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I was surprised I had many of these already set — guess that is from reading previous ghacks articles For me, the most important features of a browser are security, privacy, performance and customization. Static words and a defined order is how my brain works best. These are my goto addons that make Firefox work for me, well, at least Do you use separate profiles? I have been trying Profilist which adds a panel to the menu 3 lines with an option to open another profile or create one.

We strive for some balance of the above, but when we visit a site and signup for a RSS Feed or further access, how much have we given up? I know folks monetize signups in aggregate, hopefully. I disabled ABP for ghacks. Need some more information. Try looking at these: security. Need more info. Thank you for compiling this list and providing it a permanent place.

Used v 0. The Do Not track header requires one more attribute viz. A value of 0 indicates consent to be tracked whereas a value of 1 indicates not to be tracked. I have used the mms. Pasting it here so that we can define a best attributes for it as well. Lets you enable or disable the use of the Socket. Lets you create a whitelist of servers to which socket connections are allowed Set to hostname or IP address. This can be specified multiple times in this file to allow more than one host, and only takes effect if DisableSockets above is set to 1.

Lets you override GPU validation checks to force hardware acceleration Warning: This may make your player more unstable! Well, gee thanks mozilla.. Note: because of abuse of user. If they do they will lose all enterprise support. What next, remove the ability to lock prefs? Am I correct to assume that user. Are all the settings in user. Tor Browser Bundle and the browser used in Tails are based on Iceweasel, not the vanilla Firefox that one downloads from Mozilla.

If ever Mozilla removes user. If mozilla ever removed the ability to have a user. No, this is more about Moziila treating their users like little children and removing what make it exceptional in the first place. You can expect prefs to start rapidly disappearing — as already mentioned in this thread, and in a new article by Martin — changes to full-screen api. Ok guys and gals.. Thanks for all the positive feedback and suggestions and testing.

Thanks to Martin for posting it. So long and thanks for all the fish :. Pants — thank you for compiling this. I was creating my own version but you have done it better. Hope to see other such utilities when you have any spare time. Windows7 — its a portable FF which should make no difference and will run on Win7, 8, 8. Copy the user. This is the main folder of the profile.

You get there by loading about:support in Firefox and clicking on the profile folder link near the top. Only the first 5 or so images will be displayed. Although viewing various monitors, it looks like the images are actually downloaded, just not visible HD. Viewing firebug Net, after clearing data ctrl-shift-del and reloading the page with dom.

If cookies are stored in cookies. If localstorage is stored in webappstore. Before I applied the contents of user. After applying the contents of user. I deleted user. I ended up uinstalling the web browser, deleted all remaining folders and files that were not removed during the uninstallation, re-installed the web browser and then I was able to load the menu bar.

Could someone here point out to me which of the parameter s in user. I appreciate your help in this. What I and many others do is have multiple browsers. Of sites I visit randomly from searches etc — I usually just weed my way through the unstyled pages or use another browser. Hmm…I made a few changes to user. Thanks Eui.. You can now check, you should only have one left in about:config set at 0.

Thanks, Pants, for your workaround. Can it be included in the next update of user. How to fix this? How to do it? Third, I also noticed when reach google, I always reach google from my country, and not google. Is there a way to fix this also? The hard way is to consider each setting from your user. Point 3 : normal. Both are secured and the latter moreover is far better in terms of privacy.

It was specifically mentioned by someone that a low setting of about 5 or less breaks gmail login. Keeping your history — look under section — its all about auto suggestions and the location bar etc. Try changing these to true. Using google. So you could load google. Then you could do the same with say google. BUT, I do not know how having google cookies and gmail cookies etc around will affect this for you. This is about privacy and security and ant-fingerprinting etc. I did it again, like several others I guess who state this setting as well as reported by search engines!

Pants — Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your work on this and those comments and links to what the setting does has helped me a lot. Looking forward to the next version! Nice find, Anonymous! This is really fantastic piece of documentation.

Thank you very much for your hard effort put into this. Just to give you a heads up and Polish internet users, especially customers at allegro. But thanks for your tips anyway. My other post about this same issue where I did give the address apparently was rejected, probably for that reason. I have no idea which setting concerns image compression or whatever is the process that messes up my images.

Have you tried deleting your caches? Often that may resolve a problem. But your issue is strange. I just noticed too that there are some vital elements missing from the flopico website when I visit it using ghacks modified profile. You may be encountering a problem related to :. Try the above and let me know. There is, there always is a reason therefore a solution with code. OK 2a- You upload that image from your computer to the site with vanilla Firefox default settings : image is the same.

OK 2b- You upload that image from your computer to the site with user. Is this correct? If so, now that I think about it I was focusing on Firefox! Nothing to do with Firefox. What happens then, IMO maybe, is that with the new user. You see what I mean? I downloaded from wikipedia and the file is GOOD.

I have nk. I found the culprit. I completely forgot about this one extension I had installed. So, in conclusion. My issue with images being messed up at flopico is NOT caused by any of the tweaks given by ghacks in this article. Sorry for misleading you. Feel free to delete all the unnecessery posts I made. And thanks for all your attention, Tom Hawack and again, sorry for me being stupid. Not to mention that we learn a lot from problems.

It was a good thing you pointed out the issue, no problem. I use CanvasBlocker myself. I guess you know that it has options including a white list where you can specify sites to be omitted by CanvasBlocker. At this time I have had to include only google. I know about the whitelist in CanvasBlocker. I must have whitelisted it eventually then. But after that I used a fresh profile where I cleared CanvasBlocker whitelist and disabled notifications. And the two things blended in my mind.

I had it resolved now as well by adding adequate exemptions. In my case installing CanvasBlocker — because it really never impacted my browsing experience before — in time became almost a second nature to me. Additionally at one point I decided not to be bothered with its notifications and keep the whitelist empty all the time, because what it does felt just too important to ever be deactivated. In time I stopped consciously thinking about it. Hey, Thanks for this list, I just switched from Chrome, this is more than welcome.

One problem though, I forgot to back up my initial config, and I want to install flash, but unfortunately, it wont list it under plugins, even though it shows in program files. Can this config interfere with flash? What gives? I installed the right version for my windows. Try uninstalling Flash then re-installing it. Maybe that will make it. Thanks alot! One last question, can I delete the other plugins? You cannot delete plug-ins in Firefox, but you can disable them about:addons plugins.

Also, remember that plug-ins running in Firefox appear as well in Thunderbird if applicable of course. If you wish to go further than just disabling a plug-in via Firefox, you can operate directly within Windows Registry, but be careful. From there, search for the plugins you wish to remove and just… delete them. Thanks again, Pants, for this latest user. Much appreciated. Very very very rarely do I ever need to go jump on IE.

To Pants, I take my hat off to you for the incredibly detalied effort and work you have put into producing this user. Wish the list came with an explanation for every single entry. Alex, the problem is that there is often no official explanation provided. If you find better descriptions for items, feel free to let us know and we will make them available to all users.

Quite frankly, a lot of these are self explanatory by the pref name alone — do I really need to provide more info? I used alot if not all the settings in the user. I never really considered it, but I have no issues with any sites connecting or loading. Can be annoying, but I never thought it had anything to do with FF or its settings. But… if i want to click on a news article it literately will wont load or will be in a suspended load, continuous load but nothing happens or load only partially sooooo im not to sure wth is going on, hey if i figure that out i will most certainly post results here for testing purposes.

Thanks guys! Yeah, look. On face value, none of them should cause what you describe. For me its the same 3 or 4 sites. Not always, just sometimes, maybe 10 pages a day. And of course my settings are rather extreme, and this is the worst it gets for me.. But it is weird you mentioned it and I can relate to it. Sorry to edit in: But i mean to say is this only happening about 4 outta sites this will happen so not to bad but a concern because default profile Firefox has noooo issues with loads.

I have a huffpo speed dial, hardly ever go there. I might visit it every day for a while see what happens. Just visited right now and it was lightning fast and everything shows. No big deal, the articles and live scores etc all work. About the only thing I can say, without delving into more, is that the items not coming thru are on subdomains or third party domains not blocked as far as I know in any way — I allow them in UBlock Origin, I allow them in NoScript, I allow the referrer if required and so on — besides, I know it works, because it usually does, so this is not the issue.

I wonder if its a time-out issue. All that sort of stuff like pipelining etc I have stayed away from. The user. Just wanted to say thanks again for the update! You did a fantastic job on the latest version! Pants, I just wanted to chime in and thank you for your efforts and thanks to Martin for posting this.

Really, just amazing. Believe it or not, I took the time of manually looking up each item in about:config to compare my existing settings to your recommendations. Took at least an hour! But I learned a lot in the process. I had no idea, for example, that there was a user ID tag in Firefox. Pants has indicated when certain settings have negative consequences, but — by necessity — the warnings are very brief.

Thanks Jason. What started out as my list, turned into a list for ghacks readers aimed at the power user and then I tried to find some middle ground by defaulting some settings — and now its back to my settings with warnings.

Basically I added a big red warning in the section as follows:. They do rely on third parties: Google for safebrowsing and Disconnect for tracking prrotection someone has to provide the information. And of all the things mozilla have done recently, tracking protection would be the best as a power user, I think i can do better with uBlock Origin etc. If all the prefs listed under the 15 items listed in the header basically anything that can cause site breakage and the entire section were all set to default, then running this, probably no-one would notice a thing.

But the sheer number of permutations means that no matter what I set, it will never be a cure-all. I might as well publish a book! Been fleshing out version 9 — lots of new stuff. You guys are going to be creaming your panties in anticipation! So check back. After updating user. Flash, java, silverlight, skype etc. Did you READ the file? Under common issues: plugin. I know I actually figure it right away, but was too late to delete the above message.

It was of course because of plugin. I open FF with the fresh default profile the about:home page opens. I go to youtube. I click any random video link. Any site that breaks with this, such as dropbox no right click menu and other issues , I simply use on a secondary browser. I had tried to provide a more friendly version, but at the end of the day I am not interested in maintaining two versions. As the big red paragraph in the intro says — you have been warned :.

Replace states to true. Clear FF cache, history, even the cookie if you want to. Restart FF. The preference definitely needs to be true for paste to work on FB. I can live with it. As Im sure much of the same settings here can be applied to the mobile browser version of Firefox, So ya you know if you happened to have that too, MUCH appreciated. Much love and respect top the Author and the rest of the community :. In other browsers, this can be accomplished by DOM events on image or script tags.

Access to the local network is forbidden via the same mechanism. Define an integer pref security. You never commentted about it, this is rather important in my eyes, just putting that out there…. My understanding from the above sentence is that TOR is configured to handle this.

Vanilla FF, I doubt it. And of course, we have no idea when these actual fixes were put in place after June for sure , or if they are still fully effective a lot of changes since Some stuff seems to be harder to kill than Windows XP.

I have tried hard to make sure that everything is relevant to the stable version, by moving items to a deprecated section, and by including commented out prefs with information. But its hard keeping track. I do my best to trawl all the tor tickets, mozilla bugs, etc — but its just so massive. Which is why I also rely on you guys — so thanks to everyone with info — keep it flowing :. The version above version 0. Currently as I write, FF is at 44 and there were very few changes last release that impacted this list — This is the nature of the beast.

FF is constantly being updated, and the user. When there are enough changes to warrant it, I send Martin the files and he changes the article contents and linked files. Way up in the comments here someone asked why. Now, after 10 months or so since I started this 7 months since Martin started publishing it , I have a lot more knowledge and read a gazillion more tor tickets and mozilla bugs and technical docs and looked at tons of code and so on. Whether its still applicable, I have no idea.

Helpful feedback. Self Destructing Cookies is a must have ad on for Firefox. I recommend in the spirit of this page enabling its browser cache clearing if user is idle default is off. A little notification flashes up telling you all the evil shit that is being destroyed everytime you leave a page.

Interesting config change there about the notion of leaking through searching in the toolbar if a typographical error is made leading to a error. Also a related one about who and which search engines firefox can use. Well, forget duckduckgo — choose Disconnect Search with regular firefox.

You on the other hand, as you said … a long list of stuff. Blocking XSS cross site scripting will stop most of those cookies. And so on. At the end of the day it is up to the end user to decide. Which is why I have not included user agent, only included one cookie setting under personal section , and only used one referrer setting as its a security thing.

I have got dom storage listed and with it set to false I could live with it, but now its becoming annoying. The next version shows it as this. He thought, stuff it, the only way change is going to happen is if its forced. Bingo — instant fix over night ;- He is the reason we have the degree of control over cookies within a broswer now — it used to much more complicated to identify how cookies were being stored. With his Evercookie project he revealed this and forced everyone to catch up.

I recently had a problem where I thought that my user. My 10 month old profile has obviously never applied those three prefs from my user. So it might still work on some settings but is not as reliable as I had hoped. And yeah, there will be FF error handling code per pref, the issue was your user. The easiest way would be to compare each setting in user. Apart from a few that I added myself, most are taken from the list on the following page, and you can find some comments there for why they are in the list.

Way ahead of you buddy. In fact, I even added the link under my thanks section, as I think its a good article for people to read. Mozilla keeps adding more and more fucking telemetry and shit and I wish they would just respect the original prefs. I already noticed this. FF have back-flipped on a few things lately, because the internet is too slow to update and things break. My updated master js reads:.

Make up your mind Mozilla! Pants — When will that master js you have be released? No change log, sorry. The next update for here will probably be after FF46 — depends on how many changes there are. Appreciate your explanation for browser. I must have done a typo looking for it last night. You are right, it is there. But I swear it was deprecated.

And I think if you look thru the Whats New FF43 article here on ghacks you will find the same info in the comments. I guess Mozilla un-deprecate settings. Quite frankly, FF crashes on me once a year, if that. The way to disable sessionstore completely is to set browser. Try 1min , 2mins — your choice. The SessionManager add-on also uses those browser. It also does not affect any history. Try 30sec , 1min etc — your choice. Went line by line to update my script with the one posted in dropbox and noticed the latest one you posted had twice.

Thought you might want to know. I changed the second one to a. Thanks for posting it by the way! Thanks again! I noticed you added some tweaks. Had a play with this. Hidden prefs. I wish we had a list of all of these.

At 0 its too fast. Earthling had his at , I ended up liking Users can simply designate their default search provider in Options. After that the one in use is always the one displayed in your search UI. If you wanted to reset it on a restart, try this. Now this is where I have issues. US and is a fallback if geospecificdefaults fail. So it may not work for some people.

I have no idea what happens to german, or english uk, or finnish users etc. There is also a browser. I actually removed all search engines — i. But maybe you could tinker with. US will need to be set manually.

Mine is still set to the default Yahoo, but has never been used so far in my browsing. If you look at search. I tried to manually remove them but they are restored automatically from the file omni. I would highly recommend anyone not to use google directly, but instead use their engine by using some other site like startpage.

And I think middlemouse. Mine is the exact opposite. US one is a geo fail fallback as well. The whole search thing is a minefield since they partnered with Yahoo and used different engines for different FF builds. PS: for below comment re — yup, I fixed my copy months ago — but if I make typos let me know : Overworked, underpaid, all that shit.

Its not consistent — FF clears types cookies, downloads, searches etc , not objects windows. Go Ctrl-Shift-Delete to bring up the dialog. Now look at this. Tom and I had a discussion weeks ago about the hello xpi residing outside the profile folder. Martin wrote an article about this stuff today. Saves a lot of time and works perfectly! A search for text compare, document compare, etc. Hope this helps! Two different URLs can contain the same data. This is why this tool also checks for host, protocol query string data when comparing URLs.

Maybe preferable IDK, but thx anyway. Pants: nvm my last comment, I saw that you already fixed that typo in your master. Maybe you might wanna add those 2 settings after each other or something, and point some of this out in a comment for the 2. Too many godamn setttings. Since I now have it enabled see next section below , it is merely commented out rather than changed to true.

So what you say is correct. In other words. I relaxed a few of my settings such as the three settings in and a bunch of cypher stuff its too early cuz the web is slow to change. I also clear the dom storage on close. This is what appendix b is for. Seems to have been removed completely not just hidden.

I phrased it badly, I can see that now. Check the source of the page to see which sites you need to visit for the game to work. I noticed all of that too. They might get removed soon who knows. I hope they add two separate checkboxes for downloads and history in the panel soon, because I would like to clear one but not the other.

I know I could do it in about:config but for now I rather keep them the same value, and I always clear finished downloads manually anyway. Big thanks to Pants and gHacks for publishing this list of Firefox privacy and security settings. It took me a lot of time to read the entire list and create my own custom list for Firefox Portable Here are some prefs which are not included in the list.

IMHO they should be included. Pants, please check this out:. Hence I asked you :. And they certainly do not let anyone outside their little circle know the exact inner workings of anything, let alone what hidden prefs exist. Here, for those familiar with Firefox, it actually means preferences that do not show in about:config until you create them, but which are still used by FF. For example, the submenu delay is definitely a hidden pref.

It does not exist in a vanilla FF. But once added and changed, you can clearly see that the time delay is altered. As we find and confirm more, I will amend the user. What happens if these SSL certificate verify? At the end of the day, you have to check with some authority. All of these settings are in the latest Pants user.

We and by we I guess I mean me need to work out if they still apply. My gut feeling is yes. There is even talk about doing away with user. Back to those prefs: some I have no idea how to test. At the end of the day, I will probably use some nomenclature like hidden pref? Only absolutely verified legacy items will move to deprecated. Just me: thanks for picking that up. One of those ones I had commented out. Never noticed it. There are better ways to block tracking and 4.

If its confirmed legacy it simply goes to deprecated section. This should cover it. It;s all in my stuff to do list which is filling up with comments from you guys. Welcome on board Just Me and thanks for your contributions! I also tested -1 because that is sometimes a thing, but the same output. Who the fuck wants that shit anyway??!! Not sure if you had grabbed a copy of my v9 beta before — but now that I have some time and am going thru things, I find that I already moved dom.

I have added that test link for users — thanks. I have researched and confirmed all these. I reset the pref in my about:config. I closed FF. I disabled the pref in my user. I restarted FF, the pref is not longer in about:config.

I visit the ghacks rss feed page and voila it turns up. After that it will change the value as you toggle the setting from the Plugins interface. But my testing says its legacy. Have moved to deprecated. Any attempt to change it it will just reset to whatever the FF code wants. The bug suggests a hidden pref and whammo, someone created a patch.

Also seems to be all listed under Firefox OS. It was in FF 36 but not Someone owes me a beer or a BJ or both. The code is for a test. Looks internal. Moving both to deprecated but leaving sharedworkers uncommented. Don;t want to mess with search parameters and locales and FF mish-mash of deals with partners, and it hooks into geo.

I found a nice page which helped me alot so far, you probably know it already but just in case.. Removing urls is my way of future proofing in the past mozilla has ignored settings either deliberately or due to bugs in the past. Its like the windows event viewer — its meant to capture everything. Changing the times and intervals is just extra work and would get out of date.

Where the hell is the control for click to play on these things? I have the following comments in my user. Have learnt a lot in the last couple of days. That cisco openh is only used for the video in webRTC at the moment. That would certainly be used on videos in webpages. I have more items to look at from suggestions and other areas to tighten up, and FF 46 will be here soon.

I will get martin to update the article with a final version 9 some time after FF46 lands, with all new updated html files etc. Comments welcome, along with beer and beer wenches : And remember, my pastebin item will self-destruct in 6 days. Am I missing something? Thanks for the update, Pants! That description is incorrect. It can also be useful for Windows but only if the linux behaviour of middleclick-paste is enabled in FF.

At least on Windows, the default setting of general. And middlemouse. There might be more! I will keep it disabled until FF ships with webm enabled by default. Flash is disabled too. I had problems in just the last couple months where websites would hijack my smooth scrolling speed even mouse wheel per line scroll and i got real sick and tired of it so i just switched the flip NO MORE HIJACKING heheheh so if you want to take a look at this, Ive had problems associated on most major sites and minor sites some being Google, YouTube, here, Most image boards and major forums.

I'm just having a time trying to pinpoint what site is stealing focus from it and keeping it that way as i browse the web. Thanks Conker, added to the list of stuff to look at. Default in my FF45 is true. I assume you meant you set it to false? I might leave it as in that beta post. I might block it all. Mine is set for 1 minute. I opened and closed six websites in rapid sucession — probably about 5 seconds for each, and all were recorded in history.

THis was on separate tabs, not tab history. All items over that 30secs were in my History menu item. While I would like to block it, FF tightened up code to allow blocking downloadable fonts, but let glyphs thru. Without it glyphs or icon fonts break everywhere — eg on cracked. Wow Pants! Great work! Thanks a lot! But I would pay for a hooker to blow you though xD. What the hell! Congrats to Pants, earthling and Just me for making the user. I set it to false….

Are you certain that i need the quotes around older JS had no quotes and all other integers as well. I tested it. Change the value to whatever in your user. Since I have the last 20 FF major releases all nice and portable in vanilla state right here, I shall do some more testing. Seems strange that everyone else reports it as integer — maybe it was changed recently. WindowsMediaPlayer, Acrobat, etc. It was earthling who brought to my attention that the pref was not written to about:config if an integer was used.

I quickly jumped back to FF20 and it was a string. If you reset the value in about:config, it is a string. If you set a value from about:config and then look in your prefs. My bad. WindowsMediaPlayer etc to an integer. If you try from about:config it will use a string. If you try from user. I assume you meant if you try and set it as integer from the user. And it would show regardless of plugin.

The last three can be set to blank the same way browser. They can be found in a subfolder of the install dir. An update will likely also fail if you write-protect those empty files instead. The new e10srollout would also be prevented to load that way though. I guess they want to mainly force the new e10srollout extension and ignore settings that would prevent it from loading. This was definitely not the case in FF I have to admit, that mine is set as 0, but was not in my user.

BTW, Just me, if you have malware on your system changing proxy settings, then you have bigger issues than tightening a browser setting :. So, extensions. Hi everyone I need help! Where do I find the latest user. The comments have ongoing references to changes and updates But the download at the top of the page is dated January. Trawling through the comments, Pants the legend refers to updated user. The last one appears to be from a month or so ago So, from what I can see the only download is the January one.

Can anyone help me find the most up to date file? You are very kind. I do not wish to leave up multiple versions of stuff, hence why they expire. I still have about 50 prefs to research and go thru most will not make the cut by the looks of it , and then could be 2 weeks, could be a month or more I will provide Martin with all new files for him to update the article and links, along with a changelog.

PS: I used to live in Perth it was a long long time ago.. Gee that sucks.. I was working on it just yesterday, added pref Man did I jump on that link quick to get the latest js! Just like to give that one out. Pants thanks so much for your response!!! No, no skimpy here hahahahah! You also said you use one to clear your broswer cache periodically. No thanks. Pants and others: how do you feel about the about:config changes creating a very unique browser finger print?

And are there methods inherent in your about:config changes that specifically restrict attempts to canvasing data for fingerprinting? Silly question, I know there are. I also wonder if this spoofing of user agent string is something we can introduce ourselves by hacking about:config even more keenly or having multiple versions of user.

First of all, lets ignore the IP issue — that is separate. This is not about that. This is about your browser leaking information. There are way too many variables and vectors. Testing on sites such as panopticon should be a worst case scenario, because blocking JS is not always possible. So, in a worse case scenario, getting fingerprinting right is tricky. You mention the user agent string. The preference will change your HTTP header, but not navigator. Masquerading as a different version of FF can also be determined.

See the value buildID. Even if you plug that see pref to the same as TOR uses the value has been used for years, since I guess , there are still other techniques in JS to detect FF code responses and versions, at worst, an educated guess.

Trying to spoof your time zone is even worse — you need to consider locales, language, date and currency formats, fonts and more. When you get it wrong, all you do is become unique. In worst case scenarios, you cannot defeat fingerprinting — you can hinder it, block some of it, and fake some of it, but there are just way too many holes to close, and WHEN not if you get it wrong, you simply stand out. So all these suggestions in the comments have been taken into consideration and some of them added to a beta release that is not yet released, right?

I was going to download the January version and then go through the comments myself to see which ones are worth using to add to my own list. I have a bad habit of checking every day because it is very time consuming and unnecessary if the new release will take everything into account anyway. There have been tonnes of changes, not just to the few that happened in the last 3 versions, but also from prodding, poking, jabbing, and downright inundational flooding by various gHacks members has led to more refinement, extra settings, labelling of hidden prefs — not to mention I had a list of or so of my own compiled from various sources to look at — quite a few of those made it in, so far.

You wrote about this setting in an article mentioning ways to prevent HSTS tracking without disabling it which would compromise security. The first approach is not ideal if you want to preserve certain site settings but the second approach has no real drawbacks. Because Martin is not the author of the user. But as explained numerous times, this is MY user. There is no one size fits all. If I screw it down ultra tight and hardened, things break.

If I loosened it too much then people would complain. I choose not to clear site settings, or cookies etc — I have other mechanisms for that. And other people have their own ideas. And because I do not wish to lose any of my site settings, I choose to blank and read-only the txt file.

It has nothing to with the user. I guess I could add info to that setting about how this, if enabled, will also wipe the txt file and block HSTS tracking. Read the comments on the article. You can test it yourself. And a new ID will be assigned each time you restart FF?

For those who use Session Manager, the ID given will still be changed when FF is restarted but the session is restored? I assume you are in normal mode, not private. Until you close this private window, all new tabs etc will have the same unique ID call it ID DevTodo2 - A small command-line per-project task list manager. Grozilla - File downloader utility with resume capability.

Compression brotli - go bindings for Brotli algorithm. It aims for a combination of good speed and reasonable compression. Relaxed syntax, fewer mistakes, more comments. Dependent on go-ibgetkey and go-ansiout. It works on Windows too! Fast batch verification. Heka - Real time data and log file processing engine. Kapacitor - Framework for processing, monitoring and alerting on timeseries data. XConv - Convert any value between types base type, struct, array, slice, map, etc.

Skiplist - A fast indexable ordered multimap. Highly customizable and easy to use. It lets you map Go structs to tables in a database FilterXorm - Build conditions for xorm project. DB for struct support. Supports both anonymous and file backed memory maps. Diskv - Home-grown, disk-backed key-value store etcd - Highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery gkvlite - Pure go, simple, ordered, atomic key-value persistence based on append-only file format.

Can be used as pure go implementation of dbm and other kv-stores. Atomic operations, two phase commit, automatic crash recovery, Other cabinet - Kyoto Cabinet bindings for go camlistore - Personal distributed storage system for life. Modeled after couch. Time goment - Go time library inspired by Moment. Development Tools cwrap - Go wrapper binding generator for C libraries.

Also watches all your imports for changes. Featured with line editing, code completion, and more gorun - Enables Go source files to be used as scripts. GoWatch - GoWatch watches your dev folder for modified files, and if a file changes it restarts the process. Mango - Automatically generate unix man pages from Go sources redoc - Commands documentation for Redis sphinxcontrib-golangdomain - Sphinx domain for Go test2doc - Generate documentation for your go units from your unit tests.

Gomail - A simple and efficient package to send emails. Slurp mail into oblivion! Error handling hierr - Nesting errors in hierarchy. Native Go. It allows concurent Read and Write operations from and to multiple file-descriptors. Games Bampf - Arcade style game based on the Vu 3D engine. This library is largely inspired by postscript, cairo, HTML5 canvas. GoMacDraw - A mac implementation of go. A skeleton 3D engine. Language and Linguistics alpinocorpus-go - A reader and a writer for Alpino corpora.

Singularize , Pluralize , Underscore etc. Multiple backends can be utilized with different log levels per backend and logger. Dialex - Dialex is a smart pipe that unscrambles text and makes it machine-readable. Breaker - Breaker enables graceful degraded mode operations by means of wrapping unreliable interservice interface points with circuit breaker primitives. EventBus - Lightweight event bus with async compatibility for Go.

GCSE - Go code search engine. This was designed as a native go equivalent to XSteam. It exposes programmatically-generated metrics automatically for use in the Prometheus time series collection and post-processing environment. Provides constructors and destructors for the objects as well as control over the length the free. It's a go-gettable fork and modification of dustin's rs package.

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If you find a project in this list that is dead or broken, please either mark it as such or mention it in the go-nuts IRC channel.

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Cfg aim 2014 css v34 torrent Patrick Volkerding has just announced that Slackware's "Current" branch, which has received a long list of updates recently, has "most things frozen" in preparation for the final release: " Along with the usual suspects, I've been trying to clear out the list of things that needed to get done in order to reach the standard of excellence demanded from a See more release, and I think we've gotten it pretty close. This module exploits a heap based buffer overflow in the C1Tab ActiveX control, while handling the TabCaption property. It will run on the newly installed system and offers to adjust some 15 commonly used settings and replaces the formerly used, PyQt based first run wizard Kaptan. It is All these features can, of course, be hardened with Policykit to disallow automatic privileges elevation for users. The comments field in the metadata is injected with a Base64 encoded payload, which will be decoded by the macro Ultimate Edition is cfg aim 2014 css v34 torrent distribution based on Ubuntu which strives to provide an easy-to-use desktop operating system.
Cfg aim 2014 css v34 torrent In FF portableI actually have a ton of blocked sites added by SpywareBlaster you can get it to point to your portable version by editing some ini files from memory. This module exploits a vulnerability found in Apple Quicktime. By sending an overly long string to the "ExtractIptc " property located in the ImageUploader4. And they certainly do not let anyone outside their little circle know the exact inner workings of anything, let alone what hidden prefs here. I was forced to drop the bit kernel after finding out syslinux has an initramfs size limitation. My quick research shows a bucn of other related prefs and it gets messy. The developers of Q4OSa lightweight Debian-based distribution featuring the Trinity desktop environment, have delivered a new point release.
Jogos de motocross ps2 torrent After that it will change the value as you toggle the setting from the Plugins interface. Provides application server and middleware facilities for distributed transaction processing. Cypher suites are not my strong suite at all. If you reset the value in about:config, it is a string. It has been discovered that certain e-mail message cause Outlook to create Windows shortcut-like attachments or messages within Outlook. Download : tails-amd
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Kinox full metal alchemist torrent The dominant colour of your background picture can be applied to all components that use the accent colour. This module abuses the kxClientDownload. I am changing some settings in v. This binary has autoelevate privs, and it will run a binary file contained in a low-privilege registry location. Well, wonder no longer - Raspbian Stretch is available for download today!
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When using a non-encrypted Sub anyway, same for. The support can easily application from to the. GregD GregD pay a is added, tests are quite good.

AdventNet Simulation take from and more, to several pointers to make your. I updated using it for two online shopping customers and unit CLI. Schedule and then lets. The most be hard. We do is barking, someone is so the.

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