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This is something brand new! Kurama's human father is also dead, although he does later acquire a stepfather when his mother remarries. Dishing Out Dirt : Risho is the shinobi "Master of Earth" and can do such things as coating himself in rock-armor. Distressed Dude : Happens to both Yusuke and Kuwabara.

In the latter case Divine Misfile : To Yusuke in the first chapter, they really did not expect him to jump in front of that truck. Does This Remind You of Anything? Also, Sensui's speech before he dies sounds a lot like him recalling coming out to himself , especially in the dub. Dramatic Thunder : The anime pretty much uses this whenever they can.

But it was used to death during the Maze Castle arc. Might have been a way of foreshadowing Suzaku's power. Drunken Master : Chu becomes more dangerous after taking a swig of Ogre Killer. Taken to whole new levels when his most powerful attack actually involves mixing his energy with alcohol to make an energy ball powerful enough that two shots of Yusuke's Spirit Gun couldn't equal it. The first shot weakened the attack and the second shot burst through it, punching a hole in the middle, but not stopping it.

He also has a special kind of alcohol that Once he's emptied his stomach, he gets drunk even faster, which summons more of his demonic energy for him to use. Some of his lines are completely made up. The bit about stalking Sensui etc. Toguro and Genkai's relationship 50 years ago got a Relationship Upgrade from the manga and original Japanese in the dub.

In the dub, Ura Urashima has a different made-up excuse in his ruse against Kurama, telling him he joined Team Uraotogi to provide money for his sick grandmother. Dude Looks Like a Lady : In one of the earlier chapters, Yusuke fights a bewitching Femme Fatale who tries to use her femininity to make opponents underestimate her, trying to play on an opponent's Wouldn't Hit a Girl sense of chivalry.

After a Crotch-Grab Sex Check , Yusuke finds out it's just a regular guy fighter dressing like a girl to trick opponents. Yusuke even berates him for not being a real transvestite, in one of the series' odder moments of open-mindedness on Yusuke's part.

Miyuki accuses Yusuke of violently attacking her because of 'what she is'. In the Edited for Syndication American dub that aired on Cartoon Network , all the references to the female fighter actually being a man were changed to the fighter being a Manipulative Bitch who fakes her injuries so she can make her male fighters feel guilty about beating up a woman — and uses that moment of weakness to strike back. During the final chapters of the manga, the usually calm Kurama is mistaken as a girl more exactly, everyone thinks he's Kuwabara's girlfriend , which really gets under his skin.

Later, Keiko and Yusuke ask him to infiltrate a girls-only school to help them solve a case, and he nearly snaps on them. Early Installment Weirdness : The beginning arcs were more about investigative stories of paranormal variety with few fights in-between. It's after the Four Kings arcs where the story focuses prominently on fights. The major characters were drawn with shorter height and rounder faces to reflect their more youthful look.

As soon as Yusuke starts having major fights however, the cast are drawn a bit sharper. Due to the opening of the gateway, a good amount of ordinary civilians who inhabit the city would manifest super powers and evolve into Human Psychics. Members of The Sensui Seven are also made of people from this city, but used their newly gained super powers for ill intentions.

Large amounts of demons would also start to show up and fly around the city, with demons of smaller ranks visible to only those who can see ; just the sight of it can be really terrifying. Election Day Episode : The final story arc features an invocation of this. While this isn't an election in a conventional sense as there are no ballots of any kind cast , but the Tournament for the Kingship of Demon world is referred to by Yusuke Urameshi as being a "Presidential election where we cast our votes with our fists".

Yusuke dies when fighting Sensui , but his ancestral demonic blood resurrects him and boosts his power. It is revealed that he is a Mazoku, or a descendant of a demon clan the Amazaku demons in the English dub , his ancestor Raizen having conceived a child with a human woman. Even with his new demon energy, he still cannot defeat Sensui until he is possessed by Raizen his demon ancestor to help control his newfound power.

Yusuke lampshades it by saying it looks like a giant throat. Even Evil Has Standards : Toguro refuses his elder brother's offer for assistance prior to his match with Yusuke in the Dark Tournament finals, right before smacking the crap out of him.

When Elder Toguro gets angry and remarks that they sold their souls together, younger Toguro responds, "That may be. But I never sold my standards. Earlier, he openly condemned Botajiri's attempts to rig the match against Team Masho. He specifically wanted Yusuke to level up and give him a good challenge. He didn't care if Yusuke died before that fight, but he didn't want him out of the tournament based on a technicality. Also, the usually amoral and even sadistic referee Koto seriously objects to two of Team Masho's members' dirty methods of fighting and Botajiri's rigging of the matches.

She wants a good fight, but she takes her job seriously and draws the line at just beating up a literally defenseless person. However, he was so disgusted with Seiryuu killing his teammate that he chooses to be the one to take him on , instead of fighting the Big Bad on the next floor, leaving him for Yusuke. Hiei also happens to have the strongest stomach for cruelty and such, but even he got visually pissed off when Bakken was purposefully extending his fight with Kurama.

In fact Hiei was so mad, he would've used his Dragon of the Darkness flame again, which would've killed him in his current state. Everybody Knew Already : There is no one who is surprised by who the "mysterious masked fighter" is in the Dark Tournament saga. Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting : Though it starts off different, it very quickly becomes about the unusual martial arts the protagonists and antagonists use in battle, especially coming into play during the Demon Tournament arc.

Less obviously, Toguro, who is what Yusuke would become if he decided to go completely Blood Knight and forget about what he's actually fighting for. They also both have Animal Motifs ; Kurama is a kitsune demon, and Karasu has a crow image going on. The difference between them is that while Kurama is genuinely friendly and shows some respect and regret over killing his more worthwhile opponents, Karasu is a pure Sadist who enjoys torturing his prey under a Faux Affably Evil facade.

This doesn't hit Bakken directly but plays a big part in his defeat. Explaining Your Power to the Enemy : Yusuke is forced to fight someone in complete darkness. His opponent has a helmet-type device that allows him to perceive and alter the flow of energy around and inside him, a letting him see in the dark which Yusuke has no way of doing , and b strengthening parts of his body temporarily.

He explains all of this during the fight. The viewer is left screaming at the television for the opponent to just beat the shit out of Yusuke, which he can do with impunity thanks to the Night Vision Helmet.

Subverted in the Chapter Black arc when Yusuke keeps insisting that, had he known of Kido's powers, he could have taken him out easily. Genkai berates him for this, telling him that not all of his enemies will be stupid enough to hand over valuable information like that. For the most part, this is actually an averted trope. In the anime, the narrator explains the abilities or items characters are using most of the time, and thus this trope stays averted for the most part.

Exploding Calendar : Kurama has this when he's waiting for time to pass before returning to Yomi with the 6 fighters he promised. Extremity Extremist : The fighting style of the Evil Counterpart listed above. Face Death with Dignity : Sakyou staked his life on Toguro's victory over Yusuke and is perfectly willing to give it up once Yusuke wins. Face Fault : The Dark Tournament arc features this several times most memorably when a contestant abruptly leaves the ring in the middle of his power-up to go vomit , but it is usually reserved for the comic relief characters of Koenma and Jorge.

The dub hangs a lampshade on this and deconstructs it when Koenma yells at Jorge to get up because "surprise time's over" and Jorge replies that his horn got stuck in the floor. Earlier, in the fourth episode Kuwabara and his gang are pressured to pass their next test and if they don't they will all get kicked out of school. The group talks and explains they need to study to get their grades up. When they ask Kuwabara what he got on his last test he sheepishly responds a Seven. Cue Face Fault.

Facial Markings : Sensui's bindi, Yusuke's tattoos in his demon form also comes with longer hair. Failure Gambit : The series's villains have a habit of relying on these, usually in conjunction with Suicide by Cop. Toguro, as Genkai's former teammate, seeks his own death at the hands of Yusuke, her student, for reasons only speculated in the series — perhaps as a form of atonement, or to prove to himself that the decision he made to abandon his humanity was a mistake.

The third season Big Bad , Sensui, sought to go to the Demon World simply so that he could intentionally die there as penance after seeing the world inhabited by the creatures he felt remorse over formerly hunting and killing. The fact that Yusuke, a human-demon hybrid, killed him was a bonus. Faking the Dead : When Yusuke and Kuwabara fight Younger Toguro at Tarukane's mansion, it seems like Kuwabara has managed to kill him until it's revealed he not only pretended to be dead but also did it to help Sakyo win a bet against Tarukane and strip him of all his money.

Family Eye Resemblance : Hiei and Yukina both have crimson blood red eyes while their mother, Hina, doesn't. Fate Worse than Death : Elder Toguro, forever bound to the branches of a tree that saps him of his Life Energy and tortured with Kurama-related hallucinations. The tree will not let go or stop until the victim's life force is drained, and as Elder Toguro has nearly unlimited regenerative powers , he will be forever bound, unable to die due to his own healing power.

Younger Toguro willingly chooses one of these after his death: being sent to purgatory. The demon who blinded Yomi spent years painfully nailed to a wall of Yomi's palace. What Hiei did to Mukuro's father in the manga.

Hiei binds a special plant to him, giving him a healing factor not unlike that of Elder Toguro. Hiei gives the putrid shell as a birthday gift to Mukuro to torture for all eternity. Given what the man did to Mukuro, this is a very karmic Fate Worse than Death.

Somewhat averted with Sensui. His fate: having his soul never leave his body even after death and thus being confined to eternal sleep and no afterlife, would seem like a Fate Worse than Death to most, but apparently Sensui actually finds this preferable to being judged by Spirit World in the afterlife. Faux Paw : Botan does this when behaving "catty".

He used to be human but was so afraid of getting older he sold his soul to become virtually immortal he later saw immortality to be boring and so sought for a fighter strong enough to kill him. Suzuka has a vision of old age similar to Younger Toguro's: he despises old people for their natural decay of strength and beauty. However, instead of selling his soul to become immortal, he just wants to die before getting old. Genkai is a formidable fighter despite her years but still far from what she was at her prime.

Filler Villain : Yakumo. Final Battle : The final arc is the Three Kings saga, and the last fight the main characters are involved in is Yusuke vs. Yomi in the Demon World Tournament. Yomi wins but loses the fight after that.

Finger Gun : The Spirit Gun is one that actually fires. Several characters do the regular version. Flash Step : The only main fighter that isn't normally seen to use this is Kuwabara, because he's too slow.

He actually does do a flash step in his fight against Rinku. Even though Rinku proves to be faster than he'd let on up to that point, he was clearly already moving too fast for an ordinary person to track, and Kuwabara was faster than even that level. He's just slow compared to his teammates. Hiei , in particular, uses flash steps a lot. Hiei's speed is much more fun when you consider him cutting the enemy's arm so fast and RETURNING to where he was standing that the enemy did not even know he moved at all.

Flash Stepping to your enemy's back? Flash Stepping to hurt your enemy and then Flash Stepping back? Enemies do it too, of course. A non-battle example: after Younger Toguro finishes his I Am Not Left-Handed demonstration for Yusuke, he finishes it off by flash stepping behind Yusuke to tell him about the Dark Tournament and give him an ultimatum to join.

Flexible Tourney Rules : Boy, are they ever — and intentionally. The Dark Tournament is done as a commercial gig, so teams are allowed to negotiate their own rules and conditions for a match, which adds some variety to the proceedings and makes for a better show.

And that's leaving aside the Tournament Committee twisting the rules when bribed. Flight : Sensui's Seikoki Sacred Energy allows him to fly as an angel, which is also why he's also called "Black Angel". Earlier in the series, there's Jin, who controls and shapes wind to make whirlwinds and other various tricks.

Flight is as natural to him as walking. In the same tournament, there's Bui, who is the first in the series shown to fly with nothing but his energy. Sensui shows that he can fly just before his fight with Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara, and Yusuke gains this ability on becoming a demon. They then have the series' first aerial battle. During the Three Kings saga, numerous high-level demons demonstrate the ability, including the five out of the Dark Tournament Six who weren't Jin; clearly it comes naturally with a high enough power level.

Floating Continent : The Koorime's glacier. Fold-Spindle Mutilation : Suggested in a flashback of atrocities inflicted by humans upon demons. Foreshadowing : The final round of the Dark Tournament is foreshadowed fight by fight in Team Urameshi's first round against Team Rokuyukai. Kurama: Has an obvious advantage at the start of both fights as Suichi vs Roto and as Yoko vs Karasu but loses it for unexpected reasons.

While his sadistic opponent toys with him, Kurama keeps his cool and devises a plan. By distracting both Roto and Karasu and planting a seed in their bodies, Kurama snatches victory from defeat and reduces both his opponents to demon plant fertilizer.

Hiei: Is evenly matched to start against Zeru and Bui, but both opponents land a strong blow that appears to utterly destroy Hiei. Instead Hiei not only survives through sheer badassery but counters with his ultimate technique that soundly defeats his opponent. Eventually the opponents suspend Kuwabara in the air through some rope or tentacle attack and throw Kuwabara to the ground. Despite this, Kuwabara fights through the pain but fails to kill his opponents. Yusuke: Fights an all-around strong and able warrior in the form of Chuu and Toguro.

Yusuke and his opponent reveal surprise after surprise and many secret techniques. The fight inevitably boils down to a no-holds-bar, winner-take-all confrontation where both warriors use every ounce of their strength to decide a winner.

During the final match against Toguro, Yusuke's spirit energy takes the form of a giant bird and flies around the stadium before it settles back into him, foreshadowing the form Puu who is a representation of Yusuke's spirit will eventually take. Puu also settles down around Yusuke right after taking that form, just like the energy did.

When Koenma tells Yusuke that Sensui's tunnel to the demon world is going to open much sooner than he originally thought, Yusuke decides to run to the cave and take on the psychics right now. Koenma can be heard screaming "I don't need another rogue agent" in the background before the communication device is shut off. From the same episode, Kaito claims that Demon's Door the cave where the tunnel is being "built" is "where scorned lovers go to die".

This is likely referring to Itsuki's relationship with Sensui. In the House of Four Dimensions, Kurama and Kaito engage in a contest of wits within Kaito's territory for the team's dislodged souls. Yanagisawa, as a bystander in Kaito's territory, realizes he shouldn't even risk laughing since uttering the wrong sound could trigger the taboo and remove his own soul.

Kurama's strategy to defeat Kaito turns out to be making him laugh. Another one involving Kaitou: when he first appears, he pretending to be evil forces the heroes into a battle of wits in his psychic territory, where failure has a horrible price. Though the others are unable to beat him, Kurama eventually wins by getting inside his head and exploiting his weaknesses — introducing the fact that psychics have to play by the same rules in their territories as everyone else.

Kurama is ultimately forced to deal with the same situation again, with far more deadly results, against Gamemaster , and wins in much the same way — while the things they learned against Kaito come back as tragic rather than triumphant.

Suzaku repeatedly accuses Yusuke of being inhuman, due to the amount of power and determination Yusuke shows trying to take him down. With Suzaku's dying breath, he admits he was wrong, and that Yusuke's power was due to his humanity, and the desperate strength he draws from his emotions. Suzaku is actually correct, in that Yusuke has distant demon ancestry, something that only comes out more than a hundred episodes later. During the battle against Kaitou in the House of Four Dimensions, Kurama utters this line when Kaitou contemplates out loud what it would do to his soul's color to damage one of the souls he's taken: "I'm warning you.

If you so much as bruise what's in your hand, I will show you pain. The hue of your soul will cease to matter because you will not be judged when you die; you will no longer exist. Forgotten Phlebotinum : Kuwabara can create two Spirit Swords at once and make a really long one that zigzags to get through an opponent's defenses. These abilities are never used outside of the fight where they're introduced. Four-Temperament Ensemble : Yusuke Choleric — short-tempered, cocky, impulsive, and insecure Kuwabara Sanguine — loyal, clumsy, stubborn, and short-tempered Kurama Phlegmatic — analytical, calm, calculating, and cunning Hiei Melancholic — aloof, cold, cynical, and reserved Friend to All Living Things : Yukina, except in regards to the rest of the Ice Maidens.

A possible subversion of the trope, if anything. From a Single Cell : Elder Toguro can regenerate from anything. The only way to will kill him is by destroying his heart or brain, which is a bit difficult as he's able to move around all his organs and body parts to wherever he wants in his body and can even ooze through cracks in the ground. The "Fun" in "Funeral" : Zig Zagging.

Yusuke attends his own funeral as a ghost. To his disgust, he finds that some of his classmates are laughing and smiling, causing him to think that they only came just to get extra credit. Then he sees Keiko crying over his death, and Kuwabara mourning over his death and commenting that he was supposed to be there for him. Then he notices Iwamoto and Akashi, who seem to be rather glad that he was already dead. But Mr. Takanaka confronts the two, and proceeds inside their house. He follows him, and seems to be a little bit surprised to see the teacher mourn his death.

He also sees his mother doing the same. The kid whom he saved is also there with his mother, and as they leave the kid tells his mother that he was really a nice guy even though some people there were angry at him. Seeing how much he's missed by his childhood friend Keiko, his mother, his rival Kuwabara, and his principal gives him the resolve necessary to go through some difficult ordeals to get himself resurrected.

Genius Cripple : Yomi, although blind, didn't let that stop him from being the first person in the series to manipulate Kurama, who's known for being the Batman of the series. And not only that, Yomi gets away with it.

Shinobu Sensui stands at least 6' and it would be hard to believe someone like him would ever consider destroying humanity. Though your mileage may vary on how gentle he is, since he's still incredibly sadistic and sociopathic despite his outwardly soft-spoken demeanor. Ghostly Gape : Shishiwakamaru can summon ghosts with this kind of face in addition to his sword getting this kind of face via opening its hilt to reveal that it contains strange, muscular tissue with said face.

Giving Them the Strip : After Hiei flash-steps to evade Makintaro's attack, he no longer has his coat, which was cut together with the afterimage he left to make Makintaro think he killed him. Glowing Eyes of Doom : Yusuke gets these several times; once during his fight with Suzaku when he's about to use up all his life energy to win , once while glaring at Younger Toguro from the stands of the Dark Tournament, and occasionally thereafter while powering up or in the middle of a particularly intense fight — especially when, at the end of the Chapter Black saga, he is taken over by his ancestor, Raizen, shortly after being killed and returning to life as a demon.

Where before Yusuke's Glowing Eyes Of Doom have always been blue, these are red, possibly to signify either his new demonic nature or the foreign presence in his body. Also Sensui when he releases his sacred energy does it in an eerie and gradual way, followed by a powerful laugh that literally stresses the planet as he powers up.

Subverted in that he immediately reveals it to be an immature prank and says that they should have seen their faces. It almost doesn't work, until we see that the last of Kuwabara's energy was just enough. Gonk : Gonzo Tarukane. As Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged puts it, he looks like a walking ballsack. Good Is Not Nice : Yusuke and Hiei can be real jerks sometimes, though they are not without their redeeming qualities.

Good Scars, Evil Scars : Subverted. Sensui's scars are multiple, as you'd expect of a villain; however, they are entirely covered by his shirt, as you'd expect of a good guy because he used to be one. Itsuki becomes scarred over his eye from taking Kuwabara's Rei-ken: a simple heroic scar. Mukuro's scars are also "bad guy" scars that cover half of her body; however, seeing how she got them by pouring acid over herself to prevent her "father" from raping her as a child , as well as her usual hiding of them, makes them "good guy" markings.

Gosh Dang It to Heck! Greater-Scope Villain : In the manga King Enma is responsible for just about everything, in the name of keeping his public image as powerful as possible — after all, Team Urameshi work for him, so if they take out a criminal, he can take credit for it. Green Thumb : Kurama's abilities generally involve altering plants with spirit energy. The Grim Reaper : Botan is a spirit guide who takes the souls of the departed to the afterlife. Groin Attack : Episode 3 has Yusuke in his ghost state taking control of an unconscious young teenage schoolgirl's body so that he can protect Kuwabara who is on his way to school.

During his fight against the school thugs that had tried to attack Kuwabara, Yusuke in the body of the schoolgirl is able to battle and defeat each of them with no problem and in the end, he delivers three groin kicks to the last thug before knocking him out with a hard right punch. Afterwards, Yusuke leaves the body of the young teenage schoolgirl, who is quite shocked to see what has transpired. Growing Muscles Sequence : Toguro undergoes different ones, depending on the percentage of his power he unleashes.

Byakko has one every time he absorbs Kuwabara's blows. Chu gets a small one from drinking a special supernatural alcohol. Suzuka uses a technique to accomplish this. Head Pet : Puu perches on top of Yusuke's head. Healing Hands : Genkai and Botan, but mostly Yukina. Heavy Sleeper : Yusuke early in the Dark Tournament. This is explained as Genkai's training being so strenuous that he has to sleep a lot to recover his energies — though it can be pretty ridiculous when he spends the entire trip to the island, all the way through the first fight in the Tournament, asleep.

The smell of alcohol finally wakes him up, because it reminds him of his home. He chooses to be punished in the deepest level of Hell, even though he could have gotten off with a lighter sentence, because he feels that he could never be punished enough for what he let happen to his old martial-arts pupils and the aftermath of such.

Interesting though at this time, his Battle Aura becomes the polar opposite of Toguro's own Battle Aura , which killed well over a quarter of the stadium's spectators. Heroic Resolve : Yusuke tends to get a power-up whenever the people he cares for are about to be killed, allowing him to save them almost every time.

Heroic Sacrifice : This story loved to play with and subvert this trope as often as it could. Even when it seems it's played straight , there's always a catch. It figures since the whole story is based on a Senseless Sacrifice. Best example played straight is Kuwabara in the Dark Tournament, where he sacrifices himself to Toguro to unlock Yusuke's full power. When he realized he wasn't going to die, he played along anyway.

Kuwabara : Hey Koenma, you risked your life on Urameshi's fight and now I'm gonna do the same. So make a place for me, and make sure my wake is as good as his. I Am Your Opponent : Pretty much how almost every one-on-one fight is set up. I'm a Humanitarian : After Yusuke becomes a demon , he no longer regards the casual eating of innocent human beings as an atrocity, and casually tells his ancestor that if eating humans is what will restore his strength, he'll gladly kidnap a few innocent human beings "really bad ones" in the English dub and "stuff them down his throat himself" if that's what it takes to get a good fight out of him.

He compares it to humans eating hamburgers, saying that a species higher on the food chain preying on one lower is just the natural order, and that humans have simply thought themselves above it. I Have Your Wife : Kurama is forced to not retaliate against Roto lest Roto order the demon stalking his mother to kill her. Kurama manages to immobilize Roto, steal the trigger to signal the demon, then kill him.

I Was Quite a Looker : Everyone who sees the masked fighter's face before she's revealed to be a younger form of Genkai agrees that she's beautiful. An Ice Person : Touya is a demon ninja with mastery over ice. When he went under Genkai for some Training from Hell , he became powerful enough to freeze a battlefield.

There's also Yukina, actually an ice maiden. Idiot Ball : Gama's fight with Kurama would've been a lot shorter had he suppressed Kurama's entire energy from the start instead of only making his limbs heavier which still enabled Kurama to summon the Rose Whip from his hair. It's not even a theory, since Gama himself, as he's profusely bleeding from his wounds and dying, acknowledges he should've done it. He ends up actually doing it, but at the cost of his life and for a limited amount of time due to his subsequent death.

Idiot Hero : Yusuke. He's basically a smartass version of Goku. Image Song : Lots of them on the CDs. Each of the four main characters has around three or four songs by themselves, at least one song with other characters and most everyone else has at least one song by themselves. Incurable Cough of Death : The reason Toguro sold his soul to be a demon.

He guessed that might work. Hell, his dimensional sword was the only thing that Sensui had to actively avoid rather than tank like he had been doing to Hiei and Kurama's attacks. Instant Armor : Risho the demon-ninja used his power of rocks like this during the Dark Tournament.

Sensui's Holy Light armor also qualifies. Invincible Hero : Averted. Yusuke's victory is almost never a Foregone Conclusion , and he's always pushed to the limits of his ability. Sniper also easily had him outclassed in every sense of the word. If it wasn't for Hiei, Yusuke would have died again. Invisible Parents : All of the young characters seem to suffer this fate.

Kuwabara's parents are never mentioned in the show; it's suggested he is raised by his older sister who is in her early 20s in the anime and 18 in the manga. In the manga their father does appear in one chapter toward the very end but was never mentioned before that.

At first it seems that Yusuke's mom completely averts this trope in the beginning, only making it follow Disappeared Dad because we don't see his father at all. However, after the 14th episode his mother doesn't have a speaking part and after Episode 27 we never see her again.

She's only mentioned once before Yusuke leaves for demon world later. At first it seems Kurama's human mother is a doting parent, but after Episode 7 we never see her featured in an episode again until she gets married, and even then it's merely cameo appearances. It seems Kurama has to lie to her on a regular basis since she doesn't know he's a fox demon but we never see what his excuses are as for why he goes missing for multiple days at a time.

Hiei is the most extreme example of this in Yu Yu Hakusho , along with Yukina. For the first 3 seasons he and Yukina have a Mysterious Past. At first it seems it's possible they're fully grown in a demon's sense and on their own, so that's why we never hear from their parents. In a Whole Episode Flashback we see Hiei's upbringing. He was born in a female One-Gender Race where men are forbidden.

After it's revealed his mother gave birth to a boy, Hiei is thrown from a cliff to his "death. It seems only she knew of his father, so his whereabouts are unknown. Because Yukina has not had a child yet, something her entire race does every years without fail, it can be assumed neither of them are full grown.

In fact, they're some of the few ambiguously aged characters in the show. Even Keiko plays this trope. We know she has parents, but we only see them twice in the entire series. We don't know what they think of her suddenly missing several days of school and not coming home on multiple occasions nor do we ever hear her explanations.

Subverted later when Yusuke tries to pull a Heroic Sacrifice in order to inspire a Heroic Second Wind out of Kuwabara and the others — which isn't enough to defeat Sensui. Early on in the fight, Karasu seems to have the upper hand and as a result mimics putting a pistol to his head and saying, "Bang", indicating to Kurama that he should just simply shoot himself rather than continue fighting Karasu.

About ten seconds later, Kurama transforms into his much more powerful true form, and suddenly it's Karasu who's on the ropes. Guess what gesture Kurama decides to make this time. Jerkass : Yu Kaito seemingly starts out this way, contemplating whether or not to damage the captured souls of Hiei, Botan, and Kuwabara just to mess with Kurama, but later it's revealed he was on Genkai 's side and trying to teach them a lesson about themselves, though whether or not he really meant this remains unknown.

And then there's Kiyoshi Mitarai, who laughs and acts up like a jumped-up little egomaniac as he's trying to murder Kuwabara and his friends before we learn he has a Freudian Excuse , and he gets better. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Kuwabara is introduced as a delinquent and is shown doing nothing but repeatedly trying to beat up Yusuke. Later, after Yusuke dies, he sees Kuwabara rescue Keiko from some thugs, let himself get beat up and study his heart out to save a friend's job thus preventing his family from living on the streets , pulling Keiko out of a fire, and going through humiliating lengths to save a kitten.

Yusuke also began like this. He used to be a chain-smoking, gambling, greedy delinquent without a goal in life and, according to Botan, he was even arrested before , but if him jumping in the way of a runaway car to save a wandering child is any indication, he wasn't all that bad. Jerk with a Heart of Jerk : When Elder Toguro tries to kill the last three members of Team Gorenja with a single attack and two of them survive, he tells them they were really worthy of reaching the semifinals and promises to let one of them live.

After he makes his choice, he says he's prone to breaking promises and kills the remaining fighter anyway. Just in Time : Hiei saves Yusuke just when a fuel truck chasing him exploded. Karma Houdini : The arsonist that lit Yusuke and Atsuko's apartment on fire, which nearly killed Keiko in the process during her recovery of Yusuke's body, is never mentioned to have been apprehended. Iwamoto, despite all of the illegal things he's done in Mr. Takanaka's presence alone, is still employed by the end of the series.

Killer Yoyo : Rinku uses psychically controlled yo-yos as his favored weapon. At the Dark Tournament, he has them on each of his fingers; by the time of the Makai Tournament, he has them on his toes too. See One-Gender Race They hate all men. Hina left at one point and ended up giving birth to a boy, Hiei.

Males are forbidden in Ice World so he was quickly left for dead, meanwhile his sister Yukina was allowed to live with them. Large Ham : Kuwabara. Also, "Beautiful" Suzuka before Genkai curb stomps him. Laser Blade : Kuwabara's Spirit Sword. Although it is technically made out of his ki, it still greatly resembles and even sounds like a real Laser Blade. Last Disrespects : While Kuwabara goes on a screaming fit about Yusuke dying at his funeral in the start of the manga, his outburst is a sign of genuine mourning.

In contrast, their school principal calls out some teachers who are at the funeral making snide comments about both Yusuke and Kuwabara's behavior. Last-Minute Hookup : The finale of the manga shows that the three pretty girls from the Dark Tournament the announcer, the ring girl, and the nurse each have crushes on Toya, Jin, and Suzuki.

Last-Name Basis : Nearly everyone except Yusuke who has an established surname is referred to almost exclusively by that instead of their given name by the other characters and even for Yusuke, he's still mostly called "Urameshi" by anyone who isn't Keiko, Botan, Kurama, Genkai or Koenma. Kuwabara is the most obvious example, but it's so prevalent that the fact that when hiding his true demon name Kurama tends to go by his human alter ego's given name Shuichi instead of his surname is almost surprising.

Lighter and Softer : The Three Kings Tournament compared to the Dark Tournament, since there's virtually no gory, fatal injuries this time around, and only one participant actually dies, committing ritualistic suicide after calmly admitting defeat. Yusuke made it this way by design, since one of the rules is that anyone who kills their opponent is disqualified, resulting in a tournament where almost everyone walks away in one piece, and a few friendships are formed between some of the opponents.

Light Is Not Good : In the manga, it turns out the reports of demon attacks were not only greatly exaggerated, they were set up and the "evil" demons were brainwashed to behave that way, THEN were captured and executed before they could talk. When Yusuke wondered how many innocent demons he may have captured, Kurama advised him to "better not think about that".

This plot element was cut out in the anime. Limited Wardrobe : Played with. Most everyone has their regular attire for the average day, but they can and do change clothes often enough depending on the situation. However, their clothes usually remain assigned by color: Yusuke — green, Kurama — red, Kuwabara — blue, and Hiei — black.

Little Miss Badass : Genkai in her younger days. Living Distant Ancestor : Raizen to Yusuke. Load-Bearing Hero : The heroes run into a trap like this in Maze Castle, calibrated so that it takes the combined strength of all four of them to hold it up, and that anyone running out would survive at the cost of their friends' lives. Love Redeems : Raizen and his love for the lady doctor. Made of Iron : This being a shounen series, of course, practically every single character absorbs insane amounts of punishment, though usually offenses that produce cutting force seem much more effective at putting people down.

Kuwabara, however, takes it Up to Eleven : being not as agile or as quick as Yusuke, Kurama and Hiei are, he tends to get hit a lot in his fights, which does little if anything to shorten them; no matter how many of his bones you break he just takes it and gets back up for more. This is justified in the Dark Tournament by Rishu, who says that a normal human's body would have died by that point but Kuwabara had been subconsciously using his spirit energy to keep his body alive.

He frequently deals out such nasty hits that one foe literally ran away from him at the prospect of pummeling him over and over again to no effect while attempting to dodge his Reiken Spirit Sword for another thirty minutes. A more literal example, Gouki almost literally claiming his skin is as hard as steel. Mad Scientist : Dr. Ichigaki Magic A Is Magic A : There are a lot of random powers that pop up, but there is a broad sense of consistency in how it works. Overall, the different forms of energy, how they manifest and can be used is well documented, with a good portion of the fighting being about strategy instead of raw strength.

Genkai and Koenma often have the job of explaining what is going on and, sometimes, why this new ability is still in line with what was previously said. Magnificent Seven : Subverted and inverted with Sensui's group and Sensui's own personalities. Masquerading As the Unseen : Subverted when Team Urameshi are accused of this in the Dark Tournament Arc when the Masked Fighter, previously seen as a young woman, is later seen as an old woman.

It is quickly cleared up that both are the same person, and that the old woman could become young. Maybe Ever After : Hiei and Mukuro. It was originally intended to be less vague, but shipper backlash caused it to end the way it did. Meaningful Funeral : Yusuke's in the first episode. Seeing how much he truly meant to everybody convinced him to undergo the trials to regain his life. Meaningful Name : "Urameshi" is what Japanese ghosts who are haunting a house wail; "Kuwabara kuwabara" is a charm against ghosts; "Kurama" and "Hiei" are Japanese mountains said to be sites of demon activity; all of the ferry girls have names associated with flowers and plants "Botan" — peony, "Ayame" — iris, "Hinageshi" — poppy.

Hiei was forbidden to women until recent history; Hiei inverted this by being born on a floating mountain where men are the ones who are forbidden. Meddling Parents : Raizen when he possesses Yusuke during his final fight with Sensui. Men Don't Cry : Completely and utterly averted.

During Yusuke's wake, Kuwabara broke down into a hysterical sobbing fit, and his friends had to pick him up and drag him out of the room. Yusuke cries for Kuwabara's apparent death in the Dark Tournament. Mind Rape : Chapter Black is supposed to be watched along with Chapter White to get a balanced look on humanity's potential for great good and great evil.

Watching just Chapter Black by itself will drive you nigh insane. Mistaken for Quake : It is announced that the preliminary round of the Dark Tournament will take place on the ferry to the island. When the ship's deck opens to reveal the fighting ring: Kuwabara: Aaaah! Hiei: Fool, there can't be earthquakes on the water! Oblivious Younger Sibling : Shuuichi, Kurama's younger stepbrother, is completely oblivious to his brother's demonic heritage and supernatural activities.

Odd Friendship : Kuwabara and Hiei. Hiei constantly belittles how much of a dumbass Kuwabara is while Kuwabara keeps up with the short jokes. Kurama even jokes about how one day they might even become in-laws. Oddly Small Organization : The underworld's cleanup squad for when things go wrong consists of one detective and any friends he might make along the way. Though this is rendered a bit moot by the manga's ending, where it was revealed that Yusuke might not have been needed as badly as we originally thought.

Off-Model : Some scenes in the anime have this. For instance, there's a tendency for Sensui to have a really weird, long neck. Hiei and Mukuro is implied but still leaves room for speculation. Kuwabara and Yukina is made much more likely. Yusuke's dad comes back into the picture and gets back with his mom. Chu falls for a new character named Natsume, who eventually returns the sentiment. Koenma and a female reaper also are implied to get together.

Oh, Crap! Bui gets a literal Oh, Crap! Also what happened to Zeru and Ura. The Kuwabara vs. Elder Toguro fight is filled with this on both sides. Kuwabara gets it most of the times that Toguro reforms himself, and Toguro feels it whenever Kuwabara organizes a counterattack with his Spirit Sword. Epitomized greatly when Kuwabara finally defeats Toguro with his "Spirit Flyswatter", as it was the first time that someone was actually able to hit his vital organs. Oireland : Jin is given an Irish accent in the English dub.

Old Master : Genkai is in her 70s and teaches Yusuke. She's even a previous winner of the Dark Tournament. This is also his victory line in many YuYu Hakusho video games. Hiei deliberately disregarded the rules of the game out of impatience, leading to him being the first to lose his soul, which became a frequent source of mockery for him. One-Gender Race : The ice maidens usually reproduce asexually and are all female.

This is apparently because any time they reproduce with males, the resulting child will be only male and be extremely violent. Hiei is such a child. One Steve Limit : Averted. Kurama shares the same human name with his younger stepbrother, Shuuichi. One Twin Must Die : Ice maidens only give birth to daughters, and will only give birth to sons if they have been with a man, which is completely forbidden in their society.

When Hina gives birth she has twins, one boy and one girl, Hiei and Yukina. Because Hiei is a boy he is left for dead and creates a Separated at Birth situation with Yukina. Subverted with Sensui, who was also conveniently nicknamed "Black Angel. OOC Is Serious Business : The entire series starts with one such moment; Yusuke is a selfish delinquent who doesn't give two hoots about how his actions affect others, only to make the ultimate act of selflessness and sacrifice his life to save a boy from being hit by a car.

Both his peers and family still living and the powers that be in the afterlife are gobsmacked by this! Opt Out : Kuwabara didn't participate in the final arc, instead deciding to focus on his academics. Apparently, several centuries of soaking in a junior god's essence also makes it a potent magical object. Orc Raised by Elves : Kurama is a reincarnation of a silver-haired fox demon that was reborn into a human child called Shuichi Minamino. In the beginning of his second life, he intended to stay human only long enough to regain his full strength, but the loving care of his human mother made Kurama realize that he genuinely loved her.

Kurama abandoned Hiei's plan to build an army of human monsters immediately after securing the magic item he needed to rescue his mother. He then defected fully to Team Urameshi, and later convinced Hiei to do the same.

Organ Dodge : Elder Toguro could rearrange the organs in his body at will, theoretically making it impossible to strike a fatal blow to him. Kuwabara just finds a way to hit every single point on his body simultaneously. That is enough to stun Toguro, yet still winds up being nonfatal. Orifice Evacuation : Jiaki, the first demon Yusuke caught. Our Angels Are Different : Played with in a highly weird way. The afterlife is based heavily on a bureaucraticized version of hybrid Sinto and Bhuddist depictions, and the beings like Botan that patrol the world looking for souls are explicitly Shinigami, but they also have distinctly angelic traits in their powersets, like the ability to become indistinguishable from humans, as angels do in the Old Testament, and the names of some of the afterlife realms to which they ferry souls of the dead are named after western and middle eastern mythological afterlives.

That said, nothing in the show is explicitly called 'angelic' except in grim mockery of a fallen Spirit Detective's power that makes him look like one. Demons don't die of age, but can be killed, and are shown to have souls that go to the afterlife just like humans on earth except in the movie, where it is revealed they originally went somewhere else.

Other than that, there doesn't seem to be anything they all have in common; they may appear with horns and wings, or as anthropomorphic animals, eldritch abominations, or be very human in appearance. Their powers vary similarly, with very few fitting into stock demonic abilities. Most of their powers seem like they'd be more at home in superhero fiction. Our Psychics Are Different, too.

In Yu Yu Hakusho, a psychic isn't merely someone who can sense spirits or tell the future. They're usually powerful martial artists who are able to harness spirit energy, each in their own unique and amazing way. Overall they seem to be the human equivalent of demons in terms of their capabilities, though far fewer in number and limited by age. Our Hero Is Dead : The very first freaking episode! Lampshaded during Yusuke 's fight with Sensui. Turns out he's part demon.

Also during the fight with Toguro, when Kuwabara "dies". Out-Gambitted : Roto's strategy for victory involves threatening to kill an opponent's loved one if they retaliate. Kurama simply has Roto immobilized with a Death Plant before being killed.

Overshadowed by Awesome : Kuwabara is an extremely powerful individual in his own right, but his actual combat intelligence and physical power leave him as the least powerful member of the core four characters. In the Dark Tournament saga, he loses more fights than he wins. However, what he lacks in one-on-one combat he makes up for in extremely powerful spiritual awareness made clear early in the series and also develops some techniques that keep him useful his dimension-cutting sword even makes him the pivotal element during Sensui's saga.

Parental Abandonment : Yusuke's dad is out of the picture, and Kuwabara is raised by his big sister. Passive-Aggressive Kombat : Kurama, at least twice; at the end of the Four Saint Beasts arc, Hiei mentions how he always has to have the last word; and more literally at the beginning of the Sensui Arc.

Upon the reveal of his motivation, everyone is flabbergasted. Physical God : Mukuro, Yomi and Raizen. Their power is so great that the class A and most class S are fodder for them. Physical Scars, Psychological Scars : Sensui is covered in self-inflicted scars to point out how utterly insane he is. He calls her ugly and imagines that she looks just like Hiei, only instead of wearing black like him she must wear pink. Making it even funnier to the audience since we all know Yukina is Hiei's sister, and Kuwabara likes her.

Pint-Sized Powerhouse : Hiei and Genkai. Rinku counts, as well. He actually does beat Kuwabara, albeit by fighting dirty. Playing with Fire : Hiei is a natural fire demon but the Jigan eye was actually artificially implanted and reduced his original power to a fraction of what it once was, but the eye grants him use of the primal darkness flame that constantly threatens to overwhelm even him.

Zeru is a more common fire demon and powerful in his own right, but easily incinerated by Hiei "Dragon of the Darkness Flame" attack. Post-Game Retaliation : In Genkai's disciple selection test early on, she has all her applicants get lots of paper. If their paper changed color, they could start her selection trials.

If not, they were told to leave. Two self-proclaimed experts angrily attack Genkai over being rejected. She promptly blasts them with spirit energy across the courtyard and into her entrance gate. It turns out that her paper lots were not random; they only changed color if those holding them had a certain amount of spirit energy.

The Power of Love : Rather hilariously referenced when a half-dead Kuwabara went straight from being owned to knocking the other guy halfway out of the stadium with one punch and then quickly regenerating his injuries and refilling his spiritual power. More videos. Visit MALxJapan.

More characters. More staff. Edit Opening Theme. Edit Ending Theme. More reviews Reviews. Jul 7, Overall Rating : Sep 18, Mar 16, Overall Rating : 8. Sep 13, Overall Rating : 7. More recommendations. View All. More discussions. More featured articles. Top 15 Best Fantasy Anime of All Time Fantasy anime worlds are filled with aspects that far surpass our wildest dreams.

We can fly the high skies alongside majestic dragons or even fight alongside heavenly creatures unknown to reality. Let us present to you the top 15 fantasy anime on MAL, based on their individual scores. Add Detailed Info. PV Season 4 version play More videos Edit Synopsis One fateful day, Yuusuke Urameshi, a year-old delinquent with a dim future, gets a miraculous chance to turn it all around when he throws himself in front of a moving car to save a young boy.

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Urameshi, Yuusuke Main. Sasaki, Nozomu Japanese. Hiei Main. Hiyama, Nobuyuki Japanese. Kurama Main. Ogata, Megumi Japanese. Kuwabara, Kazuma Main. Chiba, Shigeru Japanese. Botan Main. Miyuki, Sanae Japanese. Toguro, Younger Supporting. Genda, Tesshou Japanese. Sensui, Shinobu Supporting. Ishida, Akira Japanese.

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