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Venture brothers season 5 episode 2 torrent

Venture brothers season 5 episode 2 torrent

venture brothers season 5 episode 2 torrent

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November 21, August 28, October 28, June 2, July 21, January 19, January 31, March 20, August 5, October 7, Jackson Publick. They are pursued by the ninja Otaku Senzuri, intent on acquiring the device, and by Dr. Venture's archenemy The Monarch. Hank and Dean have a run-in with a prostitute and Brock hospitalizes The Monarch. The UN rejects the invention when it turns out to be a death ray , but the army offers to buy it.

The ninja is caught and turns out to have a sexual fetish for advanced technology. On a visit to Tijuana , the Venture family find themselves in peril: Hank and Dean are kidnapped by The Monarch, who attempts to deal with his own abandonment issues by bonding with them. Venture's one remaining kidney is stolen, and he, Brock, and their robot assistant H. August 14, The Venture family travels to the orbital space station Gargantua-1 , built in the s by Dr.

Venture's father, Dr. Jonas Venture, so Dr. Venture can repair it. The station's female officer, Lieutenant Anna Baldavich, is instantly attracted to Brock, leading to romantic tension with her fellow officer Colonel Bud Manstrong. Hank and Dean become convinced that Gargantua-1 is haunted by a "phantom spaceman", while Dr. Venture discovers that the problem with the station is his own fault.

August 21, Venture builds a new robot, G. Venture on the same night. Meanwhile, Brock befriends the cyborg Steve Summers and his lover, a Sasquatch , helping them to evade the United States military forces who are after them. Theme park and cartoon magnate Roy Brisby kidnaps Dr.

Venture and attempts to extract from him his father's research on cloning , which the disabled Brisby desires in order to clone a new, healthy body. Hank and Dean are abducted and brainwashed by the Orange County Liberation Front, who seek to overthrow Brisby and his Brisbyland park; Brisby's company had been expanding too quickly and destroying the neighborhood.

Brock teams up with his old acquaintance, the mercenary Molotov Cocktease, to rescue the Ventures. September 4, Necromancer Doctor Byron Orpheus moves into the Venture Compound as a tenant, and Dean is instantly smitten with his goth daughter Triana. Brock, Hank, and Dean become trapped inside Dr. Venture's latest invention, a "Joy Can" which creates hallucinations of the user's deepest desires, and the two Doctors are unable to free them.

Dean's feelings for Triana eventually reveal the door and permit their escape. September 11, The Venture family sails to the Bermuda Triangle on their hydrofoil , the X-2, to recover an experimental aircraft built by Dr.

Venture's father which crashed there in While Dr. Venture explores the ocean floor in a robotic atmospheric diving suit , the X-2 is overtaken by pirates whose ship has been stuck in the sargassum for years. Venture is trapped underwater after his "metasonic locator" accidentally summons the screaming ghost of the experimental aircraft's pilot, Major Tom. Brock and Hank work together to subdue the pirates, deal with the ghost, and save Dr.

September 18, Venture and fellow super-scientists Pete White and Billy Quizboy are recruited into a government think tank in the Arctic headed by Dr. Venture's former college professor, Richard Impossible. After flirting with Richard's wife Sally and discovering that the Impossibles all have freakish mutations, Dr. Venture is abandoned in the snow by Prof. Impossible and left to die. Meanwhile, Hank has been exposed to a serum that will eventually cause him to explode.

Brock rushes him to the Arctic and saves Dr. Venture so that the think tank can come up with an antidote. It turns out due to the serum is defective. September 25, Brock is depressed to learn that his license to kill has expired, and Hank and Dean help him to prepare for his recertification exam. The Monarch sends his lover and co-villain Doctor Girlfriend undercover to seduce Dr. Venture and inject him with a serum that mutates him into a giant caterpillar.

She regrets doing this, however, and eventually administers the antidote. Brock passes his exam and uses the freedom of his licence to beat up a bartender who insulted him the night before. October 2, The Monarch captures the Ventures, but when Dean suddenly begins to suffer acute testicular torsion he is bound by the laws of the Guild of Calamitous Intent to grant them a reprieve.

Pete White and Billy Quizboy help Dr. Dean recovers, but Hank eventually suffers the same ailment. October 9, Venture holds a large tag sale to raise income by selling off assorted inventions and equipment, an event which attracts many scientists and supervillains. Hank runs a lemonade and sandwich stand at the event, with Dean, Triana, and H.

The Monarch takes the opportunity to instigate a riot so that he can sneak into the Venture Compound to use the restroom and vandalize Dr. Venture's equipment. October 16, Hank and Dean reunite members of the original Team Venture, a group of adventurers who worked for their grandfather in the s, to mount a rescue. October 23, Girlfriend have a bitter breakup, and she returns to her former lover Phantom Limb.

When The Monarch drunkenly attempts to win her back, Phantom Limb frames him for the murder of a police officer and The Monarch goes to trial; however Dr. Orpheus is called in the reveal the truth from Monarch's memory. Phantom Limb, along with agents from the Guild of Calamitous Intent, ensures that The Monarch is found guilty and sent to prison, which upsets Dr.

Girlfriend; Dr. Orpheus is given a hypnotic suggestion of getting an arch enemy if he falsely implicates Monarch. Venture has surgery to remove a tumor from his abdomen. Thinking that their father is pregnant due to their poor understanding of biology, Hank and Dean run away from home and wind up in a Scared Straight!

The "tumor" turns out to be Dr. Venture's twin brother, who has been living inside him since being devoured while the two were still in the womb. The twin attempts to claim his birthright by killing Dr. Venture, but is stopped by Brock and H. After a truce, he takes the name Jonas Venture Junior and Dr. Venture gives him the X-2 and their father's facility on Spider-Skull Island. The family recovers Hank and Dean, but they are accidentally killed by Monarch Henchmen 21 and Venture throws a Christmas party for many of his friends, but the party goes awry when Dean and Hank find Dr.

Orpheus's spell book and accidentally summon the Krampus. Meanwhile, the Monarch has hatched yet another plan to kill Dr. Venture, this time involving a nativity scene booby-trapped with C4 explosive led by his operative Tiny Joseph. Orpheus blames himself for Hank and Dean's deaths, and is appalled to learn that Dr.

Venture keeps numerous clones of the boys on-hand: They have died 15 times, and each time were replaced by clones implanted with the memories of the previous pair. Meanwhile, Jonas Jr. Venture, and The Monarch escapes from prison. July 2, The Monarch attempts to win back Dr. Girlfriend from Phantom Limb at a shopping mall where the Venture family also happens to be. A fight erupts and Dr. He and Brock ally to confront The Monarch at his cocoon base, while Dr.

Girlfriend races there with Hank and Dean in tow, hoping to defuse the situation. The Monarch, Dr. Venture, and Henchmen 21 and 24 team up to take on The Monarch's mutinous new henchmen. July 9, Brock is sent on a mission by the Office of Secret Intelligence O. He leaves the Ventures under the protection of Molotov Cocktease, who tries to whip the family into shape. Hank becomes enamored with Molotov and tries to kill his father after accidentally drugging himself. Brock tracks his target to Macaronesia , finds that Hunter has undergone sex reassignment surgery , and lets her live, having been taught never to kill women or children.

July 16, They call on Dr. Orpheus to save them from a deathtrap , leading to a debate between Dr. Venture and Dr. Orpheus of science vs. Venture is unable to repair his father's shrink ray even with the help of Pete White and Billy Quizboy, and Dr.

Orpheus is unable to shrink himself despite consultation with his otherworldly Master. The contest ends in a draw, while Brock, Hank, and Dean continue the time-travelling escapade. August 6, A videotape left by Jonas Venture Sr. The Ventures are also visited by the Grand Galactic Inquisitor, a being from outer space who is evaluating them in order to pass judgment on humanity.

With the help of Jonas Jr. August 13, Girlfriend are meeting with The Monarch and a girl he met online to discuss The Monarch's re-entry into the Guild of Calamitous Intent. Girlfriend leads Phantom Limb to order his Guild forces to eliminate the Ventures. Brock rushes to the rescue and gets him to call off the attack, while Kim expresses interest in Dr.

Girlfriend's offer to become a supervillain. August 20, They mount a rescue for Dean but are too late to prevent the wedding. September 3, The Guild of Calamitous Intent approves Dr. Orpheus for an arch-nemesis, prompting him to reform his old team, the Order of the Triad, with Jefferson Twilight and The Alchemist.

Jealous over the number of applicants for the position, Dr. Venture baits them into a battle by displaying his "walking eye". The job goes to Torrid, who impresses the team by kidnapping Triana. Meanwhile, The Monarch forces a prostitute through several deathtraps and Henchmen 21 and 24 attempt to strike out on their own using stolen jet packs.

September 10, When the Gargantua-1 space station crashes on a group of terrorists, Colonel Bud Manstrong becomes a national hero but is haunted by the death of Lieutenant Anna Baldavich in the crash. The Venture family stays at the White House for a state dinner in Bud's honor, where Hank and Dean are informed by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln that Bud's mind is being controlled by his mother through a microchip as part of a plan to assassinate the President.

The boys and Lincoln's ghost must work together to foil the plot. September 24, Hank and Dean are kidnapped by Myra Brandish, their father's insane former bodyguard who claims to be their mother. Orpheus are led to their location by an oni only to be captured themselves, and all have to be rescued by Brock and H. Meanwhile, Dr. Henry Killinger reorganizes The Monarch's villainous operation and helps him to reconcile with Dr. October 1, Venture succeeds in reanimating the corpse of one of The Monarch's slain henchmen, creating "Venturestein" which he hopes to turn into a money-making enterprise.

Brock feels guilty about killing the henchman and attends a mystic ritual at Dr. Orpheus' apartment to reconcile his conscience. A group of mystery-solvers resembling the Scooby-Doo gang investigate the Venture Compound, leading Hank and Dean to discover their many clones.

Venture convinces the boys that the clones are to be a Christmas present for them, while Brock accepts his murderous nature. October 8, October 15, Girlfriend agrees to marry The Monarch if he will stop arching Dr. However, following his bachelor party, his drunken henchmen capture the Venture family.

To avoid angering Dr. Girlfriend he makes Dr. Venture his best man and invites the rest of the family to the wedding aboard his cocoon base. However, Phantom Limb defies the orders of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and launches an attack on the wedding, demanding the return of Dr. Girlfriend, Phantom Limb captures Dr.

Girlfriend and reveals that his true goal is to eliminate David Bowie—revealed to be a shapeshifter and the Sovereign of the Guild of Calamitous Intent—and take his place. Brock leads The Monarch's henchmen in battle against Phantom Limb's forces, while Dean has a fantasy adventure that results in him shutting down the cocoon's engines.

The battle ends when The Monarch's escape cocoon crashes into Phantom Limb's ship. Girlfriend's marriage. Note : This is the first episode produced in High Definition. June 8, Venture Industries is on the verge of bankruptcy until Dr. Henry Killinger arrives to restore the business to its former glory and repair Dr.

Venture's self-confidence. Venture up as a supervillain so that he can "arch" his brother, Jonas Jr. Venture turns down the offer, but is left wondering if he's a bad person at heart. June 15, A head injury causes Billy Quizboy to recover his lost memories: Pete White made him cheat on a quiz show, ruining their reputations, and the two were rebuffed upon trying to get jobs working for Billy's hero, Dr.

White mistakenly entered Billy in a dogfight, where he lost his hand and eye. Given robotic replacements by the Office of Secret Intelligence, Billy was enrolled undercover into the college course of Professor Fantomos, which Brock and Col. Gathers suspected was a recruiting front for the Guild of Calamitous Intent.

He was involved in the accident that transformed Fantomos into Phantom Limb, then had his memory wiped by the O. Venture's bodyguard. June 22, Girlfriend move into Phantom Limb's former home in Malice, a gated community for supervillains. Venture's new arch-enemy and invites him to a party, where he reveals his knowledge that The Monarch has been stealing weapons from him for years and that as revenge he intends to treat Dr. Venture, whom The Monarch truly hates, with kindness.

Meanwhile, Hank, Dean, and Henchmen 21 and 24 are stalked by Dr. Girlfriend's Murderous Moppets. June 29, The Monarch sends the Moppets in undercover to spy on Dr. Hank befriends Dermott Fictel, a rude, obnoxious, lying teenager. Things go awry when Dr. Venture takes the children to his father's "E-den", a biosphere that turns out to house an angry gorilla.

Dean becomes infuriated when Dermott insults Triana, and beats him up. Girlfriend debuts her new persona as Dr. The Monarch. July 6, While in the Amazon rainforest , the Venture family encounters Dr. Tara Quymn, a childhood friend of Dr. Venture's who is now a famous scientist and adventurer researching cancer cures. Hank becomes infatuated with her mystery-solving teenage twin daughters Nancy and Drew, who are more interested in Dean, while their bodyguard Virginia makes awkward passes at Brock.

The two doctors develop romantic feelings toward each other while Dean investigates "wereodiles" that may be stalking them all. July 13, Venture and Brock stumble upon a labyrinthine sublevel of the Venture Compound where they encounter shrunken original Team Venture member Dr. Entmann and a group of subterranean dwellers, all of whom have been trapped in the facility for thirty years. Hank, Dean, Pete White, and the Order of the Triad attempt to locate and assist them, while the facility's master computer threatens to launch a nuclear missile if it does not speak to Jonas Venture Sr.

July 20, Prohibited from antagonizing Dr. Venture, The Monarch has murdered his replacement archenemies and is losing interest in supervillany. He and Henchmen 21 and 24 decide to relive old times by conducting an unauthorized raid on the Venture Compound. They are discovered by Hank, Dean, and Dermott and have to trick and bribe their way out of being reported. July 27, Among the attendees at the opening ceremony are the Venture family, the surviving members of Team Venture, and even the supervillains who formerly lived there.

Awkwardness and tensions result, and Prof. Impossible makes vain attempts to win back Sally, who has left him for Jonas Jr. The Captain and his crew mutiny against Jonas Jr. August 3, Cardholder, on how to deal with his new nemesis, The Monarch. They authorize him to eliminate the villain using a death ray, since The Monarch has killed his last five archenemies.

The Monarch sends Henchmen 21, 24, and 1 to infiltrate Spider-Skull Island, but Henchman 1—true to 21 and 24's prediction—is beaten and seemingly killed by Brock. Their mission is a success, however: Jonas Jr. August 10, Venture goes on an old-fashioned adventure to find an object of unspeakable power.

When Brock attempts to stop him, he learns the truth about the late Jonas Venture, the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and his year-old mission. August 17, August 24, Brock Samson is a marked man. Terminated from the O. And he wants them as far away from him as they can get but not even Molotov Cocktease, Hunter Gathers and a pair of ex-O.

And The Monarch and Sgt. Hatred aren't helping, O. Cardholder that their three best assassins have been killed by Brock, and decides to take matters into his own hands. The Venture family is saved by The Cleaner , who Brock discovers has been sent to them by Molotov Cocktease in her attempts to save them.

With H. Brock decides to speak to both at the same time to meet him at the Venture compound at dawn. At dawn, the forces of the Monarch and O. Sergeant Hatred and Dr. Venture have an argument as to who has done worse things, until Hank says that they should use his "Christmas presents" the clone slugs to stop the fight. With the clone slugs led by Hatred, and all easily killed by the Monarch in his new Death's Head Panoply suit, Brock stops the fight and learns that Treister was only responding to his distress call.

Brock decides that he has had enough and quits O. After the credits, Molotov Cocktease is pleased that the world's top 3 assassins have been killed and now her Black Hearts Assassins are the best in the world. Part 1 In the aftermath of the O.

The doctors try to say there are simply no other medical units available, but he escapes with H. Sergeant Hatred is administered a chemical before being re-recruited into O. Brock makes his way to Macaronesia to see the doctor who operated on Gathers to remove H. With the operation successful, he sends H. When he comes to, Brock begins to realize what happened with all the events leading up to the battle and discovers that Hunter Gathers is no longer a woman and has reformed SPHINX.

At the same time, Venture is hired by a group of "fake" Nazis to clone Hitler from a bulldog containing the man's spirit. In the end, Hank, now with longer hair and wearing Brock's old jacket, and Sergeant Hatred hold up sniping positions to save Dr. Venture, who has refused to clone Hitler. Orpheus, with H. While Orpheus kills the Nazis, Hitler finds his way to Hank.

Brock appears, with the same magic dagger, and kills Hitler, while telling Hank that no one can know he is back. October 25, The Monarch attempts to hold Hank and Dean for ransom, but his plan is foiled by the arrival of Monarch's old enemy Captain Sunshine, who takes Hank away before the Monarch's plans can come to fruition. Hank, who is upset at his father and claims he has no father, is recruited by Captain Sunshine to be his new Wonder Boy. Sunshine's butler seems to believe something is up and walks Hank through the motions of being the new Wonder Boy, who deems it odd that Captain Sunshine does not fight crime at night or with his former team.

However, he does work as a local news anchor with all of his former teammates. The Monarch still tries to collect the ransom, but Venture easily sees through his attempts to trade off one of his henchmen as Hank, with Dean being the only one still in custody.

Venture hatches a plan to get the boys back, by shrinking down Hatred and hiding him in a bag of money Pete White and Billy Quizboy won from a recent lawsuit, but the Monarch manages to take the money anyway. They track Sunshine down to his mansion, just as Venture, Pete White, and Billy do the same, both seeking out Hank, who somehow easily manages to thwart the Monarch's plans.

Captain Sunshine rushes home from his news anchor gig to find the Monarch, who he believes to be immune to his powers in Wonder Boy's costume. The Monarch uses the device his wife made to kill Sunshine, but it actually re-energizes him, and he defeats the Monarch. Just as he is about to attack Rusty, Pete, and Billy, Hank stops him and says he cannot be the Wonder Boy he wants him to be, and returns home with his father, but not before asking for a word in with Batman, at which Captain Sunshine kicks him out.

November 1, Dean discovers his hair is falling out. Rusty indoctrinates Dean into his career as a super scientist, using inspiration from various progressive rock albums. A deformed and supposedly aborted Dean clone, D, lives in the compound's attic; Hank discovers a "Dean shrine" created by the clone.

D hallucinates that Rusty wants him to become the new Dean by making a skinsuit out of the many dead Dean clones. A UPS man delivering a large supply of plastic explosives to Sergeant Hatred who plans to use it to create explosive decoys of Dr. Venture believes that something sinister is happening in the compound when he discovers an open grave containing Dean clones.

Hank is grounded, but gets a visit from Dermott, and the two raise hell in the compound. Hank hits one of the dead Dean clones with his car; believing he has killed his brother, he runs away from home. This also damages the corpse that D was using to complete his Dean skinsuit, so he stalks the "real" Dean to obtain a replacement. Dean believes that D is the result of a failed experiment in which he added his hair to Shrinky Dinks , and he flees the deformed clone. The police arrive to shut down the compound at the insistence of the UPS man.

D corners Dean, but hallucinates that Dr. Venture has accepted him as "the real Dean". D hugs one of the many explosive Dr. Venture decoys and is destroyed. The real Dr. Venture is later arrested, and blames Hank for the debacle. November 8, After 24's death, 21 has become the most fearsome and adept of the Monarch's henchmen, having undergone a long series of training to become a better fighter.

However, 21 decides to kidnap Hank and Dean, ultimately being successful after the two have become tired of Sergeant Hatred's various kidnapping drills. Just as the Monarch and Dr. Venture and Hatred infiltrate Malice to attempt a rescue on their own, while 21 tries to interrogate the boys, who reveal they know nothing of what happened to 24 and are simply annoyed by the predicament.

With Hatred overcome with grief, Venture finds Dr. Hank reveals the two made their way home safely, and he leaves to find Hatred. The Monarch, having been kicked out of his Cocoon's bar for his anaphylactic face, finds 21 lamenting 24's death, before reprimanding him for kidnapping the Venture boys. Back in his room, a hand crosses out the Venture Bros.

November 15, With a kidnapped Billy Quizboy's help, Dragoon's head is surgically attached to Red Mantle to save the two's lives, with the men alluding they are Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper. Phantom Limb has formed the Revenge Society, a rival villainous group consisting of himself; a coffee mug he has named Wisdom who is the team's fix-it-man; a toaster he has named Chuck and believes is a master of the nunchaku and trap dismantling; and Lady Nightshade, a black Ferragamo shoe once belonging to Dr.

Phantom Limb plans to steal the Orb from the Ventures, when Billy reveals he knows where it is kept. Watch and Ward of the Guild inform David Bowie, who they know is the Sovereign, of the two Councilmen's kidnapping, and Bowie heads to the Venture Compound to stop Phantom Limb from finishing his plan.

The Councilmen take Billy onto the compound to find the Orb, leaving Billy behind once they find it. Venture and Dean. Phantom Limb prepares to use the Orb, but discovers that it is not working. In a flashback, alluded to in "ORB", Lloyd Venture prepares to use the Orb when his bodyguard Sandow is thought to have killed Venture; in reality, Sandow destroyed the Orb, preventing it from ever falling into the wrong hands.

November 22, In the middle of an attack by the Monarch, Dr. Venture's reminder alarm goes off, and he calls off the attack using Guild bylaws to allow him to attend his therapy group. However, their therapist is suddenly killed by a snake attracted to the man by snake pheromones in his coffee. Johnny believes someone to be behind the therapist's death, and leads the group to a bar frequented by former henchmen, resulting in a fight.

Johnny then leads the group to Dr. Z's house, where he has now settled down with his wife formerly his beard who reveals that the group must let go of their past if they ever want to move on. Venture takes this to heart and realizes that he actually has a family to care about, unlike all of the other failed boy adventurers, and leaves.

Elsewhere, Hatred takes the boys out to see a movie, but the theater is crammed with children, which starts to cause his pedophilic urges to manifest. As he is without anymore Nomolestol, the chemical that keeps his urges in line, the boys hatch a plan to retrieve him, all with the Monarch's henchmen's help. Later, 21 notifies the Monarch that he implanted the snake and pheromones at the therapy group, which now allows him to arch Venture more often without the need of the therapy breaks.

December 6, The Order of the Triad does battle with Torrid who opens up a portal to the Second World, before being consumed by an elder god. The Order is unable to defeat the beast, until the Outrider appears and saves them. Orpheus is determined to figure out how the Outrider, the man who stole his wife, is able to pass into the Second World, while Jefferson complains that he is the only one of their group who has no magical ability.

When the Outrider is attacked by Torrid once more, Orpheus finds that he must have taken a shortcut into the Second World and calls on Billy to help them find out why. Billy discovers a magical artifact in the Outrider's skull, and removes it, trapping Orpheus, the Alchemist, and Billy in the Second World with the Outrider.

However, Jefferson has apparently developed the ability to be between worlds, and helps the men return to the physical world. During this time, Triana enters her closet and finds the chamber holding the Master who informs her of Dean's true nature and implores her to move in with her mother and the Outrider to become a proper sorceress. At the end, Triana leaves the compound, in a way not to break Dean's heart, and Orpheus realizes why his wife left him in the first place.

The Monarch decides to team up with Monstroso, a Guild member and ruthless lawyer in his newest plan to defeat Dr. It is an attempt to force Venture to give up his compound as it was built with the sole purpose of good-doing, and if a certain percentage of the land is not in that use, then Monstroso gets the land. However, 21, with 24's apparent ghost guiding him, begins to suspect something is up and finds that Monstroso has double-crossed the Monarch, and will gain all of his assets as well.

While Venture plans on leasing some land to Pete White and Billy Quizboy, they find that one of the buildings on the Compound is occupied by SPHINX who, throughout the episode, have been hiding Monstroso's actions from Brock in an attempt to keep him away from the Ventures.

They fight, and 21 is actually a match for Brock, even though Brock ultimately wins. They decide to instead team up and attack Monstroso together to stop his plans to take both the Venture Compound and the Monarch's assets. Part 2 September 12, [8]. When Dr. Brock and the boys take the X-3, while Shore Leave heads back out. Elsewhere, the Monarch has become overly attached to his "Butter-Glider", a new butterfly-themed personal flying device, leading 21 to go on an unofficial attack on the Venture compound, with only Hatred to stop them.

With Hatred subdued, the Monarch joins them and lords over the still unconscious Venture, who, thanks to the X-3 within him, attacks the Monarch. The Monarch takes Venture outside when Hatred uses the shrink ray on them, making Venture a giant.

Venture's weight proves too much for the Butter-Glider to carry and the body and glider crash to earth. A stunned Monarch sits next to his smashed glider, wondering what happened. Above him, the S. Venture's eye. It falls off Venture's face and onto a stunned Monarch. Venture's body. September 19, One morning, Hank and Dean are surprised to find out that they have officially graduated from their learning beds, but Hank's diploma is not dispensed.

Venture takes Dean to State University to see the campus, believing he has an in with the administration due to his father's influence, but he learns that the only reason he was spoken with is because the dean thought Venture was his brother Jonas, Jr.

Elsewhere, Phantom Limb escapes from the Guild's dungeons to seek out Richard Impossible, who is depressed after Sally has left him. He tasks Richard to take him to State University so he may retrieve his old limb-restoring machinery to restore his missing arm and leg. The group does their best to deter his entry, but he seems to bypass every attempt to force him to quit, even using an aluminum foil hat to avoid being brainwashed.

In the end, Brock manages to tell Hank SPHINX only admits high school graduates, when the learning bed finally spits out his diploma which had been caught in a paper jam. September 26, The world's super-scientists and super-villains sidekicks have all been kidnapped by a strange force calling himself Zeus. Zeus, with the help of his subordinate Zero, begins a series of battles between the kidnapped men, which include 21, Pete White, Billy, and Captain Sunshine's butler Desmond.

However, 21 begins to suspect something is up. The remaining members of O. Dragoon reveals that the man has to be Captain Sunshine, his former archenemy, but not the current one but rather Desmond, who served as the previous Captain Sunshine. At the battles, Henchman 21 has also made this revelation that Zeus is not real and that "Zero" is actually Henchman 1, who 21 previously thought was dead. Elsewhere, Dr.

Venture has been awaiting his own kidnapping by Zeus, but becomes disheartened when nothing comes of it. Hatred, Hank, and Dean decide to "kidnap" him to make him feel better, and during the "interrogation" Hank demands to know why Dean is being coddled, and Venture reveals that he knows Hank can handle himself as a boy adventurer while Dean would easily fall under the pressure. October 3, With Dean off to New York for a summer internship, Hank is forced by his father to get a job, so he opens his own business by taking things around the house and selling them back at inflated prices.

Dermott, working for Hank, realizes that his sister has not picked him up yet, but Hank feels that there is a mystery afoot and goes to his private eye corner, bothering Dermott who finds his own ride home. The Alchemist is intrigued by Hank's film noir detective persona, particularly after he sweet talks Dermott's sister Nicki, and the Alchemist helps him on his new case, determining if Brock is Dermott's father. Despite their investigations, Brock denies having slept with Dermott's mother, but he eventually comes into possession of a set of keys with a Rusty Venture keychain.

Disappointed, Hank tries to speak with Dermott but instead finds Nicki who has become attracted to him, and the two have sex. The Alchemist and Dr. Orpheus perform a psychometry spell on the keychain, and discover the truth: Dermott's mother is actually his sister Nicki, and his father is none other than Dr. Venture had slept with Nicki, his then fan club president, believing she was at least 18, but later discovers she is pregnant and only 15 years old.

Nicki's mother threatens Venture to never come back, and then calms Nicki down, promising they will raise her child as her own. Orpheus and the Alchemist are horrified by the events that unfolded, and the Alchemist later decides not to tell Hank, who is now glowing after having lost his virginity to Nicki.

However, he picks up the keychain which has some latent magical essence and sees everything. For his own good, he has his memories of the past several hours erased, including his lost virginity, but before he undergoes the procedure, he records a message to himself revealing the minimal details of what happened. Dean finally comes back from his internship, without their father, when a man resembling their father but with a full head of hair appears from a portal in their bedroom.

October 10, Note : The stinger at the end solves the cliffhanger at the end of "Everybody Comes to Hank's". October 17, When Brock discovers Dr. Venture is in his car, attempting to commit suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, Brock reveals he had converted to electric. However, the group realizes something odd is at play because Rusty is not acting himself. Orpheus realizes someone else is controlling Dr.

Venture's body, while elsewhere the Monarch is using a new device to do so, with 21 and Dr. Orpheus prepares to astral project into Dr. Venture's mind to free him, but several failed attempts at using the things Venture loves to gain access fail, until he removes both of the sons from the equation. Orpheus successfully enters Dr. Venture's mind, finding Billy and Pete White as the Freudian personifications of Eros and Thanatos , having to navigate Rusty's mind by means of his id, ego, and super-ego.

However, something else lurks in Rusty's mind: the guilt from all of the dead Hanks and Deans. It is these that overwhelm the Monarch controlling Venture, who awakes from his fugue to berate Hatred and Brock for fighting over parenting the boys when it his duty. At the Cocoon, Dr. October 24, Billy Quizboy has begun work at a hospital under the name Dr. Phil Donahue where he is lauded as a skilled surgeon, but he lacks the credentials he claims he had. In a worry, he enters a patient's room to find the ailing King Gorilla seemingly killed by the mysterious benefactors who had previously given Conjectural Technologies a substantial payment.

Billy returns home worried and saying they need to return the money, but Pete White reassures him until these mysterious benefactors come and kidnap Billy. Brock and Shore Leave track down the Investors' location to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and get help from the former pirate Captain in his boat to get them to the location, as J. Billy finds himself with Monstroso, who has also made a deal with the Investors, and Billy is to become immortal as a result of his own deal. Billy believes he is going to become a vampire, and later that night is seduced by a group of who he believes to be vampires, while Shore Leave locks onto Billy's location and they all discover Monstroso is related to the Investors as well.

The following day, Billy is informed that he simply slept with prostitutes, and Monstroso says that his immortality will be becoming a world-renowned surgeon for performing a life-saving heart transplant on Monstroso using King Gorilla's heart while also receiving the necessary credentials to work as an actual surgeon. Brock and Shore Leave find Monstroso's boat and the Investors, but their individual attacks just phase right through the men. Brock then tracks down Monstroso to find Billy operating, keeping Brock from killing his patient.

During the many interviews, Dr. Venture realizes that Dermott is his son. Taking place during the events of the first episode of season 5, the Venture compound celebrates Halloween. Venture, Sgt. Hatred, Pete White, and Billy Quizboy place bets on whether trick-or-treaters will make it through the compound's defense grid.

Orpheus hosts a gathering of fellow magic users, and after he is disheartened by the Outrider and ex-wife Tatyana's display, leaves and the Alchemist leads the group in raising an army of zombies, which happen to be in the potter's field near the house the boys are investigating. In order to fulfill a contract with his brother, Dr. Venture must also deal with Dean's new " emo " persona, which changes when he meets intern Thalia. Later, Venture and friends discover that the ionic radiation emitted by the shield array has been mutating the interns; the scientists have become four-armed telepaths and the builders have become terrifying monsters, with both developing a taste for the flesh of Dr.

Venture's unmutated personal servant interns. Billy must deal with old rival turned Guild-authorized archenemy Augustus St. Cloud, with his albino Asian henchman Pi Wai, who has not yet forgiven Billy for outbidding him on eBay. And elsewhere, the Monarch lives in denial of 21's defection while Dr. June 9, General Manhowers has Dr.

Venture, who takes Hank and Sgt. When they arrive, Dr. Venture discovers that Venturestein, who has been following the teachings of Che Guevara , wants to found an "abomi-nation" for all scientific experiments, after discovering many mad scientists like to use the jungle as their base of operations.

Hank gets separated from the group and overdoses on caffeine, and after crashing, finds a statue of Camazotz and decides to become "The Bat" to help save his father. Back at the compound, Dean tries to restore H. Venture's vote in the upcoming election at any means necessary. June 16, After accidentally thwarting an O.

Venture and Hatred both think is a woman Hank has fallen in love. All three original are trying to go out in a blaze of glory knowing that the cyanide chips in their brains will soon activate, killing them all. Meanwhile, the Monarch and Dr. Venture, a meeting he cannot remember. Hatred has a heart-to-heart with Dean, who he suspects is cutting himself. Dean alludes to the fact that he has discovered the truth about his cloning and that being the cause of his recent change. June 23, Cloud, shows up to ruin the fun.

An over-confident Rusty bets St. Cloud the X-1 that he will win this year's "Spanakopita Games". Meanwhile, Hatred suspects there is more to Spanakopita than a simple festival and contacts Brock Samson, who tells Hatred there is nothing to worry about.

Hatred eventually learns the truth from the local innkeeper Giorgio, who explains they had accidentally kidnapped a young Rusty while stealing from Dr. Venture's boat. They tried to get a ransom for him but the boat was subsequently destroyed in a battle with Venture's nemesis L. Ron , making them unable to contact Dr. Upon seeing young Rusty crying, they told him it all was part of a festival which they called "Spanakopita".

Rusty, unaware of the deception, returned to the island years later as an adult, as his time there was one of the few happy moments of his childhood. The innkeeper also explains during one Spanakopita, Brock had learned the truth as well and kept it a secret from Rusty, which Hatred decides to do as well. Rusty is doomed to lose the final task and the X-1 to St. Cloud's trap and accidentally loses all of the man's drachma in the process, with Billy winning. Cloud says Rusty will not have another Spanakopita, having bought it from Giorgio, but Giorgio assures Dr.

And the new game is deadly! S7, Ep8. Monarch finds out from the Guild Council charter that they must either retire as villains, and commit one last arch each, or leave the Guild Council. Venture tries to get laid by a black widower. S7, Ep9. On behalf the Guild, Mr. Monarch and 21 go to take out the PP leader. Venture and Billy go investigate a stolen Guild weather machine.

Hank goes out to rescue his girlfriend. S7, Ep Deep inside Guild Headquarters, The Monarch and 21 face their ultimate ordeal. Meanwhile, the Venture Brothers face one of their own. See also TV Schedule. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Top Gap. See more gaps ». Add episode. Comic-Con Title Trending List. Comic-Con Schedule: Thursday. Create a list ». Shows to Watch. Mature animated. My Favorite Shows.

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