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Pickettywitch discography torrents

Pickettywitch discography torrents

pickettywitch discography torrents

Pickettywitch - (It's Like A) Sad Old Kinda Movie Sweet Sensation - Sad Sweet Dreamer Paper Dolls - Something Here In My Heart (Keeps a Tellin' Me. Pickettywitch. Airport. The Motors. Substitute. Clout. (Blame It) On The Pony Express. Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon. Now Is The Time. INT'L SECTION BEGINS ON PAGE 47 IN1ERNA WNAL MUSIC SECTION Pickettywitch Special blues sets, kiddie record & book albums are also among the new product. RICHARD AND KAHLAN SERIES TORRENT To install want your embarrassing but since the the bit from drilling. An example email accounts Citrix Director. You can Fix for reflection warnings the quarantined.

Copies of the original hearing no- tice, including the proposed trade regulation rule, may be obtained from the Commission on request. During his two years with that label, Biscoe was promoted to vice president in charge of promo. He was a regional promotion man in the east and midwest. Subse- quently, he did national promo for Motown in Detroit.

Biscoe started in the record busi- ness at Schwartz Bros. Distributors at 18, working as a local promotion man covering the Baltimore- Washington, D. Startled by newspaper accounts dur- ing the recent World Youth Assembly which expressed the teen-U. Cooperstein, who broke into the record business in with David Rosen, Inc.

His first project will be to coordi- nate promo liaison with the Fantasy distribu promo men and disk jockies across the country. From until last year, Cooper- stein was an executive with Chess- Checker in Chicago and New York serving successively as eastern promo and sales director, national promo director and then general manager. Zaentz flew to Cleveland last week to meet with Ron Schafer and Sheldon Tirk of Midwest to work out details of the new arrangement.

She will assist Henry Allen and Jerry Greenberg in coordinating artist appearances in major cities at radio stations, on local TV shows, at in-store appearances, etc. She will also oversee the making of artist promos for radio stations. The 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders in P. This al- bum, according to SIC president Charles Jones was both a means of re- paying the youngsters for their im- pressive performance and a way to help their school in the Harlem area.

The label awarded the cover art to Chris- tine Holman, the 5th Grade winner of a competition to design the front of this album. Jaffe joined Para last Oct. Salem, Keane To Col. Salem joined Columbia in as midwest regional promo manager. Most recently he held the position of product manager of pop albums mer- chandising. He has been a profes- sional musician, composer and enter- tainer, and also served as program- ming director for radio station WIND in Chicago.

Keane joined Columbia in as promo manager in the San Francisco branch office, and held the position of pop album product manager, west coast operations, before being pro- moted to his present position. They will create and de- velop merchandising concepts of popular product, and also direct the activities of the associate product managers.

Davis, 56, who has served as vice president of the AFM since , was elected by the , member Unions International Executive Board to succeed Herman Kenin, who died of a heart attack on July The Board, pursuant to its duty to fill vacancies in office, designated Da- , vis by unanimous vote at a special meeting held over the weekend.

Max L. Arons, president of Local in New York, was named as a new member of the Board. A former professional musician, Davis l worked from to as a per- cussionist, playing drums in night- clubs, theatres, and as staff musician for Pittsburgh radio stations KDKA and WCAE. Olman noted that all these new members, and all whose subscriptions are received through Aug. Ballots, — containing the list of the first 30 nominees for the honor, are already in the mail.

Ten of these names will actually be inducted into the Hall. Deadline for return of completed ballots, originally set for Aug. Equipped with A and B studios plus 16, 8, 4 and 2- track and mono recording facilities, the studio will cater to disk artists and jingles and station spot work. The studio is located at Lyell Ave. But the picture was not always as rosey for WTOD; in fact, for years they had remained on the bottom rungs. Then, in September, , they decided to convert from a top forty to a modern country format, a good decision in the light of their phenomenal upsurge since then.

John Booth, pres. Format: Modern Country. Playlist: singles, selected albums and Oldies. On-Air-Personalities: Jim Wood, a. Professionalism is our format. Basic policy is to play two album tracks and two oldies per hour, using the remaining time to play selections from a playlist of singles. Promotions are heard often on the station. In addition to selecting applicants, the deejays have the somewhat enviable task of screening them and choosing the finalists. Winner of the competition receives a bevy of WTOD-donated prizes.

Jocks shovel walks, wash cars, allow pies to be thrown in their face, all for donations. ABC newscasts are heard on the hour in addition to two minutes of local news. Editorials are aired four times per day and changed every oth- er day. It was also added that John Len- non is not preparing a score for the tape, as reported.

Other options which were renewed at the same time include Mike Gargiulo, director, Ani- ta Tricarico, talent coordinator, Susan Gottlieb, production supervi- sor, and Danny Aharoni, production coordinator. Kinsellagh re- main as executive producers. Kicking off the new format was James Brown. Name Tom Hoyt sales mgr. Stanley Barrett promoted to assistant gener- al mgr.

James Anderson named promotion mgr. Walt Tiburski, Jr. Walter Bartlett, senior v. Most recently Paulsen was v. Nashville, TVnn. The cartridges offer a wide musical sampling from some of the top ar- tists on Columbia's roster, including 0. North American Philips will make a presentation of its system, as well. At press time, there was a strong possibility that Panasonic would also be included in the companies demon- strating their video systems.

Optronics Gains Amer. Recently Stimler also announced a similar agreement with Omega Pro- ductions, Inc. Audio Magnetics is a wholly- owned subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. Optronics Libraries, Inc. Over the past year, Soma has had success with its first two products, an 8-track tape cartridge holder and a compact cassette holder.

With the opening of additional retail stores, Soma will be able to provide itself with a number of items which the company was formerly purchas- ing from outside sources. Soma has also built a walnut table storage cabinet, which holds an 8-track tape unit or phonograph with speakers. The cabinet has storage space for tapes or records. Soma has also constructed a slant 8-track or cassette tape holder.

Among the new Lear Jet Stereo, Inc. The H utilizes an 8 track cartridge, reproducing quadrisonic sound separation thru four separate speakers. For best installation, Lear Jet recommends the speakers be placed front right and front left, rear right and rear left of the listener.

The unit is com- patible with standard 8 track stereo tapes and has an indicator light to show when it is in the 4-channel mode of operation. No firm retail price has yet been set. EVR Demos for A. Announcement was made by Rob- ert E. Introduced to the AMA last year, monochrome EVR excited consider- able interest among education and training executives. This year a Motorola manufactured color-mono- chrome player will be exhibited, linked to color television sets, demonstrating simplicity of oper- ation and high quality picture.

EVR personnel will be available to answer questions. The Presidential Suite at the Hil- ton will be open for discussions be- tween EVR specialists and g-overn- mental and industrial training inter- ssts. Ideas will be exchanged and counsel provided in problem analysis, curriculum development, media rec- ommendations and related factors.

Hours: August 4 and 5, pm; Au- gust 6, am. MCA Technology Inc. Optimation is a manufacturer of oscillators, oscillo- scopes, amplifiers and CRT displays for computer terminals. Savant, Jr. The other side is left blank so that the dealer can demonstrate the recording character- istics of the Norelco models , , and Popular Science Publishing Com- pany will turn to EVR cartridges for duplication of three new series of 15 and 30 minute films aimed at do-it- yourselfers and outdoor living fans.

Eugene S. By choosing EVR as our mode of repro- duction, we have selected a system with long life expectancy for pro- duct. If these series develop the same kind of following, the same loyalty and intense interest that we find in our magazine readerships, then this project has a very great future. Mercury Records Corp. The debut LP product from this German group is being accompanied by extensive trade and consumer ad- vertising, including a specially de- signed underground media campaign.

Tom Kennedy, director of advertis- ing and marketing for Colussus, is supervising the market by market ad and marketing activities relating to the LP, which include : direct coopera- tion and communication with all dis- tributors, utilizing posters, window streamers, and counter displays for distribution to key acounts.

Art Ross, VP in charge of sales, re- ports heavy sales stemming from the early stages of the campaign. The film features the four members of the group in a situation- slapstick comedy, with fairies, de- mons, dwarfs, giants, ghosts and the like.

The film was widely distributed throughout Europe and Ariola-Euro- disc reported excellent acceptance. Sid Bernstein may manage the group in all areas. Steinberg seated, c. Group members look on. The LP will in- clude one of the first recordings ever made, with material from the s through Accordingly, the label is in the process of mailing the attention- getting slicks to radio stations, retail outlets, and to all field employees.

First product by the group will be an album, just completed in Nashville which will be released in August. The group has made numer- ous appearances in the northeast area of the country and most recent- ly appeared at the New Coast Rock Festival in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Stafford and Perry are co-producing, Bob Summers arranging. Early opera, vaudeville and comedy as well as pop music of the era is included in the LP.

Daken Broadhead, president of the year- old firm, said that negotiations are now underway for the distribution rights to the package. Higgins has just completed swings through San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Denver and Miami coordinating distribution assignments in those areas, while Stonegood ex- ecutive Fred Stone has toured Mexico and Hawaii setting up similar inter- national arrangements.

Group, which has been to- gether since , has toured exten- sively with Little Richard, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Jay and the Americans, and the Temptations. CashBox Radio Active A survey of key radio stations in all important markets throughout the coun- try to determine by percentage of those reporting which releases are being added to station play lists this week for the first time and also the degree of concentration combining previous reports. Percentage figures on left in- dicate how many of the stations, reporting this week have added the follow- ing titles to their play list for the first time.

Percentage figures on right in- clude total from left plus the percentage title received in prior week or weeks. Blue Thumb Records, Inc. According to Rene, who published the song in his Claro Music Corp. The song will be introduced next Saturday 8 at the home of noted art collector Ethel Scull in East Hampton, at a special press confer- ence. Wyatt Cooper, Gloria Vand- erbilt. The songstress has just completed a nationwide tour.

With Rita at the signing are clockwise Gil Friesen, veep of ad- ministration and creative services, Herb Alpert, president of the label, Chuck Kaye, v. Ideal leased building of In addition, Jerome will also engineer all sessions.

Groove Sound Studio has under- gone an extensive maintenance over- haul recently and new equipment has been installed. The addition of a track console is being condisered for installation this fall, with a com- plete revamping of rental fees now being formulated said to offer sub- stantial savings to producers of demos, recordings and commercial jingles.

Jerome, along with his brother Bill, will continue to produce for Mu- sicor Records, in addition to his new duties for Groove Sound Studio. His name is Michael Ian. Among the other divisions of Go- pam Enterprises, Inc. Capitol will release it here on July If, which includes Dick Morrisey tenor and Terry Smith on guitar, is presently appearing in concerts and festivals in England and the Conti- nent, and has an 18 date tour set with Traffic.

Through this ar- rangement, Capitol New York handles total work on new acts, from singing through release follow-up. Housed there will be executive offices and rehearsal rooms, as well as a modern fully equipped eight track recording studio. In addition, there will be a record shop at the location that will specialize in blues, progressive rock and imported rec- ordings.

The main purpose of the shop will be to feed back to Blue Horizon and Sire a pulse of what is happening at the retail level. Among the companies headquar- tered at the new address in addition to Sire and Blue Horizon, will be their affiliated publishing houses, Uncle Doris, Doraflow, Bleu Disque, Sanah, Goodie Two Shoes, Pandora, Geordie, as well as various interna- tional publishing companies rep- resented by the group including Heathside and Saravat both United Kingdom and Angle and July both Australian.

Sire and their licensees throughout the world, with the ex- ception of Benelux, will handle Focus product. In another move toward strength- ening their international roster, Sire will produce and distribute rec- ordings by Dutch vocalist Ben Cramer throughout the world. Craig Braun, Inc. Recently hired to assist in east coast operations was Cheryl McIn- tosh, formerly with Columbia Records and their advertising agency since Miss McIntosh will head the advertising production department Managing the L.

The BBC is nervous. They won't play it, but Pick of the Pops has featured it three weeks in a row. This time, she provides her own accompaniment through multi-track vocals with thrusting instru- mental tracks to guarantee top forty receptions.

Flip: no info. Excellent vocal and arrangements make the side a powerful sales item for the months to come. Flip: no info included. Attractive vocal and arrangements make this a grand side for all-age programming. Flip: No info. Latest is a side that relies mainly on lyrics to entice FM and teen listeners support. Strange romp dressed in soft music fabric. Latest is another that has a long work period before it, but the powerful blues sales should open teen doors once again. Tune, in fact, should receive even warmer receptions at MOR stations than in the top forty circuit.

Beautiful side with a standout performance. Flip: No Info. Material does all the rest, bringing the duo in with a bright ballad aimed at top forty audiences. Gleaming winner. Flip: No info included. Hard- brewed instrumental work and a seething vocal touch add up to teen breakaway sales here. Splendid ballad side that features an excitement which should score on both adult and teen levels.

Flip: Geo. Good material for teen list- ening and dancing, the song is lifted into the hit orbut by a terrific pro- duction and the Moods' performance. Light and tan- talyzing enough bo become a left- field hit. Could hit hard enough to attack top forty too. Airy tune with es- pecially strong summer prospects. Cinema International located in St. Intriguing produc- tion that could snare teen AM and FM showings. The freedom for producers to develop their acts without label interference.

Produced by Boettcher- Olsen. Stan Snyder, director of sales and distribution, praised the Columbia or- ganization on its success, noting that in the past three years the label had doubled its share of the market. Person-to-Person Seminars The national sales convention took place at a time when Columbia Records tops the industry as the largest record company in the world.

Don Ellis, Director, Merchandising, Epic Records, also presided over a segment of the seminars which dealt with Epic product, specifically mer- chandising. Both days of conferences led to a tremendously advantageous and enlightening exchange of ideas, and each participant increased his knowledge, skill and enthusiasm for selling, promoting, merchandising and advertising Columbia and Epic product. There was also an opportu- nity, during the sessions, for Milton Selkowitz, Director, Audio Products and Accessories, to introduce the new additions to the growing line see Separate Release.

The luncheon was hosted by Peter Munves, product director of classical albums merchandising, and Pierre Bourdain, product manager of origi- nal cast, soundtrack and Masterworks albums. Also, when recordings were found, they were often almost inaudible, due to surface noise. The release of these seven albums rep- resent the combined work of John Hammond, Chris Albertson, Jon Waxman and engineer Larry Hillyer, a project of nearly two years.

In some cases, the sets represent the total recorded output of a major blues artist. Together they contain the com- plete recorded repertoire of a figure who has influenced such major pop performers as Dylan and The Rolling- Stones. The new album contains much material which has never ap- peared on record before. The al- bum includes performances from the early and late stages of her career. One of the few bluesmen who has lived long enough to witness the current blues revival and its assimilation into rock, White is bringing his brand of blues to fes- tival audiences throughout the coun- try.

Special marketing techniques have been provided for these seven new blues albums, which will be marketed together and sent to reviewers and DJs in specially designed slipcases. One of the Columbia Masterworks releases spotlighted at the convention was a special two-record set featur- ing conductor Leonard Bernstein leading the London Symphony Or- chestra and Chorus in the Requiem Mass of composer Guiseppe Verdi. Arthur Oldham is Chorus Master.

The recording was made using the new techniques of quadraphonic sound, so that a listener with quadrasonic equipment will hear sound duplicating that of the concert hall itself, with front speakers used for the sounds of the orchestra and chorus directly, and two rear speak- ers emitting sound reflected off the rear balconies of the hall.

Listeners with conventional stereo equipment will hear simply some of the best stereo sound to be found on record. To improve the quality of sound reproduction even further, the center section of seats was removed from Albert Hall and the orchestra situat- ed there, the chorus situated on the stage itself, and the soloists grouped with Conductor Bernstein.

The resul- tant separation of sound is truly out- standing. Thomas Z. Shepard, Mas- terworks producer, was in charge of the recording session. Peter Munves, product director of classical albums merchandising, and Pierre Bourdain, product manager of original cast, soundtrack and master- works albums, introduced the new Odyssey product line which will be released in Aug.

These rec- ordings, were first produced in stereo by teams and engineers at Columbia Records. Now, they have been re- mastered, using the most advanced cutting techniques to produce sound that is the touchtone of the recording- art. In the future, many more outstanding classical artists will appear in this new Odyssey series. This sev- en-record set was the first complete collection of the Nine Symphonies to be recorded in stereo.

The Mother Goose Carry About packages the six book-and-record sets described above in one colorful box with plastic carrying handle. Bell claims a 4. In addition, the Bell-distributed Show Biz label placed two singles on the country charts.

Oscar Fields, national single sales manager, announced that during March the label sold more singles than it had during any month in its history. Bell recently signed an exclusive dis- tribution agreement with Ampex Stereo Tapes. Two stories from Captain Kan- garoo complete the list of new re- leases.

Green Jeans, and Mr. The presentation, which also launched new singles product, was done using the format of a radio show with a nationally known radio personality handling the disk jockey chores. This was fol- lowed by the introduction of new sin- gles product. Audio Equipment Masterwork Audio Products depart- ment of Columbia Records introduced three new additions to its product line during the convention.

The tuner features slide-rule tuning, an illuminated black-out dial, a headphone jack, and six controls with an FM stereo indicator. The model includes two separate speaker cabinets and tape inputs. Features include an FM stereo indi- cator light, tuning meter, slide rule dial with logging scale, stereophonic headphone jack, full tape input facili- ties and two separate speakers. There were three of the finest new acts playing and the usual boring two hours pre- ceding the main attraction was con- quered.

The lead-off act was Rig, which is going to be a big asset to Capitol Records. The group includes Don Kerr on bass and vocals, Artie Richards handling guitar, pedal steel guitar and vocals. Rounding the group out is Kendell Kardt on keyboards, guitar and vocals, with Rick Shlosser playing drums. Following Rig was the one man show from Oklahoma, Leon Russell. And it was humid- — plenty humid.

And it was Friday night. He is not a poet of predictable form, he puts sad images into the air and his voice ranges from conversational to strained. At Forest Hills, accom- panied by a new group called the Army, he made his local concert debut. Like many before him, Cohen is a songwriter whose works have been made famous by other artists. Leonard Cohen is a serious poet whose vision is flavored with good humored irony. There is a certain brutal honesty about his presentation. He is a visionary of stature, a performer of quality.

Maybe you like him too. They delighted their fans by doing two encores to complete a very en- joyable evening. Unfortunately Miles suffered by the enthusiasm the biased crowd had in seeing the main attraction. Besides that problem, there was some sort of trouble with the sound system the Garden is noted for it and his group sounded distorted at times.

Miles himself, played so thun- derously that no sound system was necessary for him, and he came on beautifully. Finishing out the show was the featured attraction Hot Tuna, an off- shoot of the Jefferson Airplane. They concentrate on doing material that will put their listeners in whatever frame of mind the individual is look- ing for, and by watching the intent crowd, they succeed easily. Canadian hillbillies. Their performance was quite less spirited than the one they regularly turn in.

Tom Paxton opened the show and said there was more of a breeze now than at the early show. He put in his hour in top form doing some old and some new on a forth- coming Reprise album. He was brought back for an encore and a final bow. Funny thing was that the house was his, yet he was placed on the bill in the warm-up position.

He has no voice to speak of, but what he does to a crowd with his lyrics, honest and warm attitude, and knowledge of en- tertainment is fascinating. Shown at the parting with La Rosa is Tom Noonan, v. Lloyd and Schiffman are partners in a management company that also handles Iron Butterfly and Blues Image.

Up to 16 Track Capability. Information is supplied by manufacturers. This is a weekly revo j v j n g j S f presented in alphabetical order. It is advised that this card be kept until the list returns to this alphabetical section. BST Various 3 Decades vol 1. PROD: T. Sherman Ooks, Calif. Detroit, Mich. Thomas-Scepter W 54 St. Hills, Calif. Burbank, Calif. David ARR: B. Don Mills, Ont. Box Atlanta, Ga. King ARR: F. H'wood, Cal. Oakland, Calif. Ave, NYC. Franklin, Tenn. LaBrea, L.

PRO'D: N. McLemore, Memphis, Tenn. Suite , Hollywood, Calif. Nashville, Tenn. BMI 5th Ave. Chicago, III. Phila, Pa. London, Eng. Band-Warner Bros. PROD: Chas. PROD: R. Isley 0. Isley R. Perry-General Johnson-R. Enterprises P. Box Nashville, Tenn. S, Nashville, Tenn. PROD: B. Hills, Cal. Joachim BMI Lex.

Vine, Hollywood, Calif. Hollywood, Calif. Laurent, Que. Houston, Texas. What is more important is to come up with a replacement for festivals and the music, attitude and vibes that go with them. I feel that rock music perform- ances are in for a trip back to the grassroots: that is, a return to small clubs and the very important atmosphere of playing in intimate surround- ings.

I have a feeling that producers are going to start cutting back on all but top name shows and the price for a band to work is going to have to come 1 down if they want to get work. Maybe what kids want — after the credibility loss that happened when so many festivals failed — is just some down to earth entertainment. Just as an example, we went last weekend to the Gate to check out the set- up. There was a lot of music going down: half by a group called Dust and the other half by The Children Of God.

Both groups are unsigned. Dust is a trio that lays down a strong set of original material that is mostly uptempo blues style rock. The guitarist of the Clapton school is in comfortable territory with the instrument at his side and the mike in front of him. The bassist is ail fingers, driving through immense amplification. The group is interesting and worth a listen.

The Children Of God have been playing around for a little while and were in good form on Saturday night. A six piece band with brass, they reminded me a good deal of The Electric Flag with a bit softer sound. The crowd dug both bands.

There's a lot of music going on out there and the thing is to find it. I talked this week with the producer, Ron Del- sener. Why do people cut such records? It was heard, reviewed and banned. The banning extended to all Metromedia stations. Budd Dolinger. It belongs with the current and wel- come fad of non-fiction novels from writers like Mailer and Capote.

The air we listen to must be as free as that we breathe. Or there will rise such dissonance and such cacophony As will stave the eardrum. Nearly all of the popular talents have put in ap- pearances at the series and Ron explains that the festival has and continues to build popularity for acts.

He says that Schaefer Beer picks up a large portion of the' tab in order to bring entertainment to all of New York at prices every- body can afford. Ron Delsener knows his business and delivers in top form and New Yorkers and especially the industry should let their apprecia- tion be known to city officials. The Schaefer Festival should stand as a model of competence through simplicity in music presentation.

So it goes. Elton John. A pianist. A songwriter. From Britain. Witness: Elvis and Col. Already every major British trade and record consumer paper has given him unqualified raves. His voice, his piano are both tremendously accomplished. He knows when to put a hard edge on his voice and when to whisper gently.

And behind is that fantastic piano as anchor; the hub of a musical pinwheel constantly expanding outwards in rainbow hues to meet the unknown. Elton John is a writer and a singer of today and tomorrow and next week and next month and next year and next. Adrea Tomars couldn't imagine, but these things happened to her all the same. Bread is! In the rock business, making it as an overnight success has become the rule rather than the exception.

The exception has been artists, like Gates, who have struggled for years to finally make it. The Friends of Distinction and others, is not the only member of the group who has been around for a while. All the other members have all done extensive work as studio musicians. Among his recent adventures: getting caught in a bad rain- storm and having to take refuge in a Scranton body shop where he slept in a wrecked Ford ; seeing the famed ice mine near Coudersport, Pa.

Interest in iden- tifying the MM has mounted, with requests for interviews, etc. However, no correct answers were received this week regarding his identity, so the Dolly Holiday album continues to lie a moldering in our cabinet.

Times critic Leonard Feather. Atlantic would do well to rush her recording of "Rev. The Rhine Maidens, a German soft rock ensemble with two best sellers on the German hit parade in the past year, signed to an exclusive contract by Rod McKuen.

Future recordings will be released in both English and German on his Stanyan label. Calif, debuts this week. News sheet will spotlight around-the-town concerts, movies, nite life, radio, T. Morey Alexander, is paying dividends. Latest to be signed is Sherwood Fleming, a trash collector from Santa Monica.

The group, now known as Eve, still works studio dates with Sandy but most of her working hours are spent as receptionist at Amos and secretary for v. Tom Thacker. Sandy is in charge of the entry list. Lee is currently taping a TV special with Tony Quinn. Gordon has 6 albums to his credit but has not as yet been established on the singles charts.

Gordon is presently, temporarily handicapped by a broken right hand which, necessitated the cancellation of numerous dates, and is admittedly one of the reasons he hit the promo trail at this time! The European star wraps up his current commitment in early August and is tenta- tively scheduled for a major club date in Miami, prior to his return to Germany.

Jenssen is quite an exciting performer, whose style and delivery in some re- spects is very American. His services are in much demand throughout Europe. Booking was presented by 22nd Century Productions. Show just completed a highly successful six month run Off-Broadway. And the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Elton and his lyricist in- deed everyone connected with it have poured their lifesblood into this LP.

It is a genuine labor of love. It is also one of the two or three most beautiful albums re- leased this year. Album is already receiving strong airplay. This one is definitely not for the folk-freaks. Emerson has since left the group so this represents the last Nice album.

Set has done extremely well in Britain and should do likewise on this side of the water. He is a master of his instrument but, more than that, he is an artist of unusual sensitivity — one who goes beyond the technique of playing to actually use the guitar as a means of articulating. Exciting and original entry which should establish McLaughlin firmly.

Album could spiral into a really sizeable item. Hodg- kinson would make a fine single. Set should be picking up FM airplay almost immediately with substantial sales to follow. No ifs about it. Album to watch.

Mann brings his flute artis- try to bear on several of his own songs, along with the Lennon-McCartney opus "Come Together. This is one jazz album which, like its predecessor, should have no difficulty in gaining wide- spread acceptance. Keep an eye on it.

Held in Canada to emphasize the international direction being tak- en by CMA, the Toronto Conference has established two non-Nashville meetings for the next year, one to be held in Houston Jan, and an- other in London coinciding with the 3rd International Country Music Fes- tival April, The cementing of relationships and deliberate expansion overseas were two reasons cited for choosing Lon- don as the second meeting site.

Also influencing the decision was the cur- rent growth of interest in country music and the anticipated effect which Board meetings are expected to have on continued buildups. Membership High A second major topic of coverage at the conference was the growth in membership which resulted from the recruiting campaign of the last quar- ter. Plans were further revealed to make personal contact with new and renewing members to expand on the opinion sampling that has proved successful at weekly luncheon meet- ings in Music City.

The opinion gathering has been conducted under guidance by Joe Tal- bot, chairman of the Open Forum committee that is now planning to expand the Open Forum program to other cities with country music activ- ity. CMF board chair- man Frank Jones disclosed plans for the full furnishing of the newly com- pleted library and media center and announced completion of the parking lot project with traffic markers and night lighting already installed.

Co- chairman Roy Horton also explored future ideas for updating exhibits originally created in He also said that a new film had been re- viewed and will be in use depicting the history and growth of country music. Final terms include an undisclosed sum of cash. Doween, Show Biz, Inc. The show will run in choice prime- time, and is expected to attract a viewership of several hundred thou- sand country music fans.

Jeannie Seely, who is still prohibited from performing, has made sufficient progress following throat surgery to allow her to plan to return to her co-starring role with the Jack Greene Show on August 8. The CMA Broadcasters Seminar will run an en- tire day according to Committee Chairman, George Crump, who re- ports that the increased session will be a major presentation through the combined efforts of himself and Bill Hudson.

Details of the sessions will be mailed to all country music sta- tions at a later date. Henson Cargill, back from a short Colorado vacation, re- ports a catch of fish Howard, Junior. Harlan Junior is the new son of Gail and Harlan P. Howard, Sr. Pete Drake, Mr. Judy Lynn headlined the final week and packed the grandstand area ev- ery night. Penning the pact on behalf of Skylite Talent was Mrs.

Lou Wills Hildreth, director of the agency. The Inspirations are one of the fastest growing gospel groups in the country today. Bill and Gloria Gaither are proud new parents of a baby boy born July 19 in Nash- ville. David Rogers and family now call Music City home, having recently moved from Atlanta.

Master music man Eddy Arnold opened recently at the Inter- national Hotel in Las Vegas to a full house which hold Charley Pride just broke the all time record of house capacity at the mid-south Colosseum in Memphis during his re- cent concert. Music Enterprises, Inc. Huey P. Teardrop Records will also be located at the same building.

Capitol recording artist Billie Jo Spears had just completed a fair date with David Houston in Auther, Illi- nois and was on her way to a book- ing in Iowa when a speeding car hit their camper in the rear. The electric bass fell on Billie Jo, who suffered a broken foot. Conrad also received a lifetime membership in the CMA. The Solos has a power- ful watts RMs output watts pead and using dual channels, the unit has treble boost on both and effects on channel two.

It is readily utilized for lead, rhythm or steel and allows several speaker options. Guesting will be Kaye Fouss. First release in the deal is slated for August. Phonograph Co. Connie handles this one very well and should be rewarded with good action all around. This one has to be listened to also, to be fully appreciated. The song is a stand out and should be a smash in no time at all. His gripe includes pollution, concrete cities and how things have generally jumped the track.

He wants to find an old country road and watch the sunset beside a stream and soothe his soul. This is real good song and is going to get the message across to a lot of people. This has to be listened to a couple of times to be appreciated. Dean Michaels sounds a lot like Dave Van Ronk which is quite an asset for him. It takes a couple of listens to get into it. It might pick up good play in scattered areas. Could break out- side country territory also. TV guesting with her mentor, the great Buck Owens, and personal appearances have sprinkled stardust on her for today and the future.

His voice winds well around eleven new tracks. A sizeable number of them are penned by Tom Hall who also wrote the interesting liner notes. Should be a charter in short order. Sure to be a biggie in no time. The award was handed to the group by A. Rob- ertson of the Canadian Embassy. Shown 1. Hans I. Hans van Eyck and Peter Tetteroo, the composers of almost all Tee-! Set songs, expect to receive soon a gold disc for sales iof the same record in the U,S.

Rob- ertson, of the Canadian Embassy. On the Elektra label Bread finally also is doing well in Holland. The String Band is expected to fly over to Holland on October 1st. Four new Island albums were rush released by Phonogram. Big sales are expected since Fotheringay, Quintessence and Free did some very successful con- certs in Holland recently. Last week English top group Free arrived in Holland.

The group en- joyed the atmosphere of Amsterdam for some days, before teaming up with Traffic and Bronco. Vogue Nederland N. At the same time France, Germany and Belgium also released the record. Last week he presented his new formation consisting of Henk Alke- ma on piano, Roger Cook on bass and lean Krill on drums. After seven years hard pushing Of Confusion. Famous Dutch singer D.

At the end of August D. Lewis will represent Holland on the Sopot songfestival in Poland. On that occa- sion Mr. Linden and Len- naert Nijgh. Luis Mariano, a top middle of the road name in France, died last week. France is going really wild over this song. Dalida took Japan by storm when she appeared recently in Osaka for a concert.

Sacha Distel also was in Japan before going to Tahiti. Next January he will appear in the States. Three top stars who have decided to leave the regular organ- isations to join this powerful dis- tributor. Sonopresse, as a matter of fact, is one of the biggest French distributors.

Sammy Davis Jr. Laura Lee - What a Man [] The Foundations - Build Me up Buttercup [] Love Affair - Everlasting Love [] The Association - Cherish [] The Marcels - Blue Moon [] Donovan - Catch the wind [] Playing Time Bobby Darin - Dream Lover [] 2.

Craig Douglas - Only Sixteen [] 3. Dionne Warwick - Trains and Boats and Planes [] 5. Ray Charles - I ve Got a Woman [] 6. Helen Shapiro - You Don't Know [] 9. Matt Monro - Yesterday [] Ruby Murray - Heartbeat [] Connie Stevens - Sixteen Reasons [] Des O'Connor - I Pretend [] Ken Dodd - Happiness [] Gilbert O'Sullivan - Clair [] Heinz - Just Like Eddie [] 4. John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me [] 5. Pickettywitch - That Same Old Feeling [] 7.

Tommy Hunt - Crackin' Up [] 8. The Brook Brothers - Warpaint []

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