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Alessandro's page with hundreds of useful links. Home page. PDF file with samples of his fonts. Italian designer of the pay pixel typefaces iPix and Pixies Alessandro Becagli [Champagne Design]. Alessandro Butti. Italian designer and teacher b.

Turin, , d. Turin, , who spent most of his life designing type at Nebiolo, where he was also art director. He headed Studio Artistico della Nebiolo from Bio by Gio Fuga in Jessica Svendsen digitized this in under the same name. This Futura-like family was revived in a style family by Ben Blom called Simplo Quirinus Landi : Butti designed the slab serif Landi Echo with inclined inline.

The corresponding outline, Landi Linear, was designed by Aldo Novarese. Landi Echo was digitally revived in under the same name by Claude Pelletier. Hastile Normandia , with Aldo Novarese. This fatface didone was published in at Nebiolo in three styles, tono, corsivo and contornata. For a digital revival of the entire family, see Normandia , by Patrick Griffin and Hans van Maanen at Canada type. Rondine , with Aldo Novarese. Augustea Open and Augustea, both all caps fonts, were done in They were the forerunners of the full font Nova Augustea done with Aldo Novarese.

For revivals of Augustea Open, see Openface No. Microgramma , with Aldo Novarese is a checkbook font. Novarese would use this as model for his famous Eurostile Cigogna or : a quill pen lettering script. Fluidum : a script with heavy contrasts.

Revived by Ralph M. Unger as Butti Titano Original characters in lead and wood. Thanks to Paolo Cadeddu 's research, we now know the exact date of Titano's design, The shadowed version was added in the s. Titano was digitally revived in Black, Shadowed and Inline versions by Paolo Cadeddu between and In , Cadeddu published the story of Titano in Author of L'Italia nascostaOggetti, grafica e caratteri usi e costumi translated: Hidden ItalyGraphic objects and typefaces, uses and customs.

Neon Ombrato, using Giulio di Milano's Neon from Juliet , done with Aldo Novarese. Well, he did the first sketches, and Aldo Novarese finished the font in Aka Nova Sama. During his studies in Venice, Italy, Alessandro Caminiti b. Alessandro Colizzi.

Alessandro Colizzi b. Rome, is associate professor at Milan's Politecnico, Department of Design, where he teaches graphic design history, typography, and type design. He researches graphic design history, typography, and information design and interned in with Paul Shaw at Parsons School of Design in New York.

His typefaces include: Mignonne , aka Mirabelle. This was specially designed for small text setting under modern printing conditions. The condensed Offbeat , T, with Marco Tancredi. Neon Nbl is a display typeface working at its best for headlines, posters and logos. It is the faithful digital redesign of the original geometric monocase sans designed by Giulio da Milano and released by Nebiolo in The original face had different proportions with varying widths for each type size, ranging from extra narrow 72 pt to wide 6 pt , while Neon Nbl comes in a coordinated range of weights Thin to Bold and proportions UltraCondensed to Normal.

Neon Nbl also comes in a shaded titling version Ombra in four styles. Colizzi extended the oroginal character set which now contains glyphs per font. Nebiolo's last effort to produce a 'universal' typeface. Organizer of ATypI in Montreal. Speaker at ATypI in Antwerp. Milan, Italy-based designer of the free wavy font Liquido Cagliari, Italy-based designer of the masculine octagonal typeface Qatsi and the wedgy sans typeface Mezzana Mezzana is a free font inspired by Corrado Mezzana , an italian artist who designed stamps and award notices in the s, s and s.

Additional link. Milan-based designer of the display sans titling typeface Destiny , together with Nivi Jasa. Alessandro Da Corte [Font Ale]. Rome-based designer of the modular typeface Console Sans and of Icon Font Italian architect and graphic designer, b. He obtained a degree with a thesis on Neue Tipografie and is studying towards a PhD at the University of Palermo Italy where he studies countemporary type design, in collaboration with the Department of Typography of the University of Reading.

Son of Statement and Statement are heavy block fonts. Born in in Northern Italy , he is a columnist for the Italian web design portal html. Web site. Creator aka Vic of the iFontMaker font Schizofrenia , scratchy hand-printed face. During his Masters studies at Politecnico di Milano, he spent a year in Berlin where he designed the blackletterish typeface The Raven in a course taught by Luc as de Groot at Fachhochschule Potsdam.

Earlier, in , he created the condensed octagonal typeface Fiat that is based on Fiat's logo. Fiat was a school project completed with Cecilia Negri and Virginia Nardelli. Italian designer of the handcrafted typeface Brizel Italian designers of the sans typeface with diagonal endings called Lino as part of their thesis in The design was based on an early 's type from the Milanese foundry Urania, which was later acquired by Nebiolo.

Alessandro Segalini [Izmir University of Economics]. Creative Italian designer who managed to draw letters with water Alessia Mazzarella [Typeland]. Italian medical doctor with a PhD in neurology and neurophysiology.

She currently works as a clinical neurophysiologist at Charing Cross Hospital in the UK and is also involved in academic research into the autonomic and peripheral nervous systems. Together with Bruno Maag she researches the physiological emotional impact of different type styles. As the master communicator of type design, Dalton Maag shows that nearly all dyslexia type research in the past was ignorant.

Many of these designs have a handwritten quality, similar to Comic Sans. Often, the designers of these fonts claim to understand what is required to design a dyslexic font, simply by virtue of being dyslexic themselves. There may be some design merit to these fonts but the claim that they are favourable to dyslexics is misleading, and shows a complete lack of understanding what dyslexia is.

The presentation will critique the designs that claim to be "the font for dyslexia", based on a scientific overview of dyslexia, and how dyslexia is dependent on language and other factors. It will also highlight the ignorance of design institutions that have awarded MAs and PhDs for fonts designed in the name of dyslexia.

The talk was forceful, entertaining and convincing, based on an analysis of various pathways in the brain. For one thing, opaque languages i. Italian and German are notr opque and thus fare better. Alessia also spoke at ATypI in Barcelona. Speaker at ATypI in Warsaw : Bruno Maag and Alessia Nicotra review a selection of studies published in regards to the emotional and functional qualities of typefaces since Poffenberger in The presentation investigates the methodologies employed and questions the results in the cultural and technological contexts of their time, and provide guidance as to their relevance today.

Thiene, Italy-based designer of Geometric Web designer based in Rome. Creator of Pyconic , an icon font in PNG format with icons. He also has a free icon EPS and truetype font for weather icons called Meteocons Sofia , a clean sans is available upon request.

Coldi is a free modular typeface. Arroz is a modular typeface constructed with ruler and compass. Milan, Italy-based designer of the spurred modular typeface Kramer and the free spurred handcrafted typeface Pirate K Torino, Italy-based creator of a poster typeface in He also designed the absolutely wonderful experimental typeface Morse Code in Originally from Lazio, Italy, Alessio d'Ellena b. Saffran is a stencil sans with squarish letterforms. His graduation typeface at KABK in is the point text typeface Laica, which is characterized by tall-hat terminals on glyphs like the 4, the a and the t.

Like Trump's politics, Laica surprisesno glyph is what one would expect. Laica A sports chiseled transitions that guarantee good rhythm and balance from small-sized text use to eye-catching billboard applications. Laica B has straight transitions at its joints and therefore an overall more simplified, elegant tone. In , he designed the sans typeface Juventus Fans. Alessio Laiso. Creator of the free 6-style slab serif typeface Aleo : Aleo is a contemporary typeface designed as the slab serif companion to the Lato font by Lukasz Dziedzic.

Aleo has semi-rounded details and a sleek structure, giving it a strong personality while still keeping readability high. Google Fonts mentions Kevin Conroy as co-designer. In , he designed the commercial typefaces Lagu Sans and Lagu Serif , which feature large x-heights and open counterforms.

Typefaces from Pani Sans which takes inspiration from Italian rationalist and art deco genres, and includes variable types. Open Font Library link. Fontspring link. Fontown link. In In , they designed Grotta, and wrote: Grotta is an irreverent contemporary neo-grotesk typeface with strong geometric accent and sharp contrast in its form. Characterized by tight apertures and an overall dynamic feeling it is suited for both display and text sizes.

It is our interpretation of the 21st century grotesk, exuberant, irruptive and [ It shows influences of hipstertism in the way strokes are joined in the 1, N, M, V, W, and other letters. In , he released Decay White: Decay is a modern serif that brings the idiosyncratic philosophy of Decadent Movement into our darkest future, mixing sinuous curves with eccentric pointed serifs and drastic ligatures between multiple and single letters.

A typeface on the border between irrational aesthetics and rational function. Typefaces from Autaut Grotesk. Communication designer in Milan, Italy, who created the honeybee-themed typeface Picnic in Avezzano, Italy-based creator of the poster headline typeface family Linestoorb Italian creator of the experimental geometric typeface Covenant He has a Mac version. The PC truetype version is here. Graphic designer in Rome, who created the display typeface Momo Saluzzo, Italy-based designer of the modular sci-fi typeface Interstellar , which was finished during his studies at IAAD in Torino.

A musician, music producer and video director, he also occasionally designs typefaces. At The Designers Foundry, he released the fairytale font Goliagolia in , and the spindly lava lamp font GabyGaby in Roman graphic designer. Davide Tomatis of Archivio Tipografico in Turin, Italy, is curating the reissue of Alfa-Beta, a book by the Italian type designer Aldo Novarese, originally from and out of print since a long time.

The Alfa Beta team is collaborating with Novarese's family, namely his second daughter Federica, and his granddaughter Francesca Faro daughter of Gabriella Novarese , to republish it, after having found all the original films. The book will be translated by Alta Price. Paravia reviewed the evolution of writing systems and typography from their advent up to the present day.

Kickstarter link June That revival will be done by Studio Graduate of the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. He worked in Lithuania with a group called Alfa60, and is now based in Turin. His typefaces: Equo Shaolin Caps.

Stout Caps revised in A wide wedge-serifed face. A serif family. MM Vinny. A multiple master family designed for use by the cosa nostra. Based on The NewYorker. MM Charlie or Charlie Grotesque A sans typeface family in the American style of Morris Fuller Benton.

Artissima Condensed. A dada poster font, now called Altissma Condensed. Romano Grotesque. Angular, chiseled: revised in Futura Passata. A rounded all caps version of Futura that combines two widths of a wood type version of Futura for use in posters. Novalis Condensed. A bespoke sans created for Nero magazine. Lago Sans. A geometric superfamily. Arial Grotesque.

Tratto A sans. An all caps display typeface. Milano, Italy-based designer of the display typeface Iceberg Graphic designer in London, UK. While still in Milan in , she created a multilayered display face. In she designed an experimental multi-stroke type system called Designer Dreamthe strokes are fixed but one can chose from a selection of outlines.

Milano, Italy-based student-designer of the squarish typeface Iceberg Alice Tebaldi. Foundry, est. Calligraphic Griffo is her interpretation of the style of Francesco Griffo. Alphabeta Linguarum Orientalium: typia congregationia de propag.

Collection of texts published between and in Rome. Digital versions: here , here. Local downloads: Part I , part II. He also has an interest in Startrekkery because he designed the typefaces Transformers Movie and Star Trek Future Metropolis is an angular typeface based on the titling of Fritz Lang's movie Capolavoro. Cleopatra is a chisel font with a Greek look, based on Cleopatra , the movie by Joseph L. Mankiewkz, starring Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

The beautiful inline typeface Singapore after the titling in John Brahm's movie featuring Ava Gardner. Twilight New Moon is based on the Twilight movie. Electric Dreams is based on steve Barron's movie. Tintin is a comic book typeface based on Steven Spielberg's movie. Faelorehn is a vampire script. Masters degree communication design student at Politecnico di Milano. Creator of the imaginary traffic and signage family Mantuarcade for the city of Mantova, which was inspired by its many arches.

This was a project led by Professor Braccaloni. Cartoceto, Italy-based graphic designer, video editor, photograper and motion designer. Creator of the grotesque typeface Anthropocene Verona, Italy-based web and type designer. Free download. Dribble link. A freelance artist and illustrator based in Palermo, Italy, and born in Russia, Anastasiia Macaluso created various handcrafted typefaces in , including a mummy-themed font, a bloody font, a bubblegum font, a couple of crayon typefaces and watercolor and dry brush types.

In , she started selling her work, such as the vampire script font Rodion, the crayon typeface Carbon Script, and a drop-dead gorgeous set of vector format snowflakes. Typefaces from Palma Nana script. Typefaces from Module a monoline display typeface , Unmoor an outlined and color rope font. Aka Lhotse. Rome-based designer of various sets of icons Adventure, Stupid, Sugar and the monoline sans typeface Sweet Snow Italian designer b. In , Giuseppe Salerno and Andrea Basile co-designed a wayfinding typeface and icon set for Univerest.

Milan-based creator of the handmade experimental typeface Tracce Graphic designer in Milan, b. Creator of Bax 01 and the geometric typeface Tracce His version, also called Lucky, is free. Turin-based creator of the hand-printed typeface Irreality Mark 01 , iFontMaker. Andrea Braccaloni [Leftloft]. Or Andreas Brogiottus. Author of Indice de'caratteri con l'inventori et nomi di essi esistenti nella stampa Vaticana et Camerale , Stampa Vaticana.

Local download. Andrea Carrer [Fonderia Serena]. Milan-based creator of typefaces such as Antigua Ferreteria , a heavy grotesk based on old railroad style lettering found on a hardware building Sevilla: free download and OpArt , an op-art typeface. Italian graphic designer and illustrator in Berlin, who created the shaded display typeface Pomodorino in for a restaurant identity.

One Have To Coma Again is an angular display sans typeface. Graphic designer in Vercelli, Italy, who created the multiline typeface Forty-Four and the deco typeface Parmigiano Reggiano Graphic designer in Rome, b. Creator of the modular octagonal typeface Italic Cormano, Italy-based designer of Palazzo Sans , an ink trap typeface created for the city of Mantova.

Andrea Gaspari. Art director Milan who studied in Firenze, Italy. The Zetafonts team extended the original design to six styles and multilingual coverage. The ExtraBold is free. He was also part of the Zetafonts team that developed Aquawax. In , he designed the sans titling family Font For Fighting. In , he designed the grunge typeface Fingermade. Graduate in Communication Design from Politecnico di Milano. His beautiful typeface Grypho is based on an italic by Francesco Griffo.

Aka Big Macca. Italian FontStructor who made Big Macca , a macho mechanical face. He created the ornamental alphabet called Maxicanito Nocive Font He also did Baboletor , a superposition of basic geometric shapes , and Busy In , he designed Xylophone an experimental 3d font and Siick Nocive. Andrea Mantegna. Italian painter and engraver b. Vicenza or Padova, , d. Mantua, Typedia link.

Milan-based creator of the hexagonal typeface Slight , the thin experimental typeface Rim and the thin straight-edged Linea In he designed the alchemic typeface Alter. Information designer in Rome. Creator of the geometric typeface Tri Font Italian designer of Faia , at Type Department.

Faia is a display typeface characterised by floral details and high contrast. It was inspired by folklore from the Piemonte region in Italy. He writes: Faia is inspired by Art Nouveau aesthetics, which it combines with a gentle, humanist structure.

Torino, Italy-based designer of the retro futuristic typeface Future Banco Italian designer, b. Creator of Elektrodisiac During his studies, Torino-based Andrea Prina designed the free mechanically-inspired typeface Mechano and the tweetware bubblegum typeface Chubby Graphic designer in Arezzo, Italy. Creator of several experimental all caps typefaces in Graphic designer in Rome, who created the great hipster typeface Optika Sans Andrea Tardivo.

Italian codesigner, with Giuseppe Salerno and Paco Gonzalez, of the chocolate box script typeface family Gianduja , Resistenza. Andrea Tartarelli. Andrea Tartarelli studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara and worked as a marble sculptor before turning to graphic and type design. He designed Tarif selected by Fontspring. He works and lives in Pietrasanta Tuscany, Italy.

His graphic design outfit is called Surface Studio. This humanist sans-serif typeface is part of the Beatrix family Beatrix Nova, etc. Its capitals are directly derived from the stone carvings in Florence's Santa Croce Cathedral. Beatrix keeps a subtle lapidary swelling at the terminals suggesting a glyphic serif, similar to Hermann Zapf's treatment in Optima. Monterchi is a custom font for an identity project for a famous fresco in Monterchi, developed under the art directorship of Riccardo Falcinelli.

Monterchi Book is free. In , Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli co-designed the sans typeface family Kabrio , which gives users four different corner treatment options. Anaphora It features a wedge serif design with nine weights from thin to heavy. Its wide counters and low x-height make it pleasant and readable at text sizes while the uncommon shapes make it strong and recognizable when used in display size.

Anaphora covers Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Canovaro's Arista served as a basis for the style monolinear rounded sans typeface family Aristotelica by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli. See also Aristotelica Pro In , he designed the italics for Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini's Domotika typeface family. Radcliffe has Text and Casual subfamilies.

See also Radcliffe at MyFonts. Codec by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli is a geometric sans typeface family in which all terminal cuts are horiontal or vertical. See also Codec Pro In , Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli co-designed the sharp wedge serif typeface Blacker to pay homage to the s.

The idea of extreme wedge serifs and reverse Italian stress was pushed even further in by Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli in Blackest. Zetafonts writes: Blacker Pro is the revised and extended version of the original wedge serif type family designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli in Blacker was developed as a take on the style that Jeremiah Shoaf has defined as the "evil serif" genre: typefaces with high contrast, oldstyle or modern serif proportions and sharp, blade-like triangular serifs.

It was conceived as a contemporary alternative to modernist super-families like Univers or Helvetica. In , Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli designed Holden , a very Latin cursive sans typeface with pointed brush aesthetics and fluid rhythmic lines. Extenda is a thin-to-wide grotesque advertising or movie credit family with some of the DNA of Impact or Compacta. By Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli. In , Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli published the monolinear geometric rounded corner amputated "e" sans typeface family Cocogoose Classic , the sans family Aquawax Pro , and the condensed rounded monoline techno sans typeface family Iconic.

Klein is in their words Zetafonts' love letter to the grandmother of all geometric sans typefaces, Futura. Starting from a dialogue with Paul Renner's iconic letterforms and proportions, Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli decided to depart from its distinctive modernist shapes with slight humanist touches and grotesque solutionswith some design choices evoking the softness of humanist sans serifs like Gill Sans.

The end result is a workhorse superfamily of 54 fonts with full coverage of Latin, Cyrillic and Greek. The original display-oriented family, developed in nine weights with matching italics from the hairline thin to the sturdy black , has been paired with a text version with slightly higher x-height, better readability and maximum legibility at small point size and with a condensed version, to be used for space-saving display solutions in editorial and advertising formats.

With a name that is both a nod to its humble functionality and an homage to French nouveau realiste artist Yves Klein, this typeface aims to become your next trusted companion in all your adventures in print, digital and motion design. Tarif Tarif is a typeface family inspired by the multicultural utopia of convivenciathe peaceful coexistence of Muslims, Christians and Jews in tenth century Andalusia that played an important role in bringing to Europe the classics of Greek philosophy, together with Muslim culture and aesthetics.

It is a slab serif typeface with a humanist skeleton and inverted contrast, subtly mixing Latin zest, calligraphic details, extreme inktraps, and postmodern unorthodox reinvention of traditional grotesque letter shapes. The exuberant design, perfect for titling, logo and display use, is complemented by a wide range of seven weights allowing for solid editorial use and great readability in body text.

Matching italics have been designed with the help of Maria Chiara Fantini and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, while Rania Azmi has collaborated on the design of the arabic version of Tarif , where the humanist shapes and inverted contrast of the Latin letters find a natural connection with modern arabic letterforms. Thicker , by Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli. They write: A geometric sans typeface on steroids, it was first designed in the muscular extrablack weight with the aesthetics of high-power dynamic typefaces used in sports communication, and then developed in the lighter weights where the shapes show some vintage-inspired proportions and the slightly squared look that nods to Novarese famous Eurostile, eponymous with retro-futurism.

Eastman , by Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli with help from Solenn Bordeau is a font geometric sans workhorse family with Bauhaus genes developed for maximum versatility both in display and text use, with a wide weight range and a solid monolinear design featuring a tall x-height. It comes with a two axis variable font weight, italic angle. Malik An style flared sans typeface with seriouus contrast in the heavier weights.

It has variable fonts as well. In , Cosimo Pancini, Andrea Tartarelli and Mario De Libero drew the style Cocogoose Pro Narrows family, which features many compressed typefaces as well as grungy letterpress versions. Amazing Slab Characterized by outward-pointing top serifs, this typeface is designed for use in athletic lettering, logos and titling. Zetafonts writes: Mixing an Egyptian serif, low contrast approach with the curved endings and open shapes of humanist sans grotesques, it was developed to embody the energetic and friendly nature of the startup scenea feeling of innovation, information and energy, with a desire for simplicity and straightforward communication.

The basic design shapes for the font come from the strong personality of the extrabold letterforms drawn by Francesco Canovaro for his StartupItalia logo, that informed the display design of the four darkest weights from medium to black. Coco Sharp A style sans feast, with two variable fonts with variable x-height, by Francesco Canovaro, Cosimo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli. Heading Now Asgard A strong experimental display sans superfamily with a 3-axis weight, width, slant variable font, designed by Francesco Canovaro, Andrea Tartarelli ans Mario De Libero.

Calvino and Calvino Grande A style sharp-edged text typeface named after Italian author Italo Calvino. Marcovaldo A tweetware condensed display serif based on Calvino. Millard Grotesque A true "grot" in the Akzidenz Grotesque sense of the word, this typeface family was designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli. Milligram A very tightly set grot by Cosimo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli.

Keratine , Cosimo Pancini, Andrea Tartarelli and Mario De Libero is a German expressionist typeface that exists in a space between these two traditions, mixing the proportions of humanistic typefaces with the strong slabs and fractured handwriting of blackletter calligraphy. Andrea Unali Zone 13 Studio, Milan, Italy created a great-looking lettered poster to illustrate the s Architect and visual designer in Puglia, Italy.

In , he designed the free experimental modular typeface Hofmann, which was inspired by the work of Swiss designer Armin Hofmann. Andrea Zucca Livorno, Italy created the kitchen tile typeface Looz and the modular circle-based typeface Spikkio Graphic designer in Entroncamento, Portugal.

In , he published the monoline display typeface Hermo. Andy Anzollitto. In , Louise Fili, Nicholas Misani and Rachel Michaud co-designed the art nouveau typeface Montecatini , which is inspired by Italian travel posters from that era. It is an art deco-inspired letterform that is based on Louise Fili's cover design for the Marguerite Duras novel The Lover.

Graphic designer in Maiori, Italy, who created the thin script typeface Calpa Angelica Baini was born in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy in Creator of the alchemic typeface Marina In , she designed the retro diner signage font Nighthawk Script. Cargo Collective link. You Work For Them link.

Graphic designer in Rome. Creator of the Peignotian typeface Clavecin Capital Serif Florence-based Anna Bulycheva designed Deconstruction in for a school project. She took inspiration from Mondrian's paintings. For another school project she created the doctor's handwriting typeface Lefty Milan-based designer of Mantua , a sans and serif pair of typefaces and Odita , a geometric art deco news and fashion magazine made for a university project at Politecnico di Milano.

Antoine Augereau paiera pour elle. Parisian designer. Creator of a commissioned typeface, Uni Type for the annual report of Unicancer. Pesaro-based printer. For his typefaces, see Nuovo saggio di caratteri e vignette della tipografia di Annesio Nobili in Pesaro Pesaro, Their interest in wood and old lead types in relatively unknown Italian print shops led to a wonderful wood type catalog started in , Catalogo Caratteri in Piombo e Legno.

The styles covered here represent the art nouveau era. The styles covered here are bastoni plural bastone: stick styles. Anonima Impressori: Egizi Antichi classical slab serifs. The styles covered here represent classical slab serifs, also called Egizio Egizi in plural. Anonima Impressori: Egizi Moderni modern slab serifs. The styles covered here are razionali sans styles, including art deco and Futura.

In the late s, blackletter was replaced by a type style that mimicked handwriting. It was of uniform thickness, and thus appeared quite dark on paper. The humanist writing of Italian scholars of the Renaissance served as a model for what is now known as the Antiqua style. Several such types came out Nicolas Jenson's printing workshop set up by nicolas Jenson in That first antiqua typeface was used in De Evangelica Praeparatione in Jenson died in at the age of 60, but many would take up that style between and The Venice connection led quite naturally to the other name for the type style, Venetian.

Occasionally, the name old style is also used but that refers to a later style, the aldine or garalde. It is easy to recognize Venetian types, not just from the uniform thickness and semi-calligraphic look, but also by the small x-height, small counters, tall ascenders, overly wide HMN, sloped cross-bar on the "e", negative axis on the "o", and two roof serifs on the M.

Additional literature: Martin Silvertant's history of type , from which the analytic image is borrowed. Padova-based calligrapher who produced some calligraphic alphabets, ca. See also his Book on lace with Sebastian Zanilla, also Basoli was born in Bologna, where he studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti, thereafter gradually making a name for himself as a specialist decorator and scene-painter.

Basoli did a great deal of scene-painting and production design for the Teatro Comunale in Bologna. Beginning in , he taught at the Accademia in Bologna where he had studied, and was appointed Professor of Ornament there. He published an ornamental architectural alphabet in Bologna in called Alfabeto Pittorico, ossia raccolta di pensieri pittorici composti di oggetti comincianti dalle singole lettere alfabetiche Pictorial Alphabet, or, a collection of pictorial thoughts composed of objects beginning with the individual letters of the alphabet.

Each letter in this fantastic lithographic alphabet features a surreal architectural form. Antonio Blado. Italian printer working in Rome from to Italian designer from Sassuolo, Modena b. After Reading, he started an internship and eventually worked as a full-time employee in the type group at Apple in Cupertino, CA. He left Apple in September and is now working on his own typefaces in Milano, Italy. Speaker at Typecon in Milwaukee. His blog from Reading.

Unger's Workshop at Reading. Flickr link. Graphic and brand designer in Turin, Italy. His typefaces include the black geometric sans typeface Filo Black and the free Futurismo-inspired Italian art deco typeface Italico , a trend that flourished during the Ventennio, i. Antonio Iaconesso. Calabria, Italy-based graphic and type designer.

In , he released the wide monolinear rounded titling sans family Fullfox Liberalism on the day of the American elections. Italian creator b. Milano-based designer who used the Ray-Ban logo to create a creamy connected typeface Margherita di Savoia, Italy-based graphic designer who created the squarish typeface Modular in Antonio Pace.

Italian designer of these typefaces: Linotype Gianotten Named after Henk Gianotten, this is a Bodoni revival. A logotype and a font for the city of Milan in , called Cita or Area? Luiss ss, i. Linotype link. FontShop link. In , he designed an elliptical monoline sans typeface. See also Columbia University's site.

Scans: I , II. Late fifteenth century Italian renaissance era calligrapher who was based in Florence, and who was famous for his florentine style of antiqua and cancellaresca. In , Fantini embarked on a project to create a font based on Antonio Sinibaldi's calligraphic material in Libro d'Ore di Lorenzo de Medici, now in possession of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana di Firenze. Her first rough font was called Antonio.

She also studied Raffaello Bertieri's Sinibaldi font done in at the Nebiolo Type Foundry when she designed her own digital version of Sinibaldi The latter font was regularized and smoothed in her final typeface in this project, Magnifico Antonio Tony DiSpigna [Thinstroke].

Venice-based foundry headed by Antonio Zatta, Their work can be found in Caratteri e vignette, o sieno, Fregi della nuova fonderia di Antonio Zatta e Figli tipografi, calcografi, e libraj veneti A. Zatta, Venezia, Aka Panda Ryuji. Born in Rome in , Arcangelo created the simple hand-printed typeface Arcangelo's Words It is the first online archive dedicated to the entire Italian graphic design heritage.

Archivio Tipografico is a letterpress printshop in Torino, Italy, which also has a collection of metal typefaces, letterpress machines and type specimens and catalogues. Historically, Archivio Tipografico was the main type design and typography magazine in Italy from until Dalmazzo Gianolio , printing department foreman, launched an industry journal, Archivo Tipografico, in at Nebiolo.

Produced regularly until , it included type specimens, advertising, and industry news along with articles on printing arts and technologies. It was printed and directed by Societa Nebiolo under the direction of Dalmazzo Gianolio. Based in Rome, Arianna Valentini designed the sans typeface Duncombe She took as a model the nscriptions on Charles Duncombe's grave in the Testaccio cemetery in Rome, dating back to Italian designer of the free font Ariel Insular Italian type foundry.

Arnold Pannartz. German printer b. Scholastica at Subiaco. Augustine's De Civitate Dei. In , they set up a press in the De Massimi palace in Rome, from where they published 50 more books. Nicholas Fabian on Pannartz. Catholic Encyclopedia. Revivals of their typefaces, blends between humanist and blackletter, include: The Subiaco font done by Ashendene Press in The Subiaco type is now owned by Cambridge University Press.

Its punches were cut by E. Nephi Mediaeval A metal type by Jim Rimmer for private use. McGrew gives the date Rimmer writes: It was inspired by the Subiaco type of the Ashendene Press and by its inspiration, the type of Sweynheym and Pannartz.

My design breaks away from those types slightly in form and is softer in general feeling. In time I will cut other sizes. Linotype Conrad , Akira Kobayashi. Not a revival at all, but rather an interpretation and modernization. Pannartz Book , Tomi Haaparanta, Suomi. SweynheymPannartz , Shane Brandes. Benedictine Anthony Elder, An Italian graphic designer in Paris, b. Creator of Arnold , outline face.

Another link. Author of Luminario: an introduction to the Italian writing books of the 16th and 17th centuries Nieuwkoop, This book surveys the Italian writing-manuals, He also wrote Mercator. A Monograph on the Lettering of Maps, etc.

With a facsimile and translation of Ghim's Vita Mercatoris London, Studio in Turin, Italy. Creators of an extremely contrasted didone face, called Cinema Calligraphy association located in Milan. Graphic designer who is originally from Cyprus. Brescia, Italy-based designer of the free squarish typeface Efesto Italian designer at the graphic design studio Tipiblu in Milan. Her typefaces include: Artypodia A decorative modular typeface family by Aurora Biancardi.

Orti A decorative caps typeface by Aurora Biancardi. Visual artist in Rome who created the display typeface Alpha in AutoGraff is a research project aimed at computationally modelling the perceptual and dynamic processes involved in the production of graffiti art and calligraphy.

The purpose of the study is to develop computer graphics and robotic systems that are capable of generating traces, letters, and patterns that are similar to the ones made by an expert human artist. Daniel Berio is a researcher and artist from Florence, Italy. Since a young age Daniel was actively involved in the international graffiti art scene.

In parallel he developed a professional career initially as a graphic designer and later as a graphics programmer in video games, multimedia and audio-visual software. In he obtained a Masters degree from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, where he developed drawing machines and installations materializing graffiti-inspired procedural forms.

Daniel Berio's PhD thesis is entitled AutoGraff: Towards a computational understanding of graffiti writing and related art forms. The abstract of this spectacular work that mixes art and mathematical modeling: The aim of this thesis is to develop a system that generates letters and pictures with a style that is immediately recognizable as graffiti art or calligraphy.

The proposed system can be used similarly to, and in tight integration with, conventional computer-aided geometric design tools and can be used to generate synthetic graffiti content for urban environments in games and in movies, and to guide robotic or fabrication systems that can materialise the output of the system with physical drawing media.

The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part describes a set of stroke primitives, building blocks that can be combined to generate different designs that resemble graffiti or calligraphy. These primitives mimic the process typically used to design graffiti letters and exploit well known principles of motor control to model the way in which an artist moves when incrementally tracing stylised letterforms.

The second part demonstrates how these stroke primitives can be automatically recovered from input geometry defined in vector form, such as the digitised traces of writing made by a user, or the glyph outlines in a font. This procedure converts the input geometry into a seed that can be transformed into a variety of calligraphic and graffiti stylisations, which depend on parametric variations of the strokes.

It uses the medial axis, curvilinear shape features that specify convex and concave outline parts, links that connect concavities, and seven junction types. We show that the resulting decomposition in strokes can be used to create variations, stylizations, and animations in different artistic or design-oriented styles while remaining recognizably similar to the input font. Graphic designer in Milan.

Italy-based designer of the fat finger font Martina Italian designer of the hand-printed typeface Another Sunday Bartolomeo Sanvito was a scribe from Padua, Italy, who was trained in Rome. A master of the humanist italic script, his style is characterized by wquare capital letters alternating colored and gold. Many digital typefaces were modeled or named after Sanvito. Sanvito , a multiple master font by Robert Slimbach at Adobe. Battle Fonts [Marco Battaglia].

Florence, Italy-based graphic designer who released the style creamy decorative large x-height serif typeface Queens Pro in In , he designed the style Swiss style sans family Enotria for Latin, Cyrillic and Greek , that is characterized by Calbrian quirks such as an overreaching r and a perky ear on the g.

Dutch type designer, b. They decided then to digitize Mercator , a famous sans serif by Dick Dooijes , Lettergieterij Amsterdam Tetterode. Mercator never took off the way Helvetica did, so Bauke and Theo wanted to retrieve it from history's dustbin. Brescia, Italy-based designer of the techno typeface Network Beatrice Caciotti is an art director based in Rome, Italy.

In , she published the intestinal typeface Bumpy at Type Department. She explains: Bumpy is a variable display font to explore the relationship between gender stereotypes and typefaces. It uses letters as a metaphor for individuals within a complex system, and variability as a means to tackle binary thinking. These ideas translate into a condensed typeface, embodying the sense of external pressure often experienced by individuals.

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