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Bass station 2 sh 101 torrent

Bass station 2 sh 101 torrent

bass station 2 sh 101 torrent

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Upload Date: December 08 Bass Station 2 patches Vol 3 by JM. Description: A further set of patches from me, this time 30 in total. Upload Date: January 26 Upload Date: November 26 Description: Hello! Nutrinoland - 56 Bassstation 2 Patches. Upload Date: September 09 Download: Bassstation2 Bank 1. Upload Date: September 02 Beautiful Cello. Description: This is best played non stacatto, allowing each envelope to decay away before pressing the next key.

Upload Date: August 18 Download: Beautiful Cello. Description: A slow Cello patch to be played slowly and legato. Upload Date: August 11 EDM Lead 1 Daim. Description: Punchy EDM lead :. Upload Date: June 03 Bass Station 2 Patches by JM. Upload Date: April 17 Outside Da Cluuuuuub.

Description: this is a funny one. Upload Date: February 11 Download: Outside Da Cluuuuuub. Low Octave Explorer. Description: This one is similar to Octave Explorer, but it is slowed down even more in the low octaves to get some neat sounds!

Download: Octave Explorer Low. Helicopter Sound Effects. Download: Helicopter Sound Effects. The Swarm. Description: Stop running. Its already too late. Download: The Swarm. Octave Explorer Sound Effects. Description: Try all the octaves, each one sounds different! Download: Octave Explorer. Massive Vocal Yeeeaaahhhh. Description: heres a fat tweak my friend did with the Vocal Yeeeeaaahhh preset.

Download: Dirty Vocal Yeeeeaaaaahhh. BTW, I got mine new but the power supply looks odd Euro version perhaps? Can anyone in the US confirm that this should come with a standard power supply? The BSII is a ridiculously good value, especially used. Crazy good for that money. My two complaints: shared controls, and the 2 octave keyboard. But it sounds great. I didn't keep it because I have a Future Retro XS, which is a criminally underrated synth, and it can do the SH thing quite well already.

How does the SHA compare to the ? I love the sequencer actually. I either want to buy an SHA now or save up for a Go with the Bass Station, you can't get wrong with that synth. The biggest difference for me is the tone of the sound. Can get very percussive up to the point that there is no difference between your kick and the sounds it produces. It can easily compete with the sound of a kick, which you don't see often in synths.

So it can kick some serious ass dyamics wise. BS2 is kindof more polite, gives you a cleaner low end. The distortion in more in the high freqs and can be made pronounced. It's kindof like they are equalized differently, but its not simply eq. Filter resonance is like smoke from a magic flute. The bs2 seems cleaner, hifi-ish modern? So they seem to be different beasts that would fill different roles in different situations.

I say, get both :D. Why not get a Roland SE instead? I did a side-by side and I felt they compared quite favorably, with maybe some slight differences when the resonance was cranked and in full-on self oscillation. The sliders have a shorter throw so I found it quite easy to dial in comparable sounds. The only has a triangle waveform for it's LFO and no noise. Depending on what sounds you want to create it might influence your decision. I haven't heard any noise pun intended lately about the Tubbutec upgrade but hopefully it'll take care of the noise and LFO shortcomings.

The SHA has a lot of nice features -- even more LFO waveforms than the , two types of noise, unison and polyphonic modes, and patch memories. There's a lot of power under the hood there. I have an MKS 7, which is great. Apart from not being very tactile! I might have to sell it, as my car needs repairing. My question would be what to replace it with, on the cheap? From YouTube it seems that the roland sha is close.

What do people recommend I do? Other than holding on to the MKS 7! Blue Monster I think they play together quite nicely and compliment each other well. Top Mentioned Manufacturers. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. Subscribe to our mailing lists. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Code by Port Forward. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. Connect with Facebook. New Novation Bass Station ? Deleted d6f81fe 16th October Minilogue vs Bass Station II ignorantape.

Deleted dbbd9a8 5th May

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Novation Bass Station II \u0026 Roland SH 101 bass station 2 sh 101 torrent

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