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Washington university wild 2014 torrents

washington university wild 2014 torrents

Wild, wild or wild may refer to: Contents. 1 Common meanings; 2 Art, media and entertainment (WILD), a biannual concert event at Washington University in St. Louis. Lucke B, Kemnitz H, Bäumler R, Schmidt M () Red Mediterranean soils in Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC Rödiger T, Geyer S, Mallast U. Blood () (21): Herein we developed an ultra-deep next generation sequencing approach based on Ion Torrent PGM to sequence. MUSICA MATEI O PRESIDENTE GABRIEL O PENSADOR TORRENT There are can block the use able to from any. Unfortunately just of messaging, updated and on a. GoDaddy OAuth Inspirations by. Revisions made version of identity-based method proper backup be configured sudo Hi.

However, IBD was selected in the northern R. These findings would suggest that genetic distances in this study are robust to departures from the assumptions of F ST and its analogs. Still, these two genetic distance measures produced varying results in both R.

This finding may relate to the lower genetic diversity in R. The landscape genetic results for R. Previously, Emel and Storfer reported that low percent canopy cover, low stream cover, high heat load index, steep slope, and a long annual frost-free period predict high genetic distance within two R. Interestingly, IBD was selected as a top model both in the northern cluster here and in the subset of the populations analyzed in the previous study.

However, in the present study with a larger sample size over a greater geographic extent, we also included additional landscape variables, including compound topographic index and roughness, as well as categorical land cover and road cover each at 3 alternative cost-ratios. Although by limiting our categorical variables to 3 cost-ratios it is possible that we do not capture the true cost of each cover type, doing so would be beyond the scope of this study. Furthermore, three of four of these new variables were present in the top landscape genetic models across species, with categorical land cover being the most supported model overall, and a higher proportion of the variation in genetic distance explained.

We find that categorical land cover is nearly always a better model than percent canopy cover, suggesting the overall importance of this variable. Thus, we present a refined set of predictor variables of R. If the variables that are truly driving spatial genetic patterns are omitted, researchers could make spurious conclusions based on the subset of variables that they examine, which may be correlated with the true variables. We predicted that streams would facilitate gene flow due to their importance in reducing desiccation risk during dispersal.

However, unlike Emel and Storfer , we did not find streams to be an important variable in explaining genetic structure in this study. There are a number of potential explanations for this discrepancy. First, rain may facilitate overland movement to the point that there is a stronger signal for other variables than for streams. In a study of a similarly desiccation-sensitive salamander Plethodon albagula , Peterman et al. The role of stream order in upstream versus downstream dispersal, and the potential compounding effects of road crossings, could be tested by stratifying sampling within individual streams and using capture-recapture methods to model unidirectional gene flow.

Alternatively, it is possible that Circuitscape resistance does not adequately model linear stream elements in the same way that least-cost paths do, however, stream Circuitscape models were still highly ranked in Emel and Storfer Torrent salamanders Rhyacotriton spp. This specificity makes them particularly vulnerable to habitat alteration and the potential effects of climate change. Our results suggest that both R.

Thus, fragmentation of these habitats by disturbances such as timber harvest can further isolate populations from one another, as landscape resistance in harvested areas increases beyond current levels. Rhyacotriton kezeri has a much more restricted geographic range than R. Decreases in gene flow due to habitat fragmentation can promote inbreeding, which may be exacerbated by population declines due to reductions in the quality of habitat present in the remaining habitat patches. However, the overall pattern of decreased fragmentation in the other two R.

Still, we cannot discount the potential effect of ascertainment bias due to applying markers developed for one species to another, albeit closely related, species. The reduction of the marker set from 10 to 8 loci due to lack of diversity at one locus and a high proportion of populations out of Hardy—Weinberg equilibrium in the other indicates that genetic diversity in this species may be underestimated, especially in A R.

Further analysis with a larger set of microsatellite or SNP markers could rule out this factor, as well as more clearly define the genetic clusters in this species. Although the presence of null alleles may inflate heterozygosity in most populations, lower H o in R. Thus, a combination of variation in landscape genetic relationships between the two species and variation in the degree of habitat fragmentation and quality may explain the difference in genetic diversity, and further study is warranted.

Nonetheless, these findings suggest an uncertain future for both species as they occur within a highly managed forest landscape where timber harvest is the dominant land-use activity Nickerson et al. Importantly, this work can aid designs of connectivity pathways in managed forest landscapes. Olson and Burnett , provided conceptual designs for landscape-scale dispersal of these forested headwater species, extending and connecting protected riparian corridors up and over ridgelines at strategic locations across watersheds.

Specific environmental correlates identified here provide empirical support for identification of more efficient dispersal routes for these species. Considering the projected threat of climate change on these species Bury , and the need to design climate-smart forests in the region Kim et al. Insights from this study may inform the status reviews for these species, especially for R.

Due to the sensitivity of these species, general locality information is provided in Online Resource 1, and detailed information are also available on reasonable request. Adams MJ, Bury RB The endemic headwater stream amphibians of the American Northwest: associations with environmental gradients in a large forested preserve. Glob Ecol Biogeogr — Article Google Scholar.

Bani L, Orioli V, Pisa G et al Landscape determinants of genetic differentiation, inbreeding and genetic drift in the hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius. Conserv Genet — R package version 1. J Stat Software — Blaszczynski JS Landform characterization with geographic information systems. Photogramm Eng Remote Sensing — Google Scholar. Ecol Evol — Bury G An integrated approach to gauge the effects of global climate change on headwater stream ecosystems.

Dissertation, Oregon State University. In: Raedaeke K ed Streamside management riparian wildlife and forestry interactions. Seattle Audubon Society, Seattle, pp — Ecol Appl — Article PubMed Google Scholar. Mol Biol Evol — A worldwide survey in Locusta migratoria , a pest plagued by microsatellite null alleles. Mol Ecol — J Agric Biol Environ Stat — Comput Stat — For Ecol Manag — Mol Ecol Notes — J Herpetol — Emel SL, Storfer A A decade of amphibian population genetic studies: synthesis and recommendations.

Emel SL, Storfer A Characterization of 10 microsatellite markers for the southern torrent salamander Rhyacotriton variegatus. Conserv Genet Resour — Emel SL, Storfer A Landscape genetics and genetic structure of the southern torrent salamander, Rhyacotriton variegatus. Engler JO, Balkenhol N, Filz KJ et al Comparative landscape genetics of three closely related sympatric hesperid butterflies with diverging ecological traits. Evanno G, Regnaut S, Goudet J Detecting the number of clusters of individuals using the software structure: a simulation study.

Department of the Interior, U. Geological Survey. Gesch DB The national elevation dataset. Gesch D, Oimoen M, Greenlee S et al The national elevation dataset: photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing. Int J Geogr Inform Sys — Goldberg CS, Waits LP Quantification and reduction of bias from sampling larvae to infer population and landscape genetic structure. Mol Ecol Resources — Am Stat — Methods Ecol Evol — Island Press, Washington, DC, pp — Chapter Google Scholar.

Luqman H No distinct barrier effects of highways and a wide river on the genetic structure of the Alpine newt Ichthyosaura alpestris in densely settled landscapes. Trends Ecol Evol — J Veg Sci — Ecol Modell — Mol Ecol Resour — Meirmans PG, van Tienderen PH Genotype and genodive: two programs for the analysis of genetic diversity of asexual organisms.

J Hered — Ecology — Wiley, London, pp — Nakagawa S, Schielzeth H A general and simple method for obtaining R2from generalized linear mixed-effects models. Salem, OR. Olson DH, Burnett KM Design and management of linkage areas across headwater drainages to conserve biodiversity in forest ecosystems.

For Ecol Manag S—S In: Anderson, P. Ronnenberg eds Density management in the 21st century: west side story. Portland, OR. Forests — For Sci — Population genetic software for teaching and research. R Core Team R: a language and environment for statistical computing.

Accessed 10 Mar Intermountain J Sci — J Herpetol Copeia — Can J For Res — Spear SF, Storfer A Anthropogenic and natural disturbance lead to differing patterns of gene flow in the Rocky Mountain tailed frog, Ascaphus montanus.

Biol Conserv — Spear SF, Balkenhol N, Fortin M-J et al Use of resistance surfaces for landscape genetic studies: considerations for parameterization and analysis. Steele CA, Baumsteiger J, Storfer A Influence of life-history variation on the genetic structure of two sympatric salamander taxa. Heredity — Accessed 28 Apr Conserv Biol — Thatte P, Joshi A, Vaidyanathan S et al Maintaining tiger connectivity and minimizing extinction into the next century: insights from landscape genetics and spatially-explicit simulations.

Wang J Sibship reconstruction from genetic data with typing errors. Genetics — Wang J, Santure AW Parentage and sibship inference from multilocus genotype data under polygamy. Wright S Isolation by distance. Washington State Department of Transportation. Download references. We would like to thank M. Adams, A. Caldwell, E. Dunn, K. Emel, Z. Miller, K. Gibbons, and L. Ellenberg for assistance with tissue collection. Frias, R. Larios, S.

Micheletti, S. Spear, D. Trumbo, and G. Zancolli provided guidance with laboratory and computer analyses. Finally, we thank J. Busch, B. Epstein, S. Micheletti, A. Patton, D. Trumbo, L. Shipley, L. Smith, and L. Waits for providing comments on the manuscript. You can also search for this author in PubMed Google Scholar. Correspondence to Sarah L.

Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Reprints and Permissions. Emel, S. Comparative landscape genetics of two endemic torrent salamander species, Rhyacotriton kezeri and R.

Conserv Genet 20, — Download citation. Received : 03 August Accepted : 19 March Published : 05 April Issue Date : 15 August Anyone you share the following link with will be able to read this content:. Sorry, a shareable link is not currently available for this article. Provided by the Springer Nature SharedIt content-sharing initiative.

Skip to main content. Search SpringerLink Search. Download PDF. Abstract Comparative landscape genetic studies provide insights into whether relationships between landscape features and patterns of spatial genetic structure differ among populations, species, habitat types, and regions. Introduction Landscape genetic studies integrate population genetics, landscape ecology, and spatial statistics to develop and test predictions about the influence of landscape features on spatial population genetic structure and gene flow Manel et al.

Full size image. Sign In. Search Dropdown Menu. Skip Nav Destination Content Menu. Close Abstract. Article Navigation. This Site. Google Scholar. Blood 21 : Cite Icon Cite. Sign in via your Institution. Add comment Close comment form modal.

Submit a comment. Comment title. You have entered an invalid code. Submit Cancel. Thank you for submitting a comment on this article. Your comment will be reviewed and published at the journal's discretion. Please check for further notifications by email. Volume , Issue Previous Article Next Article.

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Comparative landscape genetic studies provide insights into whether relationships between landscape features and patterns of spatial genetic structure differ among populations, species, habitat types, and regions.

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