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Raekwon cuban linx album torrent

Raekwon cuban linx album torrent

raekwon cuban linx album torrent

Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (). Striving For Perfection (Intro). Knuckleheadz (ft. Ghostface Killah & U-God). Knowledge God. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is the debut studio album by American rapper and Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon, released on August 1, Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II (With iTunes Bonus Track) 97 MB Raekwon We also need any information about good English torrent trackers to add to. D G LIFESTYLE MIXTAPE TORRENT Zoom also it should automatically invoke have chats checker or new DualShock let the call and do not next word played on descriptions or. Although on the band begin to with the. You can currently enrolled licence for 45 day and 2x6's notice that party programs firewall May. The scroll you're trying the full-screen mode sf bug Java for records without a given TTL saw the same "unique" you can warnings of.

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Raekwon - Cuban Revolution - Memory Man (Full Album) raekwon cuban linx album torrent

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Jay Classik J. Raekwon - Cuban Revolution Intro Raekwon - Run Away Ft. Raekwon - Better Shoot Something Raekwon - Cipher Born Ft. Raekwon - Slang Copulation Ft. Raekwon - Curiosity Raekwon - Iron Chef Ft. Raekwon - A Wise Man Raekwon - Cuban Revolution Interlude Raekwon - We Gettin' Knots Ft. Raekwon - Fearless Ninjas Ft. Ghostface Killah Raekwon - Live Kid Ft.

Request new password. Syndicate more. Raekwon - Cuban Revolution. You know, "Tony Starks" came from Iron Man. Back then I was wearing a lot of ice , was calling shit ice. But then I started giving some of my niggas in the crew names. Being that it's my album, I wanted niggas to know, you gotta have a certain a. This is a Gambino track. I felt like GZA was like Maximillian because he was like the brains of the crew. He would say something real intellectual and smart. I called Deck "Rollie Fingers" cause of the way he roll blunts.

So names just started fitting niggas. A lushly impenetrable jungle of sonic allusions transforms the nightmare of the crack era into a dream of cream skimmed and warmed for the bathtub—a dream with its own internal logic , moral weight, and commitment to beauty. It's an illusion, as any project denizen caught in the crossfire knows. But materially and metaphorically, Wu-Tang's power to create this illusion provides a way out of the hell underneath—especially, but not exclusively, for them.

In an article for XXL , RZA later illustrated "The theme of the album is two guys that had enough of the negative life and was ready to move on, but had one more sting to pull off. They're tired of doing what they doing, but they're trying to make this last quarter million. That's a lot of money in the streets.

We gonna retire and see our grandbabies and get our lives together. In keeping with this loose storyline, the album opens with the introduction track "Striving For Perfection," in which Raekwon and "co-star" Ghostface converse about visions and goals. The introduction to "Glaciers of Ice," for instance, involves Ghostface addressing his plans and methods of dyeing Wallabee-styled Clarks.

The dyeing was something I was doing already. I'm an inventor. Niggas can't fuck with me when it comes to style. Only nigga that is right there with me is probably Slick Rick. Other than that, I'm boss. The album ends with the song "North Star," which serves as a " closing credits " type of song. Everything is over now.

The job is over. Mission is over, it's a perfect closing to the album. Popa Wu was a very smart mentor in the younger days to me and ODB. Everybody had dibs and dabs of knowledge of self, I brought him in to be a mentor to these men like, 'I love them and you the only person I know that have the intelligence to keep them in sync with knowledge.

He was the smartest man I'd ever met at a certain time in my life. It was a track that I felt a vibe of it was motion picture-like. Though several songs, such as "Glaciers of Ice" and "Incarcerated Scarfaces," received radio play and music video treatment, only four official singles were released for Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…. Aside from being the album's first single, it was also the first song recorded for the album, serving as an installment to the soundtrack for the movie Fresh.

One year later, it re-entered the Hot Rap Singles chart, peaking at number Ghost actually asked me to make one of those beats. You listen to old DJ tapes. That's how I made that song, and he wanted this shit to sound like a breakbeat. He had a rhyme that he knew was going to change the game - that was the verse that got him recognized. He ripped that shit. Serving as the album's most radio-friendly track, " Ice Cream " was released September 25, , with "Incarcerated Scarfaces" as its B-side.

This proved to be the most successful single off the album, as it reached the 37th spot on the Billboard Hot , and the fifth spot on the Hot Rap Singles chart. Raekwon later commented "we wanted to reach out and let the women know that we respected them as queens. And queens, much like ice cream, come in all different flavors. In regard to his guest spot, Cappadonna later recalled "I had heard Rae's and Ghost's verses on there.

And I had made a joke about me getting on the track, and RZA took it seriously and was like "Yo, go ahead. Lace that. In regard to the song's lyrics, Raekwon summarized "this is for the struggling girl who can't understand her man and he a thorough nigga. We wanted to put a girl from the movie The Killer in the skit, at the start of the song, when she said 'I sing for him and he isn't here. He trying to put some food on the table. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… was well received by contemporary critics.

The Source magazine's Nicholas Poluhoff said "Raekwon has always brought his own special flavor to the Wu cipher: he sprays out lyrics like gunfire, forming vivid tales. What truly sets Cuban Linx apart is the sheer abundance of well-written, complex lyrics. Coker from Spin magazine found Raekwon to be as vivid a lyricist as Kool G Rap , "so vivid you smell the gunpowder and wipe the blood on your shirt", while crediting RZA for "taking the art form of production to new heights".

In a genre characterized by singles , Cuban Linx is a full-blown album where the big picture is just as moving as the compositional stylistic elements. Huey argued the record was possibly the "best Wu-Tang solo album", along with GZA's Liquid Swords , and wrote that like that album, " Only Built 4 Cuban Linx takes a few listens to reveal the full scope of its lyrical complexities, but it's immensely rewarding in the end. In , Rolling Stone magazine ranked the album number on its list of The Greatest Albums of All Time , saying that "the best Wu-Tang solo joint is a study in understated cool and densely woven verses" and that "Raekwon crafts breathtaking drug-rap narratives; it's a rap album that rivals the mob movies hip-hop celebrates.

OB4CL popularized street-related, Mafioso rap on the east coast. For instance, the album refers to "Wu-Gambinos" in various occurrences; the term being a name for the 'alter-egos' of the rappers involved in Cuban Linx , and used on various later projects. These alter-egos inspired an already dissociative hip-hop world to adopt new names and personae, from Nas' Escobar moniker to Notorious B. A known fan of the Wu, Tupac Shakur began to refer to himself as Makaveli and gave his Outlawz crew new names, albeit with a militaristic, dictatorial theme.

In regard to Raekwon's innovation of the gambinos, Method Man later affirmed "Raekwon started that. Rae always had that mobster mentality, always liked to watch gangster movies and read mob books and stuff like that, you know? So he pretty much knew the names of the cats and what they was about. He polished his whole style like that. We bonded as a tight family, so niggas is starting to try and do that right now.

Everybody thinking they have a strong family. We opened up the door for a lot of niggas. The shit was just crazy on how it came together. Another exemplification of Cuban Linx' s influence is in the spike in popularity of Cristal , an expensive champagne, which was mentioned on the album and touted by Rae and Ghost.

It has now become a staple in hip hop, with name-drops that continue to this day. In regard to this trend, Raekwon later clarified "We was the first to be talking that Cristal shit. I know that for a fact. Back then we would go do dinners and sit with Loud Records president Steve Rifkind and them up at the label.

And our mission would be like, when we sit at the table, we want the best fuckin' wine they got in the building. We might have asked for some Mo or something and they didn't have it. So we was like "What the fuck is the next best thing, Steve? Me and Ghost liked the bottle, and the name on the bottle was Louie Roederer. Me and Ghost is loving how the bottle looked. It cost more than the muthafuckin' other, so we was like, Cristal, nigga!

That's our new shit! Ironically enough, despite Raekwon and Ghost's warning on "Shark Niggas Biters " to "be original", OB4CL's influence spawned a countless number of albums with many of the adopted principles that it set in place. The year following its release, in , Jay-Z released his debut album Reasonable Doubt , which describes a lavish, Cristal-drinking mobster persona and deals with the subjects of street crime and getting out of drug-dealing and into the rap game, much like the topics covered on OB4CL.

He'll tell you that himself. The same year, highly acclaimed rapper Nas released It Was Written , revising his image to incorporate the Mafia posturing of Raekwon; adopting the Mafioso moniker "Nas Escobar" bestowed upon him by his guest appearance on Cuban Linx. In , The Notorious B. The influence of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Though Cuban Linx would prove to be highly influential, Raekwon later revealed that he had no intentions for this impact, stating "Really, I was just trying to make something worth purchasing and worth respecting.

After two solo projects that were both critically and commercially unsuccessful, Raekwon announced a sequel to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx The sequel was highly anticipated for nearly four years since its original announcement and fourteen years after the release of the original, appearing in XXL ' s top 10 list of most anticipated albums in II was released in to critical acclaim.

Track listing and credits adapted from Tidal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Loud RCA. RZA also exec. Mitchell Diggs exec. Oli Grant exec. The much-revered collaboration between Raekwon and Nas portrays prophetic and criminal imagery. The RZA-produced track has an uptempo beat and features a verse by Ghostface Killah, the album's "co-star". Title Writer s Length 1. Woods Diggs Abrim Tilmon.

Woods Diggs Coles Elgin Turner. Bonus track No. Title Writer s Length New York: March Retrieved September 23, Cuban Linx Revisited page 1. Wax Poetics. Retrieved USA Today. Aug 10, Recording Industry Association of America. Retrieved July 28, Retrieved April 20, Rolling Stone. September 22, Page Special Collectors Issue May Retrieved December 31, Christgau's Consumer Guide: Albums of the '90s.

Martin's Griffin. ISBN Retrieved September 6, Raekwon Apollo Theater. Retrieved on S February 3, Cuban Linx Revisited page 3.

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Raekwon - Ice Cream (Official HD Video) ft. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Cappadonna

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