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Upload document Create flashcards. Flashcards Collections. Documents Last activity. Tel: Fax: Yvonne, divorced and seemingly doomed to spend the rest of her life with her large and eccentric family, meets Jose, and must overcome years of conservative Chinese tradition and her eccentric mother to allow romance to triumph.

And its money… fast money, quickly won and quickly lost. But for four young people, Nicole, Mike, Katie and Eric, speed is something else entirely. Love that can cut you down or totally fill your life. A film that revolves around the strongest of all subjects: the power of love, the emotional collapse of a couple combining drama and lightness. Year of Production: , Country of Origin: Italian a road movie, a Moroccan transvestite dressmaker, a bride to be who must recover her lost virginity.

Based on a true story: from his childhood in Africa to his European success as a gifted jazz musician, unable to love himself. Orlando is a human child who grows up dealing with diversity and is taught the value of respecting nature. Year of Production: , Country of Origin: Italy A documentary that traces the inspiring story of a highly popular and original choir of twenty courageous women. Tel: 1. Fax: 1. Music by Pete Doherty, Joe Strummer among others. Website: www. Mass murder and mesmerist Byron Volpe has sinister plans for Laura's condition.

What ensues in the weeks to come is a friendship between these two foes. Delivery Status: Completed Country of Origin: US A chronicle of the life of Lena Baker, the first woman to be sent to the electric chair in Georgia for the murder of her employer, who forced her into sexual slavery.

Most of the passengers die on impact but the survivors are not alone…a creature is stalking the crash site. Around the Scenes Inc. Tim discovers that the secret to success with women lies in the possession of a mystical statue. He moves back to his childhood home to escape his nightmares — instead of getting better, the nightmares start getting worse. They start coming true.

Delivery Status: Completed Year of Production: , Country of Origin: USA Dying professor begrudgingly attends dysfunctional family reunion where she must confront catastrophic childhood issues to reconcile with her estranged younger sister.

One day fate walked into her office. They grew up in Chicago and worked the streets hustling. But who and what is it? We meet Kevin, a young robot designer. Arrow Entertainment Inc. Jones President , Jay E. Michael J.

Pagan Year of Production: Six friends sneak into a haunted house the night before it opens for Halloween, only to find their evening of fun has turned into their worst nightmare. Unable to tell what is real and what is counterfeit, they must trust one another, even if it kills them. There he runs into a recent victim of one of his particularly nasty reviews. Year of Production: Spiker, a maniac killer, escapes from an asylum and returns to the small town he terrorized years before, where he slashed his victims to pieces with railroad spikes and buried the bodies under the train tracks outside of town.

And they have plenty of that! His neighbor, Mr. Kuka, gives him uncommon and not always useful traveling tips. A man might respond with an emphatic grunt while focusing on the sports broadcast. What happened? August Habermann is a respected and rich man, married to Jana, a beautiful Czech woman, who is half Jewish.

Although Habermann is not interested in politics or ideology, he and his family will soon be steamrolled by the insanity of war. He gets a big surprise when bursting out of its shell comes a cuddly patchwork creature from a cross breeding experiment gone wrong. He died in poverty and disappeared in anonymity only to be rediscovered in the first half of the 20th Century.

A poignant and tragic memoir full of innocence and undying hope for life beyond heinous inhumanity. An intriguing and satirical thriller about a group of determined rebel soldiers who somehow execute their plot to kidnap the British family, capture the tower of London and hold the House of Commons hostage. A story of mortal vengeance and staggering passion, as a ruthless warrior conquers the world not only for the truth that he believes in, but also for the woman that he dares to love.

Tel: 44 0 Not all of them will find their way home. She's never forgotten him, however, nor how he used to make fun of her. Theatrical Acquisitions Office: , Tel: 1. Keeping her is something else. Gower Street Bldg. For their final task, they must tell the scariest story they know.

But one pledge takes it too far. When more suicides quickly follow, people in the evangelical town cling firmly to their deep-seated beliefs. A mixed-up 21st century teenager is stranded in the Great Children's Crusade of the 13th century. He must draw on all his strength, cunning and bravery, to save children from a sinister plot to enslave them. Fast-paced, claustrophobic and full of twists and turns, this unrelenting psychological thriller will keep you pinned to you seat.

Greenaway's new documentary film explains it all - the event, the motive, the conspirators, the murderers, the numerous clues and the outcome. Gorrie Writer: James R. Gorrie Producer: James R. Problems arise as he tries to maintain the lie to both his son and himself. Now he is on a quest to prove his innocence. It is up to the royal witch doctor, Mr. Bones to rid the king of the spell. His beauty seems eternal but his portrait tells another story. Appearing as a ghost, Tolly uncovers the mysteries that will save the future of his family.

Olympic Blvd. No one gets out clean. Colorful characters, hard-hitting action, gorgeous vixens and a pulse-pounding beat. Courage that no one thought he had. A theatre with a bloody history. As an unseen killer methodically eliminates them, they must fight for survival.

Orzel Writer: Stanley J. Edko Films Ltd. Based on a novel by award-winning Japanese Writer: Inoue Yasushi. The new force has their hands full with a new type of genetically engineered mutant stalking the streets and brutally taking human lives. Unbeknownst to them, two clans of deranged male misfits follow them to their secluded and picturesque lakeside cabin in the mountain. When Kaneda's execution order is signed by the minister of justice, Hirai has the opportunity for a week of vacation.

Kami raised Ryo, Gin and An as her own children during the confusion of the postwar period. Explore the darkest confines of the soul where there is no law, no good guys, only bad guys and the worse. A high energy action packed western. It begins as a simple endeavor but leads to the most extraordinary journey of their lives. Their enduring passion encourages them to lead a normal, traditional relationship but is their twisted love beyond redemption?

Epic Pictures Group, Inc. Kheel Writer: Julian M. Unfortunately they all plan their big score for the same night. Cast: Jackson Rathbone Twilight, S. Darko , Shaun Evans Boy A, Being Julia Delivery Status: In Production Three college students work on a documentary about what others dread in life, with two of the students unaware that their partner is haunted by having seen his parents murdered and wants to learn more about dread in real life scenarios.

Bassett, based on characters created by Robert E. Two days ago she received a cryptic voice-mail from her sister Jessica. She was asking for help but she didn't say why. She was perfect. One day, at a suicide help group, Angela meets Brian, a magnetic young man trying to cope with the suicide of his father.

Until one night when his perfect world is turned upside down. D'Abondo sees her chance to get rid of the forest. Unfortunately the human race will soon fight for this force until. Yzon, A. Anson, P. Holme Delivery Status: completed Year of Production: , Country of Origin: Italy An expedition team sent to rescue a scientific crew on an island will encounter a new generation of zombies. The friendship turns out in a dramatic event for Laura.

It would seem to be a desert island but they are not alone. They spend their days in this prison surrounded by violence, abuses and horror until they plan to escape. Well, almost: Emmanuel wanted a child but Philippe didn't. Admitted into a famous Parisian school, Stella, 11, meets Gladys, the daughter of intellectual Argentinean Jews.

Her new best friend will help her take her first steps into the real world. His life isn't much of a thrill. However, the night he surprises Elie breaking into his house, he doesn't beat him up. Quite the opposite. A small family strives against destitution. But her beauty becomes her biggest curse.

The first was the baffling case of politicians gone mad, the other the appearance of a mysterious man who is seen and recognized by his disguise under a dark black suit who strikes without mercy. They would have enjoyed a happy existence, if not for a mysterious man who seems to shadow Prang everywhere she goes.

Why do we exist? The answer to this vexing question is now within your reach! A movie where everyone has an opinion. Fries Film Group, Inc. When a writer falls in love with his soul mate, her love cures him of his neurotic personality. The wicked and magical Eebee returns to take us on another bad trip.

The new animal species they engineered have made them rebel superstars of the scientific world. She lives alone and regularly treats herself to the sexual services of young men selected on Internet escort sites. That's how she meets Patrick, whose kindness and simplicity win her over. While he's away, his wife encounters her past love. He is now in Rio, dealing with the 70s, hippies, ex Nazis and — Chinese girls.

The climb proves more perilous than planned, especially as they soon realize that they're not alone. The three of them play out a dangerous game of seduction, power and fear. Vane Scriptwriter: Norman T. When his daughter falls ill, he is determined to make peace with her before it is too late.

A document in a haunted temple can save her and her village. Bullets, fists, and blood fly as he fights through an army of thugs to protect the secret. They team up to rescue her from a sadistic killer known only as Yellow. But the Agent he left alive comes after him, hungry for revenge and justice. But with Castro dead… who is the target?

Through the use of regression therapy, he discovers the shocking truth about his past. Country: UK A teenager finds herself incarcerated by a man who claims to be protecting her from a mysterious, bloodthirsty creature roaming the night outside. But when A record label discovers him they create Nemesis, a Hip Hop gangster designed to sell records and spit hate. Young Key Cast: C. For a poet every slam is another chance to make a difference.

Can they trust each other? Or will they soon find themselves on the fast road to disaster. Known for her bohemian lifestyle, and many love affairs, Millay remains as one of the most influential female poets in literature. HungariCom Ltd. Budapest, , Hungary. Both are immigrants and best friends, living and chasing the American dream together. One day, however, luck strikes them. How can you carry on from this point? Brand Blvd. A volunteer Bobby Sands who went on hunger strike as political tactic in a long running battle over prison conditions.

But not just any old truck. B, Vigor Ind. Dickson, a patriotic Korean, decides to take the matters into his own hands as the protector of his fellow brothers. Ginnane President , Anthony J. Is a 'little red riding hood' look-alike responsible? Hell's remains, reanimating the brutal serial killer. Williams, a former hit man for Kincaid is attacked and left for dead when he tries to leave the organization. He teams up with Kelso and together they seek revenge.

He gets Frank, who has just been released from jail, moves in to help pay the bills. Malcolm, with Franks help, turns to a life of crime. Times and lifestyles were much simpler and societal roles were more defined. But was it or 6? Serial Killer. But was he the real killer? During his 24 hour journey through London, Sam struggles to deal with his sorrow and guilt — and with those seeking revenge. Their passionate music convinces him that they are having an affair and drives him into a state of morbid jealousy.

As the investigation reaches its conclusion, she discovers that we can never truly know those we are closest to. Her first night of work might be her last. IndustryWorks Entertainment Inc. Now they must band together and fight their way to freedom. Despite their differences, she changes his life in ways that he never imagined. Hell never looked so good! He is forced to take a job as a department store Santa and his life is turned upside down by an eight-year-old girl who believes he really is Santa.

She struggles to understand the meaning behind these happenings, and their apparent connection with the malevolent digits The sole survivor is charged with their deaths but he maintains that they were actually killed by aliens. Chilling evidence suggests that his story may be true after all.

Soon afterwards they are joined by mysterious foster child and a family secret threatens their lives. She runs off leaving a message for Felix to meet her so they can elope. Two hapless outcasts conceive a plan to extract a confession from Eric, by any means necessary. Finally Keith comes up with a plan to take care of Margaret. He becomes a highwayman seeking revenge. Sidney Young an oddball, celebrity-obsessed misfit desperately tries to establish himself in the glamourous world of a prestigious New York magazine.

They're all going to the Olympic games! But, they're not just going for the gold. When he realizes how horrific their life is, he takes them as his, because he was these kids. But what do they think of you? Williams, Philip Baker Hall Delivery Status: Completed Year of Production: , Country of Origin: USA What starts as an awkward living arrangement soon turns into something more, and Ben's usual self-destructive nature gives way as he begins to find inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Kadokawa Pictures, Inc. A dutiful servant, yet a master of battle. The fireball of Tokaido, the famous Jirocho Gang is back! Each episode will follow the adventures of White Fang who is half-wolf, white husky, and his handler American Edward Ed Novacek, who is a member of Interpol trained in counter terrorism. Dubai H. This time its Air Bud's five adorable puppies The Buddies and they're off on a daring rescue mission to save their parents.

One man knows where they are. How far will authorities go to make him talk? While things will never be the same for each of them, together they come to recognize that the life of a family will carry on. After the teen is killed, she hears ghostly voices and sees strange visions.

Angelina Napolitano murdered her husband with an axe and was sentenced to be executed. He is convinced that the Russians are spying on him. Cochise Anderson, Albert Arnett Jr. Not only has he been asked to coach a group of non-basketball players.

He is to lead them to the championship. Marcos and Roma are young and alone. The problem is that the house, it is inhabited by a group of squatters that have never had the intention of leaving. The first Saura and Vittorio Storaro collaboration. The perfect marriage of son et lumiere. Both here in their last filmed performances. All is good until the unexpected happens: the host of the party falls off a cliff.

Less bloody than previous encarnations but more graphic in the depiction of the beast itself. The low budget hightens the charming and endearing nature of the franchise. Not until a DUI lands him in an out of state detention center does he realize that doing things his way may not be the best way. When an accident leaves the baby dead inside her, Madeline insists on carrying the child to term.

Todd Harris John B. February Budget: 6 million Year of Production: , Country of Origin: USA A shortcut through the woods saved a lot of time getting to school, but no kids growing up in a suburban neighborhood dared to take it. Cosby soon learns that he is in way over his head. Thompson and the birth of Gonzo journalism. Distribution Manager Office: , Tel: Hall, James A. Holt, Alison Owen Based on novel by: Jon Ronson Cast: George Clooney, Ewan McGregor; Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges Status: Production A desperate reporter stumbles upon the story of a lifetime when he meets a former Special Forces veteran who provides him with background on an experimental army unit that was conceived for the purpose of ending war as we know it — utilizing paranormal powers.

That night, each of the miners is pick-axed to death and their hearts are delivered to police - - each boxed like sick Valentine gifts. Unbeknownst to the quiet town of Peacock, John lives as both man and woman, Emma, within the walls of his own home.

Hulk Vs. Wolverine - Hulk and Wolverine are about to enter the fiercest battle of their lives. And they have no idea that there are a few unpleasant surprises waiting for them on the other side. Thor - For all the battles Thor has fought, in all the nine realms, only one creature has ever been able to match his strength—a mortal beast of Midgard known as The Incredible Hulk. Unlike Earth, the desperate people of Sakaar believe a monster is just what they need.

But will the Hulk be the one to save their world… or destroy it? The duo decides to defy their boss and head off on an outrageous road trip to save her. The adventure of a lifetime just might turn into the last adventure of their lives. Just when he seems to find vindication, his past comes to confront him in a bloody show down. No one knows who is responsible. A private investigator searches to learn the truth behind the murders.

While battling his way to the top, he discovers the organizers are undead! They must stop the demons from entering this world! Bobbie hires a psychic to contact Jim. Should they fail, they become victims his hunger and placed back into the game to hunt victims.

But these are not brain-dead zombies. They are organized, intelligent and crave the flesh of the living. It is the winner of the Swiss Film Prize Onur Saylak, Megi Kobaladze, R. The third sells his soul. There everything changes. This is the Cruel Stories of Youth for the Me Generation in this century of globalization and mediocrity.

Though they are the most unprivileged ones in the society, they could always find their own ways to survive. Mirovision Inc. Shinyoung Shinyoung Bldg. But in the middle of class, the TV in classroom shows the top student trapped in the water rising tank, screaming and struggling to breathe. His lifelong friend Franck works in the drug squad. When Franck takes things a bit too far, Mat must take matters into his own hands. Three generations, eight characters: old workers, factory executives and yuppies, their stories are the History of China.

RUMBA www. One night however, everything changes and their lives turn upside down. Zion and his older brother keep the secret to themselves until Zion re-examines his loyalty towards his brother and decides to take responsibility for his own life. At AFM: Mr. Yael Stroh President , Mr. In the greattradition of the Czech animation, a grand taleof bravery, of friendship more powerful thanthe snares of evil: Courageous toys undertakea dangerous journey through a forsaken atticto rescue their friend a beautiful doll from theruler of the Empire of Evil.

Tyler received a cryptic voice-mailfrom her sister Jessica. And now that Tyler hascome to New York city to help her, Jessica isnowhere to be found. In order to find out whathas happened, Tyler must delve into a worldof darkness and lies. The Seamstress wasbrought into being by the desperate curse ofan innocent woman being tortured to deathby a vigilante mob. On Thanksgiving, a middle-classcouple invites over a few of their quirky, nonconformistfriends who never gave up on theirdreams, as the couple has.

A storm closes theroad and cuts off power. They all stayovernight. Romantic entanglements and disentanglementstest the marriage. Agent Crush is a second prototype cyborg, andis trying to prove himself as a secret agent. Crush has been furnished with all types ofsuperhero gadgets but he is prone to bumblingaccidents and causes havoc wherever he goes.

Can Crushprove to the world that he is the man for thejob and save the Earth in time? Jack, an adorable young fox, enlists the help ofseveral furry and human friends to free hisfather, who has been captured by the circus. A powerful businessmanintends to build a highway and theevil Mrs.

A gang of determined furry creaturesthen hatch a plan to keep the forest astheir home and devise scheme to bring TheSpirit of the Forest to life. Story of lifeand times of King Solomon mins. Atthe time of delivery, Mizak, an unborn child inthe embryo of Titi, becomes hesitant to comeinto the world. After the end of the Iran-Iraqwar in a southern Iranian border town severalpoor families live in a desolate oil refinery butthey are forced after a while to evacuate thepremises.

Lacking the funds to rent houses,their only chance rests with their soccer playersons who will be competing in a game withthe rich and powerful team of the National OilCompany. For many years Brazilian music hasbeen sweeping America, Europe and Asia offtheir feet.

Artists and audiences around theworld got struck by it like a lightning and neverrecovered. What is it about Brazilian musicthat translates into such a powerful force? How could Samba take over a public school inHarlem in ? Her life is her narrative. Camila is intense and brave.

She wantsher literature to be an act of revelation. For her college thesis, film student Alicia Ana Carabajal , along with her classmate Virginia Mara Santucho , is making a documentaryabout the women in the lives of prisonersat a local jail. The only problem is no one iswilling to be interviewed on camera. The third installment of theCult Classic. Arevenge thriller based on a terrifying shortstory by Stephen King. A teenage boyattempts robbery to help his dying mother.

When helpfinally arrives it is only the beginning of anothertragedy. Entangledbetween reality and lies, family and society, isanother kind of love story in the new order ofChinese society. Ten yearsin the making, the film looks at layers of history,militarism, legacies of WWII and the emperorwhile confronting human dilemmas of war,death and memory. An Americanfamily driving accross the Nevada desert suffera car accident. They are rescued by a bizarrewelcoming commitee of circus people.

Thedesert becomes a death trap for this family,who unexpectedly become the main attractionat the circus. Fear istaking over the residents of High Cross. Ominousthings are taking place The Hawkins family is desperate;medical tests have ruled out illness but year-old Suzy is getting worse by the day. Something is consuming her.

Father Ellis visitsthe Hawkinses every day to see Suzy. Despitehis discretion he cannot hide that he too isscared. What goes on in his sessions? In orderto find out, Suzy sets up a hidden camera. There are some things better kept secret. Tranquility Valley is an educational center witha difference. It isthe last resort for the difficult children of desperateparents. Fran is fast asleep when he isabruptly awakened. Two men are grabbinghim tightly.

He cries for help and strrugglesuntil he sees his father standing in the room. Fran is draggedout side and into a waiting car. When twocorpses are found in a car boot in Paris, forSandra Longo it is clear the homicides havebeen ordered by the boss of the local Chinesemafia. A heroin cache vanishes from a customsdepot. Commandant Sandra Longo is dispatchedfrom Paris.

Sholokhov, Nobel Prize forLiterature, this epic story tells about war andrevolution and the progress of Grigory fromyouthful lover to Red Army soldier and finallyto Cossack nationalist. AParisian talent scout is chasing new models inRomania, when he becomes the prey of a newrace of predators, threatening a remote villagein the Carpathians.

Five oldfriends, about 70 years old each, decide tomove in all together, to avoid finishing theirdays in a retirement home. Awoman he loves, three delightful daughters, ajob that he adores and to which he devotes allhis energy. He produces films. Armand Lacourtade, 43, is anagricultural equipment salesman. One night, Armand rescues ayoung woman, Curly, who instantly fall in lovewith him.

Armand is not impervious to hercharm too. They finally run away togetherturning this love escapade into a full-blownmanhunt. A village inProtestant northern Germany. Onthe eve of World War I. The story of the childrenand teenagers of a choir run by the villageschoolteacher, and their families: the baron,the steward, the pastor, the doctor, the midwife,the tenant farmers.

Strange accidentsoccur and gradually take on the character of apunishment ritual. Who is behind it all? A stuffy professor falls blindly in love withcabaret entertainer Lola-Lola , who ruins hislife. Hiccup and Bigshot, on a hunt forbutterflies, met the Flower Queen in tears. She is constantly cranky andprotesting about everything. The film deeply narrates the lonelinessand trauma suffered by the victims, thearmed clashes and dangerous ventures fromcamp to camp in the jungle, depicting theguerrilla lifestyle as never shown before.

An EpicDrama by Roberto Sneider. Mexican entry forthe Oscars and a Latin American boxofficehit. This pearl will take your breath awayand tear your heart out. Based on a perfectbook that turned into a filmed masterpiece. An emotional story of a9-year-old girl experiencing two extraordinaryevents: abandonment and adoption.

In a peaceful village, a terribleaccident happens involving a man-eatingboar, Chaw. People pursue it into the mountains,each with a different purpose. Director Ku attends a film festivalas a juror and meets a weird programmer. Sometime later, he is invited to Jeju Island andgets to meet his senior, whose wife was his ex10 years ago. Thailand, year , introduced two phenomena. The first was the baffling case of politiciansgone mad and causing havoc all over thecity.

Eventually they died of unknown causes. The other puzzling event was the appearanceof a mysterious man who is seen and recognizedby his disguise under a dark black suitwho strikes without mercy. The police are baffled asmale victims turn up sliced and dead, and theyare hard pressed for results as the latest victimhappens to be a son of a politician. Their lastresort is to confront an ex-hitman named Tai,for his expertise in the field of hunting down akiller.

The chase is on before a new victim turnsup sliced. Nattakorn DevakulaPatiwat Ruangsri. This story is dedicated to allthe lost souls who await the day of justice, fortheir death will not be in vain. The story startsoff with the police in the Prae province ofThailand and the gruesome discovery of abody.

The body is identified as a female highschool student who was horrifically dismemberedand stuffed into a box. A war photographerloses her soul in Iraq. An Andean bridesacrifices herself in protest against the miningindustry. Their destinies cross on the Altiplano. A story about people lost in their fearof rejection. Ten-year-old Karo grows up with her parentsin an Amsterdam commune in the early Seventies,where she leads carefree existence inthis utopia-for-adults.

Caught in the crossfireof the internal conflicts that start to divide thegroup, Karo slowly realises that nothing canstay the same forever His plan backfires when theD. Based on the popular comic bookSHI, which has a worldwide fan base. When ateam of former Soviet radicals seizes Chernobyland threatens to unleash a lethal cloudof radioactive gas one hundred times deadlierthan Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined, theUS military brings in a bio-mechanicallyenhanced super soldier, Luc Deveraux Jean-Claude Van Damme , to foil the plot.

As Deverauxfights his way into the plant, he faces offwith his now revived former nemesis, AndrewScott Dolph Lundgren , in a battle of battles,and must save the day. A romantic fantasy about an inflatablesex doll Bae who develops a soul and falls inlove with a video store clerk. The harmony of Daniel and Ana,brother and sister, is instantly shattered whenthey are kidnapped and something shockinghappens which forces them to confront theirdesires and fears.

Zoe is a little girl who believes infairy tales. Not because she is naive, butbecause she likes fairy tales. So in order to helpher uncle Lord Arnold get rid of a terrible dragon,Zoe decides she has to find some heroes. In a peaceful little clearing, theremains of a picnic hastily abandoned in asummer storm are going to ignite a warbetween two tribes of ants.

At stake is a boxof sugar. A young and bold ladybug finds herselfcaught in the middle of the battle. Shebecomes friends with one of the black antsand helps him to save his anthill from the terriblered ant warriors. On their last night of Thanksgivingbreak, four old friends, now all collegefreshmen, realize their small town has moremeaning than they ever imagined.

Dana Nachman; director: Don HardyJr. This storyon a micro level mirrors what the US has experiencedover the last eight years. When poweris allowed to exist without oversight civil rightsare in jeopardy. Cannes Office: Palais Facing the death ofhis respected but fearful father, the son startsto realize what his old man really meant in hislife for the first time. One day, however, Shirolearns he himself is also a cancer patient,worse than the father. Keeping his secret onhis own, on the contrary, he even starts to wishthe father to die earlier.

What would Shirochoose to share with his loved ones in hisremaining time? An editor arrives at a village to find the missingaward-nominated writer Deko Asano. There, the editorlearns Deko was back in town a year back;moreover, the friends have been desperatelytrying to kill him because of this award bookDeko wrote It is a bitter-sweet love story of highschool couple who cares for each other butstruggles for their relationship as the graduationcomes closer.

A group of friends on vacation decide to ventureonto a trail high up in the mountains thathas been closed for repairs. OSS is still a very French spy. He is now in Rio, dealing with the 70s, hippies,ex nazis and Cliveand Elsa are young, brilliant and ambitious.

The new animal species they engineered havemade them rebel superstars of the scientificworld. In secret, they introduce human DNAinto the experiment. The result is somethingthat is greater than the sum of its parts: afemale animal-human hybrid that may be astep up on the evolutionary ladder. Imagine Vonnegut meeting Gogol. How can youunderstand one day without understandingthe day before? At the beach one summer daya little girl goes missing. Twenty years on hersister finds the courage to rearrange the piecesof her broken life The tragic true story of Jean Charles deMenezes, the innocent Brazilian shot dead byBritish police in at the height of the Londonterrorist alerts.

ASwedish celebrity, a Californian hippy, aFinnish grandmother and a back-packing Australianrugby coach, who stumbled on thewrong party, are amongst the group that takeus on an unforgettably quirky, two-week emotionalroller-coaster. Relieving his tragic past, hesets off carrying his corpse on a journey to thebeautiful hometown where he lived twin hisnow dead mother He isnot just a musician and his work as a lyricist,essayist, and producer have earned himrespect as a major charismatic figure andcommentator on subculture and all aspects ofJapanese culture.

The extraordinary tale oflove and glory of Amalia, the greatest PortugueseFado singer, unveiling her secret storiesand the most memorable moments of hercareer. The biography of a diva who foundfame across the world with her phenomenalsinging talent and whose life was wrapped inpassion and grief. Cartagena, Colombia. Leo, aone-time boxer, works for Muriel, a tetraplegicwoman.

Football hooligan, gang leader, media sensation. Fourteen yearold Nadya must cross the border into theunderworld and summon the souls of herdead friends to battle Nazi forces advancingon Moscow. Meanwhile, archaeologists haveexcavated a very, very slow cuckoo clock.

When it falls into the trotters of our clumsypig, it give him extraordinary dexterity on theday of the competition Upon arrival, he isthrust into the world of human trafficking ashe defends an abandoned brother and sisterfrom becoming the latest victims in an adrenalinecharged, jaw-dropping finale.

A young man pursues an impossiblelove with his straight boyfriend and contemplateson the mortality of his loved ones. A Chinese boy embarks on a fairy-talejourney in Switzerland to search for the soul ofhis deceased gay Swiss lover. He decided to bring her alongto his hometown.

Yet, after her arrival to thetown, numerous be-hearted murder keeps onhappening. Johnson; cast:Raymond J. Barry, Michael Weatherly, TomBerenger. A rich and gritty film noir withintense action and drama. The film chroniclesthe exploits of Charlie Valentine, a career criminalintent on going for one last hurrah beforeretiring. Theypull a job together and what ensues revealsthe true nature of the unsavory characters. They soon discover a family of Bigfoothiding nearby. Summary written by Thomas Callicoat 73mins.

Max sets off to find her before they doand learns there is much more at stake thanhis relationship. Summary written by Ivan-Abate 86 mins. His estranged son Boots decides tohelp him get back into life, and before Charlierealizes what is happening, Boots has his veryreluctant father in the car on a fishing trip. Butnot just any fishing trip; they are headed toCape York, the northern most point in Australiaand some 3, miles away.

Instead, they unearth theGate—an underground chamber containingterrifying evil. Jackson, Kristin Scott-thomas. Based on the novella by J. Ballard Crash,Empire of the Sun Samuel L Jackson is an exforensicpsychiatrist brought back f by the FBIto help them solve one the most baffling andheinous crimes ever uncovered. In the exclusivegated community of Homeland, everyadult has been killed and all the children ofHomeland have vanished without a clue orransom demand.

In the future. Marines land on the prison planetRove 12 in order to put down a suspectedprisoner uprising. When the Marines arrive,they find most of the prisoners and all of theguards dead. Any survivors are hiding from aruthless, blood thirsty creature. Theyear is Mankind is being systematicallymassacred throughout the galaxy by an invadingspecies. All hope is lost until the last strandof pure human DNA is found on a remoteplanet in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Now, anepic battle will be waged across time andspace to save and protect the last of thehuman race. After being at war forover years, sworn enemies must fighttogether to save the universe from destruction. Energetic, mischevious but loveableEloise and her beloved Nanny travel to Paris.

Join them as they encounter a host of delectablecharacters and take the fashion world bystorm. Fifty Dead Men Walking is a fastpacedaction thriller set in the treacherousworld that was Northern Ireland in the s. Starring Jim Sturgess and Ben Kingsley. Production is nearly complete on thiscomic alien invasion movie. Written by Shrekand Shrek 2 writer, Joe Stillman. A hot shotWashington DC lobbyist and his protege godown hard as their schemes to peddle influencelead to corruption and murder.

Based ona true story. InItaly, a woman fears her sister may have beenkidnapped. They team up to rescue her from asadistic killer known only as Yellow. A tough private eyetakes a job retrieving a case containing a mysterioussecret. Bullets, fists, and blood fly as hefights through an army of thugs to protect thesecret. Tornbetween his love for his deeply religious wifeand his own growing belief in a world whereGod has no place, Darwin finds himself caughtin a struggle between faith and reason, loveand truth.

Finding the perfectson-in-law can be murder. John Lennon grewup in a family full of secrets. Raised by his AuntMimi, he is suddenly reacquainted with hismother, Julia. Now coming of age, John must bringthis war to an end. A fragile peace breaks out,marred by tragedy. But his mother gives himone great gift - music. A wayward boy finds hisvoice. Four girls discover a hidden villagewhere there are no children and all the inhabitantsseem to be under a sleeping spell. On the island of Texel, Mariedreams of mountains.

She loves dancing, butthe village community expects her to behave. She wants to be an independent woman, butis the only girl in a large family. Only when shemeets the Georgian Goga and Irakli can shebreak away from the suffocating reality bylearning to trust her fantasies. In a large country home, the sickEmma Blank is cared for by her personnel:Haneveld the head housekeeper, Bella thecook, Gonnie the maid and Meier the man-servant.

But despite her desperate need for lovingcare, Emma is a steely, avaricious dictatorwhose demands become ever more absurd. When the staff discovers that they stand toinherit nothing, however, they drop their maskof pretence and plan revenge. WhenMichiel 13 becomes involved in the Resistancein the last winter of the Second WorldWar, he learns that good and evil are closetogether, he grows up and loses his innocence.

Ten short pieces from tendirectors, each interpreting an aria in their ownunique way. Set on the bleak highwaysof Lancashire in England, this is the story of anomadic serial killer and a naive and lonelyyoung girl who falls under her spell. The sexual and creativeurges of a composer and Holocaust survivorare awakened when a young music studentcoaxes him out of retirement.

After a strandedbank robber is murdered for cash on adesert highway, his partner sets out to trackdown the stolen cash and avenge his friend. Aterrorist threat rises from the third world, andits target is the United States of America. Afanatical would-be dictator devises a plan tooverthrow the American government. The U. Simmediately forms an elite strike force toengage the new terrorist regime before it canand on U.

After servinga 40 year prison term, Coffin Joe is finallyreleased. Back on the streets, the sadisticundertaker is set upon fulfilling the goal whichsent him to jail in the first place: find a womanwho can give him the perfect child. During hissearch throughout the city of Sao Paulo heleaves behind a trail of horror , coming upagainst supernatural laws and folk superstitions.

Greenpeace ejected himfor being an overzealous activist with purportedmilitaristic tactics. Starting his own organization,the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society,Watson has sunk illegal whaling ships,stopped Canadian seal hunts for ten years,and permanently halted sealing in the BritishIsles and the killing of dolphins on Iki Island,Japan. The only way for them tosurvive is to turn on each other. Gabor is anoffice cleaner. Nobody suspects that in fact heis a con man who carefully chooses his victims.

His targets ar lonely women. In a few monthshe takes all their savings. Gabor is an artist inmanipulation. She seemsto be the perfect victim. He pretends to be adoctor offering her what she desperatelyneeds. Everything goes well until Gabor falls inlove with her. Is it becausethey love hot dogs and hamburgers?

Orbecause they want to meet Snoop Dogg orhave a close encounter with Pamela Anderson? But the real reason is — immigrantsgo to the U. Omar must get through to threepeople who were close to Gund - his brother,widow, and younger mistress - so he can getauthorization to write the biography.

Faced with serious moneyproblems, Christopher manages, with the helpof a friend, to get his job back. Coriolanus,a brave soldier of inflexible self beliefdespises the citizens of Rome who seek to preventhim from taking political office. Bloodyriots engulf the city. When Jess sets sail on a yacht with agroup of friends, she cannot shake the feelingthat there is something wrong.

The ship appears deserted,the clock on board has stopped, but theyare not alone Someone is intent on huntingthem down, one by one. And Jess unknowinglyholds the key to end the terror. Bombay Summer explores thefleeting and delicate friendship between threeyoung people and its eventual disintegrationin the face of betrayal and personal loss. Set incontemporary India, the film subtly mirrors theturmoil within tradition bound Indian societyas it copes with change and rapid modernization.

What happens whena bunch of hapless Hindus from Hoboken getmixed up with an underworld don with connectionsto an Indian call center? And whathappens when a good Jersey girl falls for asmooth operator thousands of miles away? For one thing, the phone keeps ringing. Narratedby award-winning actor Tony Sirico KarmaCalling is a snapshot of our hyper-globalizedworld through the eyes of a Garden state familyjust trying to get by.

Failing to find any takers among the peoplewhom he deemed responsible andrespectable, Municipality takes up the onus offinding the mother of that abandoned babyhimself. Tang is a warlord at Big River, where he operatesgambling dens, prostitution and loansharking. Lionel arrives at Big River and witnessesthe gangs extorting money from thelocal merchants.

When the gangs kidnap hisfiancee, he fights back. Chao is a powerfulman who controls many martial arts societies. After a long battle that lasts a whole day andnight, the Shaolin abbot Mercy defeats him. Moon oftenvisits Shaolin with her father so she knowsDragon and Pride very well.

Pride begs to gowith Dragon and Mercy finally agrees but oncondition that Pride must pass the Shaolintest. A modern-day cross-cultural danceromance set against the contemporary Japaneseclub culture in New York City. A trophy wifeloses everything, but finds true happinesscoaching a diving team of misfit kids. Based on atrue story. But when faced with the horrifictreatment of one of the kidnapped girls newlybrought to the farm, Julian must turn againstthe only life he has ever known, to save thegirls, and himself.

Waking up in London with amnesianext to a dead body, Jack has just enough timeand sense to disappear before the policearrive. Luke Evans had everything Ahighly successful business, extravagant carsand the girl of his dreams. But in one tragicnight Luke lost everything. Fuelled by rage,Luke pledges to use every last financialresource he has in his lust for vengeance.

After a heart stopping ride of murder andbetrayal, Luke finds himself face to face withhis attackers in a fight to the death. Jordan Landa is not your averageLatin girl. She has dreams, big ones. As a risingstar in the debate world, her allusive dreamsseem finally within her grasp. Four friends discover andaccidentally kill a burglar — who may not bealone — in the kitchen during their weeklypoker night. Barcelona is the witness of the dangerouslove story between two petty thieves, Abeland Kay.

Carlitos, 12 yearsold, has 2 dreams in life. As an orphan hewould love to find a welcoming family andbecome a football player. His friends from theorphanage and his teachers will help him inmaking both dreams come true, working aplan against the cruel headmaster of theorphanage. In the snow chain packingsection of a factory, Angela starts breakingthe rules and little by little, the work becomesa game. Nobody can imagine what is going onbehind that iron gate.

It is a secret shared justfor the four of them. A world that survivesthanks to the continuous snow. Brace yourself Danger lives next door Day after day Hector trains youngboxers as a sparring partner in the neighourhoodgym. He awaits the moment for a revelationto come and deliver him from the burdenof his guilt, from the inescapable routine, fromthe pain he is causing to the person that loveshim most. Astronaut Sam Bell, who works insolitude on a moon base, discovers that hisemployers have plans for replacing him… andthe new recruit is eerily familiar.

Nice U. Two disenchanted private bankers get theirkicks from playing a 12 hour game of man huntwith people from the margins of society. Murugadoss; cast: Aamir Khan, Asin Thottumkal. About a short-termmemory loss patient and his quest forredemption, the lead actor superstar AamirKhan transforms into an 8-pack abs baringhunk. Marking the debut of teen sensation,Imran Khan nephew of Bollywood heavyweightAamir Khan , the breezy and innocentcampus caper is about young people growingup, growing apart, and then growing in love.

Charming the hearts of millions, it became thebiggest sleeper hit of Rahman, was a chartbusterof epic proportions. It marks the screen debut of the most powerfuland loved film family of India - TheBachchans, featuring the legendary AmitabhBachchan, his superstar son, AbhishekBachchan, and former Miss World, internationalstar and daughter-in-law, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan.

A stylish,high-octane, live action feature based on thehighly successful video game franchise, inwhich the last surviving descendants of threelegendary clans are continuously transportedto other dimensions to test their martial artsskills against an evil force that seeks to invadeand infect the real world. On one Mondayin Dublin, between the hours of 9 to 5. Tasked with the most crucial missionof his career, a British Secret Service agentmust decide whether his duty is to his countryor the truth.

A thrilling, heart-rending storybased on the Ernest Hemingway novel. A young dutch actor sets off to Indiato play a part in a Bollywood film. Confrontedby the misery of the homeless in Bombay andafter an accident he decides to no longer be apassive eyewitness to all the misery aroundhim. This decision will be more far-reachingthan he could imagine In contemporaryPrague a young musician is obsessed by jealousyfor his beautiful girlfriend Klara.

Heengages a private detective to spy on Klarabut this starts an uncontrollable series of accidents,misunderstandings and traps culminatingin an unusual Venice… mins. A successful and marriedwriter grappling with feelings of futilityabout his profession, meets in a swimmingpool a fascinating woman, which hides asecret and a mysterious past. Frankie D is the story of an upscale carpenterwho gets ripped off by two street kids, andinstead of throwing them in jail, when he realizeshow horrific their life is, he takes them ashis, because he was these kids.

Dreamtime canbe a nightmare. Text follows four teenagers as they trackdown a series of mysterious deaths at theirhigh school connected to text messagesreceived by the victims. Shot on location in Cannes, Parisand Vienna. The Girls From Atlantis have come toearth to shrink as many men as possible tobring the back home. Trashy cult erotic fromacclaimed German director Eckhart Schmidt. In the tradition of The Omen andSixth Sense comes a superbly acted andthrilling supernatural shocker.

In this nightmare vision of thefuture, neo-fascist politician Bernard Hill clears the streets of immigrants confiningthem in a ghetto called Dreamland. But whenhis adopted son Daniel Percival discoversthat his real parents are imprisoned refugees,his attempts to help them escape result in acatastrophic war in which the brutallyoppressed resort to brutal means to win theirfreedom.

When a container washesashore the residents of a sleepy cul-de-sac areplunged into violence, terror and paranoia. Ring fenced by the military a single mothermust overcome all the odds to save herdaughter. Cannes Office: Palais 01 Stand Ayoung Taiwanese projectionist believes hisencounter with a Japanese actress is pre-destined.

But, how can he convince this Japanesegirl that their fates are really crossed? It willtake his wits, humors and most importantlyhis heart to do the magic. Four overweightfriends from the Israeli city of Ramleare fed up of dieting and the dieting club theybelong to. A painful taleabout marriage, bad sex and requited love 90mins. Acomic fable about the most negative man inthe world. Though Hiroshi is pummeled, hisnever-say-die attitude earns him entry intothe gang where he sinks into a daily rhythm ofrumbles, truancy and hard-earned friendships.

But despite all his rebellious energy andyouthful zeal, Hiroshi finds his manhood mosttested in matters of the heart. When the city park is threatened by developers,a raccoon bandit assembles a team offurry thieves to pull off the biggest heist oftheir little lives. A young boybefriends an abandoned miniature horse andproves the heart of a champion can be foundin the most unlikely of places when they teamup to take the racing world by storm.

Having a Frenchfather whom she never met, she is an outsiderin Taiwan. Yang Yang is searching for love,identity and a real family. There is hope sinceher mother remarries. But things get complicatedand Yang Yang decides to leave thefamily and her struggle for love and acceptancecontinues in the superficial world of commercials.

HESHER is the story of afamily struggling to deal with a loss and theanarchist head banger who helps them do it. Two FBI counter-intelligenceagents in Los Angeles find theirpartnership—and their whole world—shakenwhen a fellow American walks in and confessesthat he has been spying for the Soviets, andvolunteers to turn double agent. The slipperynature of truth gets a workout as they crosspaths not only with the KGB, but also Hollywoodexecs, undercover cops, suspiciouswives, and shady private eyes.

When deceptionis your business, is it really possible toleave your work at the office? Ander, a 40 year old Farmer inthe Lush Basque countryside, lives alone withhis mother and sister. Ander who never experienced lovebefore is suddenly moved by feelingsunknown The death of the brillant MauriceBejart in is an irreparable loss for the artof dance, but above all, it means a cataclysmfor his own company. A triller of Narcos in Galicianrias.

A land in which nothing is what itseems and where scales are more importantthan guts. Broadway dancer Justin is looking for his roots. He travels to Europe and China, where helearns valuable life lessons. Colin has been bitten by a zombie. Hedies and returns from the dead, and begins hisjourney into an apocalyptic suburban London. He wanders amongst the other undead,encounters others of his kind, and the reactionsof the desperate surviving humans in thisgory, savage new world.

His journey gives cluesto his past life, and the tragic revelation of whyhe was bitten. One of the first films of thisgenre to tell the story from the point of view ofa zombie. Chris is beingused by supernatural evil forces to channeltheir horror s into the real world.

They are feedingoff his denial over a traumatic childhoodincident, and unless he can face up to his past,he will be powerless to prevent horrific fatesfor his loved ones. A group ofBritish airmen returning from a WWII bombingmission have to cope with a new enemy whenthey encounter a flesh-eating creature onboardtheir plane. A truly original Christmas story, The MerryGentleman is a heady mix of suspense, gentleromance and quiet humor — a riveting,uniquely entertaining tale of forgiveness andredemption that blends a hopeful spirit with asuprisingly dark heart.

There is a belief thatwhen something horrible happens in a house,something evil, the souls of the victims remainbehind, unable to move on, reaching out to theliving, seeking justice for the horror s they havesuffered Fromdirector, Davis Guggenheim An InconvenientTruth comes this pivotal film on the electricguitar from the point of view of three significantrock musicians: the Edge, Jimmy Pageand Jack White.

Valentin, James McAvoy ishired by Russian author Leo Tolstoy to helphim with his struggle to balance fame andwealth with his commitment to a life devoidof material things. Innocent and in awe of Tolstoy,Valentin finds himself in a world of confusion,love and power. Tempted by lust anddistracted by politics, he is forced to decidewhich kind of life he must chose for himself.

Fascinating tour of the life of Jaime Gil deBiedma , one of the most influentialpoets of the second half of the 20th Century. His life is the story of a contradiction: onone hand, he belongs to the upper Catalonianbourgeoisie and is an executive at a majorSpanish multinational company; on the other,he is homosexual and rebels against his familyand historic background.

Baron Neish and his family fall victimto a cruel massacre by Prince Verjik, wholongs to conquer the Valley. This is the first film to present theuncensored POVs of virtually all the majorplayers; in their own settings, in their ownwords. A traffic accidenton a rural mountain road becomes a lifechanging experience for fifteen diverse travelers. An action-story set in the ruinsof future Babylon. In this war torn megalopolisa group of people struggles for survival.

A wealthy, elderly man Quinn attemptsto avert death by hiring four young men of differentraces and backgrounds to reinvigoratehim. They become a nucleus of a single, livingorganism with ten arms and ten legs thatmoves, eats, dances, and laughs togetheruntil…. Welcome to the new worldorder. Soldiers of Peace is stories from 14 countriesaround the world, The astonishing littleknownfact is that the number of wars aroundthe world is dropping dramatically.

We areactually in the grip of an outbreak of peace. Away from the cameras, ordinary peopleeverywhere are taking amazing steps to forcepeace out of trouble and violence 85 mins. By theway, Sapna is blind! A sexy Bachelorette weekend goes awrywhen the girls are robbed, stranded and forcedto take shelter in a deserted Mexican resortthat is haunted by the unspeakable atrocitiesof the past. Featuring a cast of hot up-andcomingstars.

Sunny,a poor boy from the slums of India rises to thetop to become the King of Mumbai, but atwhat cost? From deal makingwith the mob and corporate fraud to murder,can Sunny save his marriage, his businessand even his soul OR will Sid reveal his devilinside… 95 mins. In asmall country town in the south of Brazil, thedaughter of a wealthy farmer is brutally rapedand left near a river. A mysterious young manarrives in Rio de Janeiro and starts to follow anattractive woman, with whom he stars astrange relationship.

Brought together byunexplained circumstances these charactersseem to be heading to the same fate. In an attempt to cure him fromamnesia, his grandfather Bai Dan drags Alexout of hospital and they set off on the roadwith tandem bicycle. On this journey back toBulgaria, Alex gets his memory back, and withit, the will to live again. She always quests for love, yet nothingcan ease her loneliness. She later enters showbusiness.

Against her wishes, she is often castas French. Trapped in the struggles amongfamily, friendship and love, how will Yang-Yang face her inner traumas? Entertainmentmanager Seung-min sees Jin-a ashis one last hope to turn his life around. Just asJin-a is on the path to stardom, he receives athreat, claiming that her former lover has hersex clip. He receives the clip on his phone, onlyto lose it in the process of tracking down theperpetrator.

Lee-gyu, who found the phone,has a list of demands before returning thephone. Nonetheless, the two went on theirseparate ways and by coincidence bump intoeach other years later while out on the job. Joong-rae and Chang-wook come to the forestto bury a body. When they almost finisheddigging a pit, they find out the body vanished. Myung-sook and Kyung-soo are having anaffair. Suddenly she sees something outsidethe car and asks Kyung-soo to find out but henever returns.

The boys become dazed and tryto rape her but she finally escapes. These 8people run after another in the forest untilthey meet a mystery killer and end in a bloodbath. A brilliant young scientistnamed Tom Mahoney fights to save theplanet from a multitude of catastrophes thatthreaten mankind — in spite of the idiots thatkeep getting in his way. The experiment turns into anightmare of human control that puts thelives of all the subjects at stake.

Stu USA; comedy Producers:Maggie Monteith, Jeanette Buerling, Bill JohnsonStu,a regular guy with commitment problems,whisks his girlfriend away on an islandvacation, where he plans on popping thequestion. In a backwards attempt to provetheir non-conventionality, two heterosexualcollege buddies plan to make a gay sex tape. As their lives have diverged since graduation —one is a take-life-as-it-comes Kerouac type,and one has a wife and a white picket fence —this porno plan spurs a re-examination notonly of one another and of themselves, butmore deeply of the idea of conventionalityaltogether.

A post-apocalyptic story of afather and son trekking alone through burnedAmerica. Nothing moves in the ravaged landscapesave the ash on the wind. The sky isforeboding and dark. It is cold enough to crackstones, and when the snow falls it is gray. A romantic engagement in an underwatercity leads to a series of mysteriousencounters. Kassie is looking for the perfect man Her best friend Wally is secretlyin love with her and when Kassie reveals sheis going to get pregnant via artificial insemination,he is crushed that his sperm is not in therunning.

AshtonKutcher stars as an untouchable assassin whohas quit the business after marrying the girl ofhis dreams. His trusting wife, Katherine Heigl,has no idea about his past until they discoverthat a hit has been put on him…and that thehired killers may actually be their closestfriends and neighbors.

Their seemingly perfectlives flipped upside down and their marriageput to the test, they discover a new level ofexcitement together as they team up to findand fight the killers. Set in thesensational world of mixed martial arts, Warrioris a story of two estranged brothers competingfor the love of their father, the respectof their peers and the survival of their families.

Buried emotionserupt in a heart-breaking championship battlethat offers one last chance at redemption. Octogenarianindustrialist Henrik Vanger wants to find outwhat happened 40 years ago to his belovedgreat-niece before he dies. He hires disgracedfinancial journalist Mikael Blomkvist, freshlysentenced to jail for libelling a shady businessman,who pairs up with the young multipiercedand tattooed Lisbeth Salander, a feralbut vulnerable world class hacker with a definitivesocial behaviour problem.

The duo graduallyuncovers a festering morass of familialcorruption and dark little secrets. After some way serious training,the girls are sent on their first assignmentsby Jerry, their new mentor. Juggling betweentheir regular, high-school-girl lives and theirnew secret identities, with some clever thinkingand girly gadgets, will the girls be able tosave Beverly Hills and the world? Itis a meeting of conflicting views — Jews andArabs, Christians and Moslems, fathers andsons, cops and robbers.

As the film jolts fromone point of view to another, shuttling backand forth through time, we witness the eventsthrough the eyes of the different characters,giving us the sense of how different realitiescan be, and how impossible the situationactually is.

Hans Wurst and MaxDurst dream of getting rich as hot dog standtycoons while the small-time crook Georgiejust wants to sit around watching car racing allday. And Harry would absolutely diefor a roll in the hay with his blond mechanics. After five guys pull offthe perfect heist they end up in an abandonedwarehouse waiting for their buyer to show up.

Sexy Vegas strippers thought theycame up all aces after successfully pulling offa plan to rob a casino, but one member of theteam is holding a card no one sees coming. He, Jo Aston,Gabby Millgate. Coming of age is difficult forany young boy, but it is a little harder for JonoSmith. His secret fetish for kitchen applianceshas caused him to lose his manhood in a flightof passion. An erotic drama about a woman facingher 30th birthday who looks back at herlife growing-up with her grandmother, crazymother and her over-indulgence with men, sexand alcohol.

May Martin is 12 years old and dreams ofmaking the neighbourhood baseball team. When he gets cut, his father steps in andtogether they spend a summer full of hopeand disappointment, line drives and foul balls. A young man returning homefrom war struggles to relate to the small townlife he left in Texas. After setting out on roadtrip with a buddy he comes to realize that thepeace of mind he is searching for are withyoung wife, family and friends. A high-speed accidenton the freeways of Los Angeles reveals a turfwar between two competing car theft rings ofsexy all-girl crews.

Brandy Martinez, a youngstreetwise cop is assigned by LieutenantBaynes Stephen Bauer to go undercover andinfiltrate one of the crews. When Brandy fallsfor Carlo, an undercover cop also investigatingthe gangs, the two find themselves in the middleof a treacherous game of survival witheverything exploding around them. A down and outstreetfighter gets a golden opportunity whenhe rescues a high level sports agent fromstreet thugs. Royce Gracie appears as thecoach who will teach him how to fight his wayout of poverty and into the high stakes circuitof mixed martial arts fighting.

She thinks shecan remedy both her heartache and her academicchallenges with a new research projectand begins conducting a series of interviewswith men. As she records the astonishing anddisquieting experiences of various subjects,Sara discovers much more about men—andherself—than she bargained for.

A financiallystruggling couple, Sam ChrisHemsworth and Leslie Victoria Profeta think their luck has taken a turn for the betterwhen they find a briefcase full of money. Theirgood fortune quickly turns into a deadly gamewhen the strange and sinister criminal PykeKubic Sean Bean appears at their doorsteplooking to collect what they found. When a hitman suspectshe is being targeted for termination, he mustfind and kill his predator against all odds.

Expelled from the force inthe wake of a mission gone tragically wrong, apolice sniper determines to take revenge bychanging over to the other side of the law. After his daughterand her family are massacred in HongKong, a retired French gangster travels toHong Kong for revenge.

The heydayswhen Singapore football was molded to performat its peak. The story line is centered onthe persona of then National Coach, knownaffectionally as Uncle Choo. Battling theonslaught of life threatened by chronic sufferingsof diabetes, Uncle Choo defies the odds,defiantly returns to the Singapore footballscene in for one last hurrah at restoringNationalistic pride by winning back theMalaysia Cup across the causeway.

Old-fashioned52 year-old Tan Bo Seng blundersthrough attempts to revive sleeping passionsbetween him and his wife, while his youngerCasanova brother Jeremy suddenly comesface to face with commitment. Theydiscover new experiences, get close, find hope,love.

Helene can notbelieve that her husband is drowned. In atightrope walk between reality and illusionshe sees him right in front of her at a concert. A spicy comedy with romance and a homageto Bollywood and Indian cuisine. One starts to question his implicationin the racist gang and the other wondersif the beautiful Turkish girl he saved couldbe his ticket to escape from his dull life inSofia.

Only by reuniting will the two brothersbe able to assess what they really want fromlife. Following a nervous breakdown, skiathlete Jomar has isolated himself in a lonelyexistence as the guard of a ski park. When helearns that he might be the father of a childway up north, he sets on a strange and poeticjourney through Norway on a snowmobile,with 5 liters of alcohol as sole provisions. A man Robinson sets on a journey searchingfor the woman he once madly loved Laetitia.

Still, Robinson isdetermined to reunite one last time withLaetitia, even if this means heading back tothe high danger zone Paris. Mankind no longer inhabits the planet. Only a few strange characters, survivors, makerare appearances.

The two meet at a bus stopin the middle of nowhere. It is always Touru, a youngJapanese man, who welcomes him there. Hyung-gu and Touru sacrifice themselves forthe sake of their families, money, and friendship. One day, Bo-gyung ordered them to kidnapa woman named Jisu and take her toJapan, and this changes their future in anunexpected way.

In order to launch itstop secret new product, the Muller pharmaceuticalcompany throws an extravagant partywhere directors, managers and employees areall invited. During the course of the evening,the guests are asked to participate in a roleplayinggame which, it turns out, is actually amassive training simulation for the managementteam. Rumors soon circulate that thecompany is up for sale, and the panic haseveryone trying to save their own skin.

Set in Rwanda in thespring of , at the outbreak of the genocide. Jacqueline, a young Tutsi woman, is amaid in a Belgian family. When she finds herchildren brutally murdered by the Hutus, sheruns away and hides in the woods.

There, shemeets a man who has also escaped from theslaughter. Together, they will try to survivewith the fear of being discovered at anymoment. Terror and madness wait for them atevery turn. A man and a woman are confronted by aseries of paranormal and terrifying incidentsafter going through the bizarre death-beforedyingritual.

A scripted drama aboutteenage girls torn between American popularculture, where breast implants are a SweetSixteen gift, and the Evangelical Right prizesvirginity. Gangland murder in Northern England. Based on themurders at the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada. A boy comes ofage in Naples. The perfect heist: the plan was simple … theevents that followed were not. Based on the Stephen King novel.

Asuccessful editor quits his job in New York Cityto relocate his wife and two daughters to abeautiful house in small town Connecticut. However, their idyllic existence is shatteredwhen they learn their home was once themurder scene of a mother and her two youngchildren. The killings were believed to be at thehands of the husband, who survived and maynow be a threat to the new residents. In thefuture, a luxurious U. Because of amalfunction, a single passenger is awakenedfrom suspended animation 90 years beforeanyone else.

Faced with the prospect of growingold and dying alone, he awakens a beautifulwoman. The filmtracks the year high-risk relationshipbetween Scarpa and his FBI handler. Four livesintertwine as time runs out to break free froma neighborhood corrupted by violence, drugsand crime. This is Flat 7, nothingstrange could happen here. When two girlsturn up to visit their college tutor at his homethey come embroiled in a dangerous operationinvolving the Bible, the Vatican and the mostsecure mainframes in the world.

Singleton Jr. With ordersto catch their alien prisoner alive, the survivingcrew of the Prometheus pursue a dangerousgame of cat-and-mouse with their escapee. But who is the hunter and who is the prey? Middle-England, Joe McCain,17, is restless and bored with his life, which isgoing nowhere. Swept along on thistide of emotion, Joe discovers an incredibleand exciting new world. The Fifth Mind is aharrowing portrait of two siblings torn apartby a shared childhood experience. One siblinghas completely blocked abuse, incest andmadness.

The other has created 5 minds todeal with the pain. A four personcrew, sent to bring back a mothballed shipparked at the back of Pluto, find themselveson their way to the edge of the universe. Unable to turn the ship around, they resignthemselves to spending the rest of their livestogether.

They soon find themselves at oddswith one another. Jimmy WayneCollins finds himself adrift in Memphis, Tennessee. Forced to return home to the pineywoods of Southeast Texas, Jimmy will face hisimprisoned brother, his dying father and thedemons he left behind. College student Samantha Hughestakes on a babysitting job in a remote mansion. The pay is good, but Samantha quicklyrealizes that she is trapped.

As a lunar eclipsedarkens the night sky, her employers carry outa horrific ritual with Samantha at the center. From the director of The Roost and CabinFever 2.

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