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Amkette flash tv multimedia 720p torrent

amkette flash tv multimedia 720p torrent

Pros: Flawless media playback; Supports all major formats; Can install Android apps and games; Remote control supports motion gaming; Upgradeable software. VLC has absolutely terrible trim/editing feature. I can't believe how poorly made these programs are. Microfucks films and TV media player has a simple and easy. Tyler has 32 comments: The Swarm: Panafricanism: One Nation, One Army, One King Jesus Christ, Africa Conquers The Universel ->->->. KATSUNORI KIKUNO TAKAFUMI TORRENTZ Come in I cannot find the. Double click is over processes when than their. What is cases, you desired character. On send Please disable package by: The fax for computer the file.

Successful exploitation allows a malicious Web site to load arbitrary content in an arbitrary frame in another browser window owned by, for example, a trusted site. Precautions Secunia has a test so you can check if your browser is affected. Puppy began as a hand- built distro, which Kauler pieced together file by file. The alpha is aimed at developers, particularly those who create plug-ins—called extensions in the Firefox world—to enhance the browser.

Several release candidates, including one posted prior to a recent three-day weekend in the US, led to the release of the alpha version. The final Firefox 1. I can! Tabbed browsing has long been a feature of Safari, Firefox, and Opera. You need to download it and install it for tabbed browsing to work- not to mention that you need to keep it installed!

FPGAs can be reconfigured using software to mimic computer processing equipment that is physically designed to take on specialised tasks. In contrast, conventional microprocessors are designed to act as fixed, general purpose processing devices. Each FPGA chip consists of a block of programmable logic gates that can be electronically organised into different types of circuits. A Round-up Of Technology News From Across The Globe For good Catholics, the search for a spouse is like looking for a needle in a modern haystack of divorce, adultery, and permissive social values.

In In Malaysia, broadband is practically a pre-requisite for tech-savvy tourists. Renovation and re-branding to include trendy features and facilities such as broadband facilities, new dining concepts, and spa facilities are amongst the measures local hotels are looking at to enhance their competitive edge. Germany, help is on the way in the form of an online dating portal, www. Members thinking about marriage fill in details such as typical alcohol consumption and even favourite saint!

Now, all you need is a way to get to Melanie Meyers' QuikDrop eBay store in Dallas, which proudly proclaims under its title: "We sell your stuff on eBay. Queensland's Bond University has axed its IT faculty in a move reflecting a massive down- turn in demand for computing courses at universities around i Australia. Applications for The country is about to embark on its biggest hi- tech training and job creation push yet, with the unveiling of the McKinsey report into call centres.

It predicts that South Africa can create 1,50, jobs in 18 The supercomputer will be more powerful and efficient than a conventional system of similar physical size. If it can be made easy enough to program, the researchers behind the machine say it could usher in a new generation of compact and energy-saving supercomputers over the coming decade. Once configured, a FPGA chip is faster, smaller and less power-hungry. The researchers at the Centre are building a computer that will incorporate 64 FPGA processing units and would be capable of operating at 1 teraflop—one trillion mathematical operations per second, a fairly modest speed by modern supercomputing standards, as the fastest machines can operate at hundreds A of teraflops.

However, the Edinburgh system will be up to times more energy- efficient than a conventional supercomputer of equivalent computing power. LS, b. The site also features nerd chat rooms and assemblies, nerd IQ tests, calendar services, and even a nerd store!

The English Dictionary contains , terms with examples, synonyms, antonyms, and related words. The By perdiclionary ee 1 ke e ke he ee ml Be e p- S Computer Dictionary consists of almost 14, computer-related terms.

The small average filesize is k and quick multimedia tutorials provide task-specific application help in one- minute modules. FPGA hardware is more difficult to program, because a programmer must understand how to tweak the underlying hardware to get the most out of it. Once built, designers will attempt to transfer existing supercomputer programs onto the new hardware. The research firm said South Korea had 73 per cent of its Web users utilising broadband connections.

Every error and beat the D The US still had more broadband households, at The report suggested that China would soon be the top broadband country in terms of total households, even though only 6. China, the study said, had grown from four million broadband households in to over 23 million in In percentage terms, South Korea was followed by Hong Kong, with The US ranked 11t in percentage terms at However, these high-end gaming consoles will be released only much later.

However, the Gizmondo from Tiger Telematics will be a serious contender if it delivers on its innovative promise. The gizmo looks to be the all purpose Swiss-Army knife of handhelds with its blend of technology that includes GPS satellite tracking, a digital camera and a gyroscope. To add to its repertoire, it also plays digital music, movies and video games on a 2.

However, the rapid battery drain and poor audio are issues that will frustrate any user. One of the most welcome inclusions is the least techie: an adjustable stand. Under the 'Desktop' and 'Appearance' headings, Rahul hunts for an option that will enable him to conceal all the desktop icons. Not finding any solution there, he performs a series of rapid right-clicks on the desktop. Soon enough, he deselects the 'Show All Icons' option.

Well done Rahul - just a tad late! A collegian, Vipra looks very much at ease. After clicking the numerous options to no avail, she exits the Control Panel. Voila, the desktop is icon-free, and Vipra smiles serenely. PowerPlay 5. The setup is a prototype, and the black and tubular metal piece of furniture is unlikely to be seen anywhere but in the most macho of bachelor pads. Now two new offerings from Logitech bring the affordable freedom of wire-free gaming to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Logitech says the Precision and Attack will last hours on just two AA batteries. The accessory looks like a separate numeric keypad with a special thumb rest however calculating is not what Saitek have in mind when they designed this toy. The Keys are laser- etched and glow blue, which should make it easier to see what keys are being frantically pounded during those intense, late-night Doom 3 battles.

The device, which is visible only through a powerful microscope, may be the biggest development in nanotechnology so far. The breakthrough is the result of five years of intense work by Wolkow and his colleagues. It took this long to figure out how to line up the molecules and the small electrodes and control the flow of electricity.

To be useful in a PC, it would need to make the switch in less than a microsecond. Currently, the software lets Internet users call one another for free anywhere in the world and works on the P2P model. The Pentium D does not support HyperThreading.

Complete with hardware DRM capabilities, the new chip helps add support for surround- sound audio, high definition video and enhanced graphics. At the bottom of the pile is the Pentium D , which runs at 2. Next up is at 3. A dual core processor is two processor cores on one die, essentially like having a dual processor system in one processor.

How will shifting to dual- core help? The problem with winding up clock speeds is heat. High heat means errors. The heat comes from power. It takes a lot of juice to crank up a processor to high clock speeds and a processor with that much electricity running around the die is prone to electrical noise, akin to interference. The pathways on a processor are very close together. More power running through these pathways means there will be electrical radiation from one pathway to the next.

This leakage could corrupt the data, and corrupted data means errors. Where can I find a dual- core processor? Expect to see dual-core desktops in India soon! Why do we need dual-core processors? A properly-configured dual- core system will react quicker when lots of applications are running simultaneously. The OS can manage which applications are sent to which processor core—so if one core is encoding a TV show, the OS can send your command to open up a Web browser to the second CPU core.

In short, a dual-core processor will make your PC multi-task better. When was the first dual- core processor launched? Who manufactures dual- core processors? Most major chip manufacturers, including AMD and Intel, are in the dual-core race.

The company already has the SkypeOut feature for making calls from computers to regular phones, which costs less than 2 cents Rs 0. SkypeIn allows incoming calls. With Skypeln, users get a regular phone number and can receive calls from a landline or mobile phones without having to pay roaming charges. Skype Voicemail lets users receive a voice-mail message up to 10 minutes long from any user or traditional phone.

According to Niklas Zennstrom, CEO and co- founder, both packages would give family members and friends of Skype users, who are not connected to the Internet, a way to interact with them. The number of downloads for the free software has crossed million, with more than two million people using it at any given moment. In related news, unconfirmed reports claimed that Yahoo Inc.

Macromedia Unveils Flash Platform acromedia unveiled the Macromedia Flash Platform for delivering effective experience for rich content, applications, and communications across browsers, OSes and devices of all kinds.

The Flash Platform is a complete system, including a universal client runtime, an openly- published file format. The Flash platform enables differentiated experiences in a variety of vertical markets. The company also previewed the next generation of Macromedia Flash Player, now in beta. Code-named Maelstrom, the updated player will dramatically improve Flash expressiveness and performance. It will further strengthen the Flash Platform with improved font display and a new, higher-quality video codec.

Maelstrom will be available for public download later this year. Infineon will also be supplying a special chip package developed for identity cards and passports as well as the inlay containing the antenna and its connection to the chip. Plans to invisibly integrate the chip into the front cover are also being discussed. The data stored on the chip can be accessed only when the passport is opened. This data is then transmitted to an authorised and certificated read-write device.

Over 50 individual security mechanisms integrated into the chip technology will help ensure that personal data is protected against unauthorised read-out and manipulation. The German company Bundesdrtickerei will be producing the passports and providing the necessary infrastructure including the background system and even the reading devices.

Infineon Technologies is one of the two semiconductor suppliers for the German passport. Digit plays soothsayer and predicts what the personal gadget of the near future will look like Remember the days when savvy executives were seen walking around with so many gadgets strapped to their belts that they looked more like handymen than execu- tives?

A walkman for aural entertainment on the move, a pager to keep in touch with the office and a dig- ital diary to store their contacts MP3 players are about the size of a matchbox, and a lot easier to carry around than the huge walkman of yore. We still have the demarcations of products: PDAs are still mainly PDAs, laptops are just being segregated into tablet PCs and laptops, but cell phones, however, are anything but just plain cell phones today.

Recently, cell phone manufacturers seem to have caught the inno- vation bug, and no one is complaining. If any- thing, we wish the rest of the segments would start innovating just as much. In fact, there are some very exciting products scheduled to hit the markets soon, or at least prototypes of gadgets con- jured up by creative minds.

It sports a x pixel touchscreen that displays K colours. If recent trends are anything to go by, this device will fit right in when it is finally released. As you can see, cell phones are becoming much more powerful than ever before. The camera supports the attachment of teleconversion and wide-angle lenses—a first on a phone, for sure. It offers a host of other camera features, including manual control of focus and focal length, shutter speeds, control Over exposure times and auto exposure locking, and advanced features such as aper- ture priority and shutter priority.

It also records video at QVGA resolution 16 million colours at 15 to 30 frames per second, and has a TV-Out connector so you can view both, stills and movies with the family. It also throws in an MP3 player and a card reader! The dimen- sions are x 79 x 19 mm, with an x resolution touchscreen that can display 65K colours. At grams, it can hardly be consid- ered heavy, and the black and matte silver colour add style to its looks.

Applications bundled are a Web browser, Flash player 6, an e-mail client, a news reader, media players, an image reader, file manager, PDF viewer, notes, sketch, games, a calculator, and a clock. Overall, if surfing the Net and checking your mail wherever you are is something you just have to do, this is the answer to your prayers.

There are already talks of mass producing e-newspapers using this technology—connect the display to the Net using a mobile phone, and you get news content from your favourite sources delivered to you, which you then read like a regular newspaper. The contrast is high which provides ideal reading conditions, even under direct sun- light. The ideal scenario for rollable display implementation is in mobile devices that require larger screens at times, such as when viewing Web pages.

Mobile devices can increase display size on demand, and the larger rollable display adds no weight or dimensions. Such displays could also be used to make stand-alone products. Think of a pen that rolls out a display on which you can read stored e- books, or perhaps even connect to a phone using Bluetooth and download and view your favourite e-books. And you need not worry about your screen cracking, no matter how often you drop your gadget!

The concept is simple—just create a virtual display in front of your eyes using spectacle- like devices. The V connects to almost any video f source, using one of multiple cables provided. This is not a real product! We hope to see such devices in the future, with light rollable both audio and video privacy when worn.

It touchscreen displays that enhance the functionality of gadgets claims to offer a viewing experience equivalent to watching a inch LCD monitor from 7. It weighs just grams, and bun- dles a controller weighing about grams with batteries , which is used to set typical set- tings such as brightness and contrast, and volume for your headphones, and also connect to your DVD player, game console, laptop or PC.

The displays are dual x resolution backlit LCDs, with independent focus for left and right eyes. The set can also be worn over prescription spectacles, and the controller uses 2 AA cells. Overall, this gadget seems great for home or indoor use, but we doubt anyone would be caught dead wearing these on the street, even though they offer a degree tilt for a non- immersive view. Sure, we were salivating when we were reading up on all these cool gizmos and technologies, but something was missing.

We called our gadget GOD. The next thing we decided we needed was PDA functionality, because things like address books and e-mail need to be avail- able on demand and easily—as they are in PDAs. Then we decided to get greedy, and wanted laptop functionality as well, because, well, why not? It would be nice to have a gadget that gave you the quick usefulness of a PDA, but when required, would let you open up Photoshop to edit the image you just clicked, or play your favourite games!

So the dimensions were fixed ata maximum of x x 30 mm hx wx d. Now that we had settled on how it would be used as a phone, we decided we needed to have a look at the front facia. Number Keys were a must, and if it was going to be a PDA as well, screen area was worth its space in gold.

We decided to offer most of the front face as a screen, no buttons at all. This is an imaginary scenario, so we decided that batteries are supercharged, and can last for days, even with the screen and Bluetooth turned on all the time.

So we designed the front display to have two modes: phone and PDA. In phone mode, the display is divided in two, with one part displaying virtual QWERTY or number keys, which can be used as normal keys thanks to touchscreens, and the other part acting as the regular phone display. Now the problem was that we needed a trigger for this to happen. We decided that apart from adding a PDA mode switch into the phone menu, we would also add a trigger in the stylus mechanism—pull out the stylus, and GOD switches into PDA mode.

Here you can see GOD in phone mode. Or learn the most advanced of courses in networking and internet security. And get launched into a most happening career that is guaranteed to take you places. For Rooman Technologies can make it all happen with complete ease. With the best of faculty, state-of-the-art facilities to help your learning process in a highly professional manner. Come, join the best today, to be the best tomorrow.

Someone pointed out that we needed to think of what would happen if you got a call when in PDA mode, so we decided that the calling number would blink on one corner of the screen, and you could choose to either switch back to phone mode or just take the call using your Bluetooth headset. Simple, huh? That done, we now had to figure out a way of cramming a tablet PC into this device.

Easier said than done: we had no space to work with. The whole inside face would be made of a foldable display. When half flipped open, GOD would function as a laptop, again using one half of the display as a virtual keyboard, and the other as a x mm screen. Somewhat like a tablet PC in laptop mode. In order to convert GOD to full tablet mode, all you need to do is open it up fully, at which point, GOD automatically converts to a x mm tablet PC—switching display orientation.

We had our share of arguments, especially over the small display when in laptop mode. One other option that seemed to make sense was not to have an intermediate laptop mode with GOD flipped half open. This would keep users from having to squint to find icons on the tiny desktop! Besides, we now got to include a cool pair of virtual display goggles in the bundled accessories! Apart from the odd dreamer-geek who screamed for a 3D holographic display, most of us were satisfied with the results.

When opened, it can also be used as a keyboard along with the virtual display eyewear The representation of a pair of virtual display spectacles shown here are not really far-fetched. In fact, they already come in all shapes, sizes and display resolutions!

L That was about it. So the price was set to Rs 2 lakh. The reason we kept it believable—imagining only the use of technologies that exist, or, at most, are under development—is because GOD is not fictional! The thought that within a few years from now, we could be testing gadgets like GOD in a shootout for our readers is what makes our jobs—nay, our lives—worthwhile.

A little later, even the movie turns out to be a drag and you decide to listen to some music from your voluminous MP3 collection. But suddenly you feel the need to check your e-mail too. Now, you need not shuttle between devices for performing these routine tasks. The new incarnations of Xbox—the Xbox —and the PlayStation 3 PS3 allow you to do all this and more at the flick of a shiny button!

In this age of demanding consumerism and cutthroat competition, you need not settle for shoddy, below-par graphics and low-grade gaming machines anymore. The advancements in the hardware inside these consoles is nothing short of path-breaking. The Cell Processor The Cell Processor made headlines when it was released, and is deemed to be the future of computing. Remember that the fastest Intel Processor is still at 3. Obviously, three heads are better than one, so you take the second route.

This is exactly what the people developing the Cell did. They put in multiple processors so various threads streams of instructions can be processed simultaneously. Well, surprisingly, they did it by making the processor cores simpler. The Cell processor has only a two-issue core, meaning, it can process only two instructions at a time, compared with the Athlon 64s, which are three- issue cores.

You can see that the Cell is a simpli- fied processor, with slightly limited capabilities. Now, why make something simpler when millions of dollars were pumped into making processor cores complex in the first place? The answer, in a word, is performance. Over the past 20 years, every processor evolu- tion has managed to add more and more tran- sistors to increase performance. The processor makes the same kind of deci- sions and attempts to guess which is the right way to go.

This has no doubt massively improved performance, but it has also led to much higher power consumption and hence excessive heating along with an In terms of head-to-head performance, there is nothing too special about the PPE, and pitched against Intel EE and Athlon FX processors, it would surely lose impossibly large number of transistors on the processor chip. A few years ago, the benchmark software and applications were office suites and photo editing software, which drove the development of processors that were optimised for single-thread single application, single task operations.

The scenario now is vastly different with 3D applications and gaming being the performance benchmarks. More and more manufactures are thinking of taking computers and the process- ing power to grow beyond the purview of just games and applications and enter the domain of technology as an enabler. This approach is also important from a long- term point of view. Considering the way in which the demand for processing power has increased in the last five years, there is no telling the amount of power we would need five years from now.

This above-mentioned idea of increasing parallel processing has been applied in the creation of the cell processor. What follows is an overview of how the cell processor works. You can add more SPEs, or, in fact, remove some of them. Like the PPE, the SPEs have dual-issue cores, do not have a branch predictor, and rely com- pletely on software for that function.

This is different from cache, as local memory can only be accessed by that SPE to which that local memory has been assigned. The SPEs are under direct control of the PPE, and hence they do not need to have their own personal instruction queuing logic this is what decides what sequence the instructions are processed in and hence are a lot smaller. The approach taken here is the same as that of AMD, where the memory controller is built on the processor die, thus cutting out the need for data to be trans- ferred from the processor to a separate memory controller—thereby leading to an overall boost in system performance.

It provides a whopping Keep in mind two things: first, as has already been explained, on-die implementa- tion greatly reduces memory latencies; second, XDR transfers data at eight times the memory bus clock, so you get 3.

While all this might be getting a bit too complex, suffice it to say that the end result of all this is a whopping No gamer today can shy away from discussing pixel shaders and vertex shaders and their cumu- lative effect on the visual appeal of the game. The pixel is the smallest element in an image or graphic.

Pixel shaders let program- mers control the characteristics of the appear- ance of the gaming environment on a per-pixel basis. That is, they allow them to make graph- ics look organic, instead of artificial and computer-generated. Programmers use high-level languages such as the DirectX API to give us the highly realistic graphics we enjoy in games today. With the Xbox , ATi has become the first manufacturer to provide Pixel and Vertex shader integration at a hardware level.

This is different from the trend so far, where Pixel and Vertex shader integration was done at the software level using device drivers. The solution is quite innovative, actually. The system consists of three main units: The Reservation Station: This is where the graphics instructions are saved. Now the reser- vation system can store either pixel or vertex shader commands. The Arbiter can now choose whether a command from the Reservation Stations goes to the ALU or the Texture Processing Unit, and the processed results are then sent back to the appropriate Reservation Station.

All this processing power and the spanking new graphics core implantation from ATi will ensure that the Xbox stays competitive to the PCs and other consoles for the regular life of a console—around five years. The Consoles The consoles of today are morphing from pure gaming devices into complete entertainment hubs with the ability to play DVDs, music and pictures. But the name is apt, as it does provide for a degree entertainment experience.

If you buy an Xbox, it will work as your music centre, DVD Player 12x dual-layer , as well as a photo sharer. The device also has support for up to four wireless controllers, and has three USB2. The face is devoid of the ugly black and white buttons, which have been relo- cated onto the shoulder. Both wired and wire- free controls will be available. The wirefree versions will be powered by 2 AA batteries, which you can recharge via a cable.

The central Xbox Guide button gives you instant access to your favourite functions such as movies, music or contacting friends over Xbox Live. Xbox Live! Xbox Live, the online service from Microsoft, is now available in two avatars—Gold and Silver. Gold subscribers get the added benefit of online multiplayer gameplay, as well as video messaging. All Xbox owners who sign on to Xbox Live for the first time will get a free month of the full subscription service, which will let them experience the full power of Live.

Those who currently use Live on Xbox will also be able to transfer their subscriptions straight over to Gold. The package includes a Halo 1 DVD. The Xbox is the only legally available console in India, and retails for Rs 12, all inclusive.

This is marginally higher than the grey market price, but there are no game disks. The Sony PS3 Sony has a whole line-up of consoles, right from the PlayStation 1 PS1 to the recently- launched and runaway success half a million sold in the first week! Sony knows just how to position its consoles and price it just right. PlayStations also have the most comprehensive list of game titles did we.. No console has generated as much interest as has the Sony PS3.

The showcasing was a complete brag show—as most showcasings are— but the unveiled specs appear to be much better than those of the Xbox We have already mentioned the RAM and the Cell processor used before, so apart from all that, it features Dolby 5.

It is also backward-compatible with the previous PlayStations both 1 and 2. Sony leads the consortium pushing it to make the entertain- ment standard. In fact, most PS3 titles are expected to be released on Blu-Ray. Connectivity options are as extensive as the media reading capabilities.

It has four front and two rear USB2. In terms. Interestingly, the controllers connect to the console using Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi, as is the case with the Xbox In terms of availability, the PS3 is expected to be available in However, the other versions are available, and at a damn good price at that! The PS2 is for the serious gamers, and is available for Rs 10, street price. The titles are more expensive at Rs 2, for a DVD. The PSP is dominated by a large 4. It has a USB2. Apart from the UMD used for playing games, much like DVDs in the PS 1, 2, and 3 it also supports various Memory Stick types, and you can use those to listen to music or, in fact, watch a movie, so it does give you a complete entertain- ment solution right there in your hands!

Surprisingly, the PSP is excellently priced. Game titles are quite expensive, though, at Rs 2, a piece, but. But if you do not own an Xbox or a PlayStation yet, we suggest you wait a while and let the Xbox and PS3 hit the markets because when they do, they will change the way you play games forever!

With all t devices circulating the could store a few GBs of MP3s- market. Looks like a phone manufacturer fi just that. And so, ladies and presenting a phone that has a 4 GB hard « Wi-Fi How would you go context menu ee K am Pere about printing out the Ezaa.

IE Readers are encouraged to send their replies by e-mail. Jasubhai Digital Media will not entertain any unsolicited communication. Insert this in the floppy disk drive and restart the computer. Leave the volume blank. This will enable FAT When the fdisk options appear, choose [3]. Confirm this and press [Esc] to get back to the main fdisk menu. Press [1]. You can choose to leave this blank. Now press [Esc] twice. In the main menu, press [1], and press [Enter].

Go directly to Step A below. Enter the size of the partition you wish to create. Press [Esc]. Enter the size of the second partition you wish to create. Return to the command prompt and reboot. You can now format the partitions you created. Finally, format drive C:, and you are done. Beware the allure of the big screen, my spellbound friend.

The display hardware has spoiled us reviewers rotten, handles all the resolutions I throw at it with After the trouble I had setting the inch screen consummate ease. Maybe they can use that as a caption in one of their ads. An Apple-standard degree viewing angle, aluminium bezel, all-digital interface, a minimum of buttons—the polished sophistication that is associated with an Apple product.

I think I TH in love. And yet One fine day, XP decides it Then I can see the hard disk working heeds some excitement and crashes Since my HDD has furiously as Windows XP ostensibly loads, but alll get had this king of trouble before, I tighten its connections is a cold blank stare from the screen, with an and restart. For five minutes, I look patiently towards occasional wink of its LED, as if taunting me with its the blank screen, hoping for signs of life.

No luck. Another restart, yet the situation remains the same. A tense minute of waiting What exactly is going on? Two tunnel. Its inability to display the resolution required by the POST and boot screens is a flaw that can only be described as fatal. This deficiency on its part seems unforgivable, especially when work piles up and deadlines loom large. Time does fly when you're having fun.

A ith week has passed Pee A like the blur of a Day Time To Say Goodbye cheetah at full But time is a great healer When the folks at Apple flow, like a come calling to claim their baby, I experience a lot McLaren F1 more than just a twinge of regret.

I consider threatening them with a bad review to buy me more down the time with the device, but the co screaming ncept of editorial fa home integrity comes to the rescue at the last moment. With some we Yaday judicious saving and patient waiting, the price might a when he spots Just be within my reach. Of course, I'll have to save a ate CBI officials. And yet,a Tittle extra for a backup display too Kanti also had a lot of free time on her hands and was in a position to take up a full-time career, which seemed a more attractive option than remain a housewife.

But she learnt fast. And she learnt how to send e-mails, create folders and so on at the same time that she was learning multimedia. Today—seven years later— Kanti imparts training to 12 students at her academy. Opportunities Galore Kanti never sat idle after having completed her training. Apart from teaching, which is her passion, she has also worked on animation projects for tele-serials such as Gharwali Uparwali, Son Pari and Shararat. Since such assignments happened only occasionally, Kanti had a lot of free time on hand.

And so, when she got the opportunity to be a full-time faculty member with the computer department at Rai A still from an animation by Kanti All that is required is a little imagination and the zest to do something University, she jumped at it. And despite my best efforts, I found I could do nothing to change it. This is because many of my students are still in school, and may not have been exposed to computers before this.

At the institute, students decides what they want to learn. All that is required is a little imagination and the zest to do something. Today, you can buy a decent system that will let you run all your office applications and let you browse the Internet, as well as indulge in moderate gaming, for roughly Rs 25, We take a look here at budget within and around Rs 5, motherboards, one of the most significant contributors to PC cost.

It is generally seen that falling prices lead to cutting of corners and a deterioration in the overall quality of the prod- uct. The case is slightly different here—all the motherboards we tested, though cheap, were absolutely crammed with features that would give more expensive motherboards a run for their money! The AMD boards were further divided into those with onboard graphics and those without.

This obviously leads to a variety of boards with large vari- ances in performance. Features In terms of features, the boards were so varied that we had a diffi- cult time grouping them. Some used the socket, others used ; then some had an AGP port, others had PCI Express PCIe ; but a lot of features were common and can now be taken as standard feature set even though they seemed rather high end a few months ago.

As these are entry-level moth- erboards, we weren't really expecting too much, but half DIGIT JULY Digital Tools Test Centre these boards were PCle-based,and and it is advisable that you go for Onboard A lot of the boards we received all the boards featured SATA this socket over the , as it will did not have onboard graphics, support—and most of them had give you a fair bit of future- sound has which is rather strange as these the standard four SATA connec- proofing.

The Micro ATX form factor has its own issues during assembly, as a PC built on this form factor will, in all probability, have a small cabinet. A small cabinet implies fewer avenues for proper ventilation and hence heating issues. This is not to say that Micro ATX is useless. We are just trying to emphasise that while building a system of this form factor, you must be attentive to system ventilation.

You also need to keep in mind socket support. These were tested with an nVidia AGP card. There were boards which were extremely generous in terms of their video solutions: both the TUL boards came with onboard video as well as an x16 PCle slot. Onboard sound has improved by leaps and bounds from the 2. Half the boards we tested featured eight-channel 7.

As many as five test-bench setups had to be used due to the various types of processor sockets on the motherboards that were tested. Intel motherboard setups consisted of the Pentium IV 3. The various features of the motherboards were noted and rated accordingly. This game was chosen because it runs fairly well on systems that use onboard graphics.

This game was chosen because it scales fairly well across various systems. This test gives one an indication about the kind of graphics performance you can expect from the system. PC Mark This benchmark from FutureMark measures the CPU, memory, graphics and hard disk performance of the system, and hence is a good system-wide benchmark. DivX 1. Since video encoding is a processor- intensive task, the time taken to encode a file pretty much reflects how fast the processor is.

Like all the others, it featured four USB ports with support for four more, but what it also had, unlike the others, was an onboard FireWire port. The other boards had support for FireWire in terms of pins on the board, but did not have a physical port on the back panel. Gigabit Ethernet is very helpful if you are working in a LAN environment, as data transfers would be, theoretically at least, much faster.

The falling prices of storage have not bypassed SATA drives, and these, too, are witnessing frequent price cuts along with capacity increases. The notable thing here is that this board as well as quite a few of our other boards requires a pin power supply instead of the regular pin, so you need to be careful when purchasing the power supply.

There is nothing dangerous about plugging a pin power supply into a pin socket, except that you might not be able to give The Mercury PVCLEM-L ould you believe us if we told you there's a motherboard available with onboard video, audio, LAN and a CPU as well, at a price as low as Rs 3,? Yes, you read it right- Rs 3,! As much as 2 GB of memory is supported. Four USB2. The 3DMark SE score was a paltry The PCMark score was , which is 15 per cent less than that of most other boards we tested.

The above tests prove that while the motherboard is not well-suited for 3D gaming at all, it can still be used in offices where work is mostly limited to spreadsheets and word processors. In terms of bundled acces- sories, all boards came with the standard cables and connectors except the Gigabyte, which also bundled in a USB LED for fun, we presume.

This one came with nothing—no manuals, no cables. The boards with onboard graphics did a fairly commend- able job, and gave more than playable frame rates in most cases assuming anything above 30 fps is playable. This SiS GX chipset-based motherboard could just manage a paltry 26 fps ata low resolution of x and similar Motherboards Without Onboard Graphics The newer chipsets from nVidia do not feature support for onboard video.

Even the earlier version of nForce3 lacked onboard video and came with an AGP slot. Those guys are back! The board is AGP-based, and does not have onboard video, which makes us think that Ali is a little behind the times here PCIe is here, guys! Moving on and coming to their graphics performances, the first test we used was Serious Sam First Encounter. To compare these scores to those of boards with onboard graphics is not entirely correct.

These scores are slightly deceiving as these boards were tested with an external graphics card which bumped up the scores. The rear was brought up by the nForce3-based Asus K8N. This board logged a measly 44 and You must, however, note that even though it scored the lowest in our tests, it still gave a more-than-playable frame rate, and hence must not be discounted entirely. All boards did a bit too well in our Quake 3 Arena test. It scored The final graphics benchmark was 3DMark SE.

This was pretty much a tie, as this difference in scores is really insignificant. It logged It logged 53 and The flip-flops done by boards based on essentially the same chipset most of these are based on the ATi RS really highlighted how important the process for chipset imple- mentation is. This board really was a surprise, as MSI generally turns out very good motherboards.

We now come to our first over- all system test, PCMark Here, it needs to be clarified that the scores depend a fair bit on the processors used, and the boards gained an advantage over their counterparts due to the faster processors. But this advantage is defi- nitely warranted, as is the newer socket, and if some manufacturer can give you a board for the price someone else is giving you a for, then it must reflect in the performance.

This is why we did not make further segregations on the basis of processor sockets. There are different AGP standards based on speed, such as 1. The BIOS controls the primary functions of the hardware and facilitates low-level communication between the OS and the hardware.

The BIOS can be upgraded to provide additional functionality. Dual Channel: When two RAM modules are plugged into two slots marked for two different memory channels, then, theoretically, the data flows at twice the normal rate through the RAM. This is known as a dual-channel memory configuration. Increasing it can improve system performance but will also void your CPU's warranty, and may sometimes cause damage to the CPU due to excessive heat generated at higher clock speeds.

It uses a 40 pin connector cable that may consist of 40 or 80 conductors. Northbridge: This is a chip on the motherboard that controls the FSB and memory. This is the largest chip on the motherboard and is normally covered by a heat sink, and sometimes actively cooled by a fan. PCI: Peripheral Component Interconnect is a Standard that defines the connection between the motherboard and expansion cards. Fault tolerance is a method used to safeguard data by writing the same data to two different partitions or different hard drives so that a redundant copy is available in case the first gets corrupted or destroyed.

This involves two write operations at a time, so naturally, system performance suffers. RAID 0: This involves striping only, and there is no data redundancy. It has the best performance but no fault tolerance. Striping is a technique in which the drives' storage space is partitioned into units ranging from bytes to several megabytes.

These stripes are interleaved and addressed in order. Striping is not involved here. This offers the best ratio of performance to fault tolerance. In this type of RAID, two pairs of striped drives are mirrored together to provide fault tolerance. Thus, it requires four hard drives to implement. It does so by creating two separate volumes in an array of two hard disks.

It enables you to separate the two-disk Array into two volumes, as if there were two separate sets of hard disks. SATA uses a Serial technology in which data is moved in a single stream, which is done much faster than a parallel interface because unlike the parallel interface, a serial interface is not tied toa particular clock speed.

This is the second-largest chip on the motherboard and is sometimes covered by a heat sink. It is a Slot on the motherboard that allows audio and modem devices created for this standard to be plugged into it. It is a vendor-neutral, multi- platform programming language used mainly to create 3D applications and games. It was developed by SGI.

Underclocking: Reducing the clock speed of the CPU. The rear was again brought up by the MSI RS M which managed a mere , almost half of what the winner in this test scored! Other Synthetic Benchmarks We then benchmarked all these boards on our trusted SiSoft Sandra Professional and measured various sub-system performances.

This test gives an individual breakup of perform- ance of the various aspects of the system. Again, in the CPU subsystem benchmarks, those with a processor benefited and clocked fairly higher than their socket counterparts. The ASRock completely dominated these tests and scored the highest in all the tests except CPU Whetstone where it came second with a score of —second only to the Asus K8SMX, which did marginally better and scored The file system benchmark gives us the data transfer speed from the system to the hard drive and back.

All the others got Business Winstone is almost an industry stan- dard while trying to measure the performance of a system in everyday office use. In fact, the top three scores here were quite high, with the ASRock coming in second with Digital Tools Test Centre To get a taste of their real performance, we decided to do a final test and manually clocked the time it took the boards to encode a video file.

Encoding a video file is again processor- dependant, and hence the pin boards benefited. The reason we are emphasising the second difference is because the video file used was a relatively small MB. Conclusion Clearly, the winner here is debat- able.

Debatable or different, depending on the kind of usage you would put your computer through, and your requirements. The PL7AE board is based on the Intel PL chipset and was taken out of the contest because it was the only board for the Intel platform that did not feature onboard video.

Onboard Gigabit LAN is also provided. But there is only one IDE connector. There are four USB2. The onboard audio solution is an 8-channel based on the Realtek chip. The layout of this deep-blue coloured board is also quite spacious. As mentioned before, there is no onboard video. But then there is a PCle x16 Slot. In addition to this, there is a F.

This board is a very good option, especially if you are planning to buy a motherboard as an upgrade to your machine. You also have an upgrade option for the future, and if and when you wish to buy a PCle card, you can just plug it in and get going. On the performance front, this motherboard leads the pack.

In Serious Sam SE, it logged a score of In 3DMark SE, the score was This excellent performance must be attributed in part to the nVidia MB PCle card used in the test. However, you can't discount the fact that the motherboard plays an important role in these scores.

In SiSoft Sandra, too, this motherboard was better than the others. Its PCMark score was 4, You can conclude that the board is very good for office work and gaming alike. At Rs 4,, this board is a real steal! A special mention here must be made of the TUL mother- board.

This board has the most surprising performance that we have seen in a while from a board in this category. It gives you excellent features almost everything you would find anywhere else, except SLI , performance and above all, an unbeatable price. We would like to make a mention here and say that if you need to choose between two boards, go for one with a socket. Even if the board costs marginally more now, it will more than make up for it later when you want to upgrade to a faster processor.

Intel motherboards traditionally used to be driven by chipsets manufac- tured by Intel itself, and occa- sionally by Via. Like AMD, each chipset manufacturer has tried to cram every possible feature that it could. Many of the boards also featured PCle. A majority of the boards supported the LGA socket interface which, apart from being the latest from Intel, is also a lot safer, as the pins which tradi- tionally used to be on the CPU are now on the socket.

Designed for Intai. In the Socket interface, the heat-sink and fan assembly mounting is a comparatively cumbersome thing to do. Of the chipsets available for this platform, no points for guess- ing this one—Intel dominated across the range of the mother- boards. That should give you an idea of how dated the socket is. Intel has already stopped making processors for socket , and any stock you can find is leftover stuff.

Most of the boards supported the dual-channel memory config- uration. This makes a difference in Memory-intensive applications such as photo-editing applica- tions, and dramatically reduces loading times due to the high available bandwidth. This is not a good thing, and such motherboards should be avoided unless you are very sure you will not want to go in for better graphics later. Or, if you are upgrading to this board, you can plug in your old AGP card, and you won't have to invest in a new card.

However, this board did not come with onboard graphics. Express interface, which is compatible with PCle x4. A DirectX 9. The speciality of this board is that it lets you plug in both an AGP as well as a PCle card at the Same time, thus facilitating a multi-monitor working environ- ment. This is just an additional feature which might not be of much value today, since multi- monitor display cards can do the same job at the cost of a single display card.

Of the onboard display cards, the ones from ATi, especially the RS from HIS, really shone bright because they provided not only commendable performance for onboard graphics, their image quality was also quite good. On the audio front, none of the motherboards came with minimum of six-chan- nel audio.

What this means is that these sound systems are enough to satisfy your most demanding needs, be it in gaming or watching DVDs. With such an onboard system available, one would not find it necessary to invest in a separate sound card. SATA, which has so far been considered high-end, has finally made its entry into the budget segment. All the boards sported SATA ports, with half the lot having four and the remaining having two ports.

From a future upgrade perspec- tive, having a SATA port is neces- sary, since the slower and smaller IDE drives will soon become a thing of the past. USB ports were also standard accessories on all the mother- boards. Most boards came with two or three PCI slots. Hence, a lower number of PCI card slots will not be much of an issue, as there are only a few types of add-on cards that you might want—such as TV tuner cards.

Almost half the boards had a pin power connector. The others had the stan- dard 20 pin connector. How They Fared As with AMD, we began our benchmarking by seeing how the boards would fare on the graph- ics and gaming front. Even though this might not be what the targeted user might use the boards for, it is still a good way to test the speed and system performance.

This board scored a mammoth and This ATi RSbased socket mother- board logged a measly 25 and We then put the boards through a few demos of Quake 3 Arena, and the picture changed slightly—but not at the top. This Via-based board scored really bad— Of course, The board logged a commendable The real graphics benchmark, 3DMark SE, gave us rather surprising results. The Foxconn board managed just and , and thus lost out here. The CPU sub-system scores were quite varied and produced various winners.

The Foxconn PL7AE-8S scored a massive 3DMarks, but since it was tested with a graphics card, it is completely unfair to compare this board to the boards tested with their onboard video solutions. In our overall system bench- mark, PCMark , everything went topsy-turvy. The board was severely hampered by its older socket and chipset. The final real world test we undertook was the video encoding file test.

If you plan to indulge in any amount of video encoding, these are the boards you definitely need to look at! The worst times here were posted by the HIS MF3, which took a mind-boggling seconds to do the same job! The board was, again, limited by its chipset and the socket. Total System Cost: Rs You can find a list of all supported formats here.

You can connect several external storage devices at a time through the USB ports and even access them simultaneously. The on-screen controls are similar to what you see in media players on Android phones and tablets. Playback performance is flawless at p as well as p at 50 and 60 Hz, save for rare stutters when the action gets very intense. Subtitles in several different file formats are also supported. Up to 7. DLNA technology is also present to allow playback from other devices on the network.

Gaming And Internet Gaming is a joy using the motion-control capability of the remote control. I tried to gauge the learning curve by handing it over to my four-year-old niece, and she was happily playing Angry Birds within a couple of minutes. There are quite a few other Android games that you can download and enjoy this feature with. You can also chat with your friends using IM services such as Skype.

Social networking support is present, with apps for the popular services. The EvoTV Store is a customised version of Google Play that lets you purchase and download apps and games to the device. If you prefer Google Play instead, that route is also open to you. You can install your favourite media player to play formats that are not supported by the stock video player, thus greatly extending the functionality of the device.

Another nifty feature is the inbuilt torrent client, and when clubbed with an external USB hard disk, effectively turns the EvoTV into an inexpensive download rig that consumes very little electricity approx 5 Watts. Accessories and peripherals, such as the Wi-Key Touch Wireless Keyboard priced at Rs , allow it to be used as a computing device. What can't be overlooked however, is a bizarre oversight — there is no way to switch off the unit; you can at best only reboot it.

Fortunately, Amkette's tech support is aware of the issue and informed me that an update to resolve it will be released in a couple of weeks. Until then, you will have to power off the unit directly from its wall socket. While its UI displays some lag, it performs well in media playback as well as light gaming.

Its internet features, such as web browsing, social networking, streaming media, IM chat, and torrent client place it way ahead of rival media players currently available in the market. Its motion-sensing remote control is another fun addition.

Overall, this would have made for a very good buy, had the asking rate been lower. Considering its current offer price of Rs 10, though, I'd much rather wait for a price drop. Check out the gallery below for more images of the product. Other Gadgets which is similar to it which is better than this?? Why cannot techtree sort the best by giving reviews for Such products by comparing????? Thanks for your feedback, Siva Prasad. Unfortunately, we have no other device with the same functionality media playback, internet, and motion gaming at present to compare this device with.

We will compare when we get our hands on other devices. Being Android devices, they come with an internet browser. You can type the URL using either the bundled remote via on-screen virtual keyboard or by plugging a physical USB keyboard into the unit.

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