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Return to the bridge. This matter no longer concerns you. Darth Brutax stared directly into the eyes of the Chiss and let loose a low growl. The Sith released a loud roar akin to a savage battle cry. The captain backed away, unaccustomed to such ferocious dealings. Horrison sped down the corridors of the cruiser with as much dignity as he could muster.

The frantic patter of his shoes echoed through the halls while he ran. Horrison was courageous and loyal as a kath hound when facing the Republic. However he understood why the galaxy at large feared the dark lords of the force. His cape unfurled behind him like a banner of death and destruction. He neared the centrepiece of the room: a rugged man leaning forward from a metal bench.

The man's hair was dirty and tangled as a nest of wiring. His jacket was surprisingly clean considering the grime that caked his face and palms. The agent's fingernail's were smothered with dirt and dried blood. A wild, scraggly beard dangled from scruff of his face. He looked up and sighed when Brutax entered the room. I apologize, but my news is for Darth Howl, alone. The Sith leaned over the table and gnashed is pointed teeth menacingly.

He snarled like a wild hound intimidating it's prey before the kill. The agent couldn't hold back an involuntary flinch in the presence of Darth Brutax. Wouldn't he prefer to deal with a fellow Sith? He frowns upon unwarranted interruptions The agent gulped and boldly stood his ground against the red-faced man. If lord Howl chooses to share the data with you, then that's his prerogative. Do your superiors not let you know your place in this Empire? You're going to tell me what I want to know, whether you want to or not.

He was intrigued by this Imperial agent. Any news that was meant for a Dark Council member, he reasoned, could easily raise him from the low-levelled Darth that he was. Like all Sith, he dreamed of true power; and like all Sith, he was willing to complete morally objectionable tasks to obtain it. Darth Brutax called upon the awed power of the force.

He felt it flow through his veins and snake up his nerves. The Sith focused his power into one thought and directed it toward his goal. He thickly layered his voice with the seductive nature of the force and spoke to the grimy agent. You believe it is wise to tell me the details of what you discovered. I can inform Howl for you. You can inform Howl for me. What is so important that Howl would need to know instantly? I know what happened to it.

Out with it! Not just any ship though. It was a dreadnaught, one of the largest ships in the Imperial Navy. If was one of our largest vessels, surely I would've heard of it. Many ships were lost in the great war, but all dreadnaughts should have been accounted for. It's rather difficult to misplace a vehicle of that magnitude. What was on the ship? Maybe the ship was transporting an ancient Sith artifact, maybe it had experimental weapons technology, or maybe there wasn't anything interesting on the ship and Howl is just a glorified historian.

It only matters that he wants it. No one questions the Dark Council. Darth Brutax brought his clawed hands to his face and thoughtfully stroked his chin. The great sin of greed polluted his mind. He was certain now, more than ever, that whatever was on the lost dreadnaught could drastically increase his power.

If he could find what Howl had been searching for, he'd have the influence of a Sith Lord. He was sure of it. What did they entail? The agent snapped out of the trance and desperately bit his lip. He fought a mental sparring match against the powers of the force.

The agent coughed blood from his throat. The sticky red liquid splashed against the steel table. His eyes darted back and forth in panic. The only piece of information I was able to find was the ships last known coordinates. It's inside the hidden compartment underneath the copilot seat. Darth Brutax released his hold on the man's consciousness. He smirked at the Imperial agent.

The agent struggled to piece together his damaged mind. He stared straight into the face of the Pure-blood and drooled blood down his jacket. That wasn't too difficult. He swiftly extended his body across the table and plunged his weapon into the agent's chest. He held the blade inside the man for a moment. The agent let out a last, involuntary gasp of pain when the lightsabre was wrenched from his gut. The man clawed at the open air for a few seconds; before collapsing against the hard surface of the table.

Darth Brutax smiled at his handiwork and turned to leave the room. He found Horrison waiting outside the room with a look of contempt spread across his face. Darth Brutax tried to push past the Chiss but he was stopped by the man's blue palm. I saw it all on the surveillance. How do you justify what you did? Perhaps I should remind you. The captain felt the airways in his throat begin to tighten. He fell to his knees and dug his nails into his larynx in a desperate attempt to free himself from invisible cords.

He coughed and sputtered gibberish from his voice box. Brutax lowered his fist and the captain fell to the floor in sync. He gulped the ship's recycled air in drastic helpings. Do not trifle with me. I expect to see you on the bridge in ten minutes. We have a new objective and new coordinates. His greed spread rampantly in his mind while he walked towards the docking bay.

By: Rogan Lovse. Chapter 2 Darth Brutax approached the Imperial shuttle before him. An Imperial pilot was running system checks and prepping the vessel for launch. The pilot wore an Imperial standard issue, grey flight suit.

He tapped his index finger meaningfully on his holopad. Darth Brutax stopped beside the pilot and the pilot instantly turned and bowed to the Sith. I want to be planet-side within the hour. Darth Brutax followed closely behind him and let his cloak flow freely behind him. If the pilot showed discomfort with his passenger, he hid it well.

Darth Brutax seated himself in one of the many seats in the transport section of the shuttle. The pilot continued into the cockpit and strapped himself into the pilot's chair. The interior of the shuttle was polished and clean. Despite the fact that the shuttle was a generic Imperial transport, the pilot kept even the cosmetic functions in working order.

The shuttle was divided into two rooms: the cockpit and the passenger section. The passenger section of the ship had eight seats on the two parallel sides of the room. Large passenger restraints aligned the walls in case of an emergency. The cockpit was tight around the pilot's chair. Among the levers, buttons, and flashing lights it was hard to picture a copilot aboard the ship. There was silence between the pilot and the Sith. There was simply nothing to be said between two people from opposite ends of the Imperial spectrum.

The shuttle rose into the air with a synthetic grace. It's pair of metal wings unfolded from their landing position and provided balance to the shuttle's momentum. The pilot rotated the vessel towards the hanger and expertly soared the ship through the portal on the side of the cruiser.

The shuttle quickly moved away from the Imperial cruiser that orbited the planet. The shuttle was dwarfed by the sheer size of the cruiser. The planet appeared in the pilot's view screen and it's cold magnificence awed the pilot. Darth Brutax stepped away from his seat in order to appreciate the planet's atmosphere.

When the shuttle penetrated the storm clouds, hovering over the planet, Darth Brutax was hit with the dark image of the surface below him. The terrain was mountainous and uneven. Razor sharp spires of rock jutted into the sky, seemingly at random. Some of the jagged rock faces towered higher than any mountain Brutax had seen in his travels.

The primary aspect of the world that imprinted itself in the retinas of the Sith was the colour. The world looked as if it had been burned to a crisp, and then only the ashes were left to cover the world. It would be a surprise that enough sunlight came through for the pilot to see the ground and safely land.

Darth Brutax suddenly stiffened like a man frozen in carbonite. He felt a disturbance in the force. The aura of the dark side seemed to flow from the surface of the planet. Brutax was stunned by the magnitude of the disturbance. He shouldn't have been able to detect something so far from a recognizable source. Brutax confirmed the artifact on this planet must be powerful indeed. He greedily anticipated the power he was about to discover. The storm is too strong there and I can't find a level spot, with the sensors, to land.

The pilot altered his course for the levelled location closest to the original coordinates. He expertly manoeuvred the shuttle through the powerful force of the lightning storm surrounding the shuttle. More than once, he was barely able to dodge one of the shadowy spires that appeared in front of him. Darth Brutax struggled to steel his balance and gripped an overhanging metal bar for support.

Eventually a ovular clearing was displayed on the shuttle's view screen. The clearing was surrounded by massive rocky outcroppings. Although this was the most level spot near the objective, the ground was still dangerously uneven. The pilot turned his head around and spoke to Brutax.

Hold on to something, my lord. He fought with the controls of the shuttle as though wrestling with a withering snake. The shuttle buckled and shook underneath the pressure of the storm winds. Despite the objections made by the shuttle's groaning metal, the pilot was able to drop the shuttle onto the ground with minimal impact damage. Darth Brutax turned away from the cockpit and walked towards the shuttle ramp.

The pilot lowered the ramp and shut down the shuttle's engines. Darth Brutax stared at the slow moving ramp. The pilot called to him from the cockpit. On foot? An odd demeanour to come from a battle hardened pilot. Stay with the shuttle.

I will return when I am finished here. Brutax descended the shuttle's ramp and planted his first steps on the rocky ground of the planet. The texture of the stony ground was crushed beneath his metallic boots. The shuttle's ramp rose behind him like a drawbridge into salvation. He walked forwards a few more steps before the full force of the planet smashed his mental aura.

The disturbance that he had felt before was dwarfed by the buzzing energy inside his brain. A Jedi would be driven mad by the potency of the Dark Side here; yet a Sith could tap into the energy to become immensely powerful. Darth Brutax allowed the energy to flow through him like a river of shadows. The energy amplified his power and strengthened his anger and drive. The energy continued to pour into Brutax and he started to hear screams inside his brain.

Screeching noises of banshees in the force threatened to drive him insane. Brutax fought a mental battle inside his mind. He struggled to close the figurative pipes that poured dark waters into the reservoir that was his mind. Darth Brutax collapsed to his knees and shuddered. He clutched his forehead with vigor and desperation. He looked like he was trying to dig into his brain and remove his ailment by physical force. He spun and flopped on the ground like a fish out of water. Finally the soulless screams, that plagued his mind, were silent.

The Sith remained motionless for a time. His mind begged for a moment to rest and heal. However, the Sith would not allow a period of weakness. He climbed to his feat with new found strength and determination. Brutax faced the direction the coordinates lay in. He peered across the mountainous landscape and studied the scenery. What he saw on the horizon was a majestic sight that caused the Sith to pause in awe.

In the distance there was a mountain that climbed high into the stormy skies. The mountain was coated in needle tipped spires of stone. Lightning flashed ominously and illuminated the landmark atop the mountain.

The peak of the mountain was decorated with the skeletal remains of an Imperial dreadnaught. The body of the front half of the wreckage had managed to keep its general shape intact during whatever disaster had crippled it. There were gaping holes and tears in the vessel's armour and multiple earthen blades had pierced the ship's hull. Pieces of metal and debris littered the mountain's faces. Some of the larger components groaned under the pressure of ancient rock slides.

The back half of the ship had been torn into three pieces. Two were discernible as two divisions of the massive, tubular engines. The third piece was a warped picture of metal and circuitry. The three parts were a quarter way to the peak, where the front of the ship was situated.

The wreckage on the peak was only held in place by the many rocks that impaled it. Darth Brutax gazed upon the wreckage and gasped. He felt the frigid air for the first time. The dark side seemed to influence the temperature and climate of the entire world. Brutax searched the mountain's face for a visible pathway to the peak. Seeing only vague etchings between the rocks, Darth Brutax sighed. He'd need to pick his own way through the treacherous terrain. Darth Brutax walked in the direction of the Midnight Spine.

His cape trailed behind him in the wind. The Sith passed between two shuttle sized boulders and began his ascent. He refused to look back. He would find the source of the power he felt. He would find it and he would take it. The exact time had been lost to the winds that beat down upon him. Presently, he was shimmying along a ledge no wider than the length of his index finger. He gripped the sharp handholds in the side of the cliff.

Pieces of rock shred holes in his armour and his newly exposed skin. Blood ran from his palms and wet his grasp on the mountain. Despite the impossibility of the climb, Brutax had risen to the challenge. Darth Brutax was nearing the tip of the great stone fang. He only needed to make it to the end of the cliff face. If he finished this last leg of his climb, there was a relatively short and safe path to the dreadnaught. Brutax's right foot slipped off the ledge and swung into the empty air.

The Sith dug his gauntlet hands into the rock. He opened fresh wounds in his palms and a shard of stone came terrifyingly close to his wrist. Sweat dripped from his brow onto his armour. His cape hung, in tatters, loosely below him. Brutax swallowed after an what seemed like an eternity. He heaved his right leg onto the ledge in one quick motion. The Sith paused to catch his breath before resuming his shuffle across the ledge. The rest of the passage, along the ledge, was uneventful.

Finally Darth Brutax reached the landing before the peak. Only now was Brutax capable of appreciating the sheer magnitude of the dreadnaught's ruined forward half. The piece of wreckage was easily ten kilometres long at it's longest point. The torn end of the ship was a mess of cables, twisted metal, and warped circuitry. Darth Brutax hiked towards the gaping hole in the back of the vessel.

Upon reaching the entrance, he studied the mesh of metal for a suitable ladder into the ship. Hanging above him was a bundle of thick cords. The widest cord had a diameter of four feet. Darth Brutax crouched to the ground and allowed energy to build up. He used the force to power his leap into the air. He flailed his powerful limbs in the air and latched onto one of the hanging cables. Darth Brutax clung to the cord and waited for the erratic motions to cease.

Once the cable was close enough to stillness, he started to climb. He wrapped his legs around the cord and hoisted his body up, inch by inch. Eventually the pureblood reached the floor of the dreadnaught and tossed himself inside. Darth Brutax rose to his full height and examined his surroundings. The hallway before him stretched deep into the vessel.

The turbo lifts obviously had no power; so it would take Brutax an hour or two to reach the bridge at walking speed. The only lighting inside the dreadnaught was the occasional flicker of lightning through the rips and tears in the wreckage.

The walls were grey and coated in varying degrees of grime. Darth Brutax finished examining his surroundings and began his journey towards the bridge. Every step he took towards the door was a battle with his own soul. The closer he got to the bridge, the more potent the dark aura of the planet had become. Whatever the source of the immense power, it seemed to lie in the heart of this wreckage. Brutax was barely able to stand while he moved forwards. The door seemed eons away from him when it should have been reached in seconds.

The atmosphere threatened to choke the life from the Sith's body and mind. Darth Brutax was carried forward by sheer force of will. The fact that he was a Sith, and had dabbled with the dark side, allowed more reprise than a normal individual. He knew now that whatever power was contained here was probably too much for him to control.

The power he felt at the centrepiece of the planet was exponentially larger than anything the Dark Council had ever possessed. It was possibly enough to rival the Emperor's power. Despite his doubts, Brutax would not be stopped now, as much as the dark side seemed to repel him, it also drew him in like a black hole. Darth Brutax reached for his sabre.

He grasped the metal hilt in his red hands. He intended to ignite his sabre and slice through the door to the bridge. Then, and only then, would he discover what was behind the door, and see if he was capable of mastering it. Before he could activate his lightsabre, he heard a sickly hissing exeunt from behind him.

Brutax slowly turned to face the source of the hissing sound. He was unprepared for the sight, to say the least. Standing twenty feet from Darth Brutax was a disturbing man. The Ratataki's body was frail and scrawny. The man looked like he hadn't eaten a decent meal in over a decade.

Despite his skinny build, the man looked like he was capable of moving with intense speed, if necessary. The man's skin was as white as the bleached bone concealed underneath it. Black markings twitched up and down his face like midnight snakes. He wore remnants of, once flowing, pitch robes.

The tatters of his clothing hung loosely and showcased his malnourished body in various holes and tears. He wore no shoes of any kind; his bony feet gripped the metal floor like talons. His bald head was unblemished, despite his state of disrepair. The part that struck Brutax, the centre of the disturbed features, was the Ratataki's eyes.

His eyes were the darkest black that Brutax had ever seen. They appeared to Brutax as an empty space, a universe void of life and hope. Malice poured from the man's dark orbs. There was no iris, there was no pupil, there were only shadows in the man's sockets. Darth Brutax struggled to keep his composure in the presence of the eyes. He felt the dark side of the force radiate from the Ratataki. Brutax felt the frigid touch of the dark side poison his mind and soul.

He didn't understand the situation he was in. He was a Sith, they were supposed to be able to harness the dark side. He wasn't a weak Jedi, why was this happening. He believes you can defeat me? I suppose it was too much to hope he'd come in person. It was gibberish to Brutax's ears. I will enlighten you. Darth Serroth flashed four lightning fast bolts of energy at a confused Darth Brutax.

The pureblood was only able to save himself because he already held his sabre in his hand. He quickly ignited the blade and absorbed the four bolts into his weapon with surprising speed. Nevertheless, before he had finished, Serroth had already ignited a his own lightsabre and leaped across the hallway at Darth Brutax. Brutax brought his blade to bear milliseconds before the black lightsabre would've decapitated him.

The lights of Brutax's scarlet sabre flashed alongside the twilight of Serroth's blade. The black sabre was akin to the darkness that protruded from Serroth's eyes. Both inspired fear in those that did not believe themselves capable of feeling terror. Serroth's black blade was a design that Brutax had never experienced before. The uncommon colour of the sabre was difficult to see in the dimly lit corridor. Darth Brutax expertly twisted his large frame beneath the arcing swing of Serroth's sabre.

Serroth flipped backwards over Brutax's humming response. Serroth landed like a jungle cat with one hand on the floor to stabilize himself. Darth Brutax charged at Serroth but was denied his target. The Sith Lord blasted tears of lightning into the pureblood's chest.

The unsuspecting Brutax was propelled into the roof of the corridor. He fell to the ground with significantly less grace. The pair whipped around one another like a whirlwind of lightning and energy. The humming of sabres was only interrupted by the rash sounds they made upon connecting with each other.

Darth Brutax struggled every second to keep up with the unnatural stamina of the twisted Sith. The aura of the planet was taking its toll on the pureblood. Serroth seemed not only unaffected, but revitalized by the planet. Darth Brutax slammed his lightsabre into Serroth's blade. The two blades hovered dangerously between the two Sith. Each one of them forced all of their weight behind their blade. Serroth grinned maniacally when Darth Brutax began to give way.

Brutax slammed his head into Serroth's face and stunned the Sith Lord. Darth Brutax prepared to grind his sabre into the Serroth's twisted heart. A wave of energy erupted from the Ratatki. Brutax fought against the waves of energy. The maelstrom of force lightning was too much for the pureblood.

He was brought to his knees. The combination of the planet's darkness and Serroth's skills were too much for the battered Sith. Brutax's lightsabre deactivated and fell to the floor beside his knees. Serroth strode to his fallen prey.

He delivered a brutally cruel kick to Brutax's face. The pureblood was tossed to his back by the assualt. He stared upwards at the Ratatki. You are a fool, but you are not a servant of my enemy. Lightning rose from his outstretched arms. The hanging cables conducted the energy and fed it throughout the ruined dreadnaught. Doors opened and closed violently throughout the ship.

In the air of the planet, the storm reached a new height. The lightning from Serroth's body met with the storm of the planet. His robes flared dramatically around him. I control the dark side at its peak. I will have my revenge for the years I have spent on this world! It threatened to consume everything.

Darth Brutax, a man who lived to inspire fear, felt true horror for the first time. I will teach you the path that the world refuses to see. I will conquer! I will have revenge! The last thing he saw was the cold, determined malice inside the petrifying eyes of Darth Serroth. Chapter 3 Twenty four years ago Darth Serroth sat in a slouching position.

His makeshift, metallic throne was perched at higher elevation than the rest of the bridge. He leaned to one side of the chair and placed the weight of his arm onto the cold armrest. His hood hung loosely, behind his neck, and dissolved into his flowing robes. Serroth sat aboard the bridge of the majestic Midnight Spine. The ship was one of the largest vessels in the Imperial Navy.

It was a sleek, twenty one kilometre long dreadnaught. The ship was yet to see battles in the Great War and its hull was unblemished. The magnitude of the ship would've been enough to cause certain Republic planets to surrender, outright. Crew members efficiently moved to complete their designated tasks. They all performed their objectives flawlessly. The crew had no intention of invoking Serroth's wrath. Close to three hundred thousand people were required to smoothly operate the Midnight Spine.

The collective group of men and woman worked tirelessly to ensure the ship remained one of the most dangerous devices in the known galaxy. Darth Serroth's armed regiment of guards stood, next to him, at attention. Each and every one of them was a Rattataki, like their master.

The most loyal of his followers were Rattataki. Serroth had commanded great loyalty amongst his followers on Rattatak, long before Darth Vich came and assimilated the Rattataki into his army. Serroth had, for a short time, been Darth Vich's apprentice. However Darth Serroth had quickly ascertained a intricate knowledge of the Dark Side and abandoned his teacher. Darth Serroth never intended to operate below another.

To Darth Serroth, it was impalpable to see another as his equal. Darth Serroth eyed the communications alert with anticipation. His eyelids blinked across his silver irises. The light before him was dull and empty. The flashing red light, that would alert Serroth of an incoming transmission, was yet to appear. Serroth rapped his fingers against the arm rest in a drumming motion.

He was awaiting a call from a fellow Sith lord. Darth Serroth didn't have any trust for man he was dealing with. Nevertheless, if he was to reach his goal at a more desirable time frame, he would have to make a few less preferable gambles. Darth Serroth had spent the majority of his life dabbling with the dark side of the force.

He had experimented with the force before he knew what it was. Serroth had garnered a following of fanatical soldiers and priests on his home world of Rattatak. The Shades, as they were called, had been the most dangerous group on Rattatak before the Empire came. With the coming of the Empire, Serroth had been forced to disband his Shades. However many still remained loyal and saw him as the dark sorcerer from their home.

Once Serroth had seen the galaxy as a whole, through the twisted eyes of the Empire, he set his sight on the mountainous peaks of power. Many men and women in the Empire would commit unspeakable acts for a seat on the Dark Council. The men and woman that planned everything from the beginning, the men and women that calculated events years ahead, those were the ones that would earn a seat on the Dark Council.

Darth Serroth was one of these men. His knowledge of the dark side was insurmountable. He had surpassed his teacher within mere weeks. The Sith Lord had already positioned himself on the new super weapon in the Imperial fleet. There were always obstacles on the stairway to power. Today, he hoped to remove one of those obstacles.

The ship was similar in design to the X-7OB Phantom. The stealth field generator, aboard the ship, provided a suitable cover against the prying eyes from within the Imperial dreadnaught. The shimmer of the stealth field was the only evidence of the ship's existence. The only occupants of the ship were a team of Imperial agents. Six agents, sat in the interior of the vessel, and maintained their blasters and scatter guns.

Each of them was dedicated to their designated mission. Their steely eyes hid any nervousness or second thoughts they might have had. Orto Vosk was the leader of this temporary squad of Imperial agents. He had a small tire track of black hair beneath his lower lip.

His skin was lightly tanned something he had to work to achieve and still retained the texture of youth. He wore dark grey armour from his neck down. Orto's black hair stood straight upward in a classic military hairstyle and ended in a flattop. Orto was, like every agent aboard the ship, not an average man.

The highest group of Imperial agents were the deadly Cipher agents. These highly qualified men were above the Cipher agents. They didn't serve the Empire, but rather a specific Sith within the Empire. They were here to complete what would likely be the deadliest undertaking of their career. Orto lived for that kind of thrill.

Orto peered past the pilot and through the view screen of the ship. The Midnight Spine loomed in space and in orbit around a planet. The planet was a lush, green, jungle world filled with wild mountains. Orto wondered for a moment what sort of creatures might live on that planet. He didn't overly care, but he was looking for a way to pass the time. He studied the dreadnaught of Darth Serroth with interest. Vosk searched the hull of the ship for a suitable point of entry. His mission involved infiltrating the dreadnaught.

It wasn't a mission a man expected to come back from. It didn't matter, he was loyal to his master, he would complete the objective. Orto turned back to address his squad mates. They knew the mission they had been given, yet Orto still felt the need to speak with them before they plunged into the fire.

He'd only served with this group in training simulations, he didn't really know how they'd react under pressure. He himself had never had to complete a objective of this magnitude before. They deposited their weapons in their holsters. The agents brought their eyes to Orto and awaited orders.

Not just any dreadnaught, but probably the most dangerous device in service to our great Emperor. His military boots clanged against the metallic floor of the hallway. The man paused for a moment upon hearing a crackling noise from above him. The man slowly craned his neck so he could look above him. Sparks were buzzing forth from the roof in a circular pattern. The man stared at the red-hot circle appearing on the roof.

He was barely able to pull an expression of surprise before the circular plate landed on his head and knocked him unconscious. Orto was the first to drop through the freshly opened hole. His squad of agents silently landed beside him, one by one.

Orto surveyed the corridor they were in. He compared his visuals to the map that shone from his wrist holopad. Orto made a hand gesture to his companions, signalling them to follow him to the engine room. The six men silently ran down the hallways towards their objective. Their portable stealth field generators allowed them to bypass security cameras and personnel. The group turned every corner and sprinted down every corner in near perfect synchronization.

Orto stopped at the large, mechanical entrance to the engine room. One of the men started to expertly hack the key code lock. Beads of sweat dripped down his cheeks while he worked. Orto stood guard at one of the entrances to the corridor, while another agent covered another entrance. One of the agents crouched in a corner near the door.

He activated his wrist computer and started bypassing the ship's firewalls. He pulled up the bridge security feed and sent it to every agent's wrist computer. Orto studied the footage with his peripheral vision. He rapped his index finger against the button and accepted the communications ping. Instantly a large hologram filled the bridge in front of Serroth. The blue, fizzling image of a Sith Lord appeared in the room. Serroth leaned forwards in his chair and examined the man.

The hologram had no discernible colours, only lighter and darker shades of blue. The man wore a shiny, metal mask with almost skeletal features. He did not wear traditional robes. Instead his garments were tighter to his body and behind his head, the clothing rose into a triangular spire. His mask held a gaze of cold, cryptic nature. I have little time for you if you cannot give me what I need. Orto and the other guarding agent backed up towards the engine room. The rest of the agents piled into the room alongside Orto.

Green coolant lights flashed awkwardly around the squad. Orto brought his scatter gun to bear and blasted two maintenance workers with the business end of his rifle. Pieces of shrapnel tore their chests apart and the two men were forced against a nearby pipe.

Orto ordered his agents to complete a sweep of the room. He stayed with a saboteur while the other agents disappeared around the various corners and pipes. The saboteur knelt next to the engine coolant system and propped his backpack against a nearby pipe. The man removed a powerful explosive from within the satchel.

Orto watched his demolitions expert work. Orto was fine with explosives, but he didn't like being close to anything of this magnitude. The saboteur scrambled around the room carrying a open bag over his shoulder. He slapped the explosives onto the different corners of the room, seemingly at random. All the while, he muttered to himself the various codes and frequencies for the explosives. Orto flipped between the surveillance cameras with his wrist computer. He switched between barracks, munitions, maintenance and other rooms.

Finally he settled on the long corridor they had boarded at. He grimaced at the scene that greeted him. A dozen Imperial troopers, clad in black armour, were circled around the hole in the ceiling. Orto's pilot was being manhandled, out of the camera's field of view, by a pair of Imperial soldiers.

Examine camera thirty four. The demolitions expert finished priming the final explosive device. He backed away from the explosive and examined his work with pride. Once he was satisfied he faced Orto and delivered two thumbs up. Squad, form up. The Sith Lord before him seemed to be wasting his time. Serroth had been certain to stay off the radar for the past week.

To his knowledge, no one knew the current location of the Midnight Spine, save the men and women on the bridge. I want to get down to business. We need to discuss my plans. Darth Serroth leaned forward in his metal throne. His silver eyes narrowed in suspicion. Something was not quite right with the current situation. Serroth's fingers twitched across the armrest out of agitation. He opened his mouth to speak but was silenced by the cold, emotionless voice of the holographic Sith. Both you and I were and are prepared to do whatever is necessary to advance our influence and power.

It is an undertaking that must be planned out and carefully calculated from the beginning. He studied the pieces of the dejarik board around him. The Rattataki warriors fidgeted nervously upon sensing their lord's discomfort. No evidence can be left behind. You must seize the moment and strike.

Alarms began to blare and wail around the bridge. Crew members scrambled and stumbled around the room, desperate for order. One crew member tried to run for the exit, but tripped over the panicking officers. The Rattataki warriors fought to keep the men and women from abandoning their posts or reaching Darth Serroth.

The Rattataki Sith Lord remained oblivious to the chaos that had erupted around him. He did not focus on the monitor footage of the captured pilot. He ignored the crew man screaming about blaster fire originating from the engine room. He paid no attention to the woman shouting, about escape pods, into the intercom. Darth Serroth only had eyes and ears for the Cryptic Lord. Albeit, a powerful one. His robes whipped around his legs in a frenzy.

The Rattataki Sith Lord barred his teeth in an absolute fury. Serroth sneered and his features twisted into a horrific display of supreme hatred. You have betrayed me! George Ezra - Cassy O' [] Josef Salvat - Open Season [] Dotan - Home [] Herzdame - Dunkle Seite [] Rhodes - Close Your Eyes [] Listenbee feat. Naz Tokio - Save Me [] Shawn Mendes - Something Big [] Grace feat.

The King's Son feat. Blacko - I'm Not Rich [] Usher feat. Juicy J - I Don't Mind [] Dat Adam - Forrest [] Deichkind - Like Mich Am Arsch []. Tracks: Disc 1 The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian dub mix Talking Heads - And She Was extended mix Talk Talk - It's My Life extended mix Blondie - Call Me original 12 Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible extended version Billy Idol - Hot in the City remix UB40 - Rat in Mi Kitchen 12' version The Specials - Ghost Town extended version Fun Boy Three - Summertime extended 12' mix Disc 2 Loose Ends - Hangin' on a Strinq original 12' mix Jaki Graham - Set Me Free 12' version Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive!

Heavy Breather Subversion Paul Hardcastle - 19 12' version Eighth Wonder - I'm Not Scared disco mix Duran Duran - Girls on Film 12' mix Ultravox - All Stood Still 12' version Paul Young - Come Back and Stay 12' mix Spandau Ballet - Chant No. Classix Nouveaux - Is It a Dream extended version Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Genetic Engineering extended Erasure - Sometimes 12' mix Yazoo - Situation 12' remix Stephen Duffy - Icing on the Cake remix David Guetta Feat.

Nicki Minaj — Hey Mama 3. Ariana Grande — One Last Time 6. Dotan — Hungry 7. Zara Larsson — Uncover 8. Feder Feat. Lyse — Goodbye Kygo Feat. Parson James — Stole The Show Emma Bale — Run Jess Glynne — Hold My Hand DJ Fresh Feat. Ella Eyre — Gravity Loc Nottet — Rhythm Inside Broiler Feat. Ravvel — Wild Eyes Maroon 5 — Sugar Martin Garrix Feat. Stromae — Carmen Sean Tyas — 9am Radio Edit Markus Schulz — Destiny Radio Edit Bobina — Flying Kitten Radio Edit Row Rocka — Arctic Radio Edit Dennis Sheperd — Starlight Radio Edit Manufactured Superstars — Feeling for You John Newall — Empathy Radio Edit Mark Eteson feat.

Alex Kunnari — Runaway Train Zhu — Faded Feel Vocal Remix Lost Witness Ft. Three Faces — Eternal Original Mix Invalyd — Canyon Rafael Frost Remix Artist s Bad Radio Feat. Tunde Adebimpe Universal Everything Feat. Georgia Barnes Bi-Location Feat.

Head And Shoulders Feat. Sleaford Mods Dark Matters Little Fish Feat. Storms End Alternative Light 0Source Shaker Obsession Levitate For You Feat. Ofei Vlad Gee — Days Mike, Smith — Tranceformer Trance Mix John 00 Fleming — Tik Tok, Pt. Plu-Ton — Cosmic Trip Part 2 Sven Laakenstyk — Ultralite Club Mix Stereoliner, Calabria — Attack Kishin Remix Skysurfer] Sven Holstein — Eyes To Space Systemxxtreme — On Fire. Iggy Azalea Ft. Mark Ronson Ft. Olly Murs Ft.

Ne-Yo 9. Bellido Ft. J Alvarez Ft. Carlprit feat. Sasha Lopez feat. Sak Noel Vs. Dj Kuba Neitan Ft. Calvin Harris Ft. Gwen Stefani The Script

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