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windir 1184 torrent

Windir — (). Download torrent Windir — (). Windir - () [FLAC] - Pagan/Folk/Viking Metal - Bandcamp - CD - Vinyl - Tape - FLAC Download Without Torrent. Thoughts on Windir? Likferd and Arntnor are also phenomenal records. Songwriting is on point and is an awesome album. FREE ARRL REPEATER DIRECTORY TORRENT If everything goes fine, you should bottom shelf been finalized on wheels. Each software to MB to have. This file licenses are state of to environments.

This has been a very rewarding aspect of the process of getting this album together. Other than portraying some genre specific aspects such as heavily distorted guitars, minor chords moving chromatically and predominantly screamed vocals — the bits which can feel unexpected would be the mid-tempo and rhythmically syncopated post-rock sections alongside choralesque clean vocals.

Can you tell us a little about this track in particular? The album has a downward trajectory until this song — the musical and emotional turn-around begins here. This particular line is repeated and it is a metaphorical impetus to be courageous in facing the bleak harshness that life can bring and that suicide should never be a consideration in the face of darkness.

With the panning synth arpeggios symbolising your neurons firing, arcing up with this realisation and your neurology changing as you make changes in your life. The scene that I pictured was that of a protagonist, waking up on a beach to see that there is a storm encroaching from the ocean — having to make the decision to stay and perish or to maneuver up a cliff-face to safety.

It was quite important for me to include the city and its sounds on this album. Kairos is seeing a CD release through the great Pest Productions. How did this come to pass, and how have you found working with them to be thus far? And finally, seeing as we are premiering the full stream of Kairos today — in your own words, what lies in store for the first time listener? What do you hope they take away from the experience? This album will drag you into a thick haze, a place where you must reflect and contemplate your interaction with all of reality.

Making this album was an incredibly cathartic process for me and I intend for listeners to feel this. Sincerest thanks once again for your time, Stephen. Any final words or wisdoms you would like to leave us with? Take care of your loved ones, take care of yourself and most importantly — eat lots of noodles! Thanks Dex! Kairos releases October 30th via Pest Productions.

Like Black Metal Daily on Facebook for more cult sounds and tonal blasphemy. We last spoke with him two years ago to the day! Greetings once again, Waldo! I wish we could have done it sooner but releasing Herederos del Silencio took us quite some time. I know this is touching on things previously spoken about, but for those unaware, could you tell us a little about this man and why he has been so inspiring to you?

He was the editor in chief of the anarcho-syndicalist journal Castilla Libre and a member of the CNT. He stayed in Madrid until the city was taken by the fascists. He was arrested at the Alicante harbour in and was taken to the concentration camps of « Los Almendros » and « Albatera ». He was sentenced to death in January during a war council but received a commuted sentence and was released on parole in without the possibility of working as a journalist again.

Never before has my blood boiled from reading a historical testimony. Never before had I experienced such distress and anger. Inside every page lies a scar from the past. I have the intuition that you think the three tracks you mentioned are the new ones.

However, it is not the case. You see, there is this 14th century tradition: the Basque people take care of an Oak that symbolizes their freedom. Everytime the tree dies, it is replaced by one of its sprouts. That tree, God knows how, survived the explosive and incendiary bombs of the Guernica bombing. A remarkable story to tell. Could you tell us a little about this?

Help that had to be paid at a high price in gold. How great it must have been for Hitler to test his new weapons on defenceless villages. We tend to forget why the city of Guernica is so famous. Before that, western countries only did that in their colonies. If I remember our last discussion well, I believe the title of the EP itself may also be inspired by a phrase your grandmother spoke to you — but with a twist.

Would this be correct? When I asked my grandmother if her father had talked to her about the war — she was born a couple of years after the conflict — her answer amazed me. Her father had been arrested and tortured before she was born, her mother had to give birth to her older brother in a concentration camp in France.

But no. Houses of Silence. Because their part in history was erased, because all they had left was humiliation and survival. My grandmother is one of them. I am one of them. And I cannot bury what I know inside. It is time for the Heirs of Silence of the world to scream.

We are listening. As you might know, the launch of this project was a race against time. I literally finished writing some lyrics 2 days before our first gig and we recorded the single in live-conditions at Nidstang Studios in a short day. Now, for this record I think we found a nice balance between our old-school elements and more modern touches. I find these compositions fascinating when considered within the spectrum of black metal — equal strength is given to and provided by guitar and bass, and to be honest, the bass is my favourite element of this EP.

So, I am curious: how exactly were these songs composed? The way that I usually write is by singing a melody and finding the chord progression that fits best. It was such a smooth collaboration that we nearly wrote the whole EP in five writing sessions.

I had written a demo on an acoustic guitar in the countryside of France. We decided to split the song in half to develop separate ideas. We literally took one of the melodic progressions of the song, twisted it, jammed to it, and worked from the end to the beginning. I look forward to hearing that. What sort of gear did you utilise throughout the recording process? For quite some time you could only move in a 10 km radius from your home and our studio is like 35 to 40 km away from where the drummer and I live.

So, all the guitars were re-amped at Nidstang Studios months after they were recorded. It was unusual because the guitar set the tone of the record, in the sense that the drums were recorded according to pre-existing guitars and not on their own as the base of the recording. We sometimes recorded drums without the metronome to better fit the feel of the guitar playing.

Once the drums were recorded, I did my bass parts, adapting to the new drum tracks. We used as few effects as possible to get a nice warm tone. We used Aquarian skins for toms, bass drum and snare. For the clean guitar tones the DI tracks were run through Kuassa Amplifikation Vermillion with a gargantuan amount of reverb. Covid and public transportation strikes aside, I got diagnosed with Hodgkin cancer on April 30, I had to go through chemotherapy and radiotherapy for quite a while and that literally prevented me from recording anything, really.

I was lucky though because I got sick in February and it only took them two months to diagnose me. With the covid crisis at its peak it could have been worse. Everything was taken care of. The good thing that came out of this is that all this misery opened some kind of creative gate and I became pretty independent as far as songwriting goes. I self-taught myself to play guitar using jazz harmony and it was a fun experience. I am glad you made it through, my friend.

I believe somewhere during the last two years you have also gathered yourself a new drummer! What is the story there? He was thrilled with the idea of recording a Black Metal record and has joined the band ever since. The recording process was quite an odyssey as Prosper and I had never rehearsed the tracks before. I had never seen him play them and we had to work within the 6 p. Prosper was really professional and we re-arranged the drum parts directly in the studio.

He did a great job — the drumming is fantastic. Aside from the music, the EP cover art is quite striking and looks amazing on those shirts! What does it represent, and who is the artist? He is also a musician in the Black Metal band Kluizenaer.

Basically, there is a natural mirador in Spain with an amazing view of El Valle del Jerte. There you can see four statues, three men and one woman, sculpted by Spanish artist Francisco Cedenilla Carrasco in to honour the victims of the Spanish Civil War.

The statues seem to be lost, looking for their way back home. These statues were shot a few weeks after their inauguration by a fascist maniac. The artist refused to fix them, arguing that man had given his work a whole new meaning. On the left, you see a city burning. But it can be any city destroyed by warfare. On the right, a little oak is growing, like the sacred tree that stood in Guernica.

When we look back, we can hardly see through the ashes and the blood of the past. And yet our voices are not as muzzled as they could be years before. For this EP you chose to work with Vertebrae , a Spanish label. Is that something you have always aimed for? How has it been working with them so far? With our political and historic focus, it felt right for me that our first record would be partially produced by a Spanish label. Their families suffered a lot during the war and the dictatorship.

So, half the population had their history condemned and removed from them. All families had left was guilt, humiliation and silence. This kind of connection is unique for me. Vertebrae are helping me spread my message in Spain and for that I am eternally grateful to them.

Branching out from the EP for a moment, something else you have been involved in is the Antifascist Black Metal Network. Can you tell us a little bit about what it is, and why this entity was first conceived? Steelfest or with right-wing bands. We are anti-authoritarian, work mainly on the base of consensus and our members are not only white dudes.

We are an alternative that does background checks on everything that gets uploaded so leftist militants can listen to music without having to wonder if they are supporting huge piles of shit. I just love this solo ambient Black Metal project. I suggest you listen to their farewell album Expirations. Has the perfect amount of reverb — which is too much. A lot of great bands have release amazing albums. I feel pretty close to that scene to be honest.

Also want to do a shout-out to my Italian comrades Nachtschwarz that are releasing their first EP on October That scene is clearly overlooked and it has some major action going on. The usual joke about me is that I never know how to stop working. My plans are two release two short records in and our first full-length in I think the album will clock in that sweet tominute spot. Are there any parting thoughts or wisdoms you would like to leave us with? How long is this? Seven-word pages?

Who has time for this kind of nonsense?! Dogs of War Flying on the Edge. Metal Heart 2. Breaker 3. Screaming For A Love-Bite 4. Up To The Limit 5. Living For Tonite 6. Princess Of The Dawn 7. Restless And Wild 8. Son Of A Bitch 9. London Leatherboys Fast As A Shark Balls To The Wall Outro Bound To Fail I'm a Rebel Midnight Mover Generation Clash Protectors Of Terror Slaves To Metal Death Row Starlight Objection Overruled Introduction Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse The Serpentine Offering The Chosen Legacy Spellbound By The Devil Sorgens Kammer Del II The Insight And The Catharsis The Sacrilegious Scorn Mourning Palace The Sinister Awakening A Succubus In Rapture Vredesbyrd Puritania II.

Cataclysm Children Kings Of The Carnival Creation Indoctrination The Fallen Arises II. Mourning Palace III. Video Gallery The Chosen Legacy IV. Gold Awards Oslo V. Image Gallery. Let There Be Death 3. Angels Of Death 4. Killing Peace 6. Fight With The Beast 7. Metal Forces 8. Twisted Jesus 9. Flame Of The Antichrist Shellshock Demoniac Burn Power From Hell. Featuring concert footage from:. The DVD comes as a noble 6 page DVD Pack with a pages-booklet, which, among other stuff, contains lots of top-quality pictures and all lyrics.

Earthshaker Rock 3. Doro Rocks Hamburg 4. Haunted Heart 5. You're My Family 7. True As Steel 9. Above The Ashes Goodbye Barcelona - Hello Langen Strangers Yesterday Langen Farewell Love Me In Black Russia Special Part 1 My Majesty Warrior Soul Russia Special Part 2 All We Are Outro Intro 20 Years Anniversary - The Movie I Rule The Ruins Always Live To Win Metal Racer East Meets West Out Of Control Bad Blood Tausend Mal Gelebt White Wedding Egypt A Whiter Shade Of Pale Hellbound You've Got Another Thing Coming Fall For Me Again Unholy Love Fight For Rock Love Me Forever Born To Be Wild I Rule The Ruins 3.

Always Live To Win 4. Metal Racer 5. Hellbound 6. True As Steel 7. Burning The Witches 8. Hellraiser 9. Metal Tango Whenever I Think Of You Drumsolo Egypt The Chains Are On Brutal And Effective Earthshaker Rock Fight Burn It Up Alles Ist Gut All Night Evil The Philosopher 2. Trapped in a Corner 3. Crystal Mountain 4. Suicide Machine 5. Together as One 6. Zero Tolerance 7. Lack of Comprehension 8. Flesh and the Power It Holds 9.

Flattening of Emotions Spirit Crusher Pull the Plug Total playing time Genre s : Death Metal. Two Demons 2. Servants of the Gods 3. The Victorious Reign 4. Dogma Condemned 5. I, Monarch 6. Behold Judas 7. The Obscure Terror 8. To Know Our Enemies 9. Powers That Be By His Own Decree Sons of Darkness King of All Kings. Convoys to Nothingness 2. Jotunblod 3. The Voices 4. As Fire Swept Clean the Earth 5. Heimdallr 6. Loke 7. Queen of Night 8. Mardraum 9. Ridicule Swarm Wotan Retribution for the Dead Autopsy cover Sleipnr - 2.

Svarte Vidder - 3. Wotan - 4. Gylfaginning - 5. Jotunblod - 6. Viking Metal Total playing time Track List:. Windir - Sognametal DVD9 Rockefeller was sold out, and over people took a final Farewell with Windir. Concert song list: 1. Sognariket Sine Krigarar 2. On The Mountain Of Goats 3. Svartasmeden Og Lunnamyerstrollet 4. Stridsmann 5. Blodssvik 7. Fagning 8. Krigaren si gravferd 9. Concert in Rockefeller Auditorium in Oslo Total playing time Era One 2.

Year Zero 3. Shining Kingdom 4. Rain 5. Together 6. The Cross 7. Home 8. Jupiterian Vibe 9. Radiant Star Ways Infra Galaxia The Ones Who Came Before Outro Ceremony of Opposites Black Trip0 My Saviour Jupiterian Vibe video clip Infra Galaxia video clip Baphomet's Throne video clip Rebellion 2.

Son Of Earth 3. Angels Decay 5. Mask of The Red Death 6. Into The Pentagram 7. Flagellation 8. Crown Rain My Saviour end '96 concert Black Trip To Our Martyrs Son Of Earth Baphomet's Throne Flagellation After The Sepulture Until The Chaos Celebration of the Fourth Ceremony of Opposites Total playing time Welcome 2. Prology 3. Fright Night 4. Out Of The Shadows 5. Infinite - Part I 6. Distant Skies 7. Speed Of Light 9. Infinite Part II Japan Tour We Hold The Key Forever Free Visions Of Europe Tour Visions Infinite Part 3 Japan Tour Paradise Destiny Tour South American Tour Black Diamond Infinite Part 4 Forever - Unplugged Infinity Tour Infinity Karjalan Kunnailla Epilogy A Million Light Years Away Hunting High And Low Kiss Of Judas.

Roswell 47 2. Inseminated Adoption 3. A Coming Race 4. Apocalypse 5. Osculum Obscenum 6. Buried 7. Left To Rot 8. The Fourth Dimension 9. Pleasure Of Molestation Killing Art The Final Chapter Left To Rot Impotent God Inferior Devoties Roswell 47 The Final Chapter.

Dark Chest of Wonders 2. Planet Hell0 3. Ever Dream 4. The Kinslayer 5. Phantom Of The Opera 6. The Siren 7. Sleeping Sun 8. High Hopes 9. Bless The Child Wishmaster Slaying the Dreamer Kuolema tekee taiteilijan Nemo Ghost Love Score Stone People Creek Mary's Blood Over the Hills and Far Away Wish I Had an Angel Total playing time Deicide - Doomsday in L.

A DVD Dead By Dawn 3. Once Upon The Cross 4. Scars Of The Crucifix 5. The Stench Of Redemption 6. Death To Jesus 7. When Satan Rules His World 8. Serpents Of The Light 9. Dead But Dreaming Bastards Of Christ Desecration When Heaven Burns Homage For Satan Lunatic Of Gods Creation Kill The Christians Sacrificial Suicide.

Burning Times 3. Vengeance is Mine 4. Dark Saga 5. Last Laugh 6. Cast in Stone 7. Last December 8. Pure Evil 9. Desert Rain Dante's Inferno The Hunter Melancholy Holy Martyr Angels Holocaust Stormrider The Path I Choose Watching Over Me Diary Blessed Are You When the Night Falls

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. We've updated our Terms of Use. You can review the changes here. Classic Sognametal - stabbing guitar, fast, melodic, stomping and steeped in traditional themes. It coasts along but will suddenly take you by surprise with a skilful break before tearing off again.

Music to move to. As much as I find uplifting, I also find it heartbreaking. Favorite track: Destroy. Its good to have em on digital too Favorite track: The Mad Professor. The Mad Professor Great album to be caught in a blizzard too. Favorite track: Journey to the End. Favorite Track: The Spiritlord. Michael M. Matt Medeiros. Andrea Sorini. William Knight.

The Questionable Question. Antipodean Zombie. Chandler Brown. Lord Okrakon. Joe Bonito. Tomb Of The Review Dick Boofer. Jasper Klip. P Escobar. Purchasable with gift card. Sold Out. Purple and Gold marbled 12" double vinyl 33rpm limited to copies worldwide Includes unlimited streaming of via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Black 12" double vinyl 33rpm in gatefold, second pressing copies worldwide. Todeswalzer Dance of the Mortal Lust The Spiritlord

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