent

Dj sr nonstop 2014 torrent

dj sr nonstop 2014 torrent

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. DJ Richio wears sunglasses to hide a scar around his eyes. He is also haunted by nightmares of a childhood accident that led to his scar. Richio. Twilight World is offered in its album form – the Superb, Superb Mix. This release will be issued on 6 October , but before that the Japan-only, Ultimate. BUKOWSCY WIECANOWO KONTAKT TORRENT Step 5 After the the MySQL. See version opened on, without obtrusive. Scroll down to get connection method, is fact.

Badazz Warraw. Quote of Terror11je on Mardi 21 Mai at Rikkie83 Artist Ex Inferis. Toffe terror mix met vanalles er doorheen door Pionierkommando. Go download the mix from Pionierkommando 36 Fuckparade afterparty in Berlin. Draidy Artist Draidy. Ga ik luisteren. De tracklist kan ik onderhand wel dromen, op een enkele verrassende track na. Er had misschien ietwat meer variatie in gekund Maar vooral erg origineel mixwerk en goed turntablism erbij.

Quote of fake profile on Mardi 19 Novembre at Artist Davy Zealot , Digital Entertainment. MP3 ouder mixje van mezelf. His style is variating from pop ambient to harsh tekkno and noise oriented breakbeat. Beside his music projects he is a creative person who makes magazines in non existing languages and in search of the unknown territories of art. He released under many different aliasses including Anti-Zen, Leprozid Pfarrhaus, Mortobello Steriland the new project of Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse.

Be there.. Bart Hard. My way Brian Curley R. Well worth checking out! I know it is now ! Good Samples! Binary Distortion and Doc Ross were the only two other decent sets at this party. Google for tracklist easy to find. Removed from Soundcloud but worth looking for elsewhere. Dj Yuko Miyamura - Live P. Hilariously good! Very listenable German Speedcore!!! Lenny Dee, Quato, Delta 9 etc.. Really Good!!!

Hakkiba - Artfremd 2 Vorparty All variations of speedcore excellent!!! X-Ray Specs!.. FM Those were the days!!! Lawrencium - Live Mix Darknoise Core Can't see the first one anymore! If you like that kind of stuff you will love this! A lot of noticable tunes that escape my ailing memory! Pretty good!!! See 'Tha Man' in action for 47 minutes!!! What more could a man ask for!!! Excellent track!!! Pretty neat track. Sounds like Apex Twin meets Venetian Snares!!! Likes a laugh! Tim Exile - Live The Goatlab Sounds like a stomper!!!

Zutsuu — HardKoreTekNomad 3. There is also a Neurocore interview and videos. Really good! Kommando Really Good! Noticable tunes. Unibomber live mp3 , I do not have the time to add the links here so please go and look if there is anything you have not got or want. I do not have the time to add all the links here so please go and look if there is anything you have not got or want. Tracklist avalaible. Fraktal - The Exorcism. But I suppose I am just stating the obvious!!!

But worth a look! E - playlist. Mais super vinyls! MP3 Fracture 4 - some old mixtape side a??. Kijk die Afwazig gaan dan, wat een held. Foxhound Artist Foxhound. Low Entropy Artist Low Entropy. Zombie 11 Bazooka- Bassdrum Korrekt? Hardnoize- Scratch N Terror. Een nieuwe Mixed Crack episode staat inmiddels online. Deze keer een dj mix opname van Rocketmartin van Crackbeats Volgens mij zijn er moh best een aantal hier die er toen bij waren. Forward Observers. The Untitled - The Olympic Kills!

The Untitled - Against All The Untitled - Electrified Hasses The Untitled - Perceptual Distortion The Untitled - Seconds To Breakdown Played by: Juno Recommends Experimental. Spittle Italy. Spillage Fete. AVI feat Khidja remix 12". Review: A simple idea in an over complicated moment. Strip away aesthetics and be artist centric, sharing and explore collisions, sounds and genres.

Step out of comfort zones to release a series of EPs of broad, challenging and deep music. Starting with The Proposal by A Strange Wedding, this Lyon based producer from the Worst label, builds on their "modern style" slow trance to create a label anthem, a template. Stretched Arp, hypnotic bass and searing melody, underpinned by ocean wide kick.

Merci for the perfect beginning. Datasal are next, as this Gothenburg's trio's debut arrives. Side two leads back to the origin. Their "Welcome To The Pleasuredome" moment is peak time perfection. To close Barcelona's Iro Aka arrive with another debut. Having dispatched edits on Hard Fist and 44,Hz Social Club, their bubbling is a tender dreamtime finale that points ahead. Bizarre Tribe US. Sigrid AASE. Review: A 10" featuring the finest that highlife has to offer, Crentsil was a figurehead of Ghanian music during the 70s and 80s who was introduced to highlife music at the turn of the 90s - a combination of pop, jazz, disco, and funk.

A pair of incredible tracks produced by Charles Amoah utilising limited equipment to create an authentic party atmosphere, jovial flutes and plucky strings are the accompaniment to A. Entsils's proclamation of joy - put this on at the party and the room are sure to start moving. Celebrating the Swedish foursome's 9 albums over the course of decades, every one of your favourite sparkly, spangly hits make an appearance here, including 'Gimme! This collection also harkens to an exclusive picture disc bundle, one to watch out for!

Universal Japan. Johnson City gatefold 2xLP. I Skog og Mark mixed CD. Review: With their full-throttle approach, rave-igniting attitude and strong psy-trance and psychedelic influences, UTE. REC founders Accelerationism don't fit the usual profile of dance music creators from Norway. What they do is well worth checking, though, as this non-stop mix of cuts from artists associated with their labels proves. As atmospheric as a spring trudge through Norwegian forests and many times more energy-packed, the track excursion is full to bursting with undulating acid lines, hypnotic beats, throbbing basslines, angular electronics, spacey melodies and throbbing bass.

If you want another reason to pick up a copy, all proceeds from sales are being donated to charitable organisations in Ukraine. Brutal Planet. Mustang Zodiac cassette. Not Not Fun US. Xtraperlo 06 hand-stamped 12". Xtraperlo Spain. Innervisions EP purple vinyl 12". Tags: Breakbeat House Leftfield House. Burn The Soundsystem 12". Review: Adrien Mora made something of a splash with his Modern Issues 12" on Substra back in , delivering the kind of canny, fusionist tech house that goes down so well these days.

He's now helping kick off the Ordinateuf label with this classy, crafty EP and there's just as much flair packed into these jams. ADMO knows just how to slip some cheeky twists into his tracks - take the drop-out boxing bell drop on 'Million Dollar Baby' as a case in point. It's these touches which will get a crowd snapped out of their reverie and jamming harder on the groove, but it's not all gimmicks. These are serious party tunes which more than cut the mustard in the swelling swamps of the contemporary tech house scene.

Add to cart! Mannequin Germany. Active EP 12". Silias France. Nuclear Blast. Loved By You reissue 12". Tags: Italo Disco. KalyMist coloured vinyl 7". Played by: Juno Recommends Reggae. Portals LP. Cosmic Joke CD. Tell Me The Reason transparent green vinyl 12".

Blanco Y Negro Spain. Alawari LP. April Denmark. Garden Of Delights Germany. A Clearing 12". Mule Musiq Japan. Review: Examine Alex Albrecht's small but undoubtedly impressive discography, and you'll find an atmospheric, opaque and undeniably dreamy mix of ambient, deep house and downtempo grooves. His calling card, then, is not his adherence to a specific style, but a love of immersive aural textures, sonic warmth and sunrise-ready melodic motifs.

This trademark sound is to the fore on A Clearing, his first Mule Musiq outing. Check first the detailed, subtly dubbed-out deep house dreamscape of 'Stranger', before admiring the ultra-deep, half-asleep excellence of 'A Clearing' and the Latin-tinged, ambient house bliss of 'Cabin in the Meadow'.

In a word: wonderful! Tags: Minimal Ambient House. Album Club LP. Last Night From Glasgow. Erta ALE. Panorama EP white vinyl 12". Solenoid Germany. His latest release continues the theme of warm, big room house music he's been pushing for some time now, kicking off with the swirling pads and thumping rhythm section of 'Nirvana'.

It's got a distinctly early 90s vibe, with plenty of melodic hand holds to dig your fingers into, while 'Panorama' has a swishy, disco-tinted sassiness to take you away in the heat of the night. Electro Transmissions Mind Control Krew 12". Electro Spain. Terashima Japan. The Tapeworm. I'm In Love 7". Origin CD. Mack Avenue US. Fan Club LP. On My Ones reissue green vinyl 10". Iz No Good EP 12". Artefax Movement.

Review: Artefax Movement is a multi-disciplinary platform for music, events and visual art with a social impact, based between Amsterdam, London and Berlin. Over on the flip, 'An Da Le' picks up the pace on this deep dive into the exotic featuring traditional instrumentation reminiscent of Nu Zau's earlier work, until the cavernous and contemplative 'Wis Pe Ra' takes their sound back to a subterranean style.

Tags: Minimal. Aird Tapes 1. Tortue Jaune 12". Review: When Mule Musiq stated that 'maybe some older club music fans know Fred, deep house maestro from Quebec' there was no doubt it was the one-and-only Frederic Blais, aka Fred Everything. With a career spanning over two decades, the veteran producer debuted under the All Is Well alias at Mutek Festival last year, and here is his first release under the moniker - 'Totue Daune'.

It's an understated and atmospheric expression in deep house that comes in a just as brilliant beatless version, while equally evocative is the sensual 'Sarassota' with its breezy Balearic motifs, underpinned by sweltering Latin-influenced rhythms.

Tags: Tech House Balearic House. Ritmatico remixes 12". Tags: Tech House. Vrioon remastered gatefold 2xLP. Noton Germany. Review: Seven years on from the release of his decidedly loved-up vocal deep house classic, 'Thirstin', Mood Hut co-founder Jack Jutson is finally ready to return to action - albeit with an album that might surprise those who've not paid attention to the inrtricacies of his blazed, glassy-eyed trademark sound.

Opening The Door is less concerned with deep house dancefloors than much of the Canadian's previous work; instead, it applies his famously warm, jazz-funk and stoner boogie inspired instrumentation to AOR, yacht rock, Chris Rea opener 'If You Don't Know Why' is like a cool, 21st century take on 'On The Beach' , West Coast jazz-rock, ambient jazz and mids European Balearic dub. It makes perfect sonic sense and could well turn out to be one of the albums of summer Age Of Distraction 12".

Dub Journey's remastered LP. Isle Of Jura. Played by: Jura Soundsystem. Polyvinyl US. Big Scary Monsters. Denovali Germany. Introducing Dames Brown 7". P-Vine Japan. The SER is a monophonic semi-modular analog synthesizer with a formant filter section, designed to use as standalone synthesizer or in combination with Eurorack modules. Supplier's Notes: The SER is a monophonic semi-modular analog synthesizer with an formant filter section, designed to use as standalone synthesizer or in combination with Eurorack modules.

The sound is ranging from solid bass sounds to articulated formant effects. The flexible routing makes the SER a versatile machine for sound effects. Both VCO's deliver a triangle, sawtooth, square wave and pulse signal, which can be selected. The LFO 1 and 2 signals can be feed to the pulse width modulation section introducing phase shift effects and Doppler frequency shifts.

Synchronization is applied when two or more VCO's have to produce exactly the same pitches, without phase shift or beat effects. Each VCO has an individual output, also the noise generator and sub-oscillator has individual outputs. The most important sections of this synthesizer is the filter. Both band pass filters have a frequency control and a resonance control for setting the selective amplification in the pass band. The LFO control can be used for the external modulation input. Also the resonance of the low pass filter can be controlled.

The control signal can be inverted by means of the ADSR controls in the filter section, so that the filters can be swept in opposite directions. ADSR 1 and 2 have a positive and negative inverted direct output available on the patch panel. LFO 1 generates a triangle wave which exclusively is routed to the pulse width modulation control input of VCO2.

LFO 1 also generates a square wave and a pulse wave. The square wave is available as direct output on the patch panel. The pulse wave of LFO 1 is internally routed to the sample and hold generator as clock source. Except for the LFO 2 rate control with the preset knob, it also can be controlled dynamically with the pad. Several sections in the synthesizer can be controlled with the bend pad, by pressing it with the left hand index and middle finger.

Pressing the UP pad will result in a shorter cycle, and pressing the DN pad in a longer cycle. Tags: Analogue synthesisers Monophonic synthesisers Semi-modular synthesisers. The VXC is a band analogue vocoder with patch-bay for each individual filter section.

Notes: Very nice old-school vocoder for Eurorack, featuring a built-in mic pre-amp and full band patch bay. Internal VCO and straightforward control setup help simplify operation. Supplier's Notes: The VXC is an band analogue vocoder with patch-bay for each individual filter section.

VXC vocoder is based on the iconic classics vocoder. For stand alone usage the VXC is equipped with an internal oscillator generating saw and pulse waves form C1 to C6. A simple and efficient vocoder. Tags: Multiple module Effects module Noise module Oscillator module. The Silent Enigma reissue LP. Me Saco Un Ojo. Ancient Plastix clear vinyl LP limited to copies. Maple Death Italy. Sunday Kinda Love 12". MotorCity Wine Detroit.

For those that know, MotorCity Wine is the spot for Sunday parties, so we only thought it appropriate to have one of Detroit's most seminal producers highlight the vibe with this EP. On the A side is Andres's dusty house sound that we've all come to love, complete with bouncing basslines, slick vocal chops, and drums to turn out any dance floor. On the flip side Andres slows the tempo just a touch to highlight his chunky midtempo beatdown sounds, with "Rubin Samba" bringing a Latin flair and "Sunday Kinda Love" driving it all home.

Cookbook CD. Retrospectives 12". Conceptual Deep Moldova. Review: Eastern Europe has always turned out some decent tech house sounds and now it looks like Moldova has its own shining light in that scene.

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