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Forgiven, Hot Forgotten 6. Jimil, Lait Chance. No Breaks 7. Blood Si Da t f u HifJfli 7. Caplefon, Prapriecy 8. Garbage 8. Cdwyn CoNini, Gorgeous G«-arge 9. Jeff Carton. Seven Mary Three, Arnerican Standard 1 0. Anderson says GRP will tag the radio spots with ma- jor chains two weeks after the in- die-store spots run. Raw Stylus, which made waves in the U.

The band, which expands to a pieee entou- rage for its live shows, calls its brand of hip-hop, old-school funk, pop, and jazz "street soul," rather than acid jazz Dance Trax, Oct. Its first single, "Believe In Me," which is gaining momen- tum at top The band is touring Europe with the Connells and plans to tour the U.

The label plans to bring the band to the U. The band will likely embark on a tour in early 1D! Dee says, "There are people who are not blessed to be able to do what I do. So I want to bring something back to the 'hood, and computers are going to be even more important in the next four to five years. G-Vine, which man- ages Dee, is soliciting support from Capitol to match the funds that will be donated by Dee and its other artists.

Construction for the centers will begin in late Sheppard says, "Dazzie has been a front-line soldier. He's been a Crip for the past 14 years. His music offers something other than negativ- ity. Dee says the album was recorded with the underground rap communi- ty in mind. I want radio to come to us. He's not talking about killing or drive-bys [ and asking young peo- ple to think about what's really going on.

He's telling people there ain't no glory in this. Louis, and Cleveland — markets in which West Coast rap sales are high- est. In October, Capitol street teams distributed stickers and a three-song cassette sampler to mix-show DJs, record-pool directors, and neighbor- hood venues, such as barber shops and liquor and grocery stores.

Dee says, "By working with G- Vine [which has other gang members signed to its roster], we're showing that [rival gangs can work together]. No Half-Stepping. I use the same scenario on my album. I say, 'OK, I represent this, but peace to this side.

With gangs, the only time vio- lence comes is when one side of a gang feels disrespected. It was directed by comedian Ricky Harris and puts a lighthearted, poignant spin on the eagerness with which Continued on ggflg 27 Ringing In Bell. The artist will begin recording his debut solo set later this fall. An Alternative Black Radio Format? We received nearly a dozen phone calls, faxes, letters, and pull-asides regarding the concept for an alternative black radio format mentioned in this space last week.

Unfortunately, none of the respondents were radio station owners or programmers. For those serious about the so-called black alternative format, from label execs to consumers, it's probably a good idea to organize some sort of campaign geared toward gaining the attention of those responsible for what we hear on our audio pleasure boxes. Because a format change is a costly and risky undertaking, perhaps stations would initial- ly be more open to airing an alternative show during a late daypart Black alternative acts will never see the light of day on a mass scale unless black radio comes to the table.

Unless consumers complain about sta- tions' current practices, it will take more than a few music journalists writing about the issue to get black radio there. Rhythm and the by. In addition, she supervises all business and legal affaire matters pertaining to Per- spective.

Irby was formerly business affairs senior VP at Motown. The show will be held Feb. The award winners will be announced in January. The Washington, D. Suzan Jenkins remains the foundation's executive director. Stewart currently man- ages Tommy Boy artists L. However, Loud president Steven Rifkind is confident that Stewart will experience success in the new venture.

No word yet on the label's debut act or when it will be released. The evening kicked off a comedy film festival Nov. The album was recorded earlier this year during the artist's Natural Wonder world concert tour with the Tokyo Sym- phony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Henry Panion III. A RIAA certification for shipment c4 1 million units , for EPs , with multiplatinum titles indicated by a numetal fol- lowing the symbol.

It con- tains the Year End charts, chronicling the year's best releases. Plus, expanded editorial coverage recaptures the impactful trends and happenings of the past year. A Collector's Issue, it remains on the newsstand for two weeks. This January 6 spotlight is anchored around the year-end positions of Billboard's home video charts, including Top video sales, Top video rentals and Top kid video. In addition.

Billboard takes you through the major trends of 1 as well as taking a look at predictions for trends and developments. Billboard's spotlight on France offers readers a comprehensive current overviewiew of the French music market.

In addition to listing key contenders in the various categories for the awards, the January 20 issue also explores the revitalization of French popular music, featuring capsule reports on French acts, music video production and always important French radio! Contact Francois Millet Reach Billboard s As a follow-up, our January 27 issue highlights the event's activities including in-depth coverage of European licensing, music publishing and the Asian Pacific and Latin American music explosions.

Billboard's January 27th spotlight brings you up-to date on Canada's music market with a special emphasis on the international success of Canadian talent. Our editorial coverage includes a look at label releases, emerging talent, musical successes and the overall growth of the Canadian marketplace.

This comprehensive overview of the UK's market- place takes an authoritative look at the resurgence of British pop from the viewpoint of the new corps of international executives at the UK labels. Olher topics include British acts who experienced chart success this year and case histories on '95's most notable UK breakthrough stories.

The only publication that delivers your message around the globe, Billboard's worldwide reach is unrivaled. Put it to work for you. The decline in sales doesn't mean that the record is over; it's just that it is almost impossible to maintain the same level of sales when a record blows out of the stores in its first week- Next week, "Exhale" could well find itself in the same situation as "You Remind. L It should be very interesting to see who prevails.

The complete single stalls at No. This surge in sales helps give it a huge boost up the chart At radio, "Still In Love" is just getting started. It is developing equally at radio and retail. This week it is No. As Christmas approaches, it is not unusual to see more releases than normal.

Quincy Jones is at No. Other hot ones include "Soul Food" No. Tommy Boy , and "Mood" No. The clip portrays a kid watching a TV commercial selling a "gangster starter kit" that contains gang-asso- ciated paraphernalia, including a pair of Converse sneakers, khaki pants, a pager, an Oakland Raiders cap, and a 'How To Be A Gangster' manual.

The next day, he goes to school and passes by a corner where he used to watch older guys play dominos, but now in that spot is a [police] chalk outline of a body. He just shakes his head and walks away. The video and the song is like a wake- up call. The label is also investigating concert packages with other West Coast artists. Dee currently has no booking agent. At press time, the label had not scheduled an international release date for "Where's My Receipt?

Little Ones. This set is soft, easy, and sensuous. We're talkin' bal- lad central here. Forget Miller time. Instead, pour some cabernet and light the candles. Earlier this year, the label tried to run a bus-bench ad campaign for the group's album "The Real" through- out Inglewood but was prohibited from doing so by city officials Billboard, Sept. Solid Team. Robinson has produced the last nine clips directed by Cube.

Cl' Dl. A RIAA certification tor sales of 1 million units. Catalog no. T Vinyl maxi-singie availability. V Vinyl single availability. AS FSOf. E'Es Eea-. T'JE P. SSE'S', S s ;:,-'-, i , - e issr! AMN3 R -iT. Tf M- 1. ALLEN RilEvi '. J 1 [-r't. CKDi V! BLiTZZ LEV '. CI ,0 l. A RIAA certification tor sales of 1 million units, with additional million indicated by a numeral following the symbol. Catalog number is for cassette single. D CD single availability.

T Vinyl maxi-single availability. IV Vinyl single availability. Songs ranked by gross impressions, computed by cross- referencing exact times of airplay with Artrtron listener data. M-WfW i". EMU rend! Lick, BUlToo Brmn. TJtg Poppa. BM11MI Blackwood.

Funky Noble. Of America. Warner- Tamerlane. BMiyWamer Chappell. WI Apnl. BOf v! BMLDicarn Team. LWMM Shirt. IPalyCram Irrt l. BMllanee Combs. Accurate as of press time. Overall sales fell 1. Not too may new acts have become supcrsrars; some like Jemini lhe Gifted One — wett even dropped belorc all hip-hoj writers got the chance to review their albums; and fewer urban stations arc play- ing rap, opting for plush RcjB and classic soul instead.

Most rap performers these days aren't blowing up. Those who manage to pop often become victims of the "sophomore slump," swiftly los ing their holds on the market place. For one, the culture responsible for them remains dom- inant in mainstream society — witness the fact that television advertisers are still exploiting it big-time, pay- ing big bucks during prime- time, attempting to reach the masses. But, in what represents a turnaround, tastes are again being formed mostly by great single 1.

Dre's "Keep I heir Heads Ringing. So critics who have been complaining about rap not being "real music" can now shut their mouths when the MCs be talkin. Cool J. But you can't truly stay true to the game on record and still be successful. Now everybody's doing it. The bottom line, though, is rappers now have to chose between art and com- merce—especially after the fallout from the campaign the unlikely tag-team of C. Eollowing an extended public battle over morals, the media giant finally divested itself of its half interest in Imcrscope Records, the label that fea- tures thug-life Tupac Shakur and distrib- utes Death Row acts like Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr.

As one maturing homeboy com- plained. Kor example, Kool G. Rap is a gifted and witty lyricist of the old renown He made a comeback effort, "4,5,6. Based on past efforts, G Rap could'vc made a record packed with minty classic concepts, not just half- pleasing moments. The marketplace is being saturated with product. Afier all. Guys as well as gals can come together and dance under a single sexy groove.

But might there also he a white backlash against the form, following the polarizing results of the O. Simpson jury decision and the Million Man March? Stephney thinks so. My question is, now that we see that white people are starting to question their racial al- liances — especially the young people — will all white h-hoys start to rethink their positions?

It's no longer about who makes or consumes the music, bin who controls it. New Jack Power Summit" in October, there was evidence that rap is on the verge of becoming seri- ous business. Still, some fledglings showed they had no form to accom- pany their passionate feelings for the rap idiom. The value of disci- pline is something they sorely need to learn. Artistically, one of the biggest disap- pointments of the year was that there was no real re s ponse to the attacks on the music.

In this atmosphere, the sound sculptor known as the RZA wins by staying true and maintaining low costs. He says he steers clear of the show-biz illusion of inclusion because it corrupts creativity. Over the past few years.

RZA lias become one of the most prolific and tal- ented producers working in hip-hop. RZA's tracks are minimalist and cine- matic with a dusty basement edge. They feature such things as old pianos, fuzzy basslines, milky drums and spiky sound LPX. I he group's lyrics, meanwhile, are all righteous experience, palpable pas- sion and honest emotion delivered with high-flying tongues. The jams display more styles than fashion designers. That's when we started experiment- ing with rapping.

Back then, we called what we were doing MCing, though. It was about hip-hop, which is all about skills and just being different. Also, Jesus said in the Bible that the tongue is like a double-edged sword. Me and Rae met up in the sec- ond grade. I knew Starks since I was I ven Wu member brings a distinctive technique to the table, and we all con- stantly strive to be the best MC of all time We engage in never-ending internal competitions, which help us get better and better i with lime.

BB: What's the meaning oj the 36 chambers? One day, one of the monks i cided to take the technique the whole world. The world iccame the 36th chamber, which would complete a circle. That's what happened with Wu-Tang Clan. We were hat we were doin' on Staten Island for years and years.

Nobody out- side of here knew there was rap talent like this before we took it to the next level. We christened Staten Island Shao Lin. The other way of looking at the 3fj chambers is like this: there are nine members, and four chambers in each of their hearts. Nine times four is BB: What's your work schedule like? BesidYs overseeing Wu-Tang its produt- tion and management and touring with the crew and its parts, you're a member of the Gravediggaz? RZA: Hip-hop is my life, and I'm con- stantly trying to mature in it.

These days, I can make a beat in 60 minutes, a whole song in about two hours. I think people waste a lot of time. I don't. I may lollygag a little in the summertime, but when winter comes around again I'm hack at work double time. I'm not a workaholic. I just enjoy what 1 do. I'm a creator, not a duplicator. I find that even after listen- ing to something over and over, all 1 end up taking away is a basic format. Two of the most exciting producers in music today.

But the indie rock label changed Its fate that year with its decision to enter the rap arena. According to Alan Grunblatt, Senior VP of Urban Music, "We cut our teeth working street records on the metal side, so it was logical to extend our expertise into rap. Jealous One's Enw. The single, "Success," says it all. Joe is 1 E3Z3 m s? That's no surprise, because his '93 debut, Represent , got Joe love almost immediately, while his single, "Flow Joe," exploded into a 1 Billboard rap single.

Grunblatt says, "Fat Joe must be respected as a true hip-hop artist who con- tinues to grow with each album. He keeps It real so we keep it real on the marketing Iront. In the past two years. Bone has catapulted from five young unknown rappers struggling to survive on the. With their unique style of staccato rap and sweet harmonies, success was immediate and explosive.

When you can sell two million albums off one single, it's a pretty good indica- tion of what the consumer is feeling. People are in awe of Bone's success. That success is due to a couple of key elements which began with a great album. The synergy of the pro- motion, sales, publicity and video teams led to a brilliantly executed marketing campaign. And, our distri- bution team was right on point carrying out an Incredibly effective campaign.

On Top Of j The World. With an ' Initial shipment of ,, the labels' expectations are gold sales for Christmas, paving the way for platinum in the new year. The Houston-based indie and Relativity announced their associa- tion last spring. Wallace, literally worked the records from the street with limited distribution.

According to Draper, "There is no doubt that we know how to work the street inside out. Now with our partnership with Relativity, we're on to the next level. For the first time, we'll be able to have high profile national presence at retail, in the media and at video and a solid radio success story. Answer: Frost.

It was only natural that Compton's O. The rap- C? Die Later , reveals a matured artist whose album will appeal to both radio lis- teners and the boys In the hood. While It was Frost's Chicano pride hit single, "La Raza," that broke the rapper out nationally earning him Billboard's "Best New Latin Artist" award, he began his career years earlier. Frost was at the front- line rapping at backyard parties and releasing his 12" records when the west coast rap community began to establish Itself in the early '80's.

Relativity structured Its marketing campaign to reach out to Frost's radio and hardcore audiences. According to Hecht, "Frost Is a charismatic, nearly intoxicating personality and his first single absolutely reflects that. With a great single like this, we've put alot of focus on airplay and It's performing excellently thus far. We started out with Frost's Los Angeles homebase and it blew up with top 5 requests, call-outs and sales.

Several albums were set for release during the year's most competitive months at retail and, more significantly, a high propor- tion of those releases were on major labels. However, the testing time must be stretched through early next year as the release of some key albums has been pushed back until January. These include: the debut album "Elemental? Whether the album comes out this year or eariy next will now depend on the single's success.

It was set up by the tough, anti-establishment single "Government. Their single, "Summertime Healing," was a summer Top 30 hit, and their engaging debut album. Tales From Mama's Yard," is expected to do equally well. The single, "Brand New Day," follows the same light-hearted vignettes of black British life, which has resulted in three Top 40 hits for the act since last year. The label has two commercial projects out this month.

The same flavor is employed by the Benz collective, who supported pop superstars Take That on tour this summer. Rap's popu- larity keeps growing, with a low of releases, consis- tent sales, radio support and increasing interna- tional interest. The godfather of French rap. NTM's latest album, "Paris Sous Leg Bombes," went gold, with sales over , units, but other bands are making their mark as well.

It's now an integral part of Japanese youth cul- ture, because, like many foreign imports, it's been adapted to suit domestic tastes — with varying degrees of success. Rap has had a big influence on apanese youth culture, as a casual Alliance Ithnih scored a major hit with "Je Danse Le Mia," which earned it an award as best band of the year during the Victoircs De La Musique ceremony. And has brought the massive success of Alliance Ethnik. Their album "Simple 6r Funky," released on the Virgin imprint Delabel, has sold more than , units in France, while the single "Respect,'" which stayed on the charts lor 32 weeks and reached No.

The winner this year is Alliance Fthnik, whose album has been released in 26 territories and charted so far in Germany, the I U. Inter- national sales of the album have reached , units, with Germany as the most successful territory, according to Thierry jacquet. Many of the young Japanese strutting their stuff around this and other hotbeds of music and fashion are doing their best to look as "gangsta" as possi- ble. It's the antithesis of hard- just how firmly rap has put down roots here in Japan.

The music's verbal gym- nastics suit the Japanese sense of humor, which is characterized by a love of puns and other forms of word play. Japanese generally follow the lead of American rap fans in picking up on new- rap artists from the U. Among the acts who have played to extremely enthusiastic audiences here are 2 Live Crew and MC Hammer, even though their audiences have little if any idea what they're rapping about. It's due to be released by Relativity Records in the U.

Skunkhour and Swoop incorporate rap in their style, the hardcore scene is very much an core hip-hop: VQcallM Yun, lormerly ol the all-girl ensemhle Tokyo Performance Doll, backed by two-man unit East End. The title, by the way, translates loosely as "That's the way it is.

This shows Hammer: Enthusiasm In Teyko underground one appealing primarily to disaffected teenagers. Appropriately, the charging brigade includes hip-hop artists. One, hip-hop vocalist Sha-Kcy. Bringing more than "a whole new way of laying your shit down" to the W'cb, Sha-Key also brings direct industry contacts, often lac king in cyberspace. I think the linear capabilities of The pride off Capitol: Spoarheod some of the artists, the way I do. There are really good hip-hop pages out there, though, like Jamie's Crackhouse and Da Scwasidc, which is under Vifo-'s thing now " But as to why more artists aren't doing this.

Sha-Kcy shrugs. For hip-hop to succeed in the digital marketplace, Dash feels better software will have to be devel- oped, and greater hardware penetration will have to take place. People aren't going to look at a 3-D ball spinning around and think, "That is great. I'm going to go out and buy that with all my friends. If you're a good artist, it's a new tool thai you can utilize, If you're not a good storyteller, it's not going to make you into a better storyteller. South arolin.

New Y. J ] Mexico. Oklahoma and Louisiana. In June, lor example, the ' Dogg Pound successfully defeated a bill in the Louisiana House that, if enacted, would have made it a crime lo sell or distribute a sound recording that carried a parental warning sticker to an unmarried person under According to Paul Russinoff, the RLWs director or state relations, the organization is now monitoring a similar bill in Pennsylvania.

A decade ago, the R1AA tried to address ihe public's concern about contro- versial releases by enacting a program that flags titles with explicit lyrics with a Parental Advisory sticker. In And last month, following the new attacks, the RLYA. I think [hat I'd like to be able to have every kind or music have a really broad representation on the Net, or in the commercial titles. Heller's department is ready to do similar damage in hip-hop. And "actually,"" she adds, "there's some great hip-hop stuff at the Gland Royal site as well," speaking of the Beastie Boys' imprint, distributed by Capitol.

Indeed, the Beastie Boys have all six feet planted firmly in cybersoil. New York, NT tel 2 1 a. BB: Wltut inspires you in tile first place? Ghostface Willie Mitchell. BB: Where do you produce your trades? RZA: I recorded and mixed Raekwon's whole album in my basement, without an engineer. I did everything myself. They're saying it's the best record I've done too. I'm starting to realize that the best way to express yourself is by your- self In the beginning, I only had the ability to arrange music.

I didn't know how to adjust sounds. Now I'm able to make things sound clearer but still dirt -. BB: What's mating about the Clan's output is thai it gets better with each record. He really did some shit people thought they'd never hear. RZA: In the beginning, most of my music was made with a lot of anger or some other emotion.

And I think that when people hear my music, they can feel the same things I felt when I was makin' it. That's why everything is so phat. I bet people frown, get sad. BB: Wu-Tang is a fraternal organization but aho an unorthodox business enterprise How should the crew be viewed in the con- text of the culture? RZA: I don't really know. Don't think about it. BB: You're a cotneptualist, producer, linglcadet and.

Look at OP Dirty Bastard, who sold , units with only two videos and no snipe campaigns. The most they spent on promotion is about S That's good business right there. Son Of Noise has finally man- aged to finish its sophomore album with funding from its German label, Tribal House.

China Records, by funding the Tickin' Time label owned by the rap group 1 1 , enabled the release of the first multi-format, all-British rap compilation album, "United Flava Of British Rap," in June. China released NSO Force's new single. Other street labels keeping British rap alive include the Birmingham-based Megga Storm label. Its M.

Black Twang's follow-up is "Ital Visions," out this month. At the same time, Nottingham's 95 Records officially releases year-old Lee Ramsey's EP, which Westwood and other rap pundits have also praised. Quality rap is bursting through all over Britain, needing only deals with the major labels or equity agreements for independent outlets to flourish. Curse Of Dialect. Ruffnex sell between and 2, copies of their releases usually tapes and can attract 1, to their club shows.

Their fashion sense is imported, but "there's a definite Australian element to their raps, observes rap producer John l oth of Big Beat Studios. Their lyrical content has very little gun culture, which doesn't exist here and is more concerned with street kids, abuse, racism and unemployment" Some have gained major-label interest.

Jovanotti's hit "Penso Posiiivo" Mercury typifies how self-assertive and optimistic themes have outsold the agit-pop of innovators in the genre. Because commercial radio is slow Q embrace Italy's hard-core rap- crs, a healthy circuit of alternative kc-music venues for the genre has rung up over the past five years, le spastic onstage antics of DJ Rapius Century Vox provide a coun- terpoint to his Situation isi observa- tions on a consumer society.

As well, says band publicist Steve Martin. Efforts like Rogers' give due homage to die totally grassroots efforts devoting Thugs-N -Harmony. Stephens sees this very volatility as. A Time Warner Company. And while the practice — begun earnest a year ago— remains confined primarily to New York and Los Angeles, it gives some rappers a platform to acquire new fans and broaden their entertainment careers. Alrika Bambaata.

Evil Dee. Spindcrella and Flex. Cloherty adds that, because hip- hop is also a culturally rooted music form, there were unique advantages to using rappers over regular jocks. Says Bandit. S and WQHT. Angeles, rapper Poetess has been steadily working on the station's various mix shows and has recently begun hosting her own show, called "The Agenda.

Her father. Poetess' "Agenda" features interviews and entertainment informa- tion, in addition to music. Conversely, being on the radio has broadened her Los Angeles fan base and created a platform for her next recording project, scheduled lor sometime in early The program also fea- tures early conversations with hazy-li — who also hosted a radio show on KKBT — prior to his death.

Poetess plans to independently syndicate the special. The video is funk - tastic. Stay tuned!! Ferncreek Ave. EIJ" a brash and forward-reach- ing set that offers a much-needed respite from the happy-disco and brooding- bass that have been domi- nating clubland in recent times. Just released on the venerable producer's own Wave Records, this record is far more challenging to the brain than countless current hits, while giving the body a reason to twiteh'n'twirl.

Gratefully, the mood changes from cut to cut and will take punters on a cathartic journey they will not soon forget. Young produc- ers who think they are all that should have a listen and learn a lesson or two. This record deftly illustrates why some of the supposed "old garde" are still kickin' around — and easily outclassing many of today's club heroes.

This single is a textbook case of a singer finding a song that she was born to perform. Albanese vamps up a storm, bending the hook with the style of a seasoned veteran, while the I'-Jam Productions crew keeps the groove taut and the chorus promi- nent. The song hits full stride in the hands of Tommy Musto and Matthias Helhronn. Radio prospects are heightened with Tim Shider's jeep-smart hip-hop remix.

We are salivating for a full- length album by this star-bound artist. Once again. BLIGE uptown 3. VINU 4. Jocks who need a vibe that is a tad more conventional will find Keith Kemper's trippy, organ-grinding remix suitable to nearly every possi- ble underground format.

Vicky Ryan has deserved main- stream divadom for years now, and by Larry Flick she gets a decent shot at achieving exactly that as the featured vocalist on the House Of Jazz production posse's "Mr. Groove" EP. On this Urgent Music Works release, she displays dazzling range and saucy attitude, rising above the limitations of the music she is handed with notable ease. In her capable hands, jams like "I Got My Man" are down- right revelatory.

Imagine what she can accomplish with better material. Still, we are betting that these tracks will meet with favorable DJ response and get some momentum building for [his oh su-talented performer. Speaking of women to watch, Maydie Myles inches closer to the breakthrough hit she has long been preparing for with "I've Been Wait- ing," a sterling deep-house collabo- ration with producer Kingsley O.

Myles unleashes with a raspy wail that would make Jocelyn Brown proud, stomping over a blippy groove that will have runway regulars joyfully swinging their handbags for hours. A winner that can be found on Stamford, Conn. Atop a butt- wiggling bassline, the two mine out a lushly arranged soundscape that is held together with a racing, cine- matic keyboard melody and infec- tious vocal snippets. An epic record- ing that is fine-tuned to suit the needs of DJs without reducing the grandeur and complexity of the actu- al piece.

For a slightly more singu- lar, streamlined perspective, have a listen to the Playboys' by-the-num- bers dub. She has begun writing and rehearsing with a clique of revered electronic-dance musicians for a one-off show of new experimental material in London.

The venue is still to he confirmed, though Bjork and company are aiming for a late- January performance. Among those joining the Elektra artist will be Kobin Rimbaud, who is better known in clubland as Scanner. Can the next step be a commercial recording of the show r? Nothing is firm, but we hear that the idea is being pondered as we go to press. Bananarama fans will he pleased to learn that the act has inked a stateside deal with Curb Records, which is rushing out the vibrant sin- gle "Every Shade Of Blue.

Whilst on the Curb tip, the label and troops from its edel subsidiary are stoking for a big Christmas push behind "Celebration," the latest sin- gle by Euro-NRG team Fun Facto- ry. As a lifelong Kylie Minogue dis- ciple, we were thrilled to learn that her PWL catalogue is being remixed for a CD retrospective due at the top of next year. Producers are still to be confirmed. Mercury diva Crystal Waters recently celebrated the gold certi- fication of her latest album.

The label is eyeing a summer 1 release for the set. Shown, from left, are Josh Zieman. Now if only Ms. Mack's dubs are edgy and quite useful and have been snagging a considerable amount of turntable action in the prerelease pressing , but do yourself a favor and give the primary vocal a close listen. How often do you get a vocal as good as Chanelle's? And how often does Mack deliver a song this fleshy and poppy? Moore recently enjoyed dancefloor success with her house-underlined interpretation of the Deniece Williams chestnut "Free.

Pic- tured, from left, are Brad LeBeau. The only question is whether this single be as fierce as Dolly Parton's disco-era sojourn, "Baby I'm Burnin'. Give it a whirl. The seemingly tireless Morales has also injected a bit of house inten- sity to Tina Turner's gloriously over-the-top James Bond theme, "Goldeneye" Virgin.

The truth is that Morales' serviceable remixes cannot compete with the arched-eye- brow melodrama of Nellee Hooper's original production, but they do give club DJs who have long worshipped La Turner a chance to splash her feline growl all over their floors for the next month or so.

Although there is no denying that Double Dee's "Found Love" was quite the juicy jam as a dancefloor hit roughly five years ago, was it really necessary to serve it up one more time with another set of mixes? Seems that the folks at Sony U. Sure, this is a fine pack- age that reaffirms what a fine song "Found Love" is.

Catalog number is tot vinyl maxi-single. X CO maxi-singte availability. But, alas, re-addressing old favorites as singles is an increasing- ly popular trend. In both cases, the original record- ings remain superior in production and performance, though the onset of these singles shines a light on the fact that both Kohl and Parker are viable talents who would be wise to focus on writing and recording new material.

Of course, they both require the support of labels that have the vision and willingness to help them reach higher creative lev- els. One of the nicer surprises to spring from the mailbag last week was the lusty "Exotic Erotic" by San Francisco diva L. She trots over a lively groove concocted with disco reverence by Erik Wikman and DJ-JD with a playful blend of sass and sex. Available on EBB Records, "Exotic Erotic" was actual- ly recorded in tribute to the leg- endary year-old annual San Fran- cisco club party of the same name, but it works extremely well on its own.

Love has just signed a recording agreement with the rambunctious Slip'n'Slide Records in the U. It will be well worth the wait. Love's got it going on in a major way. The latest addition to the towering pile of multi-act compilations is "Cat Compilation II," a collection of new and rare cuts by a slew of synth-pop dance acts. The set aims to raise funds for F. We are still try- ing to discern the relevance of the "cat" title, but it hardly matters. The music is a pleasant diversion from mainstream dance styles, with mate- rial offered by familiar acts Any- thing Box and Information Soci- ety, as well as up-and-comers, such as ethereal Dallas ingenue Eliza- beth and Minneapolis troupe L.

However, I do need to have some degree of commercial success. EST, beginning in January. He will retain his role on "Cybill. In the first-ever album launch by the Voice of America, Brooks will appear on live shows Wednesday From noon to 1 p. Brooks and band will perform "The Fever" in front of a special video he filmed playing touch foot- ball at Vanderbilt University's football stadium. It will be the only showing of that video.

Sessions Recording Studio on 16th Street has been bought by Curb Records, which will take over the building. A private party will mark the occasion. Snow was recognized for his book "The Hank Snow Story".

Three more Country Music Assn. Triple Play Award recipients have been announced. The award, given to CM A composer members who have attained three No. Steve Earle appears to have finally put his legal prob- lems behind him. The year-old artist pleaded guilty to cocaine possession in Nashville, was given two pro- bated concurrent sentences, and was ordered to perform at a correctional facility and also to donate the benefits of a concert to a drug awareness program.

Last year, he received another probated sentence for heroin posses- sion. Earle said he is 14 months and five days clean and is involved with Narcotics Anonymous. The Nashville Bar Assn. Nashville attorney W. Michael Milom and Nashville accountant Mike Vaden will dis- cuss dissecting music- industry royalty state- ments.

The deadline is Dec. Two interesting packages come from CMH Records. I believe that's what w : e've done with this new album. With the Jan. We feel we've got both those things together the way they should be on this album. It's been two years since we put that whole package together, and she's grown up. Carter and Gaither have high hopes for the special for two reasons.

If rat- ings are high, it may lead to additional programming featuring Southern gospel music on TNN. Also, during the broadcast viewers will have the oppor- tunity to purchase the video via mail order. The video is scheduled to be released to retail outlets next spring through Gaither's Chapel Music label, which is distributed through EMI's Chordant Distribution. It was also the home of the original gospel all-night singings the first Friday night of every month, which started back in Many of those pioneers that were there in those first concerts in '48 and '49 are still living — the Speers, Jake Hess, Hovie Lister of the Statesmen, James Blackwood, J.

Sumner, and Eva Mae LeFevre. D GRAU. LRV T. VP-: '.. P ROSE. D LDWE. Atrpower awarded to those records which attain detections for the first time. Videoclip availability. Catalog number is for cassette single, or vinyl if cassette is unavailable. C Cassette single availability. X CD maxi-single availability. The Brooks single — the second from his new "Fresh Horses" set, due Tuesday 21 — was originally recorded by Aerosmith and was co-writ- ten by group members Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

That single should reach Airpower status next week. The only other entry to debut in the top 30 during this span was Hank Williams Jr. The displacement causes six titles to move back- ward, despite earning enough airplay gains to register bullets. Neal Spielberg, Warner Bros. Nashville sales VR says that Hill's album is positioned at every major account, but he credits the sales hike to the strength of the new single.

Although it's not included on her current album. Meanwhile, "Deep Down," the lead single from the new title, earns Airpower stripes, jumping For trivia buffs who may be interested, Pam's father debuted on our sin- gles chart Nov. I was thrilled working with Ed Seay on this new record.

Every single song we spent time on, it was [like] a song of the year to us, and 1 appreciated that kind of focus. We really focused our attention on instrumentation and song choice and the choice of musicians. I feel like across the board this is a bet- ter album, head and shoulders above the first. Polydor is obviously hoping the new release will far surpass those numbers. To get it off to a great start, the label is heavily pro- moting the album's first single, "Lis- ten To The Radio.

The sin- gle, 'Listen To The Radio,' lends itself awfully well to radio advertising to boost radio awareness in individual marketplaces. We will be working with some stations to create customized spots. It's very organic, a very groovy, rootsy song. If I had my way, I'd do a whole album of twang. I would love to do that, but I don't feel I've compromised on this album. These are songs I love. It is a slight departure from the first album, but it's a natural evolution of me as an artist" In addition to heavily promoting the single, Miller says Polydor is looking into doing a promotional campaign in conjunction with a cosmetics company; the campaign would revolve around a song on the album called "Alligator Purse.

I would hope it would be by the end of the first quarter. Polydor is in the process of securing listening posts and orga- nizing retail promotions. Stephanie Wagner, country buyer for Tower Records in Nashville, says Wright has an uneven history with the store.

Even after she won the new female vocalist award, the album didn't move well, Wagner says, adding, "We expected it to skyrocket. Wright appreciates the ACM Award, but admits it wasn't a magic key. To be endorsed by your peers in that way means a big deal to us and our confidence and motivation. Gaither says some people were initially concerned because in Nash- ville it's sometimes difficult to get an audience for a TV taping. Many are done in town, and the nature of taping a show can result in a long evening.

On the night of the taping, the audience remained for the whole show. If it does, there's the pos- sibility of doing a series of gospel spe- cials for TNN. BML'Breaker Maker. BM lysine Water. BMlTje South. BMlBuflalo Prairie. BMl'Unda Cobb. RCA Of America RlAA certification for sales erf Tape prices marked EQ. Greatest Gainer shows chart s largest unit increase. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth Communications, and ScundScan. VOL 1 v. Lt h HR'AN.

MOflfitE IL. According to figures provided by the International Fed- eration of Phonographic Industries, most of Latin Amer- ica spiraled downward in the first six months of the year, except for Brazil, which, in bizarre contrast, was the fastest-growing market in the world.

Bill Suarez. Impossible Dream. Billie Holiday. Lady in Satin. Not Now Music. Billy Byrd. Billy Crain. Skeletons in the Closet. Billy Joel. Decades of Hits. Columbia River. Bing Crosby. The Crosby Christmas Sessions. Collectors' Choice Music. Through the Years, Vol. Sepia Records. Bird Will Fly. Birds and Belles. Birgitte Lyregaard.

Blue Anemone. Challenge Records. Bitter End. Guilty as Charged. Rundt Neste Sving. Dragon Wizard Sleeve. Small Stone Records. Blake Shelton. Loaded: The Best of Blake Shelton. Blake Wise. I've Got This Feeling. Blank Dogs. Land and Fixed. Captured Tracks. The Document. Blisses B. Thirty Days Sixty Years. Asi Nisi Masa. Blue Coupe. Tornado on the Tracks. Blue Flagships. Blue Shaddy.

Bury My Ghost. Street Certified. Berg: Wozzeck. Bob Wilber. Bob Wilber Is Here! Bobby Darin. Rural Rhythm. Bon Jovi. Livin' on a Prayer. Greatest Hits: The Ultimate Collection. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Rise of the Bone: Greatest Hits. Boney M.

Feliz Navidad: A Wonderful Christmas. Mel Bay Records. Booker T. Universal Language. Eskimo Recordings. Bow Thayer. Bottom of the Sky. Tweed River Productions. Highlights from Bowfire Live in Concert. Boys Noize. Brad Lundy. I Need You. Music Is My Suicide Prevention. Another War. We Believe. Brian Dolzani. Brian Johnson. Kingsway Music. Wir Wollen Niemals Auseinandergeh'n.

Broken Grass. Looking Down. Will Never Die. Breaksilence Records. Brooklyn Dreams. Sleepless Nights. Triple Feature, Vol. Brothers Lazaroff. Give 'Em What They Need. Bruce Cockburn. World of Wonders. True North Records. High Winds White Sky. Stealing Fire. Bruno Letort. Brushfire Stankgrass. One For The Salamanders. Bryan Field McFarland.

Until All Are Fed. Follow in My Footsteps. Buckdancer's Choice. Clouds Breaking Over Montmartre. Bud Davidge. There's More to Christmas. Buffalo Billy's. Swinging Baires. Bunny Brunel. Slap Bass [DVD]. In Chicago. Byron Short. Way Out. Vous savez que je vous aime. Cali Swag District. The Kickback. California Guitar Trio. Karate Body. Something To Believe In. Camila Dayyani. Come Me Way. Spirit Dance. Opening Day Recordings. My Rescue. Cara Quici. Away from You.

Beauty 'n' The Beast. Only Blues Music. Carbon 9. The Bull. Mozart: Don Giovanni. Carne Cruda. Oakland's Tight. Caroline Costa. Qui Je Suis. Live on Stage. Live on Stage [DVD]. Cartel La Familia. Welcome To Geniusville. Cascada Remixes. Water Music Dance. Casimir Liberski. Stay Stay Go. Cat Jahnke.

O Divine Night. Stories Are Taking Their Toll. Caterina Caselli. Original Album Series. Catherine Bott. Mad Songs. Vivaldi: Ottone in Villa. Cecilia Bartoli. CeeLo Green. The Lady Killer. Celadon Candy. Kounterfeit Records. Champ d'Action. Luc Brewaeys: Painted Pyramids. Change the Catalyst. Channel X. X-Files Remixed. Stil vor Talent Records. Charles Aznavour. Sur Ma Vie. A Tribute To Kenny Dorham. Charles Douglas. The Lives of Charles Douglas. Broken Horse.

The Complete Birdland Broadcasts: Charles Mingus. Charles Munch. Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique; Romeo et Juliet. Charlie Landsborough. The Storyteller. Charlie Louvin. The Battles Rage On. Chicken Ranch. Charlie Parr. When the Devil Goes Blind. Charlie Winston.

Hit the Road. Universal Music Canada. Real World Productions. Talk to Me Nice. Messy Little Raindrops. Chico Buarque. MPB Especial. Biscoito Fino. Chin Na Na Poun. Au Cabanon Buda Musique. Eternal A. Aquarius International Music. New Age. Chris Madsen. Over the Years. Song of the Troubadour. Instrumental Guitar, Vol. Swamp Water Blues. When Love Speaks. There is a World. Guided Meditations. Native Flute. Scenes from a Dream. Chris Reece. The Divine Circle. Schubert: Winterreise.

Christian Macharski. Christian Masser. Christophe Rousset. Rameau: Harpsichord Works. Christopher Rau. Asper Clouds. Chromatic Black. Good Records. Red Exposure. Blood on the Moon. Alien Soundtracks. Half Machine Lip Moves. Cinder Road. Damage Control. City Center. Zen Kids. City Groove. City Streets. Clan of Xymox. Hidden Faces.

Claude Nougaro. Let the Day Go By. Claudia Cazacu. Quatrain 5. Pergolesi Collection. Claudio Villa. Antologia Della Canzone Italiana: Selez. Clay Aiken. Super Hits. Clint Black. Clippz Clipped Out Clippingz. Stupid Dance Music. Cloud Nothings.

Leave You Forever. True Panther Sounds. The Opening. Code Looking at Love. Bach: Solo Cantatas. Bach: Mass in B minor; Motets. Comfort Food. Life Is Round. Tocando Madera [Single]. Conjure One. Just Conny. Conscious Souls. Live Your Life. The Frat House Studios. Consider the Source. That's What's Up. Reger: Choral Music. Corn Farmer Shamus. Truth Against the World. Spiritual Tonic. Corydon Dulcimer Society. Glory Glory. Cosmin TRG. Liebe Suende. Courtney Williams. Reflections of a Perfect Gentleman.

N'Diss Entertainment. Cradle of Filth. Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa. Nuclear Blast. Creation's End. A New Beginning. Cristina Ortiz. Um Bobo. Cruel Folk. CTI All-Stars. Montreux Jazz Festival System Theroy. Culture Club. Live at the Royal Albert Hall: 20th Anniversary.

The Essential. Da Brasilians. Damian Lazarus. Fabric Dan Zanes. Rocket Ship Beach. Festival Five Records. Dance Disorder. Zusammen Remixes. Bpitch Control. Dang Thai Son. Chopin: Nokturny. Daniel Ray. Standing Still. Disclosure Project Recordings. The James Bond Classics. Danny Byrd. Rave Digger. Deth Red Sabaoth. On a Wicked Night. Dar'rell Green. Marinate the Groove.

Peaceville Records. The Young Debussy. Albany Music Distribution. Darshan Ambient. A Day Within Days. Dat Es Koelle. Snaker's Here. Fine Soft Land. Dave Barnes. Very Merry Christmas. Dave Frishberg. Live At Vine Street. Hi Horse Records. Live in New York City. Dave Rawlinson. Our Kind of Christmas. David Anthony. Tiger In the Tank. David Arkenstone. Sketches from an American Journey. Domo Music Group.

David Bazan. Wish My Kids Were Here. Suicide Squeeze. David Giardina. Alive In Tin Pan Alley! David Henderson. Soothing My Soul. David King. Pop Wisdom. David Krienke. Songs From 7th Street. David Labeij. Feels Like T. Evening Rush. David Newman. Animals United. David Park. David Ross MacDonald. Thorns to Sleep. David Vaughan. Songs of My Youth. David Watkin. Vivaldi: The Complete Cello Sonatas. Dayra Moreno. Soltera Y Sin Compromiso. Dayve Stewart.

This Christmas. DC Salas. Black Square. Bes-Tof De Beatles. Dead and Dying. The Prosecution Rests. Dead Elvi. Pretty Dead. Dead Engines. Crash 'N Burn. Dead Heart Bloom. Strange Waves. Dead Raven Choir. Lonesome Drinking Metal. Doom Mantra. Reality of False Pasts. Arctic Music Group. Dean Martin. Debbie Goodman. Dee Clark. Deep Jew. Deep Shit. Creepin' While You Sleepin'. Life Love Loss. Melodic Rock Records.

Slow It Down. You Are the Night. Dennis Brown. Depeche Mode. Detroit Diesel. Terre Humaine. Infacted Recordings. Deus Invictus. Staged in Awaiting. Bombworks Records. Dexter Gordon. Die Atzen. Disco Pogo. Diego Vasallo. Canciones en Ruinas. Dimitri Mitropoulos. Dimos Anastasiadis. Aditheti Trohia. Dino Mastroyiannis. MSR Classics.

Dirty Harry. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. Live in Concert DJ Bobo. Greatest Hits, Vol. DJ Cover This. Shut It Down. Executive Music Group Emg. DJ Dre. Killspree, Vol. DJ Felli Fel. Thump Records. DJ Micro. Caffeine DJ Shadow. Django Reinhardt. Doc Walker. Dock Party: Live In Kelowna. Open Road Records. Dolly Parton. Sony Records International. Salto Mortal. Dominique Grimaldi. Seventies Pop Strings. Madrigali a Due Voci. Zig Zag Territoires.

Free Factory. Don Cornell. I'm Yours. American Music. Live at Montmartre. Donald Brown. The Classic Introvert. Dong-Ill Shin. Donnie McClurkin. Donnie McClurkin: Double Play. Dorindo Cardenas. Historia Musical, Vol. Expediente De Un Amor. Live At Lowlands. Warner Music. Double Trouble. Reel Recordings. Harnessed the Storm. Green Sky. Downtown Girl. Dru Down. Chronicles of a Pimp. Duane Eddy. Depth of Sound.

Duck Sauce. Barbra Streisand. Endlessly [Single]. Extranjera: Primera Parte. Dustin Kensrue. Earl Hines. Live in San Francisco Grammercy Records. Easy Star All-Stars. Dubber Side Of The Moon. Easy Star Records. Awol One and Ecid Are Fill In the Breaks. Ecstasy's Memory. First Memory. Ed Harcourt. Music On Vinyl.

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis. Live in Mexico City. Eddie Santiago. Oro Salsero. Edita Abdieski. I've Come to Life. Taming the Cannibals. Strategies Against Architecture IV. Acustico Y En Vivo. Las Mas Perdidas de Ramon Ayala.

El Natty Combo. El Potro de Sinaloa. Vas a Aprender a Llorar. El Ray. Chasing Ray. El Ten Eleven.

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