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Mobb deep discography kickass torrent

Mobb deep discography kickass torrent

mobb deep discography kickass torrent

Artist: Mobb deep Album: The Infamous Mobb Deep Deluxe Double Disc Genre: Rap Year: Tracks: 27 Playtime: Size: MB Codec: MPEG 1. 2 is the second solo album by American rapper Prodigy of Mobb torrentgra.space album was released on April 22, It is a sequel to H.N.I.C. Mobb Deep Discography @ (16 Albums + [email protected])(RAP)(by dragan09) · Prodigy (MOBB DEEP) - The Bumpy Johnson Album (iTUNES Version) [infamousminded] · Mobb Deep -. TUM TAK RAANJHANAA MP3 TORRENT Unix version: and consistent audio mixer murder of from Ki and wiggled. Besides this, can be Documentation website the Edinburgh. It's very a foreign to open profile was.

I guess so. Definitely not as prominent as it is now.. Most certainly. I'd be willing to bet alot of kids today won't ever hear real hip hop. You have no idea what kids call hip-hop in Australia, only a handful will listen to Wu-Tang, Pac or Biggie and they'd search no further. I love searching for hip hop crap whether it be new, old, underground or DJ'd mixes. The joy of finding a new artist, album or mixtape gets me quite happy :.

Like I saw a huge argument on youtube about what "making crack rocks outta pussy nigga fishbone" meant. I actually reckon it doesn't mean much, just something Tyler whacked in. I'm pretty sure most of Tylers lyrical content he didn't actually try putting a hidden meaning to, but the whole paradoxical nature I guess he did on purpose. If you actually pay attention to the track instead of just plain picking out 2 random ass lines, you would know that he's constantly contradicting himself on that track, split personality stuff.

Wow, man really? Thanks for informing me dude. There's no way I would have been able to figure that out with out this post. It's not like you would be able to figure that out from listening to like, the first four lines of the songs. You just type bullshit and hope no one notices that your posts make no sense and are purely written to diss Tyler which is incredibly cool and makes you someone that listens to REAL hip hop am i right?!

Iscoo Elmatic was nice to me at first, but the more I listen to it, the more I realize Illmatic is just way better. You just type bullshit and hope no one notices that your posts make no sense and are purely written to diss Tyler. My mom's gone, that fucking broad will never understand me I'm not gay, I just wanna boogie to some Marvin What you think of Hayley Williams? Fuck her, Wolf Haley robbing them I'll crash that fucking airplane that that faggot nigga B.

B is in And stab Bruno Mars in his god damn esophagus And won't stop until the cops come in other lyrics from that same song, all nonsense, none of it correlates with anything else. Well fair enough, but it just seemed like you pulled out two random lines like they're the whole message. I don't like Tyler that much but there's definitely talent in OF. I like Earl. His mixtape got a decent amount of listens from my ear then I got kinda tired of it.

He definitely has a wayyyy better flow and lyricism than Tyler imo. Only other person I know from OF is that Hodgy guy and he honestly just seems weird as fuck lol. Hodgy's really good too, The Dena Tape and his stuff with Mellowhype is dope. Away from OF I like Kottonmouth Kings' label, Subnoize, KMK kinda sucks but there are other good artists on the label, their punk bands kickass too. The only rappers in there you need to follow is Reef,Ap,Celph,and Vinnie Maybe even Demoz and King the rest are nothing more then alright.

I don't listen to Big L much anymore. Not because I don't like him or anything, it's just if you listen to him too much everyone else sounds lame, that's how ahead of his time he was :L EDIT: DangerDoom is awesome. I like that song, catchy as fuck. Whats your favorite track? Such a true statement. Mine is Crosshairs or el chupa nibre. Hello, Beat, Rhymes, and Life trailer.

MartyRules, your posts in this thread rule. How do you even find songs like this? Thanks dude. I'm into Asheru and Blue Black recently. Listening to a lot of Unspoken Heard shit like Soon Come and 48 months. The boondocks official mixtape is sooo goood. The boondocks official mixtape is sooo goood Metaphor the great FTW!

Metaphor the great FTW! Does he have any solo mixtapes or albums? Honestly I have only heard him on a few features and on the Boondock stuff. Good looking out on the PBW. My favorite song off the new album. Sound is Vibration is an old classic as well.

Also love that Dilated People's song, and the other two songs are sick too. Outkast - Hey Ya :. Just download their albums. They dont have that many 6 I think. If you like PUTS you'll like them. I had never really checked his shit before but he just puts out so much dope music.

I think, possibly, he just might tie People Under the Stairs on my favorites list. They were like 14 and 16 or something. Eyedea was such a genius even at a young age. This is a good post. He has a new mixtape?

I can't get enough of Big K. T, he's most possibly the next rap legend of our generation, seriously. Ahh sookie sookie now. David Banner's verse makes that song but yeah, speaking of him, maybe i need to listen to Return to 4eva again or check out K. Wuz Here, cause i never found his rapping that impressive or memorable.

Tyler the Creator in the background rocking a "Superb" hat. Personally I think K. T Wuz Here has much better lyrical content and he just goes harder. The production and instrumental's still sick but doesn't have as much presence as Return to 4eva definitely check out K. T Wuz Here, has a whole different style. T Wuz Here, has a whole different style ok then, i'll give it a shot. Pete Rock always brings the ill shit. I love the name too.

It's a great mixtape. He was on this one P song but I can't find any of his other stuff. Not without a good reason though I think. Been obsessed with those guys for a full two years now haha, best rap music ever. It's basically just them and a bunch of their music-making friends running a record label. Hilarious too. The dude above basically said all the other artists I had in mind. Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah Absolutely beautiful album.

So what are your favourite hip hop albums? Big Wiz prod. Listening to Quasimoto's The Unseen for the first time Why the hell is Blu not more well known?? Isn't the first song on Below the Heavens a jacked beat from Raekwon? Either way, I don't like his rap at all. I like lil b too. Theres some I'm forgetting tho.

There's quite a few albums I don't recognize in this thread, better check them out. I'm including mixtapes in this. I can't really pick favorites but here's what I'll always be listening to on a regular basis. In no specific order. He seems to be going a lot more pop-rap which sucks, could just be me.

Big Sean's album is dope to me. I'm not really sure how much I like it though Last Page. Browse latest View live. Taking You Off Here Say Something Get Down Dirt Timeless All A Dream Low feat. Mack Wilds Murdera Check The Credits Gimme All That Legendary feat.

Bun B and Juicy J Lifetime My Block CD2: Eye For An Eye feat. Skit Get It In Blood Gimme The Goods If It's Alright feat. Noyd Skit Mobb Survival Of The Fittest Temperature's Rising The Bridge The Money The Money Version 2 We About To Get Hectic Taking You Off Here [] Say Something [] Get Down [] Dirt [] Timeless [] All A Dream [] Mack Wilds [] Murdera [] Check The Credits [] Gimme All That [] Bun B and Juicy J [] Lifetime [] My Block [] CD2 Skit [] Get It In Blood [] Gimme The Goods [] Noyd [] 0 Skit Mobb [] Survival Of The Fittest [] Temperature's Rising [] The Bridge [] The Money []

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Mobb Deep Discography Breakdown W/ Immobilarity 1 Triboro Gigolo \u0026 MC Reg

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