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The Federal Partsmens nad ad I the qualifications of the wer lature bud not in tuclr entirety. Are we to surrender our comseiencs and views oa- tirely to the dictates of thr Proviseiai Legiclatures in this regard? It had abandoned its proposal in no far an Manitobs was concerned, but Jud clung to it in dealing with Northern Ontario. Turning to Mr. Kutheriands motion, Sir Robert said that the question raised by it wes ome which should engage the attention of Parliament before ah appeal was made to the people.

Spesker Ebodes ruled the Hom. Wil lam Pugsley's smandment tn the Sutherland resolution eut of order. Minister's amendment, however, Mr. German, of Welland, took the floor. To my mind it ia ques- tionsbie If there will be auoiher session of Parliament before sn elrction. German saseried that if any doubt existed as to the right of the women of Ontario to vote at a Federal clection. Doherty had indicated, it should be removed without delsy.

Beanett, of Calgary, reviewed the Federal legislation dealing with the franchise. The Laurier Goveru- ments bill of , be sard, had assert- od the right of the Parlisment to de. House of Commons. Menicipal councils sud legislatures fixed the quati- Scations of votrrg to elect their pem- bers. The same principle should be adopted by the Federal Parliament There should be a national franchise.

McKenzie, North Cape Breton, objected to assy in the present method of making lists for Fed- oral elections. He was mon-committai on the subject of woman suffrage. Turriff, of Assinibois, wars- of the Government thai a national spirit could mob be developed in this country if individuais were specifically disfranchised. There were soms of Austrian aud Germsn settiers in Oamada fighting in the British army, U the 4athars of these men were disfrandhised it would mot inculcate patriotism.

Clark favored the ition taken by the Prime Minister. Buchanan, of Medicine Bat. William Pugsley, whose pyvious amendment bad been ruled out of erder, placed another ameud- ment before the House calling for action during the present session, om the that this was probably the last session of the present Parliament. Two members of the a jumped into pel with the fon re of the th a the last year which ter.

Two of the mammoth airshi shot down during « raid on September 33, , acd twe menths later two mere Zeppeline wears dest off ibe En coast. Om March 17, French hot down a Zeppe- Jin behing the while vas 9 crew , and the ars dis. Lefevre, of the local forces. Col W. Leslie, Royal Engineers, formerly of the Ci Militis.

Cartwright, Roysl Kagineers, formerly of Kingeton. He is a son-in-law of Dr. Stevenson, of Toronto. Gem, Cartwright was mentioned in despatches last January. Temporary MajorGen. Heueker, formerly of the Canedisn Militia Me also was mentioned in Janusry despatches. Brevet-Major A. Jukes, Indian Army, formerly of the Capudian Mili- tis.

Major Jukes belongs te Vancouver. He received the D, H. Lothbiniere, formerly of the Canadian Miligin. He was mentioned in despatehes in! Quartermaster-Gegeral Birdwood, now in Egypt. He was created C. Panet, Engineers. Panet was mentioned in despatches lust June, Lieut Col. Ptewart, of the local forces. Twini formerly of the Canadian Militia. Twining in director of light railways.

He was mentioned in despatches of February and June, , and also last Japuary. Hamilton, Royal Artil lery. N Johnston. The vessel. Bhe had a large number of troops with a crew of sbout two hundred, and west down in five minutes. Those who lost their lives include 19 officers, other ranks, naval ratings. Her lengthy ealoon was given over to troops and jt was thera she was struck by a torpede so that some soldiers must have been killed by the explosion.

The sea wus perfectly calm and smooth. My party and I were just about half-way through our tes when we wers thrown violently forward. We sll rushed on deek and there was a scramble. She turned right over to port. Rome of the lifebonta were useless, having been smashed, but we managed to get four away.

A patrol boat did its t to help them. Both of them missed the merk. The subsearine suddenly sppeared among s auuiber of men who were sf for their lives and 1 honestly believe she used these men sv 8 shield because she knew the patrol boat eould mot fire without endangering the lives of our own men But the submarine did not stey long.

Meanwhile the petrol boat meintaiaed her full speed and launched throes life boats without in any war slackening speed. A survivor named Therfall came 4 his second shipwreck untouched. Barl, fo reparted among the missing. Engineers, Commission's Care. The number of men under the sare of the Military Hospitels Commisetes in- from 8, to in the fiset week of this month. Andrew Schrez, vi Toronte. Fuperal held Wednesday.

May , to Bt. Andrews East Cemetery. Reeve, M. Withrow, of Ot- taws. Framer, former en- gineer of 25d Pioneer Battalion, sos of the late Rev. Withrow, Toronto, and husbend of Cluinivers Me. Charles Telfer, Col lingwood. Enemy inactivity has resul in even a ter degree, due to his recognition of the fact that there is no hope of his recovering. His experience last werk in the region southwest of Lens was most disheartening.

In his efforts to retake and hold a sector front not over five hundred yards in h, he is believed to have lost, in kil and wounded, close upos four thousand men. In front of La Coniotte mining village, southwest of Avion, eur outposts here besa gradusily pushed forward until they are now close up to an simost unreceg- nisable mass of brick dust that vas Ceu- lotte before our guns destroyed it. The village bad been strongly fortified, awd contained several machine emplacements, which have heen rendered untess- be.

Coulotie is mow but a crater, an extinct volcano. Amid the ruine enemy snipers still creep, while ours, in tury, stalk them from outposts less than s hundred yards away. Great heaps of shale refuse from the mines and railway embankmeats combine to make the country difficult for an of femsive, and correepondingly te defend.

Our is steady, if slow, and what the British Columbians now en this port of the line get, they bold. The of the Bel has recentiy visited the battlefield of Vimy Ridge, sad from a point of vantage has seen the mest rtant positions taken from the cmeuy. Toronte, Nov. A beautiful complexion is 6 handsoms woman's chief glory and the envy of her less fortunate rivals. Joseph H. Chosie died suddenly last week at his New York residence, of heart disease. He had complained of feeling ilt during the day snd had retired early, but there was mo physician with dim when he died.

Choate, notwithstanding his sde vanced vears. Manson Jun. He identified himself with many fargous cases, was one of the commities of seventy which broke up the notorious Tweed ring in , aud secured the reinstatement of Gen. FitsJohn Porter to his navy rank. From to he was ambassador to Great Britain, in the latter year being elected Bencher of the Middle Temple.

The vonncil asks a 50 percent increase in the British preferener and a gradual reduction of duties against commodities coming from Britain until free trade aball have been established ba- tween Canada sud the Motherland. United States, free natural produets. The Prime Minister promised to give the resolutions ronsideratinm.

The de- tation consisted of Roderick Macken zie, R. Hendera and H. Cowan and Col Fraser. Pme Formal announcement that Americon retery Dauiels, after the news had come from Leadon. The wumber sod names of the vesssls war wot disclosed. No warlord mortgages their the Federal authorities.

Boursess still contends with a to belie the intentions of Great Britain ravine or river found in Fppin as to be rendered to the : wheat acreage. Rear-Admirsl Alexan. His noisy, and ready to make trouble. Duff would become an addi ; tongs at the apeculative thieves who are Anglophobia abeolves nim of all influ- one can but regret the scence of dis-l many Spanish maises in the Arabie de.

Tuking in- chief of the Naval Staff tracting the last penny of blood money the Frgligh went into the wer deter- of Mr. Blondin revived those memories ue , IT fa, Kd Sot hee cqob non. Fourth Sea Lord, is to become the Bunger. T ey are conspirators. For Mr. Blondin ing the mountain of Tarik. Tariff Reformers may imaed tenant. Gerace of the Pra With regard le labor eupply. The first we gS unmarine be ne ron of the world. Whin the whole world. However, the word, To vegs, ore help would required!

TON can rin! Hut certainly neither the seis It wax further intended to develop match 4 mechanism so delicate and pre- of duty awaiting performance, destiny Manchester Guardian. Re sells it at the same price as horse mest, aamely, 1. Sword that of 4 gentleman. The Hom. Jt 3 Diamond bit, sity te their member of the Admirals Hoard. He ok hark Bante an Yonder it not interest in spite of the interruptions. April 28th, was the six. Have not see how any one oan refuse Lieut.

James RK tion. On thic The Ton. Blondin what he asks of us. He suc he reed href the fou Het nis gifts and: scquired graces his ver- suspicions wern-wn Unie highly respect Whether the duty of supervise the j V2 ACER Englich tongue, aud have shows ns that the province of Quebeo republic, and it is or lowship pitty, his growing restlessness, his od and much beloved vid lady and gen.

PNR controller to the Admiralty. The principles Younger sons who have made new dling in anything and evaryt forty souls. This happy gathering Ping controller. The parallels and resem. Eads greatness. Gibson and their ive in good shape. One cacaped Papers with regard to t Us probably an imiaesse majority, who, that of France, for respects the same oF S07 rule ; family came to ts Northwest, arriving iisoner who recently reached Longon fon of the Hon Alexandre Teacherean In good faith, consider that Cansds is!

There oaid if the men complain about the Lion of the Hon. We give 0 the minority hat fleshi before th author responsible colors, tut suddenly lowered them and ter many years of struggle and toil inj recently escaped from Germany by drop- oF h advantages as 50 absorbed in our own pr that tory ng for it, since the name of the!

Emperor William was never merite Poisted the Germas naval standard, « yond our own frontiers and often be: The British visitors are men of the ed; sll it claimed to give or pr pie Geom retired f f the woods, says the tinned s are ired from farming and have goods are calves. We have cer- kind we know, the best of England, of was the life of Caligula.

Flamm, who public. Themselves speech VE redieall. Senday-vehooi work Mr. The I. York by storm aad Boston asd eating dog meat. Whitskega young Yorkshire. Ye was published in this paper yes. Carton de Wiart, on behalf of the. Rather should shey arouse feelings of contentment that in he many miles of Belgian territory 1 passed through, montir on fout, the Ger- muns are allowing life to proceed wor- mally. The journey oc. I give here, from memory, the prices pu for meals have already mention.

My mid-day meal at Antwerp, which consisted of steak, fried potatoes, bread, cheese, butter, and beer, cost exactly 2s During my six weeks of hid- ba 1 was well-fed and prosperous look- ng. Foiled in their attempts to capture Calais. The whole question of the American Relief Commission is isvalved. This mission dus done invaluable work in Northern France, and perhaps in jum, but it universally comidered Et the Germans obtain , great military advantages from it. Notices were posted everywhere; even in Roubaix, proclaiming the penalties to.

Speaking generalix. The that German civiliags evarm w : it. BOrmal prices tp its revictuglling centres id the total sum advanced to the Bei everywhere in the ut all affect the belie! The Germans seo realy without friends In Belgium. They are trying now In thelr clumay way to lugretiate themselves with these whom in the early days of the war they tortured. They have obviously had orders from high quarters to.

They exhibit towards the Bel none of the brutal: ity which they are showing towards the French. Despite ali this, the Bolgiens heartily Toles when they hear of such inci- nts as the passing, siter the Battle of the Somme, of long trains losded with German dead tisd up with wire in bundles, They do not believe a word of the Germen eommuniques. In 6 vdume on my sdventurss which 1 am now preparing, and which will shortly be published by Meonrs.

Hodder and Stoughton, 1 ahall te able to ge much more fully into my travels sad other experiences than hag been ible in the space 84 my dispossl in the eel: ums of the Press. The conclusions which he draws from his experionces In occupied Belgium are the personal impressions of an eye-witness, and as such may be partly or entirely contradicted by the declarations of other witnesses. Mr, J. Whitaker declares 1 that ome is able to presurs in aecupled um, the necessities af dfs at a reasonable price, 2 That the population seems te lack nothing.

At oge the number of deaths is 6 percent above the srersge, and the number ef births 4 percent lower. Tuberculosis is slic spreading among the poor. At Prussels the increase is of 30 percent for the lent yeer. The hasith of the it children is so much affected dy the lack EURE of proper food that it has been found necessary to transport thousands ef them by degrees to Helland and the charitable committees have been usable to cope with the incressing demand through lack of means, The proportion of rickety ebildren, whieh was 4 percent in , is-pow ZI percent.

In one year no fewer than , peopte, au whom were 19,- women, were condemaed by German tribunals. The number of Flemings among bose. Provedure similar te that followed in the previsus loans took places. The Department of Ld now atviing the beck: , and vacant let gardemers te grow instead of teless.

The rush for seed potatoms Le sont the price soaring and, eccord- ing to the departmental experts, it wow costs trom forty-lire te. At this price the returns in food value will wot warrent the outlay. The great need of the drug for military bos. During the trial or a more recent opium smuggling case, aise in Glasgow, is was stated in Cours by the fisesl that there was » regular in this iMegal traffic.

These traders made out the Customs forma and got them accepted. Germany's meed is ve dite that smuggling is an excecd- ingly profitable business, and is luring all sorts of people. A fed months the Stock- hotm correspondent of a British mews- paper made imquiries there and in Copenhagen, and obtained some instrue- tive facts ae te the widespread smug which, in apite of eevers repressive laws, is still going on.

In beth and Sweden, he said, from which countries the chief amug gling to Germany goes on, the penalties are very severs. Threats of such penalties do not deter the smugglers. In Denmark hardly a day pasces without a tion and Press exposures, and as 14 is certain that only a emall fraction of attempts te smuggle eus are detected, it foHows that the total number of cases of emuggling is very large.

The goods went partly disguised as seaweed, and partly disguised as other predueta mot on the prehibitien list. The fired store seized comaisted of tin, and it was found on railway premises, Hidden under seaweed. In country Souses and farms around were found more tis, also cocoa, rubber, and many other products. The of lars are ald systematically to decelve their German clients, selling them inferior and unusable goods, end vven in some Sante playing on them the same trick which they bave played on their ewn Customs pubhoribies, aml giving them 6 false description of the con- deuts of cases and baies.

An emetmous number of pong of conspirators poses. A device harder to detect than most was discovared fully 8 twelysmonth ago. Arrangements would be made with a Dutch firm, not above scospting highly sallsfactory terms under somewhat suspicious cir eumatances, and the dypamo would be entirely rewound with precious copper wire; thoussnds upon thousawds of yards of it. Occasionally, too, in order to quard agsinet breakdown em the voyage, s spare, heavily-wound dyssme would be purchased, and with its pre cious copper the enemy ship would ssil unsuspected from tha meutral waters.

The Customs offi: cor took b into his head Lo examine the armature of the dysamo before it wes clamped into its place and hidden by the magasts. Prising up s layer of wire, he found evidence which proved the guilt of the smugglers up to the hilt.

A Danish policaman also scored in an amasing incident which happened a 4 frentier. He thought there was something incongruous in the «ppesranes of thia German. His stomach seemed to be big out of all proporties to his slesder weck and legs. So be informed him that he must detain him for contssbasd in the frantier -house until his euperier. Wells Talks Plainly To. The old state of affaire cannot continue. The European dynastie aystem, based en intermarriage of a group of mainly German royal famiKes, is dead to-day.

We have not fought tor a king, but we will gladly go on with our task uader a king. Her bosom friend called for her one day. He is the sort of man who teHe you there is a silver lining to the clowd, od the man who had just settied a heavy sn umbrels. But what's the fault with it! A young lady from the country got into a tram. The Grand Place, or the Square, as the men call it, le the great meeting: place for visitors to the town. In the centre the mess carts which have come in for supplies wait drawn up in s line whilst the sho] is being dene, and in and ont of the stores on each side of- fleers of many different units are encountered, busy upon all the little errands which are entrusted to them by comrades whe are not lueky eneugh to de able te enjoy 6 few hours relaxation from the menoteny of tremeh and camp.

In the square ent. The town the writer deals with is a centre where cenverged from time to time of- fioars and men from several Uivisions, snd so there is an opportunity almost aay afternoon of encountering men from every part, even the most distant, of the Empire. One evening. T should say eo! But it ia all new and interesting to me. I some, you see, from Queensland, and the sorth of that! They, too, like their Ans. There is nothing more remarkable than Le a hich thew men.

Port Nmith, Alberts, May Mereredi says. Then we found a pamphlet telling of several persons who bad beea cured Ly Dodd's Kidney Pills. I camnot recomend Dodd's Kidney Piils esough. They cure the kidmeys. Positive Cure. JOHN T. Men from a South Africas brigade were also to be seen going by, and it was a met unusual sight to see little groups up and down the square eomposed of Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders and Africans, all together, chatting over that favorite topic, the probable duration of the war and ing notes as te their various and widely sundered homes.

Very tired they seemed, carrying their full equipment, and probably returning from leave, for they eame from the direction of the railway station. Presently a G. In ye get, my shamrock boys! General Mi- velie, some time ago succeeded Genersl Joffre in chi:f command along the western front. This continued Gemoral Nivelle in chin! Spring tome Are easier ow. The tiade in lise hogs to-day was quiet owing te the fact hat lew had come to hand.

Always Independent snd Dependable. Streng and Coursgeous Bevides 13 eplendif News features! Sarest to oll members of the family. Its les ond Arawers an all eob- Sorts, Including Agrirulture. Veterinary, Poultry, ote. Rest war articles. For Porelgn Countries. Weekly Witness 2. World Wide. Pictorial 3. The reveipte of cheese for the week ended May 10th, , were 16, boxes, which show an increase of bores ns compared with the previous week, and a decreass of There were no American chere received here this week as compared with boxes for the same weck lust year.

May ls, Asked. Ame R »on Do, pfd. This will insure un intensive ruining and whortly furnish monitors for the regular army of conscription. The foundation of the American volunteer units will comprise two periods, first the constitution and America, and, second, the period of intensive instruction im France.

The lower grades would be confined to corresponding grades here. Thus would be formed a number of very efficient officers in the shortest pose sible time. Young men of cducation, capable of speaking French should immediately be turned into the schoel at Saint Cyr where hey would get the same training se their time at the front they after a ahort time at the front they in turn would be used an instructors and officers of liaison.

The troops on arrival would be directed to a camp ready for occupancy where hey would be traie- ed by American officers wsasisted by French, if need be. The artillery would be a little longer, but in cight months they also might be in line. This is the minimum time possible, provided everything rups smooth- 1y. As far as the material for light artillery is concerned, it is important to increase the present output of the United State: on accepted models to Officers should!

R, 3, Fenelou alls, ue ct crt Serene rt is utmost. As for heavy artilie is indispensable to adopi a type of calibre pcs in the French army inne: much as there are model in Amerien. The importance of this post cannut he exaggerated. He should man ot the Brondest sense, clearest judgment, and conversant with matters of the world, If a proper choice is made much frietion vost ve avoided and muck time saved. Ho directed the attention of the Mouse lo the npeech of Kir George Porter concerning orders for ship placrd in Canad made a plea for h tive provi at New Brumawick, which, he Tid, wan well equipped for the constriction of wonden vessel, hut complained that the shipbuillers did not know to whom to appiy for arders, Sir George Foster replied that en- quirles addressed 10 the Imperial Munitions Board would bring the desired information.

The Minister of Rail- wars said the arrangement was that 0 town was to be deprived of railway communication by the taking up of the vails. Fhe resson Grand Trunk Pacifis rails were being taken was that they were of the sume size as those sent previously to the front. He suggested that the Admiralty transports coming rom Wediverrnaenn ports should ha loaded with salt as continually i in i ally arrived Kir George Foster raid the authorities were fully seized of the importance of procuring ssi for the flashing indue- try.

The urirolty wits very sympathetic. The motion D. Fezrn had taken wp the nestion in Lomdon and er - sible 2 being done. Herbert Bruce. This letter had no date and no postmark had never penche him. May Hing at race tracks will be prohibited for the duration of the war. Made especially for the home. Weite low wll particulars 1. Fleld roots are relished by every class of live stock, snd uumervus experiments have shown that. In x great many parte of Canada co- silage corn can be profitably grown snd, in such sections it in, at present, rocognited ar the most eovnomical crop to grow as forage fur stock.

In spite » of this, however, field roots. Purbher, the root crop is a safe venture in many parts of the Uominion where she climatic conditions are such as to render the results with corn just a little tou uncertain. Accordingly only varieties that have shown superiority after repeated tests are recommended below. Giant Yellow Intermediate te a high Yielding variety of good feeding value. The robt is intermediate in shape, smooth and yellowish orange in color, It has a small top, is easy to handle and keeps well.

Generally speaking. Mammoth Long Red or Gate Post is. The roots, though large, are ously rough and prongy. It is, therefore, somewhat in disfavor in certain sections. Nevertheloss, it is a splendid yielding variety and the roots are of excellent ceding value and keep- i quality.

The roote keep well and are of particular relish to stock. The roots are um- formly round In shape and light yellow in color. The tops are emall and the orop is easy to handle. Basy and simple. Cures the cases. Money refunded If it ever. Vos Rae an REE on rt er. The variety can be recommended for Canada generally. The variety yields well in any part of Cenada. The roots are oval-shaped and usually large. On good evil the variety yields well, and the feeding value of the crop is excellent.

The variety can be recommend: ed for any, part of Canada. Canadian Cem is a very smooth, uniform variety of the purple top class. The roots are globe shaped and medium sized. In wet veasons, the individual roots often produce extremely lung necks, which make the crop unsightly ond decrease itd value, Ususlly, haw.

The variety can be recommended for Eastern Canadas. Hartley's Bronze Top is one of the bast varieties of the bronze top class. It usually gives a good yield, and the crop is of Brst olsas feeding value. The Toota are medium im bize and sows what near tankard in shape. Although somewhat un-uniform the roots sre usually smooth und casy Lo handle The variety can be recommended for Eastern Canada. Kangaroo is a popular variety in the Maritime Provinces. The roots ere tamkard-shaped and sometimes ite rough and hard fo handle, but keep well.

The yield is usually good and the feeding value excellent. The va- rlety may be recommended for the Maritime Provinces. Varieties Recommended. Improved Bhort White is a half long. It eam be recommended for amy part of. Tt can be recommended for the Maritime Provinces, Southern Al berta, when grown under irrigation sad British Columbia.

White Belgian is a large. The feeding value is, Lonever, only fair. For this vesson the variety can be recommended for the Prairie Provinces only. Ontario Champion is a long large white vacicty, un-uniform in shape, although the roots are usually smooth. Owing to ita length, it is sometimes broken in handling. It is. Danish Champion is a light yellow intermediate variety. The variety yields well and the crop is of high feeding value.

With good seed. Carrots: 3 to 4 pounds. Carrots, sow about the ssme time or a little later tham mangels. On land free from weeds, that is inclined to dry out, or in distrigts where rainfall is light, seeding may be done on the flat. Under ordinary conditions, however. Rand seeders are ususily the most satisfactory. Graham, REA. Assistant Field Husbandmesn.

Field beans comprise many types or ipecies of which thy Wah or dwarf varietion, including the hi sad harivot 4; are grown foy pro duction of pened seed for human food. They rank among the valushle fords. Reams are alee of valua from s soil culture! Tho average yield per acre was It will be recalled that in certain districts jn condi.

At the present time ficld beans are grown in four provinces of the Uominion of Canada. In Ontario had a yield of , busbels: Quebec, 78, bushels; Nova Scotia, busticle, and New Brunswick, 3, bushels. Thus in the past season 76,8 percent of the beans produced in Canuda were grows in the province of Ontario. During the past two years the price of commercial beans bus mors than doubled.

Underdreinage is not absolutely necersary but is advisable here as with other farm crops. Clay soils, be expected to grow beans satisfactorily. They fail in the hoed crop class hence assist wdmirably in the preparation of the eoil for grain crops and the sccompsnying seeding mixtures of grasses and clovers which ehouid follow for best results.

A good dressing of wall preserved manure at the rate of 10 to 12 tons per acre, once in three or four years is sufficient. The application may be made in the fall, winter or spring or during the ing eummer. The manure, if ploughed in, should mot be buried too deeply, but whether ploughed iu or disced in, it should be thoroughly inrorporated with the soil. Commercial fertilizers have not been used to any great extent in Cenada mor are they likely to prove profitable where suitable dretsings of barnyard manure.

In either case the manure may be ploughed is or worked in on the surface with the disc harrow. A suitable seedbed is fine and mellow at the aurface but fairly firm underncath, which condition is obtained only by combined effort and thought on the parl of the grower coupled with judicious use of the dise barrow, roller and drag harrow.

The success of the crop depends largely upon this feature of thorough soil cultivation before seeding. As e as weather and soil condi: tions will permit, beans should te sown. Field beans are usually planted is rows 28 inches apart. Only well developed, well: matured, ubiform, sound seed of strong vitality should be used. Benne from plants infected with the common disease known us anthracnose or pod spot, should not be used for seed.

Hence tt le advisable, where poosbie, te elect the future supply of essed from the growing crop, from Wealthy pursat stock. Fhe vitally of the seed con be learned by conducting a germination dest. These varisties require from to da e in which to reach the proper stage of maturity for harvesting.

As soon as pos sible after the beans are up. Usually a certain amount of band- hoeing is necessary snd this operation may t very much reduced by prompt and thorough boeing im the early pert of the growing season. The beans may be bunched by band or by means of the side delivery rake which places from three to five rows together. Sometimes with special arrangement the common thresher can be used; however, by this means there is more loss through beans being broken or aplit.

These camuot de sold either for commercial or for seed purposes. Por small quantities or for a ppeeis! Diso harrowing. Harrowing times. Cutting Bunching. Cleaning and bagging -. From az scrs of beans worked ae indicated, from 12 to 18 bushels might he expected. Taking 15 bushels na an average crop. Single cuitivatar.

A Bow seed, free from disease, of strong vitality spd of reliable varieties. No mailer what kind of brooding is adopt. Sexy Blair, Superintendent, Experimental Station. Kentville N These should be grown in deep, thoroughly prepared suil of loose upen texture, to admit of even root development. This is especially true in the case of parsnips, 6 2 heavy compact soll de- volopa a poorly shaped and rooty parsaip.

The ground may be spring or fall msuur. The seed is sown in the open ground ususlly hefore the middle of May, in rows two and one-half feet apart, at the rate of two pounds per acre for carrots, and four pounds per acre for parsnips. The carrots may be thinned o two inch- os apart, and the parsnips four inches. If earrots xre spaced too far apart in the row they become toe large for table use. The ground should be rich emough and sufficient moisture maintained by frequent cultivation to continue an even growth throughout the season.

The root should be kept envered with sell to the top, preventing the top of the root from wing green, which is objec tiopable for market carrots, BEETS. Beets for early use should be started as early as possible om well prepared ground. For winter use seeding toward the last of May, or early in June, is advised, as the does not become so large.

Any good soil will develop beats. The seed is sown in rows two and one-half feet apart. Beans do beat on a fairly rich sof , and unlike the pes, require a warm situstion and warm soil. While the will do well on « fairly heavy soil. They are ususily plsnted in rows two snd one: half feet apart, and the seed dropped two to three inches apart, and one and one- p ait taches deep. Buccessional sowings may be mada ev.

Onions do best on a light loamy sof! Light loams cas be worked to better advantage than heavier loams, and do not dry out wo badiy during summer. An abundance of available plant food is necessary if profitable crops are to be obtained, and consequently a soil that has been manured for several seasons previously should be selested.

The land should be free from stone, and weed seeds. Onions may be grown in the same land ear. Fiftcen tons per acre annually is a good application. Et the soil is well supplied with vegetable matter successful crops may be grown with commercial fertilizers applied at the rate of to 1. This is sown broadcast and harrowed in just before seeding.

The ground can be best prepa. The seed is sown in rows on the level ground 12 to 14 inches apart and 1 inch deep at the rate of 3, pounds per acre. A hand seeder is anally used. A seeder snd wheel hos combined ean be purchas- od from apy seed merchant st s reason: able rate. Seeding should be dome as soon in the spring as possible.

Maintenance tillage is done principally with the wheel hoe, and consists in keeping the surface ground loose around the plants and all weeds from starting. The falling down and withering of the tops indicates maturity.

They are left for a week to dry, after which they may be topped and put into slatted crates, or put into these crates without topping. The ad. They Proud at stored in bags or in large piles in luk. They may be stored in slatted bine arranged one above another, 10 inches to! Tf atored, the temperature should be kept as low [1 ible, and the air be dry. One and one-half to two a of seed will give sullicient ints to set an eres, spacing the plants our inches apart in rows one foot apart.

The disadvantage ie the expense of trans planti For securing early onious, and onl of large cite, thia practise is ads isable. This is the day of big business in beans. Influenced by unprecedented ices, many farmers who never before guve a werious thought to the growing of this crop sre now preparing to plant. The prices at which beans are now sold would prove prohibitive were it bot for an Uunususi combination of cireum- stances and for the high food value of beans.

Biter methods of preparing and serv. In the Luited states Michigun leads in bean acreage. This being true, Lhe opiu- fons of the bean growers and dealers of Chis state may well bear weight, The! However, the kidney bean,. There are eight generally recognised, distinct types of beans. Anthracnose, or beam spot, is somewhat similar to apple, tomato or cu- eumber rots, and aitacks pods, beans, and leaves. For this bean disease government ex- ts have found mo satisfactory cure.

Apparently ssthracnose cannot grow in dry weather, -nd the season has a great deal to do with the severity of the mourge. Attempts ae being made to roduce an immune or partially immune an. Until this is accomplished, about the best the grower can do is to secure disease-free seed and plant in disease- free soil. Anthracnose may be transmitted in warious ways, Infected seeds nos diseased plants, and the trouble spreads from plant to plant in the field. One thing that is to be urged in be- Maif of bean growing is that the bean is a legume, or nitrogen gatherer, and is thus a soil-builder.

The growing of beans, unlike many other crops, does not result fn soil robbers. They prefer rich loams, Yeandy and gravelly cla They may al- be rather nuccessfully grown on thin oi In any event, draining is always. Care should be taken that this is weli- rotted manure.

Two hundred und fifty : s of basic slaw to the acre, sown deast, is 8 common practice. This conserves moisture, destroys oad seeds, and resulty in 3 thoroughly sompacted, well-puive seed bed, As. M6 Eee chaire verbiion: Jor - on dan: a. AN large. Te fer Axim stram. White Leghorns, B. A raranteed. Hggs from these 6 per Damm, R Currant Bushes, Fay's Pro tra heavy winter egg production. Bires; Dam, R. Grand red and Hinck Naples, por dor. Bire Champion Bull. APPS, Brant. Thorw's Nieiling Buttercup now being bred to the mea maire Sisoscherrira.

Raspberries, i resder. Mra Runner Duck: trie. They ara thick, 1ecklings, Hares. Also captured Whitmore il. Miner ver Cup, Hegina; Fort, 18 ps. Handsome Houdsus, r fifteen. Evegy pen Auconas, Sheppards atrain. Rhode Island Reds. Rreates train. Milford, Ont, Shire Pie. Vader of. THE 25e each. Pivots Rare W. WIM : » Ont. For 18 consecutive :. Rebuilt By A. Also a pen of nice Golden setting of I3. Eggs i t from a Very breeder that drawbacks and disadvantages in that Sebright Bamtams.

Px- Hodis atl rahmas. Box For the beueft of those wbo may du. Felch, Nantrick, Masa, to use shows From heavy laying straina. Prescott, Ont. Ratisfaction guar. Marcorie, Baek. Prize winning Barred Recks. Get my circular. Black Tege.! White Single Comb I. Plumage Green sn green Forty od registered.

AP same. Gago, TON: Bax. Eggs, 5. Tags for hatching: best US. Verson, Ont. Smith's Falls, Ont. Persistent iayers, In :! Boeath, genesriiy ksows. Proumesia slings triangular jackets choose cloth, wadded with abrerbent cetten , khaki 44 inch , flasael binders and bandages 4 inches bandages, wide sad 6 yards leag; stump steckisgs. You see how it was, don't you? Elizabeth hurried down the eteps end rushed blindly into the kitchen, where old Annie was wi the supper e threw herself into the old womsn's arms.

Carnes must have felt when Alice was married. Shs came over here crying because Alice wouldn't let ber help dress Mr in her wedding clothes because she wasted the other girls to dross her. Bhe a. She had pansed ons moment ot the head of the stairs te omes more remind Elizabeth of Floyd's ples that she womld mot wait for him this night, as the banquet siways lasted ue. Now it was thres o'clock and Elise beth still waited, She had forgotten the cab, the pink roses, and even the which he had forgotten to give her before he went to the auditorium.

OM Annie hed had limped. How looked at dhat minute! Paris, June Eaquiries Ai the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lead to the belief that it is not a definite reply to France's note, but is a eort of ad interim communication, which, while leaving matters much as they were, keeps open opportunities for further dis cussion. Foe decades Great Britain's hostility has been directed against Russia, at last succesd- ing in having another country accomplish a task from which she herself shrank.

With Russia no longer dangerous for the present, all Great Britain's machinations were set in motion against Germany, now her chief competitor in Kurope. Rouvier in charge of the Mr. The extent snd depth of the feeling manifested astonishes foreigners and is regarded as an evidence of the growth of a national sentiment of public spirit which five vears azo would have inconceivable.

Among many instances cited as evidence of this, it is said that a Chinese comprador has refused a lucrative a ppointment with an American company. It is urged that there is mo reasonable objection to the landing of coolies in Hawaii, w!

With a view of facilitating a settlement, China yesterds, 7 pro to send 8 svecial mission to Washington. Man Francisco, June Kdward G. North-West Hiver post, and tbence is rths. There were over two a his residence No. Tol ee held un sumouncemen t of his death te we u w setired. While Mr. The restilt was greeted with governmental chasers and opposition hisses, snd there was intense excitement.

This gave religion governmental status, the churches being government p y, with the clergy paid by the State, and the entire Church ed- ministration being under the direction of a member of t President's Cabinet. Brod- rick, Secretary for India, for s modification of the orders issued the Mome Government regarding the inistration It is said that Lord Curzon and General Lord Kitchen er are in complete accord regarding the plan for fortification.

Be known masiner, died on Sundey a fie country house, sped 2 years. Droad- foot, B. While in London he became ill, and GR Tresday evening was brought bome, bat never rallied. B,, June W. MeKensie, or R.

McKentie, in tbe au year of hix age. Deceased was aa uncle of the Hon. Blalr, and was a Dative of Woodstock. Deceased is survived by Mr. The county union was fortunate ih se curing tue assistance of Mrs. Sanderson, provincial president, and Alrs. Waycott, Dominion and irovincial X secretary.

Principal Jordan was introduced und spoke brielly on behalf of the work among the volunteers in camp. He has been asked to. Di : Tecurding- secretary, Mrs. Reid; treasurer, Mre. Pre Terrebonne in the Lo- was sworn in as a mem. Bland while by Mrs. Me LL. He mar ried in , Clara, daughter of the late Aman Stine, of cand, 0. He was admitted to the illineis bar. Hs was one of the private secretaries of Presi: dent Lincoln. He was a dbrewt-colonel of Unitsd States volunteers, and was at one time assistant adjutant.

He had been secretary of the legations at Paris, Madrid and Vienna, and had bess charge d'affaires at the letter place. Dyes of Ken aide lon pi tax The writer has hesitated about writ- makes out the Pope of that day to be Soripture or passage of Seripture is di LN. Ld ey of the the hese axtrmmies or proreomoniam.

This dreadful affair has inspiration is predicated of the words. The preference which we want to] It may be consuited at the Mel express trains, and consequent when ing, whatever degree of inapirstion the sect the confused state in which he sad there be wsion as to the burden give Britain, 1m exchange for a prefer- chanics Tastitute in this city. It is words that 0!

When it comes Lo our own in- who feel obliged to make concessions to ete. Lunel that the Pope would offer up 4 [this is verbal inspiration. What » book r. Ruseell ie evidently, like meet or four bl in tbe centre nf the ce the precerence over ail the worid. Looked at in this way, the [a light te our path. Lawrence meet, but will not allow them to pay us spiration of the Bible, but only in so lar blessing of the massacre becomes a sim- lation is absurd. Let us look at Sasaciation with the flu taxation river.

Such 1s the though bumas eno would be uv-[refraine as he feels that this kind of wou ul i eusantisl he magianimity of capital. Is this not the worthy the pir the Almighty, controversy ie of another class, and he vomi require prittables But rived orgs pla tals ace supplind by Pate for the correction of setush principie, lustered by govsrumeus who spoke through the in auca ia tempted to my that both these gen- [no previous predication, and why tne It is perfectly apparent to everyone ltoo lengthy.

Gathone SMirmaticns, be ie quite deticient in that VoinePired. Mf chars is ay wih crite munity; ; Soi heard: or we uy ake rome scholars sre awakened to the necessity of of producing proof. Blackburn bes lost Nevert loss, Bcripture. See Dr. Middleton's Treatise kind, sise and nu of trees question: it more wrong to first lsid down the workings of the hu- q true that in the of on the Greek article.

The thought of the schoolmen Bourbourg, pro essor of ecclesiastical his- spiration. Fy Smithy Dr. At t people from my pulpit. Did they quote not exceed three or four hundred peo- i tation of Enews De Von une di mass themeeives Protestants are so illogical as ie i Bacrament to 2 carried to. Yerbel Tospiration « mechanical theory, Lie community. Both are Edwin Hobbs, B. Such evidently both are mot equally impor- that your eorrespofident from Chicago no, not « particle.

Them Mr. In this new school the writer be- [surprises me. Verbal notable ct. But it does not fouow ment ; b rer RE of deeds! God's ulation. Can ussel! My Yeuue from the taxation of hand? Hobbs arias stig Le nat oun. England, The writer Tim. This amserts the I agree neither with the Rev. Hobbs nor the brother whom he er fgility when relieved of perhaps the For forging his own character, John Welland Merchant Restored peste to those who like good but not [full extent, or it does not.

Hence the mtirises, in regard to the expression, most troublesome part of his duty, i. The testimonial mid Be bad Kidney Pills. Hobbes [to write. Yokom, a prominent merehant of this fish translation je published by the Lath the margin? Did we know how the [the supreme difficulty of theology. Yokom's state rod 0 « nd and progressive of the erroneots translation by a ma; aghast at lesser difficulties? Hobbs says aleo that [humble and join Paul in saying, Who [be equitable.

Hobbe by im. Dlication seems to contradict this. He [tain school about the bearing of geology should based upon henelit craferroi gave him a of beer to do 3 be d, little or no appetite. Public qrements fined 20s. Probably the « ci ES the times. If 1 reliance on the state [can testify aa to the as of the world, or et: but do edd immenssly to af Henry Cooper, of the lest in weight.

I mast perforce con- The evidence of geology is symptomatic, values. If one he resident in a commun. It can say that the arth ity where ublie improvements a tlimgton, Surrey. Hobbe himeeH, undergone certain changes, but when re; rt The ant a be the date After take to be hope!

If a ee ents To, is Jend would show existence. Cor « remark an hot hacknersd ou oqmily inopined.! When tbe man arrived at the house the words had been strangely fui- Sled, for be tound bis meshes dead in iadies were walking Morecainbe Hay, one into « quicksaud, snd p to ber armpits.

The mother and two children were res- with difficulty, but two boys, cightt snd six years, were drowned. Yours they wece, mine they are. The horse in the rear of the second carriage became res- five and mounted its front leet om the vehicle, the horse attached to which bad collided with His Majesty.

A short while ago, bowever, the vaulting of the Norman erypt began to crack, and the architects of the cathedral and divcese were immediately called in and ordered excavations to be made near the spot. At sixteen feot a bod of gravel was struck, snd s sudden in- rash of water stopped operations for the An discovery ; made at Chiswick, where, on the site OM Chiswick louse, which dates to about , some Roman bave been brought to light.

The chamber measures 12 feet by 10 feet 6 inches, and is composed of squared rubble chalk wet mn mortar, whilst the floor is paved with two-inch Roman red bricks, and is seven font below the ground surface. United Free Chursb, wotwithstand. An dd MS. The parties ware al to the ster when the bride was kn cael ilk Medical aid wes summoned from Dea fermline, but the woman expired within an hour. Early in She week on s mountain at raey, Bear Nenegh.

As the distance to Mr, Jacksou's residence is nearly a mile, it is more than likely the migratory srmy descend- od from lol Ve some of the stores 0 ro An exciting scene took place on Canal Quay, Heifast, near the military bar racks, in consequence of the mad freaks of three soldiers uf tbe West Yorkshire Megiment. They afterwards took off their boots and threw them into the canal also, and thea jumped into the water themselves and floun- Sams.

The thid the bystandere threw t -jthe Fighter that were lying in tha canal. The soldieds, however, made no efforts to catch them. Eventually the picket arrived, and, after some time the three men were rescued and conveyed on cars to the barracks. Apart from tbe interesting fact of bu: lands for the King, the soquisition of this particular tract of territory as Crown property is for the ublic benefit.

Park preserve amenities of t! White to pas snd mate in two moves. We give below the position at sdjeursment, with tbe continuation. Bleck, Ipewich. Black br this move initistes 8 ra less. From this pelat they take the lead, and practically call the tune to the ond of the game.

White has no eptien Buk ov Sesept the sacrifice,. Fe moet the threat of mate. Bisck recover their B. A very remarkable meve, Whind forces the pace. It le difficult to ses « better move, sur ais. B very subtle move, disguistag oul test fatentions. Q-Kt 6 M R-K 3 aa? P-Kt 6 mEzP White aces the Pawn cannot be wen.

But Black's reply shows the retreat is too lista. The cannot be saved. An Illustrative ending 1e: 2. Ne games as yet to hand, Lesehatdt meds reat start, and Will probably Sand ia the frst eight aaybow. A game is given below with mates Van Viet. Queen's Fianchetts. White, Black, RK. Ktx Kt: Bx Kt, Fg 3: followed thea White's posi- castles: although eves tion would de de It will soem become manifest thst Dis exes fo not as goed as it comme at ret si Le 4 Ceatles was, perhaps, better, but net ei - , a8 then 3.

It is for this reasoy. Vi paralysis, kidney and liver troubles. Medicine Co. Ale tor the attack. Tor twe or three publioativas to the noces address. Samples and mbseriptise bisaks freely sod prempd m ob request. The Czar promised bis people sn elec tive and potential representative assembly. If we are to attach any velue to the forecast which has been sent us of the schems for such an assembly prepared by a committes of bureaucrats, it bas been 30 harnessed and bridled snd bitted that it will go the way the gov- eroment drives or not go at all.

Lt need not be said that this scheme will evoke nothing but wrath from the people and will breed nothing but collision between the people's representatives und the powers which have thus proclaimed their complete unwillingness to tyust the peapie or give them any real say iu public aflairs. Baker, the Canadian, has in Eeet Finebury won another notable Liberal victory, At the general elections of the Conservative candidate was returned by s majority of This ma- Jority has now been reversed und turned into a majority for the Liberals of , or more than double.

Chamberlain may well acknowledge that the tide bas set strongly in the direction contrary to bs ambitions. Haker as a foreigner, and made remarks derogatory to Canadian bread. North, south, east and west the by-elec- tions have given notice to Mr. Balfour that be lingers superfluous on the stage, and that it is long past the time when he should have made his bow of retirement. His persistent and Cynical disregard of the people's will, so clearly and emphatically expressed, is a menace to constitutional government, or, at least, to present parliamentary procedure.

However, he cannot now much longer postpone his inevitable fate. His cup of iniquity is full and running over. The despatch quotes an intelligence officer. Hs is quoted as saying that the most serious feature of the present situation is that the Japanese are able to spare General Kaso- tawa's powerful army from the chief seat of war in Manchuria. Landings in Kamechatka or on Saghalien are probable enough, and would be.

MM it is rorth of the Tumen, as reported, and as is to be presumed, as it bas put to flight a Russian force. We have already referred to an accession of force from this direction as probable. The Russians seem sure of five thousand, for they have met them, but seem only 0 surmise the hundred thousand. It seems at all events that General Linevitch has found it sure of withdrawing twelve thonemnd men from Vladivostok to meet this unexpeet- ed force.

If the food was really bad, it was probebly not dus to the will of the government. No government could weil be so foolish as that would have been under the clr cumstances. It would be aseribed without question by every man jack of necessary to resort to the extreme mes. On active servie, when the troope know that shortage or defects in rations are caused by mo fault of those entrusted with the duty of bringing up supplies, the mem endure the privation with fortitude.

But in garrison amd camp, when there is no excuse for lack in quantity or quality, bad rations will not be tolerated. It in the mame on board ship. The Russian soldiers and sailors are not as well fed as the British. In the Crimean war cur eoldicrs could not even endure the smell of the food the Russians devoured with eager satisfaction, though all who were there agreed that what the British had to put up with was nothing to brag about.

The mutiny in the Russian Black Ses fleet appears to have, at least, been bronght to the breaking point by a food grievance. With ample means in the ports of the Black Sea for obtaining the best supplies regularly, there was mo excuse for bad or inadequate rationing. John Heep, sheriff of St. Louis county in Missouri, does not seem to be any relation of the celebrated Uriah. He is not 'umble.

He not only declines the Governor's offer of soldiers for the purpose, but says he will arrest them if they come, amd that they may get shot, as there might te people who would not like to see them. Mis theory, probably, is that he kmowe what the people who elected him went, and he is going to give them just the sort of public morals that they ernve.

The is giving demoeracy ite nimost swing. Under such free conditions, bg vaunted principle of evolution by whish all things are to be transformed should. On the other hand, a community whose morals were low would choose rulers of its own sort, hating good and loving evil. A mew heart must come from another source.

And where id liberty to end? If a county or city can set itself wp against the law of the state and treat it with Til id! No country in the world offers inducements so great to the industrious, sod all who long for free dem and independence in s lend where law and order reign supreme.

The mp- idity with which settlement io prooesdiag o is proof that these advantages are appre ciated. Peace, plenty, the certainty that success will reward bonest labor, wre among the inducements to immigration mentioned by the correspondents, who ail agres that the star of empire now glitters in the Canadian weet. The news certainly does not come this tims by way of New York. If there are considerable oil fields there steps shoul be immediately taken to reserve the property for the people of Canada and to prevent its falling into the hands of the Standard Oil Compeny.

That gigantic corporation Las not only spread its monopolistic tentacles all over this contia- ent, but extended them to Europe and Asia Wherever on earth, in fact, oil has been discovered, the Standard Company bas managed to guin whole or partial possession. Having unlimited capita at its command, it aims at the complete; control of the oil business in all countries.

Aa the vulger saying is, the company wants the earth, and will have it, if money can buy it. There is no commodity of civilisation that has made ite way so completely into all remote lands as what we in Canada call coal oil. Fortunately, the newly dis covered oil fie is in Government land belonging to this province.

Such finis in any case properly belong to the nation, and it should be pcssible in all cases to make regulations that will secure to the people the benefit of them. This could always be done under the Henry George system of tazing the ground according to its intrinsic value. There were great outcries on the part of the miners at the Klondyke, largely foreigners, against royalties upon the gold finds there Those miners actually wanted the older parta of the country to furnish them with Goverament protection, railways telegraph and the other benefits of civi lization while they carried of untold wealth to parts unknown.

It is time the people's right in emeh possessions were better underttood. We have been celebrating the thirty. As our imperial holiday in memory of the great queen comes just at the outburst of the spring's biossom- ing and as soon in the year as it is safe to count on a day afield; so it is well for us that the day that commemorates our national existence comes in the full flush of midsummer's glories.

Dominion Day is for many the only day on which they can get to the country at all, and what can these do better than go there and drink nature in? For those whose lot in hard, a day in the grass, beneath the sky or upon the broad bosom of the Inke or river may prove a rich experience. The weather om Nat urday was unfortunate in some places, while in others it was as benign as could be wished for. While we enjoy the boliday we should not forget its meaning.

It is interesting to mote how slowly, but, let us hope, surely, tbe sense of nationhood develops. Not quite, even yet, have the people of the Maritime Provinces ceased to talk of going to Canada. We have not yet got past the stage at which we are instinctively more provincial than ne tional.

This, too, will pass away, and we shall come to regard our nation rather than car province, as the higher object of our love. The greatest divisive foree among wa ia religion. All such are failing in true patriotism. Loyalty can only develop out of liberty and out of mutual toler- aude.

In nature nothing Comes suddenly; thece is firet the infant, which needs to be carried and which has Bo consciousness of its own existence. It is not quite certain that we have pass ed altogetber out of it. Our present stage seems more like that of the boy who has gained more wayward strength than virile judgment. We want to make everybody do what we like and mean to kick when they refuse. There has been something of this in our treatment of Orientals and something of it :n our ides that we can make Great Britain pay us tribute, by bonusing our products while we exe] hers, and in thinking that of she ought to do it.

We seem to be verging on that period of national life when we want to spend our best energies in play. Our young men, many of them, though en- saged in business, discuss sports much more than they discuss business. Their chief interest is not in the work in which it in their calling to serve God and man, and in whose paths success in life lies, but in bow to get away from work for what they look upon as pleasures.

This is childish, Let us hope that we will outgrow this also. It should be the object of our educators to set before our young people the lives of those who have had ambitions above themselves. Those who were the fathers of our country, both French and Knglish, and the pioneers of our farms, had perforce to endure much bardship, and endured it joyfully in the development of the great country, visions of which filled their souls.

So lung as money is the measure of success in business, there will be a natural tendency to look upon it as the end and object of business. We are in a young and pros perous country, in which there is abundant scope fer the exercise of all iseroic purpose and all generous impulse. Revolution has at last broken out in Russia.

Whether it will gain head or will be for a time suppressed must soom be known. The occasion of it was ew tirely characteristic. Russia having no seafaring population, the fleet is manned by conscription from among landsmen, who hate the ses and count condemnation to it very much as evil doers of old counted ther condemnation to the galleys, except that Russians are sent to ses for no offence.

The fleet has been officered by men of fam- fly who bad to have berths found for them. Such was the state of things when the Japanese war broke ont. It was supposed, however, that the naval misfortunes in the east and the strsined conditions which have arisen between the people and their rulers bad considerably changed the attitude of the navy authorities towards the men and that everything was Leing done to make them satisfied with their conditions.

The men seera to have been not unprepared for the coup which, so far as the principal bat tleship on the Black Ses is concerned, proved eo eminently successful. It is probable that of all-portions of the Russian naval service the worst conditions exist in the Black Sea.

The Dlack Ben squadron being comdemned by international arrangement to isastion would natur- Jour l, [ally be used for the shelving of ise cients and for the hiving of the more disaflected elements. The squadron je not a very efficient one. We also hear of stu- denty snd Jewish girl being on board of her. It is not impossible, indeed, that the whole fiset was very short of everything, as no service was expected of it, and all supplies were wanted elee- where.

We thus find the most complete plan of the incendiary revolutionists, as is we ally the case, ineffective for anything but barm. The vos of 8t. Petersburg and are try. Her reluctance en be explained by her dislike to having te enter into negotiations with Japea om f' footing of equality and sions.

Th whole attitude of the Chinese peo ple from Pekin to the Burmese bound- dary, and from Hongkong to Thibet, to- wands foreign thought has changed, ani lt. The ideas they now acquire are thoes that will live with them. A oerious dis cussion bas bees held by the wissionaries now in Chine ns to what to, do under these cireumstanoss, and they have for mulated what is, under the conditions, a vory modest request, but yet a bold one. There ie no room for delay. A missionary needs to be « year or two in China before he can communiests with the people.

Sentiment may and does ater into bookkeeping. Where it dods it is gener ally optimistic rather than pessimistie. The hard-headed practical shopkeeper will eater his stock in his books at net cont for the purpose of finding out bow he stands with the world, and he will do this even. His case too often resembles that of the country girl with the basket of eggs that we read about in the story books.

The girl, it will be remembered. As she walked, bright bopes went with ber, rosy visions flitted about the fields and the hedge rows. Her bas ket of eggs would sell tor eo much; with suck a sum she could buy so end 20; so aud so she could sell at such a profit; until, at last, by repeating such commerce, in ber mind, she made « very comfortable fortune. The basket of eggs, foundation of all her. A eertain type of tradesman is equally sanguine. Bankers are guilty of the same sort of juggling.

The aseo- clation was given power to ses that a bank's note circulation does not exceed its paid-up capital, and othir powers which it was hoped would put an end to misleading statements snd a waiting for something to turn up frame of mind on tbe part of the management of the chartered banks of jhe Dominion.

Such, bowgver, has not been the case, as the defunct Bank of Yarmouth bas been the victim of such practiess. Wo good banker would desaribe worthless paper as current loans. Such renewsls do repeat themselves in the current less sesount, and that is the only account in whies to place them. Periodically, he goes over the discount business of the bank, and sizes up the parties to whom the benk bas lent money. It is not his duty to be ssn- guine about this paper.

He knows inevitably thas there will be losses, he knows that some accounts actually are loases, and it is his duty to treat them 0 such. The statement that such » bank submits to ite sbarebolders and the publie may be relied upon; amongit the current loans there will be included no bad debts, while doubtful losses will be estimated and provided for.

We pride ourselves upon the high character of our banking justly; failures are bappily few and far between; but such failures us we have had prove how essy, after all, :t is fo go wrong, and that eternal vige lance is still the price of safety. By the desth of the Hon. Col, Johan Hay the United States loses one of her muoet justly valued servants. His was not the troubled vision of the weak oc the unequally greet.

Undisturbed by the titful appreciations of the moment, in the world about him, he planned largely and did for the most part wisely and well. Posterity must apportion him his meed of praise or blame for whatever his shiare was of the preliminaries to the Spanish-American War and the vracti- cal snatching of Panama from the He- Publie of Columbia. We are too clos to events to form a true judgment, and yet we can see in the perspective of the past seven years of United States hustory the work of one directing band.

Like most men, statesman, philosopher, or poet, he gathered his inspirations from his age and the spirit of his time. We who are British have followed John Hay'e career admiringly, -because be was one of that brilliant succession of United States Ambassadors to the Court of Bt. James whose aim it was to put an end for ever 10 the lion's tail pulling eport of their countrymen. They found in Kng- land a friendship, a love, indeed, for the United States and for Americans, which surprised them, and made them ieflect with humilistion upon the fires of hatred for England which still smouldered in their own country.

Ibe govern ments of tbe two countries were brought more into accord in aim, and the peo plea by travel and literature found that tboir differences were trivial while their likeness was essentiel. John Hay during nearly half a century of public service bad seen his country inevitably oa the way to s different des tiny from the conception of the writers of the Declaration of Independence snd their followers. Bhe found herself a seeker after markets for machinery and bridges and steel rails and what mot, besides wheat and eorn and Chicago canned goods, and she no longer found that insulation was the highest good.

Her railways stretched, at Jength, from the Atlantic to tbe Ps- cafle, and tie cast was that much nearer. War came, strange islands and an isthmus were seized, and the United States understood Great Britain. John Hay was a man sigually trained to read the signa of the times and to direct them, er at Jeast to keep his f.

He had accumulations of the most valuable axperiences. Chosen by Lincoln to be his secretary snd A. When Mr. McKinley was elected, Jobn Hay was appointed ambassador to London. He retired from that position, as everybody knows, to fill the distinguished snd onerous post of Becretary of State, and has only laid down the reins of office at the call of death.

He has been the expansionist foreign minister of his country, and the history of our times will recount many stirring events in which he bore a principel part. Great history has been made during John Hay's for- tign ministry, greater than we realize as we live it, and that quiet but strong character will be better appreciated at its true worth when in the crucible of time the metal shall have been separated from the dross, the true from the false.

As an author, Mr. In doing so there i fast on Monday, June 5. Another matter that ie giving concern to the press if not the publie of England, is the fact that the provimes of Quebec has recently imposed a tax of three hundred dollars upon all commercial travellers ripresenting houses who have no resident agent ip the province or bona tude branch house in the Dominion. This tas especially cuts against English commercial travellers, and some English houses declare they will retire from the trade and devote their energies to other places.

Uenerslly, it is considered smail and mean legislation; particularly, it is pointed out as being anotber disillusion as regards the prospects of closer imperial trading. We in Canada, know, of course, that this tax was mot imposed especially against the British marchant, or, indeed, especially against snybody.

There is a tax of the same sort in both British Columbia apd Nova Scotia, and as Quebec thought she want: ed out as being another disillusion as vinces, she copied their shining ekam- ple. At present, it constitutes another bar to that beautitul state of imperial trade affection wherein every member shall join hands in fem- ily secord and equality. Such taxation as Mr. In the same way, Canadians are s!

Whatever may be the verdiet of a futute generation, 3t curtain that aeveral generations have sought and found satisfaction in the bel- lads of Mr. Msy, and in their protest against the measare ment of humani- any conventional lines. He did bie duty as it appeared to him, and his memory will long be honored and treasured. Does the Canadian govers- ment consider one Pole or Russian worth three Eaglishmen, Irishmen, Welshmen or Seotehmen, the organs of public opinion indignantly ask in chorus?

To whieh the Canadien immigration offiee, in Lon- dom, has replied that it costs the North Atlantic Trading Company the difference in the amounts paid out, as the North Atlantie Trading Company does its own advertising, prints ite owa immigration literature, snd generally carries ite own propaganda, Such an answer, however, is regarded as most umestisfactory, eon- sidering that, as the Allan and other lines of shipping have been pointing out, mueb more and more costly work has been done by them on bebalf of British immigration than bse been done by the North Atlantic Trading Company om the continent of Europe.

That may be true enough, but such expenditure js over and above the large activity ead advertising expenditure of the Canadian Government in Great Britain. His successor, the second Marquis, met with a like glorious ending. One of the seven Bcottish regiments which went over in to rescus the persecuted Insb Presbyterians in the rebellion of that day was the regiment of the Campbell clan, and its chaplain and one of its officers, a member of the Kirk Session at home, were of ths nine whe gave to Irish Presbyterianiem ite first church court by forming the Presbytery at Carrickfergus.

Since that time an intimate connection has subsisted between the House of Argyll and the Irish Presbyterian Church, Thus it was that the Duke of Argyll was asked to perform the opening cerc- mony, as typifying one of the great influences which have made the Presbyterian Church the power it is today. It is s militant church, a church instinct with life and high purpose. We read that the Rev. Professor Todd Martin, in the statement he submitted oa behalf of the building eommittes, said there pomsi- bly might stes] into the breast of some cautious friend the thought that they had aimed too high.

Upon this point, however, the concensus of opinion appeared to be that the right thing bas been done. The new Assembly Hall and offices are spacious and besutiful. They form a magnitiomt pile of buildings standing four square, rich and eppeo- superior adaptation of the immigrants, priate in adecnment, snd providing mest work of sll the A less costly ho: but the building is tion, and it is to be ihe Church.

Ou the ome hand it will be ssid that while thems- millions om official luxury and aretsites- tural display. On the ether, it is equai- ly fair to say that, se long as people actually do eultivate the arts of beauty and see no wrong in it, there can be ne wrong, but the highest right, in Javieh- ing that beauty on the worship of led and the appointments of his church. In this, us in all other aspects of religions form, it is not the form that is significant, but the opirit that lies behind it.

Albans, Vt. The Fall of M. It needs to be furnished and kept furnished. The moauvy needed for erously given by a Montreal lady, on the occasion of Dr. Grenfell's recent vimt here, so that the matter can be carried through at once, and it is hoped that the hospital will be ready for use, though possibly not fully equipped, by the beginning of next winter. It is towards the maintenance of this new hospital and the general work connected with it, that all contributions received at this office will probably be sent.

Grenfell bas specially asked that this hospital receive our hearty support. It is peculiarly appropriate, t ore, that the furnishings of our cot or cots there should ba borne in mind by those wish- to help. LL orwich Sympat! Belment Runday-school, Alta.

Lily Cooper. KE, Montreal. Marie J. All jewelen in Watches. My young men and women are in- struc to in po wise follow the well nigh univerenl custom of our caste of Mealing from the crops of our neighbors, and allowing catle to grase in the fields of others. Jhough at tirst 1 Jost « little by this, 1 now sun a gainer, for the Hindu, tinding that the members of my family never touch their crops, lave ceased stealing from me and keep their cattle off my lands. But the Hindu farmer continues to steal the crops of the Hindus, and in turn bas portions of his own crop stolen.

When 1 was s Hindu, together with others of my people, 1 used to give to soothsayer for telling me when it vas soirs, to rain, and other future oven! Now know that he knows nothing ot the future, and I give him nothing. My Hindu relative brings up his chil in ignor- and bas no one to to him the contents of papers, and thus. Yes, iv- deed, Sir, Christianity is the religion for et the and all es! You Kngiish bave liberty; we French bave equality; the two together speii fraternity.

All that bappened five years ago. Have we not recou ourselves in Tunis; and are we not free in Morocco? But all that was five years ap Since then wuch bas bappensd, and we have shaken hands. We bave be- Lbaved sensibly, like good neighbors. Our Nationaliste? They are amusing: they make much noise; but no one takes them seriously. It is often a bad joke, 1 think; but still one should even be grateful to those who try to amuse us and are unsu ul.

Then we are serious; after that we wish to take life lightly, like children, or alse we should suffer from an attack of nerves. Our gayety saves us; but we are serious all the same. I reise hat to them. He understood us; he knew his Paris; be was at home bere; Le paid ue the compliment to be one of ourselves. That was as Frince of Wales.

When he became a King we waited. It was interesting. King Tawa visited us, and we were conquered. You say His Majesty has tact; we call him bon garcon; perhaps it is another word for the same thing. We French are beyond all else bon garcon; that is the nations! It is irresistible; a King, bon garcon can be King of Paris. The visit of our President to London was arranged; it is an open secret that mo- where in the world has our Pre sident been more appreciated.

Yow royal family admires simplicity. President Loubet was at his ease with them. They did not demand that he should play the Grand Duke like his predeces- son 3 Pyare; Ihave often tho ght that peo] of ngland reveal t French President to the people of France.

BE those days we were un peu an rior, you al it! We are mot desf, and we are reasonable. These things grow naturally, are fertilized by events. It 1 difficult to pet phesy without a foreknowledge et events. The remark is a little Irish, but comprehensible. Germany may, of may not, seal this treaty for us. But where 1 find the greatest hi for the permanence of our present riendship is in the relations that have sprung up between our two peoples.

First ere, thep the peoples; that is a natural way of progress. Our rulers have come to- ther; our peoples are coming together. Not long ago our leading doctors visited your hospitals. Tt is the two pecvles that will get to know one enot if we continue a we have begun. Cambon retires I may apply or it. The propristor, who is an old bricklayer by trade, did meariy the whole of the work in tie eonstruction of this with vis own Dasde, although he is over sixty years of age.

He says that the material used in the construction of this building did not eost over the half of what the material would bave cost had it been pat up 1b the usual manner of a wooden trame veneered on the outside with brick, as fo required by the by-laws of tas town. The sills and plates are mads nt two- by six-inch sawn lumber, and the atudding is two by four inches. There is less water used in the corce:o thom 2 usually the case, the 'matecisi buing merely dampened and wasn it is placed in the wall it is consideraBly porous and would not make a strong wall, without the wooden framework.

The outside of this concrete wall is vered over with a coat of cement nde with two parts clean mnd to one cement. When this cement was being plastered on to the wall it was wade into various wavelike figures, which bas quite a romantic appescance. As soon as 8 calf becomes three months old it is inspected by a government official, who enters its mark and sex in a record book and provides it with a number tag, which is fastened to a ring pessed shroi its car.

Owner, H. Bolisrt, Cassel, Ont. Canary Calamity Countess , age 3y 3m. Owner, George Rice, Till- sonburg, Ont. Bessie Covert Rose , age 2y. Owner, George Rice. Tillson- burg, Ont. Coun Calamity Queen , se 2y. Owaer, rge Rice, Tillsonburg, Ont. Calamity Jane 2d's Countess , age 3y. Owner, George Rice, Tillsonburg, Ont. Qraer, George Rice, Tillsonburg, nt. Adelaide Brook DeKol , ae Sy. Thirty-day Record ; days from ealving Milk 1, 1bs.

Take half bushel of freshly-burnt lime, slake it with boiling water; cover it during the process, to keep in the steam. Strain the liquid through a fine sieve, and add to it seven pounds of salt previously well 'dissolved in warm water; three pounds of ground rice boiled to a thin paste and stirred in bdolling hot; half pound powdered Spanish whiting; one pound clean glue, which has been previously dissolved by vonk- ing it well, and then hanging it over a slow fire in a small kettle, within a large one filled with water.

It must be put on quits lot. The yolk contains the fatty part of the egg, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fron. Eggs also contain sulphur, and this probably accounts for the dark stain left by eggs on silver, the sulphur coming in contact with the silver forming silver sulphide.

Egzs are very easily digested. Raw eggs are more quickly digested than cooked eggs. Soft-boiled eggs, roasted eggs and parched eggs are more easily digested than fried or hard-boiled eggs. The stomach will digest a raw egg in one and a half to two hours. Soft-boiled and roasted eggs require from two and a half to three hours, while hard-bolied or fried eggs must be allowed from three and a half to four hours for digestion. Eggs furnish a d substitute for meat, and it would be far better for the average person If exgs were more frequently used in place of meat.

Hspecially do they make a light, nutritious dish for breakfast instead of the usual bacoa or ham or sausage. A couple of tropical plants, which the college is en- voring to acclimatize, have the power to destroy insects such as mosquitoes and flies. Not only are they destroyed, but they become food for the plants, which gradually absorb them after they adhere to the sticky fluid on the leat. But more curious still, the college bas a plant that will catch and kill rats, mice, etc.

This plant is pitcher shaped and has a fluid in the centre which attracts animals. As soon as the animal's head is thrust in to got at the liquid the leaves close and a couple of spikes fasten themselves in the animal's neck venting it from escaping. The quid 16 said to stupify the animal, which is gradually absorbed by the plant similar to the insects.

In their native habitat in the tropics these plants live upon the rats, mice, etc, they emtrap. It weed to be the fashion to let the. If the swarm bas sense emough to cluster on a branch it is not so bad, as they can then be cut or shaken down with little or no injury to the tree; but in the writer's experience, before practiced clipping, about three-quarters of the swarms would make for the ever- greene and cluster on about six feet of the trunk, from which they ceuld only be removed by outing the tree off be- ow them, the queen could he found and ght, which is not just the easiest- thing in the world to do under the circumetances.

Now, when the bees swarm the queen cannot fly, but will be found crewing on the ground in front of her hive, Have a little wire cloth cage ready, with one end open. Hold the open, end rer, the geen , and she will craw] inside. Lift the hive which the swarm came from to a Dew stand, set an empty hive ready to receive 3 swarm in its place.

The swarm in the air will soon mis ite queen, and, re tarning home to look for her, will run into the new hive which is where their bome was when they left it. When they are going in well, allow the queen to run in with them, and there you are. In clipping queens care must be taken not to injure them. This is mot likely to be before the middie of June.

The plants should be about six inches apart in the rows. If the weather tr very hot and dry. The gromnd should be kept mellow and clean between the rows by surface cultivation all season. Look for the mark made by the earth on the trunk of the tree when it stood in the nursery, and, going by that, although it may seem shallow to you, you will make no mistake. The roots want warmth, light and moisture, such as they receive w placel properly, but when berme- tically sealed two to three feet in the ground it is impossible to develop any vigorous root action: while contexting against the terribly bandicapping eonii- tions.

Give your tree plenty of feedi ground, plenty of good fibrous earth, a: if the p of planting is wot naturally suitable dig it out deep and put in what is needed. They cost nothing, and the children, especially the litt! Boom will come the daisies, like the dandelions weeds abhorred in the field, but on the table a perennial pleasure. Weeds indeed wesr very different as pects in different places; they are simply plants out of place, and when we put them where they belong, they have 8 vaine not inferior to many of their more aristocratic relations.

The beauty of daisies lies partly in their burability and partis in the number of things that ean done with them. There was a he picture lately published in a magaztie of a table desorated with common field daisies. It wae a long table on which were spread three daisy wreaths, extending to the covers at the ends. In the centre of the middle wresth stood a tall glass vase filled loosely with daisies, while glass candlesticks stood within the other wreaths.

Thi should be cut for hay when well past loomin, i bioome re period and many of the o the Farmers Cyclopedia of Agriculture, recently publish Orange Judd Company. Experiments at Michigan ex- Timent station indicate that timothy ay shrinks in the barn during storage Le 21 ent ithin the period mob!

It abould then be cut with a reaper and the bundles put in shocks and left to cure for a week or more before threshing. It may be threshed direct from the shock to avoid scattering the seed. Zaother remedy is to estn- mate the ground about the plants with Barbolic acid emulsion at the first ap- pesrance of injury.

If the ravages are vot checked, make a second or third application at intervals of a week un- danger by the insect is over. Brery spring we see in one or mote farm papecs some advice regarding the ave tar paper to keep off eut worms snd to protet from frost. The plan In to eut strips from four to eight inches in width and from eighteen to thirty inches in length, according to size of plants to be tected, the ends of each strip to be fastened by the most convenient method at hand.

This gives a round box without top or bottom to place around the plant or bill. In case of frost, squares of the same material are to be laid on while the eold lasts. The Jan is very food, but I shall never use paper again. T bave found by experience that the tar will kill at least tomato plants, whatever the weather may be. Jacob Antes, jr. They have cost little besides her care of them, and they have yiel led an excellent income.

Womn who go In in to fall off, according On ot 2. Williamson, Burlington, Ont. Beery, Mildmay, Ont. Kent, Toronto, Onut. Dieke, Guelph, Ont; 7, L. L, and E. Ferguson, Stratford. Livens, forth, Un , MA. Rath, South Augusta, Ont. Smillie, Bluevale, Unt. Culham, Hamilton, Ont. Hell, Tavistock, Unt. Howitt, Guelph, Ont. Sheffield, Toronto, Ont. Powell, Guelph, Gat. Posey Toronto, Unt. Junior Normal. MeCaig, Collingwood, Ont. Card, Wickiow, Ont; 3, A. Detury, Manilla, Ont. MeMurchie, r riston, Ont; 5, M.

Beattie, Seafortis. Penobsquis, N 7, M. Davis, Woodstock, Unt. Robertaon, Chateauquay Best. Que; 9 H. Montreal, Cue. Gardner viagra tus, Ont; 11, E. Bickel, Toronto, Un: ; 12, A. Cameron, Durham. Toronto, Ont. Cameron, Durham, Ont. Winchester, Toronto, Un:. Johnson, Seaforth, Ont. Tennant, Toronto, Unt. Guelph, Ont. Melee, Vankleek Hill, t.

Allan, Hamilton, Ont. Durnbrack, St. John, N. Shand, Port Dover, 3; J. McKenzie, Gait, Ont. Monk, Montreal, Que. Shand, Port Dover, Ont. Watt, Brantford, Ont.

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M6 pekin express du 22 mai torrent Add the melted butter. JL was His complete isolation in the hour of Ilis extreme need for sympathy. AW: Praxe von arezonuunaq. Again, hawever, they returned to thelr attack in the region of Laffaux, but were agsin completely repulsed, though they preceded their attack source aa exceptionally heavy artilery fire, la- tense fighting is still in progress in this region. The town the writer deals with is a centre where cenverged from time to time of- fioars and men from several Uivisions, snd so there is an opportunity almost aay afternoon of encountering men from every part, even the most distant, of the Empire. AW: Praxe von exetequr.
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