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Werewolf like creatures in underworld evolution torrent

Werewolf like creatures in underworld evolution torrent

werewolf like creatures in underworld evolution torrent

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He also has solid white eyes. William doesn't fit into the first generation of Werewolves. Being white, larger, and much more powerful, separates him from his descendants, but as a unique specimen, he does not qualify for his own Generation and should be viewed as a special case. These Werewolves were created after being infected by William.

Similar to William, they are complete savages and are thought to have no control over themselves, and are unable to take human form until death. Physically, they are more humanized, with a shorter snout although still longer than the second-generation Lycans and smaller less pointed ears. They have less fur than William, but more than their second-generation Lycan descendants, with more fur around the neck and arms though in Rise of the Lycans they looked much more like William but were smaller.

These creatures are often referred to as Werewolves by the Vampires, rather than Lycans, as they are thought to be little more than feral animals. It was not until Lucian was born that the 2nd generation was able to transform at will. After several attacks by Vampire warriors , they began to form a strategy, learning to bide their time, arrange group ambushes, and even set up crude and simple traps to better help them defeat the Vampires. When Lucian outright confronted them in his wolf form during one such trap, roaring loudly, they willingly stood down and left peacefully, a response that Raze described as obedience.

Later, when Lucian came into their main den in human form, the older Werewolves inspected him and understood that he was a Lycan. They even accepted him into their pack and aided him against the Vampires when he called for them.

During this aid, they came into contact with even more second-generation Lycans in human form and seemed to understand that they were their brethren. They went on to fight effectively with each other and with their Lycan kin to soundly defeat Viktor and the Death Dealers. Then they made their escape. Unfortunately this resulted in Viktor ordering the extermination of the entire species. Underworld Wiki Explore.

Main content. Characters Locations Species Timeline Map. Editing rules Manual of style Special pages Recent blog posts Contact administrator. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? View source. History Talk 5. But these weren't the Lycans we know. Disgusting though your brethren may be, they, at least, are evolved. No, these were raging monsters, never able to take human form again. Werewolves changing in Underworld Evolution.

A Werewolf transforming in Underworld: Evolution. This time, he would not rise again. His transformed body retained its bestial aspect. Not even death could restore his Humanity. Viktor waited a moment or two, just in case the fallen creature was feigning death, until he saw her thick black pelt begin to recede into her mottled hide. The prone body of the Werewolf contracted as much of her size and weight evaporated into the ether. The creature's grotesque exterior melted away until only the naked body of a dead peasant woman remained, sprawled lifelessly amidst a spreading pool of blood.

Now only those who survived a Werewolf attack risked joining their loathsome ranks. Still, there was no point in taking chances. Few Immortals could with stand being burned alive. Login to your account Remember Me Register a new account Lost your password? Home Movies Underworld: Evolution. Underworld: Evolution My God.

Brother, what have you done? Action Fantasy Science Fiction Thriller. Links Torrent. Shared 0 Facebook Twitter. Video trailer. Len Wiseman. Kate Beckinsale. Scott Speedman. Tony Curran. Shane Brolly.

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All Werewolf Transformations - best scenes - Underworld HD werewolf like creatures in underworld evolution torrent

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