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He roomed in the TKE fraternity house. All over campus tliere are students full of spirit— laughing, working, playing, browsing, eating and studying with eacli other. The campus truly is a home and it offers to all of us many oppor- tunities which we need only take advantage of. Even in the seemingly static registration lines, motion though nervous, was apparent, and in the Student Union, a spirit, an ac- tive spirit, prevailed.

The buzz of activity between classes, from one building to the ne. Tests of a liog feeder are being made at Southern Acres. Isaac Shechmeister, Maurice Ogur and Carl Lindegren are working on a serum from the blood of a rabbit. In the basement of Park- inson, Dr.

Joseph Bernside. I ranch of Forest Research. Harvey I. He is using an apparatus to determine which foot is of primary use in landing. They are pictured with a machine which automatically re- wards the subject when he makes the desired response. They work mainh' with retarded children, the difficulty being that retarded children do not respond readily. Fisher is working witii Footedness in Domestic Pigeons Drs. Chester J. Atkinson, John O.

Anderson, Leslie F. Malpass, Israel Goldiamond and Michail S. Hoshiko open machinery. Many students' time is divided into working, studying, housekeeping and famiK. Coffee is a blessing for late night studying. Usually that's the only time it's quiet. The Universit ' got little time for sleep. Lights oil campus burned far into the night. From the niN'riad of classrooms to the residence halls across Thompson Woods, the lights glowed, and iii'j;ht turned into day.

For some, time is measured by hours speut in leisure. A little color— that added touch to make a year stand out. Artists and specialists in every field— and not just artists but famous artists— passed through the campus, exhibiting dur- ing their short visits the talents which make them stand out across the na- tion.

A college education is forever. Besides being a center of learn- ing it is a place where opportmiity knocks but once— the opportunity to see and hear those of whom the United States is proud to boast. President Morris, Mr. Alexander P. Betty Johnson, also Homecoming entertainer, appeared for the Homecoming stage show. Margaret Wildenhein, world famous potter from California, stayed on campus a week to teach and give demonstrations.

The photographer sneaked backstage at intermission. Duo pianists. An outdoor rally touched off the long-range campaign of Eldorado in Eldorado's Junior Police organized to assist in landscaping the city hall grounds.

I'lie building was renovated inside and out by citizens who voliuiteered 2, man-hours of labor. When the citizens of a town work together to build that town into something "more" there is no end to what can be accomphshed. Southern's Community. Eldorado, East St. Louis, Du Quoin and Flora are some of tlie towns being guided by the Universitv. When the. Louis the first coiniiuiiiitx -wide action project cleared two unclaimed citv lots of weeds which had urown eiizht feet tall.

One of the first projects of DuQuoin's program was to tear down old installations, plant shrubs and pain! Spring Festival. Faculty members joined the fun with a chorus line to open the Festival Vaudeville Show. Aquaettes started activities with their water show, "Tropical Moods," and Frida - morning President Morris spoke at the kick-off assemfjly at McAndrew Stadium. Midway activities Friday night were at an all-time high, complete with a dance line at a "Dime-a-Dance.

The roaring twenties were imitated, ridiculed and dramatized throughout the festivities, but if anything caught the real feeling and gaudy glamor of that bygone era it was the paintings that decorated the pizza supper. Gad, what a face. Aquaettes' "Tropical Moods' must have been good, if the crowd was any indication.

The photographer must have chcked too late. While the fun was going on, everyone got into the act. Approximately ;3. Allyn Art Gallery was busy. Steven Barwich, pianist; Rohtrt Mueller, pianist and composer; the University Chamber Orchesti-a, and the University Woodwinds En- semble gave a program of contemporary music. Student art exhibits were also in the. They sang "Song of the Vagabonds " and "Amici," a fraternity song.

Greeks are few Erwin D. The Sing honored Dr. Maurits Kcsnar who died shortly before. A track meet, picnic, workshop and dance were other featmes of the week. Softball and the track meet. Mary Ann Edwards and Jack Barban were co-chairmen of the week.

Lemonade was served at vari- ous places University Day. Conimencenient exercises at McAndrew Stadium were long and the crowd was large. But it was a beautiful dav. University Day was cold and wet, but visitors still took bus tours all over campus and to Southern Acres. The busses could have gotten stuck in mud, but it's better to take a chance than walk. One of the Agriculture Department disphus was that of baby chicks. People were coining 32 The University is a focal point. Spring saw people— lots of people- touring campus on University Day, the aimual all-school open house, and at the Commencement exercises.

For both activities people came from Southern Illinois and from vari- ous other points on the map. Some graduates made South- ern's largest graduating class in history. The 82nd Commencement was again held in McAndrew Sta- dium. John R. A leading educator, he has served on national and governmental committees designed to further education.

When Commencement exercises were over, the refreshment table became the center of interest. And this one sort of speaks for itself. The Student Union helped keep things goinsj with a watermelon feast in July. A movie now and then at McAndrew stadiiun made for a comfortable summer evening. Conventions in summer took on many differ- ent forms, including one sponsored by the 4-H Club.

A style shou- was also included in the actixities. Rod Strong kept the audience well entertained. President Morris' opening convocation allowed standing room only in Shryock. Group meetings helped frosh get around. Freshman talent show was a success. Mail packets told new students "what. The week was a rush from beginning to end. Maybe the tests, tests, tests.

Tlie President sure knows how to entertain, doesn t he? Stands were packed with students, alums, parents These wo weren't going to risk standing. With the sun, cold and cheering, the crowd was captive. The parade was an attraction for students, alums, and towns-people. University Street was packed. Southern s alumni Floats were good and offered fun for all to see. In recent years Southern has grown along with its body of graduates.

Morris in his program address to Alumni. Industrial Education Chilis winning float was ' Saluknik. Spangled Banner preceded the game. First place, class "a," women's division went to Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. The parade Saturday morning was full of excitement and cold too. A gigantic crowd turned out for the football game, and in spite of the cold and loss, the fans stuck it out.

The formal dance at the Carbondale Armory was good, with decorations galore, though many were nearly forced to leave for lack of space. Barrett's dorm won first place in class "b. Activity reigned The crowd at the annual formal, in the Carbondale armory, was innnense, but nearl everyone stayed for the Coronation. The Parade was cold, but participants and fans stuck it out.

This Saluke float miilit represent tlic school spirit which prevailed over Homecoming. They seem to be enjoying themselves, don't they? Southerns living room. Dances were probably the most prominent type of activity in the Union. Norris, Jr. A hard-working board and council kept busy nearK' all hours of the day and night.

And of course their new feature this year was the opening of "The Eaves," Anthony Hall dining room, giving a night club effect. Bridge, dance and billiard lessons were offered at various times during the year.

Movies, bonfires, hayrides, picnics, coffee hours, ice skating parties and a bike party- were added features of the Union. Fran Lisac, second place, and Loraine Sanders, first, won in women's table tennis during Tournament Week. Pat Cook, pantomimist, offered entertainment at "The Eaves.

Hold that and. Fall quarter Relay races hy members of the Club were included in the show. The show wasn't all in water. It was a variety show. Theme ol the show was "Bon Voyage," and the tour around the world ended in America. Finale is pictured below.

Crest dinners and ribbon pledging climaxed the week's activities. Fall rush is held annually so that those interested in pledging can have the oppor- tuniiN to visit all organizations the same week. Leadership Camp took on a variety of subject matter. Entertainment and group singing kept activity at a liigli pitch.

Leadership Camp participants had some free time. Though student leaders had plenty of time for recreation, a series of group meetings and general discussions was held. Pur- pose of the camp was to train potential leaders by dividing into groups to discuss leadersliip roles. Posters and cam- paigning of all sorts kept excitement keyed high.

TraininE campaigning. You had to look up, down and to both sides to sec who was running for what and win When campaigners ran out of trees and posts, they resorted to. Isn't she cute? Red and green hghts flooded the campus, with a Cliristmas tree of hghts in front of Old Main the center of attraction. Scores of clubs, living groups and other organizations gave parties, and the Student Union helped keep spirits up.

The Student Union, with the hustling of activity, isn't exactly an ideal place to study, hut the lihrary s so far. Southern and tlie off-campus organized house dance, there was something to do every weeki'nd. Though carpet-baggers were still around there weren t as many. It was an exceptionally cold winter and we had a couple of good snowfalls.

Not deep snow— just enough to make driving hazardous and walking miserable. And it lasted a long time. Susie Sims beams happily at lier date. Music was provided by "The Tempos," a new piecc band from Thompson Point.

Alpha Psi Fraternity. Kappa Alplia Psi members were so excited they all rushed up, causing a minor riot. Other winners are pictured except sec- ond place individual winners June. Tan Kappa Epsilon, third-place winner in group competition, presented a comic "This is your life. Barb Absher, junior from Marian, was also an attendant.

Sophomore Mary Alice Carnaghi, attendant, is from Herrin. Military Ball. Marie Ilolificld, rctirins; queen, crowned Joan Pratt. Members of the Honor Guard served as doormen at the ball. A date bureau served for those without dates. Queen was elected by the cadets. Anita was a Speech Correction major and would Hke to finish school, but she doesn't know "if" or "where," now.

And she's very lovely. She wants to go on into psychiatric nursing later on. This cute little junior likes swimming, dancing and college, but hates "people who are late. Louis be- fore coming to SIU. She also plays the piano and sings.

These men make up the team of their sport. Athletic teams at Southern are some of the finest in the country. Soutliern has appeared in national com- petition with schools throughout the nation. In the years to come. Southern's name will probably be mentioned in the same breath with some of the "larger and more notable" schools. As Southern grows, so does its athletics. Southern has something to cheer about. This year was the first season that Southern won more than half of its games.

The "Fighting Leathernecks" from West- ern backed down a determined Saluki team 21 to Also added to the misery of the day was the cold v. Southern lost by seven points; the contest had an unfortunate ending. After the unfortimate incident, and as the Salukis plaved more games on the gridiron, under the direc- tion of coach Al Kawal and his able coaching staff, the Salukis scored points for the season to their opponent's points.

Captain of tlie leam and one of the top players in SIU history. Rush- ing was elected by his teammates. Also in on the pile-up is John Ahroniovitch 75 , all-conference center. Two local dogs get in the act with the Salukis. The Saluki fans take pride in their team. Second row. Carmen Piccone, head bockfield coach. With- out blocking to back the ball- carrier up he would not be able to score. He also set a new indix'idual scor- ing record.

At the Great Lakes match he scored 32 points. Also another individual, John. All-Conference Cen- ter, intercepted a pass and lugged it 5. It was one of he rare occasions a lineman gets a chance to put his hands on tlie ball. The chain-gang moves iip for a firsl-in-tcn. Western Illinois UniversitN' — One of Southern's strongest maneuvers, a spread punt formation, backfired, as Western defeated the Salukis with long punt returns, Eastern Illinois University — Southern'.

Southern came from behind to spoil Normal's Homecom- ing, Southern backs hobbled the ball five times, helping Southern lose their homecoming game, Finish Noise. Hnp, two, three, ionr Football It takes a lot to stop a good man. Charlie Hamilton 3. I II »i i»P.. The season matches this season in wins and losses. This year in conference play Southern placed second with a record in loop play.

Several new records were set during the season. The previous high was points against Northwest Louisiana, February 9, The Salukis also set a new field goal record in the game by sinking 52 field goals. Seymoin- Bryson led the Salukis in scoring. He also grabbed rebounds for the season. Third row-. Talley was the second high scorer for the sea- son, scoring points.

Talley is a senior from PinckneNNille. Tension moinits on a high fly to the third baseman. Despite a spring with everything from rain to tornado warnings, the Saluki baseballers, after a wet start, ended up with nine wins and six losses for the season. Rain fouled up several of the games during April, Even when games were re-scheduled, old man weather would provide the rain.

Roger Buyon, third baseman who hit. Every year Southern makes a trip through the South playing exhibition games. This year they had a record for the trip. Southern placed second in the IIAC race with a Western Illinois and Central Michigan tied for first with seven wins and five losses each. Baseball provides The Umpire watches the first baseman scoop up a throw to first. All-Conference pitcher, Ronnie Ayers, burns one across the plate. Attention on the bench is divided between the game and the joke being told.

Olsen swam the event Mermen splash On vour mark. Scholastic troubles plagued the swim- ming team this year. Co-ordination and stamina make a good speed swimmer. After one win and eight losses for the previous season. Coach Bill Meade's gymnastic squad upped their record with six wins and 3 losses for dual meets. Besides having one of the best seasons in school history, Southern placed first in the Indianapolis Invitational, and also took first in the Central States AAU.

John Ostarello works out on the side horse. A Saluki matman struggles to pull down his opponent during a match. Coach Bob Franz's niatmeii boasted of nine wins and no losses for the season in dual meets. However, they were defeated once in the II AC championship meet, where they placed second.

Wrestling Front row. Third row. Their record for the season was tlnee wins and two losses. Memphis State Ciollege Pensacola Xaval. The football champions U. Second place went to Sleep Hollow. Amie Cabrera won the tennis intramural chanipionslu'p. Intramural Lou Bobka, intramural badminton champion Wrestling champions. Front row: Gene Salmon and Bob Buchanan. Intramural wrestling championship went to Gene Salmon, lbs.

In badminton, the championship went to Lou Bobka, second to Big Kurt. Volleyball is for energetic girls. Excitement runs high during a volleyball game. Skills and stimts are learned by girls participating in Aquaettes. Students are expected to benefit from these years of study and whole- some recreation. If one does not find the college years rich in learning experiences and rewarding in friend- ships he has not partaken fully of the curricular and co- cuiricular opportunities which are liis.

Or maybe the activities fill a gap which classwork has omitted. More than likely the co-curricular activities are an outlet with which to have fun. They are a vital part of college life. Sphinx Club This year the Sishinx Club, made up of tweiit ' outstanding seniors, extended its membership to a faculty member.

Chosen for his outstanding service to Southern, President Morris received this honor. Established in , the Sphinx Club is tlie highest non-scholastic honor a student may receive. Fifteen members are chosen in the spring and five the next fall. Although Marcia Dey Spacy is the busy mother of two little girls, she still finds time to be active in campus activities.

Her philosophy — "Always do your very best, realize this, and be happy. For three years she has received honors on Honor's Day. She believes, 'Tf the people are anything like the Southern Illinoisans I'm sure I will enjoy my post-college days as much as my college days.

She likes dramatics, too. The work and experience of being president of Southern's student council was the best thing that's happened to Sonnie Unger. Winner of the service to Southern award, she plans to leach high school English after graduation. A co-winner of the service to Southern award. Bill's life ambition is to be a minis- ter.

His major — history. Paintini; tlie Business Barracks multicolors would be the first thinii Mary Ann would do if she were Southern's president. Make others feel welcome. That's why she plans to take up housekeeping after graduation. She also plans to use her finance training. Roger Bush's life ambition is to make lots of money. He likes Southern's plans for the future but "dislikes the putting off of said until later dates as is the com- mon custom. Besides being president of his fraternity he is captain of the Rifle team and has won five first place medals at the Midwest rifle meet.

Ask Tom Giles what he dislikes at Southern and he'd tell you Satur- day morning classes. English seems to be the worst thing that has ever happened to Tom. Be- sides being a resident fellow at Thompson Point, he was chairman of the The best thing that ever happened to Sue Watson was becoming a Delta Zefa. Sue came to S.

An ele- mentary education major, she plans to teach after graduation. She feels the best thing a student can do for his school is to par- ticipate in its activities. The worst thing that ever hap- pened to Dale 'Joe " Prediger was getting drafted; the best was get- ting discharged. A Major in psy- chology, he plans to do graduate work.

He believes, "People, not things, really count in life. Espe- cially interested in outdoor sports. Larry plans to attend law school after graduation. His philosophy — "You get out of life what you put into it. Art Carlisle came to S. Because his life ambition is to be on a college campus forever.

Active in Alpha Phi Omega. Art's philosophy is, "Help your- self bv helping others. She's in- terested in music and sports. Richard Small's life ambition is to be a good husband, father and friend, and be well educated. Especially interested in ath- letics.

Dick is a registered football and basketball olficial. Except for night classes and "lines," Nora Langreder likes just about everything at S. According to Nora one should look at everything optimistically. He came to S. I', because his sister talked him into it. His ambition is to be a professional student. A major in agriculture economics, he plans to go into marketing and public relations after graduation.

A busy guy in campus activities, his ambition is to work hard and play hard. Active in many campus activities, he believes that the best thing that's happened to him was to become a resident fellow. His philosophy — "Roll with the punch. Her philos- ophy — "Life is too short to sleep it away. Although she likes Southern's hospitality and friendliness, she dislikes the spring rains and the mud. Front row: Dr. Second row: Boyd Kelso, sergeant-at-arms; James Shotzsail, corresponding secretory; Ken Orsteod, second vice president; Billie Hubbell, recording secretary; Dove Voice, publicity chairman.

The girls also had a coffee and doughnut hour winter term and a pledge banquet in spring. Girl's Rally members sell mums every year for the Homecoming game. Girls' Rally Dr. Robert D. Faner of the En,s;]i. The Foundation build- ing provides a place for worship, recreation and religious studv for Protestant students. Spring banquet saw them installing new officers and electing state BSU officers and student summer mission- aries to Alaska and Hawaii.

Hodley, faculty advisor. Morris, director. Not pictured. Frances Horn, visiting professor, who spoke on "Foreign Students in America. Members held fellowships at both Grace and First Methodist Churches and held Sunday evening suppers with lectures, movies and singing.

New Wesley Foundation builtliiiu is now uiitlcr construction. They had a party for every holiday during the year and sponsored a Homecoming float. Winter, a guest speaker was Charles A. Poling who spoke on "Revela- tion of Man's Spiritual Heri- tage.

At some meetings they had relig- ious movies, one being "Funda- mentals of Religion. Wood from Chicago as guest speaker. His topic was "Renovmcing Barriers for Young People" and he used a movie of the same title. Front row Mrs. Ch ristian Science Orga n iza tioii Carbondale Churches do their best to welcome students. The campus newspaper Ron Jacober, Sports editor, handled all Egyptian sports, and even took a few pictures himself.

Ron took over Warren Talley's job. Bobbie Downen, society editor, snooped around and got all the dirt from individuals, clubs and Greeks. She is a journalism major also. After a certain lengtli of time, perhaps called a "system-setting" time, order took form. The staff regretted this but "had to cut somewhere.

A new advertising staff helped. Size was also of major concern, and because the advertising revenue was higher the size was increased on a number of issues. Largest was 24 pages, and several were The largest problem of the Egxptian stuff was that the papers were larger and the help from volun- teer workers dwindled. As a result the editors on this page literalh" put the paper out themselves.

Managing editor Bill Epperheinier wrote heads, copy, did page proofs and just about everything imaginable. Rita "Scoop" Moser, news editor and journalism major, worked with reporters and photog- raphers, searching out interesting news items for the paper. Ron wrote nearly all of the college section.

Freshman Marian McBride also became associate editor in winter. Myra Edelman Swanson, editor, handled the opening section and pnt pieces of the rest of the book together for the printer. William Horrell.

Not pictured are Jack Cooper and Don Bell. Tlie Obelisk staff of was the largest ever. Over 30 students started out in hdl, and thouyh the num- ber of hard workers soon dwindled to less than half of that, it was still a bit; staff in comparison. Carl Martz, junior associate editor, scheduled all pic- tures for the college section.

He then turned the writing over to Ron Vaskie and did the entire sports. Donna Jo Falkenstien, sophomore associate editor, was in charge of drawing layouts for the entire book. She and Ron Rathberger drew layouts for over pages. Front row: Ron Meyer, Tom Piper. Student Council The Student Council serves as a governing body to better rela- tionships between students, faculty and administration.

Southern Spirit Council concentrates on pro- moting school spirit, their biggest job being that of organizing the card section at games. The Student Union is perhaps one of the busiest places on campus. Obelisk, ISA and various other councils. The Union is pictured more completely on pages 44 and Not pictured: Jacqueline Arends, Thomas Burns, faculty sponsor.

The center also provided recreation facilities. Officers are from the Student Council and faculty members are chosen periodicalK-. Featured speaker of the week was Rev. Frederick Pntrani. Com- posed of the chaplain and student representatives of each religious group on cam- pus, the council worked to encourage religious programs and worships. John Harris. Not pictured: Herbert Stemler, Ann Pazdera, sec- retary. Front row: J.

Sanders, secretary; Donald McGee, president. Ill Southern Be it a dormitory, where many students share a lounge and have only one roommate, or a house, wliere four to 20 have a common living room and kitchen, there remains a closeness of members. A feeling that "this is home" permeates the rooms. A home can be a sanctuary; it can be an escape from a busy world to a quiet room. Or it can be a place of adventure. Within every "home" there are both kinds of people— those who want excitement and those who want quiet.

But not everyone can be satisfied. As the majority takes over, the house or dorm acquires an at- mosphere and a reputation of its own. Front row. Sharon Lawder, vice presi. Associated Women Students The function of the Men's Residence Hall Council is to better relations between the men's residence halls and the University.

They also sponsored dances and took part in campus elections. Recentlx' they joined the Association of College Residence Halls. Tlieir meetings consisted of a monthly coffee chat at the library kitchen. This group sold flaming pud- ding at the Deck the Halls party. The group serves as a foundation for ofl-campus peo- ple to take their ti'oubles to and helps raise the housing require- ments.

Anderson, advisor; Lawrence R. Sanders, Gerold Claxton, Delbert W. Wolf, John Hieser, Richard Filers. The coimcil consists of a representative from each barrack. Dining the past year the council sponsored a "Frosty Frolics" dance, a canned goods drive for the underprivileged and a wiener roast. These girls decide on the dorm policies and discuss dorm problems. Regular weekK' meetings were held in order to plan to separate floor meetings.

The newly organized Off Cam- pus House Chairmen's Council is composed of the social chairman of each organized house. The coiuicil discussed problems such as obtaining a juke box for the snack bar, keeping the snack bar and game room open later on weekends, and buying records for the record player.

The purpose of the Thompson Point Council is to determine the administrative and financial policy of the area. As everyone might already know, living in a dormitory of girls leads to a year full of constant excitement. At no time is there a dull moment. If activity decreases for a brief moment, chatter increases.

Chatter is a girl's best friend next to the male sex. Walking down a hall in Woody one might hear any number of comments: "He's simpK' a doll! Halloween the fun started, and it didn't stop until June 7th. Carolyn Pennington, resident counselor. Painting the mirrors, whether it was a big M, or entirely covered over, was one of the more common jokes.

Probably the most planned and time consuming prac- tical? This all comes as a result of living in a girl's dorm. Probably the most common one throughout the dorm concerned the horrible smell of paint. Mary A. Woody got a new look this year. The fun began Christmas vaeation. Woody got four enthusiastic painters hiter named the "Angehc Painters". Starting in B section, they took over, and the girls moved out — four at a time to C-9 in the base- ment.

All the girls enjoyed having their rooms clean and fresh, but getting up at in the morning, clearing the rooms and spending the day and night in the basement was another matter. Woody walked away with first prize. Rain dampened the plans of the annual spring formal dance which was to be held on the patio.

After waiting until the last possible minute in hopes of clear skies, the decora- tions were finalK' put up in C-Rec. Mary Elizabeth Dugan, Marilyn L. Not pictured: Linda Duiron, Lynda Love, president. CharHe Townsend, selected by the girls out of a group of nine other fellows for his talent and personality, stole the honors.

Like everywhere else the girls in Woody had their own individual hobbies. Fourth row. And the Halloween costume dance. Snowball Christinas dance. Christmas caroling. Thompson Point Contest and Dance in April. Long walks through the woods and muddy paths. Judy Heininger, sports representative; Susan detours through the Ag. Buildiug ou cold, windy or rainy days.

Third row; Gloria Vallosio, Susie Miller. Ffffh row. Dorm girls acquired a slightly used sewing machine for the purpose of "domesticating our girls" A certain L. Other additions were a TV set and conversion of the basement and classroom into lounges. They gave a tea to welcome their new resi- dence counselor, Miss Blanche Ganahl. Their password was "When do you go before the AW'S? They had a wiener roast in the middle of tlie lake. For Christmas they filled a basket for a needy Car- bondale family.

They also planned a formal dance, an Easter Orphans' party and a Hay Ride. The first big projects of Dorm 2 were Homecoming decorations and a float. In the fall they organized a dorm choir and wrote three dorm songs. The intellects of the 2nd floor liked to play chess. Also of interest were exchange parties. They had a bundle exchange party where the boys ended up wearing crinolines and red half-slips. Frazier, Herbert H. Green, social chairman; Lee J.

Weber, Raymus E. Cummins, Harold R. Loron, Robert P. Schorman, Glen Paul Walter. Mueller, Dick Ruggles, Edd L. Thomas, William J. One of the giils turned the water faucet tlie wrong way and, thinking she had tried to turn it off, called the service center for a plumber.

The girls stood by with buckets and towels until a boy came and simply turned the water faucet off. The girls on 3rd floor had a mascot named "Misfit" and a club Uncoordinated, Inc. In order to be a member of this club you had to fall in tlie mud, drop a diiiucr tray or perfttrm some other uncoordinated act.

Much more effective than a ducking in the shower, don't you think? Smith, secretary; William H. Berry, judicial chairman; Robert L. Courtwright, presi- dent; William D. Clorido, social chairman; William T. Allaban, vice president; Bruce J. Bagg, Charles J. Second row: Ralph L. First floor residents are accustomed to hearing the patter of tiny feet not theirs but the dogs who find time to associate with them.

Card sharks on the floor had numerous stormy card games. Second floor had an ice skating party that brought out the professional bottom bruiser's and weak- ankle crowd. Third floor had a mascot named "Snooker" who was forever leaving her trademarks on the floor. Freshman of Their room windows were decorated to the theme of "Great Balls Afire. Floor 1 was the winner of the TP area football contest.

They also had a basketball team called TP Tigers — the name also being the nickname of the floor. There were several athletes on the floor. Floor 2 had an iee. Everyone dressed in short pants and short dresses and ate lollypops.

Unusual nicknames were Nelephant, Moose and Bull. Floor 3 was a talented bunch — barbers, folk singers and pinochle players; mostly pinochle players. At all times there were six hi-fi players blaring. Fourth row: J. Dorm 10 didn't really mind sleeping on the floor, but it was nice to get beds and furnitvue. Trmnbel was theii' "Religion in Life" speaker for the whole dorm. Third row, Bruce Milam, John W. Finch, S. Second row G. Lessman, T. Kelly, O. Miller, G. Humphrey, R. Rubien, R. Whited, F.

Dobney, II, M. Brown, M, Kugler, R. Lindner, R. Vayette, C. Meier, C. Third row,- G. Hall, resident fellow; J. Adams, W. Wolch, D. Wolf, M. Howord, R. Wilson, C. Krusa, W. Holifield, L. Ruane Robert W. Humphries Harold E.

Simpson M. Haing James Robert B. Tallman Laura S. Morgan Elwood C. Wagner Edmund M. Cayuga St. Tel Ithaca. Phone i Rte. State CO. See Us" H. You Deserve a Break Today Rte. Phon Lic. Broker Hom. Phone S. Moin St. Mory Corolyn Colemon Trumonsburg,N. Professional Photographic Services 8 E. Earle aut v-pres marketing FrederIck C N.

These men and women are constantly striving to fulfill their obligation to the hometown and community. Composed strictly of volunteers, annual manhour contributions of Chamber members total far into the thousauds. These services equal a cost factor with which few communities could cope.

Y Telephone Boa of Directors: Dr. Gwen Bymers, Chairman, Dept. Sprole, President, Therm Incorporated Dr. Bennett Dr. Hushang Bahar Joan B. Harman W. Robert Farnsworth David J. Studies and R The Gallery of Homes I". Professional Photographic Services e E.

I Ellale B,oIl.. Office Phone Home Pho. Main S,. ROAD k,standinc ,.. The information in this Directory is as accurate as it is possible to obtain and compile. You can help maintain the accuracy by correcting any errors or omissions that you may note. Please fill out the form below and return to the publishers. Thank you. Page No. The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the correctness of all infonnatlon furnished them, the complete absence of errors or omissions, nor furnish further Information than that shown.

The publishers earnestly request the bringing to their attention of any Inaccuracy so that It may be corrected in the next. Meadow St. Trumansburg, New York ii. John Augustine, Jr. Whichard, Guardian of Hennie S. Whichard S. Bridgers 20 portion. Joyce V. Tuskegee Institute, AL jrhoden tuskegee. Monique McKinstry, Asst. Program Evaluator-Tuxedo. Albright Sr. Descendants of Samuel Goodman Generation No.

His first wife, Elizabeth, was the daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Farnell. The Schulze The Clarence H. Smith Papers, , are housed in the William Henry. Paradise Washington Avenue Ext. Day Fax Day Cell Email: paradiseadj aol. Housing Complex owed Idewild Creek Apartments. Box Greensboro, NC 2 Matthew. Pickup times are approximate. Box Christine Arendas R St. Cloud, FL Studies FBI. The following chart includes only the more comprehensive registration and licensing acts that are applicable to the PEO industry.

Allen 10 Randall L. Allen Douglas S. Arnold Peter Q. Bassett R. Bennett Alternative. Security, Inc. Association History The minutes of the first meeting are included as Attachment Allen Antitrust Law Douglas S. Bender, Jr. Jay D. Students years old can choose to. Employee Salaries, Listings of employee salaries are published twice a year in the county s designated official newspaper.

Currently the High Timber Times is the county s designated official newspaper,.

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