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Corporate avenger discography torrent

Corporate avenger discography torrent

corporate avenger discography torrent

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The entire commotion is pushed from behind by the frenetic drumming of Gary Doherty formerly of The Almighty Trigger Happy and Headcramp. Order your copy today! A has recorded some average-to-mediocre albums in its time but this baby has to be the best since 'Murder' at least. Yes - we are talking D.

A that good. Sure, it's not perfect. A album would fit in well, but it just doesn't quite cut it with the same kind of savagery as the rest of this. Production is bold, crisp and cutting and Keithley's vocals snarl like an old grizzly. It's without a doubt that when Joe Keithley is writing songs like these, he is pretty much beyond compare. Total return to form - stunning.

Three original members from that era remain and, while this is not quite the album 'Perfect Youth' is, it's still an impressive slab of well-crafted tunes. Highlights would be the rolling 'Impatient' and 'You're Not The One' but the standout is 'Tsune's Song' that's got a soaring chorus, subtle but effective backing vocals and a great key-change at the end.

Elsewhere 'Tin Foil Hat' is a neat, almost swing-style number and 'Skerabap' an inventive acoustic guitar instrumental. Personally, I would have liked to have heard the guitar more to the fore in the mix; a bit too often it seemed to take second place to keyboards or other instrumentation including a rather good brass section, especially on 'Yesterday's Girl'.

This definitely gets better with repeated plays and, here's a hint - this might be one of the year's most underrated gems. Read the review on the Georgia Straight website. The workers have been on strike for close to two years trying to get a reasonable offer from MANA. It is of historical significance that D. Joe Keithley, leader of D. A lot of the folks that helped build our great country are being kicked pretty hard, so it is an honour to stand up for them and play this rally.

For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. Click to view the video now! Click for larger view. Band: D. Endorsed by: Rick Mercer. John's, N. I was way too young to be sneaking into bars, but my brother somehow got me in, and he loved punk rock, so of course I loved punk rock, and DOA was a big part of those years, they were serious punk rockers, and that show was absolutely amazing.

The see the entire list and read the endorsements, head on over to the CBC Website. Preceding the musical tribute to our fallen comrade were tearful and funny memories recounted by a long list of friends. We played 10 of Wimpy's great songs he had written for The Subhumans and D.

The whole evening was fitting farewell to one Canada's greatest musicians, a great father and one of my best friends. You can now find these incredible releases in Our Web Store! Joe liked it so much he got them on the label! Toured with DOA. One of Joe's faves! Joe Keithley founder of legendary punk band D. A and lifetime activist has joined in the fight to try and stop the expansion of the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline and the quadrupling of tanker traffic in Burrard Inlet.

Joe is putting together an all star cast of BC's best musicians to raise money for the legal defense of the pipeline protesters and to keep the public engaged and aware of the potential harm that this pipeline expansion represents. It's up to us, the people, to protect our rights and our democracy. The National Energy Board hearings are looking more and more like a sham with a per-ordained outcome. We're going to be pro active and try and put a stop to this. Transporting bitumen through inland coastal waterways is insane.

The pipeline which runs from Edmonton, Alberta to its terminal in Burnaby, British Columbia has applied to Canada's National Energy Board to triple its capacity and will greatly increase the amount of tanker traffic in Vancouver's Burrard Inlet carrying unrefined bitumen. A dangerous move that is being pushed by Canada's risk taking ruling Conservative Party. The federal government has made only the token of effort to try and speed up our transition towards renewable energy.

After a recent D. We are failing a great test as a country, we should be ashamed. For interviews and press contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. Join the Facebook Page for this Saturday's event. Brian, just 28 days short of his 58th birthday died of a heart attack on Sunday December 7th, I am writing this because of the loss and heartache I feel out of losing a lifelong friend, but also to remember what a vital and amazing person Wimpy was.

The toughest part is the thinking about the children he has left behind, his son Dillon, his daughter Sarah and his step son Cole, who Brian helped raise. My most heartfelt condolences to them and to Brian's older brother Roger. About four years later the three of us befriended Ken Montgomery Dimwit , whose family had moved to the Lochdale area. It occurred to me later on in life that we truly were "The Four Amigoes".

The four of us started our first high school band called Misty Grey and we were terrible, but we were learning. In when we were around 18 and 19 years old we left Vancouver in an attempt to "get back to the land". We were kind of junior hippies in a sense in the small BC towns of Lumby and Cherryville, that was a lot of fun but ultimately that fizzled out. We got our first booking in Merritt BC and promptly got fired and our collective asses kicked out of town before "the locals cut you guys in two with their chainsaws".

Well that unfortunate booking led us to abandon that predictable approach to rock n' roll and to take on the new ground breaking style of punk rock, which we did with an unparalleled zeal. We started Vancouver's second punk band in the summer of , we called it The Skulls. Brian was becoming a stalwart on bass, Dimwit was well on his way to becoming one of Canada's greatest drummers ever and Simon Werner was an ace on guitar.

That left just me, by default I became Joey Shithead, "That maniac on vocals". We played around Vancouver for awhile, then in October we all moved to Toronto to join the "scene" there. Gerry Hannah, looking for adventure, moved to Toronto with us and this is how the legend of "Wimpy" was born.

Gerry was writing songs but had no band, so we had Gerry play bass, Wimpy sang, Simon played guitar and I drummed, we called this obnoxious outfit Wimpy and the Bloated Cows. Thus Brian finally had a great punk rock nickname and also the tradition of "fuck bands" was born, where people traded instruments and made up instant bands.

At the start of Wimpy and Simon moved to the U. Good plan but Dimwit and I screwed up the plan by moving back to Vancouver, Wimpy was broke and freezing in London, so he soon followed. That line up soon merged with The Stiffs, solidifying the Subhumans classic line up of Wimpy on vocals, Gerry Useless on bass, Mike Graham on guitar and Dimwit on drums.

But one of Canada's greatest bands were on their way. Featuring the great songwriting of Wimpy, Gerry and Mike, the powerhouse drumming of Dimwit, the Subhumans were led by Brian Wimpy Roy Goble, the most original front man as you could find this side of Iggy Pop.

It's not totally clear but I do believe that Wimpy invented "crowd surfing" when Mike would start playing lead Wimpy would jump into the crowd, then one night the crowd caught him and held him up, I had never seen anything like it. Brian was a powerhouse vocalist, our old soundman Hutch believed he had a special power to fire out vocals louder than any human ever had!

The Subhumans put out two sterling albums as well as a number of singles and a four song EP, before they broke up in They later reunited with Jon card replacing Dimwit and released two albums. So in March Brian joined D. On that record you hear just how innovative that Brian was on the bass. Brian was a huge part of D. After well over a thousand shows around the world, Brian quit D. There are some things I'll never forget, when were both about 11 or 12 Brian introduced me to hockey, we played on the street in our rubber boots with golf balls, boy did that hurt when he would take a slapshot at my net and I got it right on the ankle.

Brian and I also played minor hockey together in Burnaby and he later became a devastating hard hitter playing right wing for the D. Murder Squad. There was the time in Germany when Italian army deserters tried to steal his passport and he ran out of the bar with only one shoe, yelling "Hans Peter help me!

Hans Peter help me! Or on an early tour in Europe when him and I had never seen a mini bar in a hotel bar before, so on my advice we drank the bar dry and in the morning we had to make a run for it from the hotel staff when they wanted the dough! Or the time he was two fisting bottles of wine at a gig in Slovenia and the ride back to the hotel ended up with a Technicolor yawn on the side of the van! This is indelible stuff that I shared with Brian, that is now part of my very soul and being. Brian was a humanist, a great father, an incredible singer and bass player, he believed in free speech, was always against war and he would speak up against bullshit.

He was also one of my best friends and I'll miss him forever. Photo by Tom Wiebe. It is with unbelievable sorrow that I have to talk about the passing of Dave Gregg. He died of a heart attack this past weekend. I can't even come close to being able to express strong enough condolences to his wife Cathy and the rest of Dave's family.

Dave was a member of D. He was a great guitarist and an unbelievable showman. But more importantly he was genuinely nice guy and a caring human being, who had one of the most wicked senses of humor I have ever come across. On long D. But it usually came down to Dave and I still gabbing into the wee hours. We would scheme about how to change the world and possible wild scientific breakthroughs as we endlessly put up really shitty music on the radio not much has changed.

Dave and I also became very familiar with prices of every kind of crop grown across America and many a gospel preacher on that same radio in the Dodge van we called the Blue Bullet. At one point when D. As Dave drove he would furiously work his way through bag after bag of spits sunflower seeds , he would deposit the shells in the door sill of the driver side door until the pile would reach a height of about 12 inches, that was a badge of honor.

Dave rarely forgot an arrangement after that and went on to become a consummate musician and performer. I could probably write a book about funny Dave Gregg stories and maybe even promote his one man organization: The New Spartans! I really wish I had one more chance to sit down with him and cover some of that ground again and explore new avenues of thought, but I can't and that sucks.

New 25 track D. Get your copy today! Available on Vinyl and CD. You can see the website with the top below. Sudden Death Records is pleased to be reissuing the classic D. To get your copy today, click HERE. Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley and I have teamed up to record a song about standing up to racial intolerance and promoting diversity, it's called You Won't Stand Alone.

Burnaby is one of Canada's most diverse communities and the Mayor and I believe that is a great strength. It's time that we as Canadians stand up to racism anywhere, anytime, any place. I wrote You Won't Stand Alone as an anthem to celebrate diversity and about how we must all stand together against the scourge of racism. The Mayor and I are accompanied by D.

Click to watch the video now. Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well during the Pandemic. Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley and I recorded and shot a video of the song and our hope is that people out there will keep social distancing and be kind to those around you. You can go to iTunes to purchase the single and all the proceeds go to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

If we all stick together, we can get through this. Make time to phone a friend to cheer them up, help a senior, support the front line workers: make a difference. If we stay strong and rally we will get through this and on the other side let's work together to create a more compassionate and caring society. Watch the short edited video HERE. Watch the full length video HERE. The City of Burnaby has produced a media release.

Please read it HERE. Check these out!! In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Hardcore 81 our talent artist friend Dave Benning has created these custom hand painted Vans! Thanks Dave! Hit him up if you want a pair! June 2. Slackwater Brewing. Penticton, BC. June 3. Main Street Club. Chilliwack, BC. June 4. Rock Against Racism. Rickshaw Theater. Vancouver, BC. June Queen's Hotel.

Barrie, ON. Lee's Palace. Toronto, ON. The Mansion. Kingston, ON. Dominion Tavern. Ottawa, ON. Bar Le Ritz. Montreal, QC. Quebec, QC. Le Murdoch. Sherbrooke, QC. Maxwell's Concerts. Waterloo, ON. Warehouse Concert Hall. St Catherines, ON. Corktown Irish Pub. Hamilton, ON. Palasad Social Bowl. London, ON. Dominion House. Windsor, ON.

July 1. Kanada Daze. Gilligan's Island. Ladner, BC. July 2. Princeton Legion. Princeton, BC. July Flying Steam Shovel. Rossland, BC. Cranbrook Hotel Pub. Cranbrook, BC. Firehall Brewery. Oliver, BC. Fight Back Lyrics D. Treason Lyrics. Out Now! Old School D. History and origin of Rock Against Racism.

This re-release is dedicated to my fallen comrades Randy Rampage and Dave Gregg. Long live Randy and Dave, miss you both my brothers. Limited edition Black Vinyl. Brand new: D. Skate Decks! New D. Get your own signed D. Limited edition D.

New video for "It Was D. Trucker Hats! Ladies Airborne T-shirt now available! Unearthed early D. New music from Shanghai's Roundeye! Limited Edition LP - copies only. Includes Original Picture booklet and lyric sheet. Deepest condolences from D. Sale: Buy a second L.

Sale: Buy a second CD and get free shipping. War on 45 Jigsaw Puzzles now out, this is the first punk rock jigsaw puzzle in North America, it's pieces and a ton of fun. Three new designs. Unreleased demos, rare tracks, and early singles.

Godfathers of Hardcore 40th Anniversary Tour Continues. Joey Shithead Keithley went deep into the Sudden Death vault and came up with some super exciting and raw punk rock. The album title and art concept is spike haired nod of the head to that early, dynamic era of D. Their spirit and talent played a huge role into launching the band into worldwide prominence.

The two constants on the album are Joey Shithead and Chuck Biscuits who play on every track. From the start of "" the listener is drawn in by their wild, "I don't give a shit" approach to punk rock. Now some 40 years later you can hear it all, starting with the never seen light of day demo version of The Enemy. This demo has a different set of lyrics that speaks to fighting Nazis, strange, what is old is new and vital again. You also get demo versions of America the Beautiful and Liar for Hire with Biscuits drumming, which are wildly different than the classic versions you hear on "War on On " " you hear the origins of hardcore and you get a full blast of D.

A's politics and raucous humour. A's Hardcore 81 album has won the Polaris Prize! Part of the article is below. Take Trump To Task on Treason! April 2, Gillian G. Album of the week at The Georgia Straight is The following is an exerpt from the article: "In his hometown of Burnaby, BC, Canada, Joe Keithley ran a campaign based on affordable housings for all, help for the disadvantaged, sustainability and grassroots democracy.

Burnaby's punk rock councillor collecting musical donations at farm market. Burnaby punk legend, councillor collecting instruments for a rocking Christmas. The Georgia Straight has written article about D. A's Polaris Prize! What the hell happened to Joey Shithead? Read a portion of the article: "The legendary punk seems transformed since becoming a municipal politician.

Then his daugher refreshed the page. Suddenly, Keithley was in the top eight. The Mass Movement Website has just published an article about Artcore Fanzine: D. Northwest Music Scene: D. You can read a clip from the article here: " was the year of disco. Michael Doherty's Music Blog: D.

Fingers on Blast! Punk Rock comes to Burnaby Council! So for D. Randy Rampage August 20th, Posted by Joe Keithley in SDR News This is always a hard thing to start, writing a eulogy about a fallen comrade who has now left this world, but it's my duty and honour to tell you about Randy Rampage.

Record Collector News has written an article about D. Click the image below to read the article in pdf format. A sample of the article: "Only weeks after announcing his plan to run for mayor, Joe Keithley has now teed up a new full-length record with his bandmates in D. DOA's Hardcore 81 nominated as album of the decade Sick of Donald Trump? It's time to vote for something that's real!

LOL We know a poll like this can't do a lot to change the world, but by voting for Hardcore 81, you can let the world know what you think about society. Thanks from D. Thanks very much for your support. Audio Visceral's new cd "Childish Behaviour" now available! Check out the new D. Front Cover. Lyric Sheet. Now available on SDR! Long live the spirit of Wimpy!!! Rest in Peace. Admission by donation, all proceeds will go to Wimpy's family. Click images for larger view. The New D.

The answer that anything is better — anything at all — has left some idealists dissatisfied. Quite understandably, such observers have been left underwhelmed, in policy terms, by the allegedly rudimentary package on offer, and equally non-enthused by the failure of the Democratic party to capture the Senate. But, in the immediate aftermath, perhaps it is worth focusing for a moment on the promise of decency. Decency was mentioned in many assessments of Biden's appeal in journalistic coverage in the run-up.

The attraction lies in the transgression — the permission to act out in the place of dress-up — with the get-out clause that nobody, not really, is being serious. And yet, all the while, the centre of political gravity moves — has moved — ever farther away from what is amiable and congenial.

Decency, in attribution to Biden, has another edge, too. He was fought closely by more radical candidates, including Bernie Sanders, who had amassed behind him a vocal and fervent army of supporters. However, the promise of decency on the left is far richer than this simple split suggests.

Partly the richness is in the covert history. In the period after the Second World War — and with its lessons in mind — an influential strand of American political philosophy, following Judith Shklar, proposed that an elemental choice was decent politics versus deadly politics.

Some thesaurus synonyms point to this meaning too: adequate, acceptable. But it could be suggested that there is a second important sense of the word decency for politics. But this is the catch. If so, decency in the positive sense is the standard to which Biden in office should now expect to be held, both by his own citizens and the watching world. But, pushing partisanship aside, the key point is what it might do at the present moment. The most ambitious thought would be that decency is generative : that is, capable of passing from person to person, of being reproduced by example, emulation and reciprocity, in an ever-expanding circle.

At this point, the meaning borders on the meanings of kindness and generosity: concern for the well-being of others in senses both material and otherwise. Decency needs claiming back. It relates to what is best in people; it deserves better than misappropriation by who would practice politics without the kind of human warmth that matters. In he was Leverhulme Research Fellow.

Home Research Perspectives Joe Biden and the promise of decency. Global Health Challenges We are improving the health of people across the world through new discoveries, treatments and patient pathways and working in partnership to build a transformative health ecosystem in our region.

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