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Sushi rolling machine robot torrent

Sushi rolling machine robot torrent

sushi rolling machine robot torrent

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Eventually, a piece of fish will rest atop the rice, and the nigiri sushi will be ready to go. Suzumo says another one of its bots can make medium-sized sushi rolls an hour. Productivity goes up as size goes down. The machine takes rice from its rice bowl and presses it into flat sheets.

A piece of seaweed, fish and veggies are placed on top. Then, at the press of a button, the platform, which looks like a white conveyer belt in some models, envelops the open sushi and rolls it up. The maki roll is almost ready. Now, the slicer bot just needs to cut it up. With its army of sushibots, Suzumo aims "to precisely recreate the handmade taste and technique used by an experienced sushi chef," according to a YouTube video.

But it's hard to imagine high-end sushi restaurants lowering themselves to the depths of what is essentially McSushi. The mechanical sushi assistants are clearly geared more toward all-you-can-eat joints, high-volume supermarkets, sporting venues, hospitals or schools. Automated sushi production appears to be a growing sector, as other companies have hopped on the sushibot bandwagon. Robotic Sushi , for example, offers several tabletop and industrial machines.

The pound contraption's basic functions "reproduce the skills of the craftsman," reads a company brochure. Without doing a blind taste test or speaking to a sushi expert, it's impossible to assess how closely these machines mimic a master sushi chef's skills. But for business owners, this fast-food approach to sushi does offer some advantages. Standardization is an obvious benefit, especially for franchises. Cost reduction is also attractive: Why hire an experienced sushi chef when you can hire a high school student for minimum wage to place a predetermined amount of fish and veggies on a bed of rice and press a button?

Most machines cost at least a few thousand dollars, but over time, it might be cheaper to opt for a mechanical sushi maker. Customization is another advantage. The machine's operator — to call this person a chef would be over-reaching — can set the a roll's thickness and length. A true chef can also vary these parameters, but perhaps not with the same machine-caliber precision.

Usually when making sushi rolls , the sushi chef takes ready-made rice and approximates the amount needed, often making a big error in weight. Then the sushi chef spends about seconds forming a rice mat on a piece of seaweed sushi chefs with no experience — takes longer forming a rice mat , adds a stuffing, and wraps a roll.

As a result, different sushi chefs make rolls of different shapes and weights , and have trouble managing orders on peak workload days weekends, Christmas and others. Using maki robots : 1 You can keep one sushi chef for cooking complicated dishes and employ less qualified and less expensive personnel for cooking popular sushi dishes. You will always cope with orders on peak workload days and you will not lose your clients.

Before serving a client, it is necessary to cut the prepared roll into equal pieces usually pieces. Unlike the person, the robot always cuts the roll fast and equally. No more cuts on fingers. These compact robots can produce nigiri sushi rice balls of high quality , excellent shape, and perfect texture. They do not damage rice while compressing, unlike the majority of sushi chefs. Robots always make nigiri of equal shape and weight. One professional nigiri robot can easily replace up to 10 sushi chefs because of its huge productivity.

Onigiri is a popular dish in Japan. Healthy and tasty food. Excellent alternative to fast food. You can always take packed Onigiri in your bag and have a bite anytime, anywhere. The next step after boiling the rice is to mix it with vinegar and additives sometimes preservatives. At this step, we need to break up rice lumps to uniform mass and cool down to the suitable temperature for sushi chef's hands.

The sushi rice mixer combines all these steps with itself. The mixer , on the contrary, always mixes rice evenly. Using the proper package and storage temperature — the sell-by date can be extended to 10 days without freezing. Upon purchase of the equipment, we can provide you technical support in this question and share the successful experiences of our clients.

Before rice cooking, it is always necessary to wash rice. Rice washing is used to rinse away natural starch. A person can do it badly or well but as a result, the process can be long and depend on the mood of the chef. Rice washer always rinses away the starch until the water becomes absolutely clear. As a result: 1 You can save on the cost of rice by buying cheaper rice varieties with higher starch content.

Cooks rice suitable for sushi molding and helps to prevent waste of rice because of human error while cooking rice.

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