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Rave Library Journal Shelton takes readers through the writing of the script in detail, highlighting his aims in each scene Highly entertaining and informative look at a popular film classic, this book should find wide interest among film and sports buffs. Monique Roffey. These relationships, especially, are keenly observed and wrought A mournful tour through Caribbean history via one of its most indelible legends. CJ Hauser. Rave Publishers Weekly In this perceptive and probing work, novelist Hauser brilliantly parses the myths that shaped her understanding of love While readers may root for a cathartic ending of self-actualization, Hauser shrewdly argues that, in real life, most years are spent painfully relearning the same lessons It all adds up to a thrillingly original deconstruction of desire and its many configurations.

Positive Kirkus Lively, thoughtful, and often funny A smart, inviting, and candid clutch of self-assessments. Louise Hare. Positive Kirkus Lena s an appealing heroine, and Hare handles her old-fashioned material with a light touch, a keen eye for period detail, and a sturdy grasp on her complicated but at least semicredible plot Readers will be treated to escapist fun and an homage to some beloved books.

Mixed Publishers Weekly These are well-drawn characters Despite the nice buildup, the payoff ends up being a bit disappointing. Conner Habib. Though not for the squeamish, this dramatic tale soars. Rave Kirkus The tension is palpable on every page, and Habib skillfully illustrates the complexity of relationships and the pain of unmet desires, both queer and otherwise. His prose is as brutal as it is profound and beautiful A brutal and gorgeous tale of manipulation, control, and desire.

Daniel Nieh. A cutting thriller with nonstop action and twisty consequences. Nieh makes the complex plot elements fit together while engendering sympathy for his morally compromised lead. Elisa Albert. Rave Publishers Weekly The depth of feeling, range of ideas, and spiky provocations amount to a Bellow-worthy wave of blistering prose. By the end, it pummels the reader into submission. Deborah Cadbury. Anna Essinger, the headmistress of a progressive boarding school in Herrlingen, Germany, was quick to see the coming horrors of life under Hitler and arranged to bring 70 of her students, some as young as nine, with her to Kent, England, in Impressively researched and vividly told, this is a captivating portrait of courage and resilience in the face of unspeakable horror.

In , Essinger opened a progressive school where children and teachers lived together, sharing responsibility for education as well as discipline It succeeded and received praise from local educational authorities Most of the students were Jewish as was Essinger When Hitler took power in , most German Jews temporized, but the prescient Essinger immediately determined to move her school to Britain Remarkably, she was able to bring 70 children to Bunce Court, an impressive if run-down country manor Students delivered lectures and performed plays, concerts, and operas for the community.

After the end of the war, the school accepted survivors from Nazi-occupied Europe, and most thrived Cadbury devotes a few chapters to their experiences, passages that emphasize the loathsomeness of Nazi behavior An inspiring, well-researched life portrait of a spectacularly heroic teacher.

Jamie Susskind. The author takes a cautious, reasoned approach to the attendant problems The author closes with the hope that social media platforms will recognize that regulation will lead to greater public trust in them Students of communication law will find much to ponder—and argue—in these pages. Norman Lock. The legacy of John Brown looms over both Alcott and Whitman, offering an example of someone who turned his ideals into unambiguous actions. Lock also maintains distinctive narrative styles for each of his two narrators A haunting novel that offers candid portraits of literary legends.

The landscape and environs of D. This insightful double portrait brings both Whitman and Alcott into sharp focus. James Greer. A thoroughly bizarre, frequently compelling literary thriller. Reece Jones. Positive Kirkus This well-researched account is disturbing in its demonstration of the unwitting complicity between the American justice system and an organization born of racist violence.

Jones also clearly shows the specter of increased—and sanctioned—police power to transform all places within the U. A provocative, necessary book about an ongoing hot-button topic. Sopan Deb. Alice Elliott Dark. The families and their grudges and grievances fill a broad canvas, and within it Dark delves deeply into the relationships between Agnes and her work, humans and the land, mothers and children, and, most indelibly, the sustenance and joy provided by a long-held female friendship.

You will surely want to read this book, but you may be able to use its essential wisdom right now Elegantly structured, beautifully written, and altogether diverting, with a powerful message about land ownership in America. Anuradha Roy. Rave Publishers Weekly Roy delivers profound insights on the power of art, the hideous nature of religious intolerance, and perhaps most sadly, the consequences of pursuing a dream.

Zibby Owens. Positive Publishers Weekly Zippy Bibliophiles will breeze through this. Mixed Kirkus Her insights into dealing with grief are touching, and readers experiencing loss may find solace in her story. Though Owens approaches the immense privilege she has enjoyed all her life with tact and honesty, it may still alienate some readers Cecily Wong. Rave Publishers Weekly Wong captures the fierce bond and stark differences between two mixed-race Chinese American sisters Positive Kirkus Told in beautiful detail with quippy dialogue and visceral New York details Told from various perspectives, skipping backward and forward through time, the kaleidoscopic narrative allows readers to form their own opinions about the Brightons and their decisions, getting a glimpse of the way people behave on the worst days of their lives and thereafter A deftly written family saga that explores—and challenges—the contemporary American dream and the meaning of home and family.

Margarita Montimore. Positive Publishers Weekly Mesmerizing This spellbinding effort delivers its fair share of magic. Positive Kirkus A winding tale A story of the lifetime bonds of sisterhood that also touches on the paranormal subtext inherent in magic acts. James Reginato. A fresh and engaging look at a complex and elusive American family.

The result offers the approximate pleasure of thumbing through a century of society pages. Matt Rowland Hill. Rave Publishers Weekly Exquisite and unflinching Combined with his stunning prose, his clever use of biblical metaphors In a sea of addiction memoirs, this stands out.

Rave Booklist Arresting, confessional The story of his life as addict is so harrowing that it is often painfully hard to read The book is anything but a failure Doubt and faith are twin themes that inform the captivating story and, without doubt, will also captivate readers of this extraordinary memoir. Bolu Babalola. Kiki is the epitome of cool; her dialogue oozes with confidence, and her biting wit rolls off her tongue with ease—leaving readers wishing they could play her clever disses on repeat like their favorite song Smooth, sophisticated, and sexy.

Davey Davis. Rave Publishers Weekly An astonishing speculative tale of sex, power, and gender This one hits hard. Gabrielle Zevin. There, she befriends another patient, a year-old Korean Jewish boy named Sam Masur, who has a badly injured foot, and the two bond over their love for video games Years later, they reconnect while attending college in Boston Sam is wowed by a game Sadie developed, called Solution Even more impressive are the visionary and transgressive games another, a shooter, is based on the poems of Emily Dickinson This is a one-of-a-kind achievement.

A lifelong gamer herself, Zevin has written the book she was born to write, a love letter to every aspect of gaming Sure to enchant even those who have never played a video game in their lives, with instant cult status for those who have. Walter Russell Mead. Though he declines to offer detailed prescriptions for how American leaders should handle Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Iranian funding of Hamas, and other contentious matters, Mead provides more than enough context to understand them The result is a valuable resource for policymakers and voters alike.

Rave Kirkus A veteran foreign policy scholar explores the ups and downs in the complex friendship between the U. So it is with Israel, a nation resolute in insisting that it be allowed to live on its own terms even while being closely shepherded by the U. An essential contribution to the literature of politics and diplomacy in the Middle East. Katherine J Chen.

Making her real requires imagination and empathy, and Chen brings both to the task of putting solid flesh on the charred bones of a legendary figure The Joan we meet here is not a saint That Joan will be captured, convicted of heresy, and die at the age of 19 is a foregone conclusion, but as Joan approaches bodily death she foresees her second life as a symbol An elegant and engaging work of historical fiction.

Chen incorporates a plethora of courtiers and clergy, knights, soldiers, and common folk into her vivid scenes, whether a village fair at Vaucouleurs or the daily struggles in war-torn France Like the passionate protagonist, this is a force to be reckoned with. Tomi Obaro. Perhaps an epilogue could have remedied the abruptness of the ending, which leaves an awful lot up in the air An engrossing read with strong characters and a clear portrait of Nigeria then and now.

The result is pleasant if not entirely memorable. Sofia Ali-Khan. Ali-Khan, a public interest lawyer and daughter of Pakistani immigrants, recaps histories of racist oppression in places she has lived: colonial slavery and contemporary housing segregation in Pennsylvania, where she grew up in the s; the Seminole Wars against runaway slaves in Florida, where she went to college; violence during school desegregation in Little Rock, where she worked in the s with a community organizing network; and the dispossession and massacre of Native Americans in Arizona, South Dakota, and elsewhere Positive Kirkus In her first book, the attorney and activist describes the long, incremental process of disenchantment with the misleading American promise of freedom and equality for all Later in life, she learned that Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where her hometowns of Yardley and Fallsington are located, marked the early Quaker communities of William Penn, who owned slaves and was double-dealing with the Lenape people, whose land he purported to protect An effective demonstration of how nearly every area of the U.

Eddie Robson. Positive Publishers Weekly Robson spins a murder mystery into a memorable exploration of the power of language and technology in a post first-contact world Robson mines the situation for both tension and humor, and Lydia owns her story, coming across as a brash, compassionate, and incredibly persistent heroine readers will root for.

Robson has a subtle touch with the futuristic technology, steering clear of excessive exposition to focus instead on how the presence of the Logi effects life on Earth. Readers looking for thoughtful, fast-paced sci-fi should check this out. Ragnar Jonasson. As the story unfolds, it becomes harder and harder to like or sympathise with any of the characters. The author is always going to withhold certain facts so that the story makes an impact in the right places.

While the plotting is great, certain key relationships between the characters, which they all know about, are kept back until late in the story. The atmosphere is perfectly chilling, the set-up is intriguing and Outside has a strong plot The action, when it comes, is brutal and unexpected. As with The Girl in Who Died , he gets well away from detective fiction and takes us a lot deeper into the heads of his characters.

Outside has a bit of a Patricia Highsmith quality to it. The hurts, insecurities and fears the characters feel drive their actions. I just wanted more to like about them, or one of them at least. A shivery delight. He creates a decent amount of suspense and horror and is great at conveying the menace of an Icelandic winter, but some readers will find what happens too hard to swallow.

Bruce Holsinger. Before the storm hits, Daphne Larsen-Hall has a great life—pampered wife of a wealthy surgeon, with a two-million-dollar home in Coral Gables and two bright children, Oliver and Mia This story of displacement and desperation packs a wallop.

Brilliantly imagined and terrifyingly believable. Seems destined to be a blockbuster. Graham Robb. Rave Kirkus Melding memoir, travelogue, and history, British biographer and cultural historian Robb offers a sweeping, spirited, and refreshingly unsentimental portrait of France, from the Bronze Age to the present He appends the volume with a detailed chronology as well as acerbic notes for travelers who may want to emulate his explorations without being killed on their bicycles Delightful, discerning, and charmingly irreverent.

Henry Kissinger. This is a vital study of power in action. Iris Smyles. Positive Kirkus Fourteen stories featuring deeply weird characters moving through surreal and droll circumstances But at their best, the stories are erudite, original, and surprisingly poignant An entertainingly eclectic, if self-indulgent, journey through the odder corners of existence. Joanna Scutts. Positive Kirkus Scutts captivatingly explores Heterodoxy Scutts also profiles the compelling lives of many of the members of Heterodoxy, revealing both their diverse backgrounds and their like-minded political and social interests An enlightening contribution to the history of feminism.

Peter Spiegelman. Mixed Kirkus But Myles, who narrates, is pretty much a blank slate, a clinical sort with a touch of sarcasm to lighten things but no personal history to speak of aside from the death two years ago of his girlfriend. And there is nothing to suggest any physical presence on his part, so when he suddenly makes like Jack Reacher in a fight scene, you wonder where that came from A smart, atmospheric novel with a hole at its core.

Pan Publishers Weekly Spiegelman makes a rare misstep with this venture into quasi dystopian territory Only the murky, ambiguously explained omnipotence of his own agency can save Myles as he strives to solve a crime within a crime. Luke Healy. Sayaka Murata tr. Ginny Tapley Takemori.

Rave Kirkus A singular collection that probes the most foundational rituals of human society Beautiful, disturbing, and thought-provoking. Mixed Publishers Weekly In this off-kilter collection, Murata brings a grotesque whimsy to her fables of cultural norms The wooden dialogue adds to the sense of comic defamiliarization, which produces the kind of laughs that catch in the throat.

Morgan Talty. Rave Publishers Weekly Smart and gritty Talty brings an abundance of love and skill to his accounts of troubled lives. The ingenious structure and heartbreaking stories make this unforgettable. Rave Kirkus Provides an unsparing perspective on the harsh reality of life in the Panawahpskek Penobscot Nation of Maine Bleak, but empathetic tales Ranging from grim to tender, these stories reveal the hardships facing a young Native American in contemporary America.

Unable to find steady work after graduating Cambridge, Hewitt set off on a backpacking trip through South America, where he met Elias The two quickly fell in love and Elias moved back to Liverpool with Hewitt, despite only knowing him for a short time The secret was that he was gay at a time when the Catholic Church railed against an equal marriage rights bill passing through Parliament That is only one of the many challenges Hewitt chronicles in this stunning memoir A profoundly moving meditation on queer identity, mental illness, and the fragility of life.

Robert Crawford. The result is a rewarding look at a key literary figure. Skye C Cleary. This lucid introduction to de Beauvoir and existentialism has some worthwhile insights. Positive Kirkus Contrary to its popular characterization, existentialism has never been a philosophy of darkness and despair Its preoccupation with death is better understood as the background that enables a passionate embrace of life As in her previous books Existentialism and Romantic Love and How To Live a Good Life , philosopher Cleary investigates existentialism as part of a long tradition of individual empowerment What Cleary and Beauvoir ask us to do is, first, acknowledge facticity—that is, the givens of our life where and when we were born, and so on —and, second, exercise our freedom to take responsibility for everything else: who we are and what we do The challenges lie in the application of this framework Some of the most moving passages in the book involve the author assessing her own life in these terms.

How refreshing to read a philosopher who achieves such vulnerability An informative book that inspires readers toward their authentic selves. Dwyer Murphy. Then a wealthy woman calling herself Anna Rennick approaches him, claiming that her much older estranged husband, a former antiquarian book dealer, is stealing rare books from her library This is destined to amuse a niche audience at best. The investigation also puts him in the path of an eccentric female novelist who seems to have stepped out of the pages of Hemingway or Chandler with an edgy charm and casual cruelty that only make her more fascinating The self-conscious tone and the nostalgia—characters go see old movies and talk about old books—render the plot almost secondary to the setting In the end, not that much happens, but the characters live and love and fight and die against a backdrop of New York City, its seasons and its landmarks, its underbelly and its flaws More style than substance, but fans of noir fiction will feel right at home.

Who set him up, and where is Newton now? A lovingly rendered snapshot of an already-bygone city, with details reeking of authenticity, down to the last barstool. Riku Onda. They went on a wilderness trek in the hopes of meeting their estranged father, their guide on the trek His unexplained death begins to unravel their relationship A psychological battle ensues, with Hiro and Aki alternating their versions of events The story delves into the mysteries of romantic love, memory, and the secrets kept in relationships A must-read for fans of domestic suspense.

Jamil Jan Kochai. Rave Kirkus In his second book, Kochai offers a dozen short stories focusing on the lives of Afghans and Afghan Americans Stunning, compassionate, flawless. An obsessive video-gaming teenager, resigned to killing fighters onscreen that resemble his father, actually spots him and a now-dead uncle in a game and seeks to rescue them, while U. In a single-sentence tour de force, a woman whose only surviving son is haranguing her for failing to take her pills shuts him out as she recalls her multiple losses in starkly vivid language that cascades painfully down the page An acute and original work bringing all readers closer to Afghanistan.

Joachim Schmidt. Lonely, Kalmann longs for another close relationship like the one he shares with his ailing grandfather, who helped raise him to be empathetic and independent In , an unnamed Vietnamese woman and her son are stuck on a train in Paris while the police investigate an abandoned duffel bag, which they assume contains a bomb This heralds a remarkable new voice.

An ambitious experimental novel that succeeds in form and subject but is sometimes tedious to read. James Bridle. This enlightening account will give readers a new perspective on their place in the world. Rave Kirkus Bridle, an artist and philosopher with a keen interest in the impact of technology on contemporary life, explores the ways in which a broader and more accurate understanding of rationality must force us to reevaluate assumptions about the preeminence of humanity Bridle champions a philosophical reorientation that would dislodge anthropocentrism in favor of an ethic of relationality, which encourages a responsibility to the teeming subjectivity of our environments This is an accessible but also technically precise book, and it makes a remarkably compelling case for the universality of reason, the benefits to be reaped by acknowledging it, and the urgent need to do so given the reality of looming ecological collapse Among the most revelatory of the chapters are those in which Bridle describes the intelligence of animals such as octopuses, baboons, and bees—and, even more startlingly, of various plants, whose sophisticated communication networks and mnemonic abilities have just begun to be fathomed by scientists A provocative, profoundly insightful consideration of forms of reason and their relevance to our shared future.

Positive The Economist The first step towards an interspecies future, Mr. Bridle argues, is showing more appreciation for other forms of intelligence To some extent, this is already happening, starting with cephalopods Through films and other initiatives many people now know that octopuses have an advanced and strange intelligence Yet the octopus eye resembles the human kind.

If similar eyes can evolve through separate routes, so might intelligences The next step, Mr. Everything is messier than it seems Other intelligences have developed from a common evolutionary base, and they overlap in ways that science is just beginning to discern Mortal intelligence is not only limited by its capacity, but by its type: people are bipedal primates who see and hear better than they smell and touch. Fabian Nicieza.

Fans of suburban-set mysteries will likely be disappointed. Mary Pipher. Those struggling to overcome darkness will find a guiding light in this incandescent work. Ashley Weaver. Readers will hope to see a lot more of Ellie. Kate Brook. Brook cycles between the perspectives of Hazel, Alfie, Emily, and Daria, investing each with keen psychological insight that achingly illuminates the pain of miscommunication and words unsaid.

Heartfelt and entertaining, this has a lot to offer. Maddie Mortimer. The cancer intrudes with bursts of modernist lyricism which can feel excessive, but the author does a good job tying everything together. Though this first outing is a bit baggy, Mortimer shows promise.

Andrew Liptak. Cosplayers and curious minds alike will enjoy this intriguing dive into an eccentric world. Liptak renders all of these community-building adventures with aplomb A wonderfully fun book showing that the art of having a good time has not been lost. Jamie Ford. Ford raises fascinating questions, but a rushed ending too neatly ties up the answers in an unconvincing, sentimental bow. Ford sometimes bogs this down with explanations of epigenetics, and some might roll their eyes at the pat ending, but the individual accounts of the women in the family can be gripping.

Wesley Straton. This illuminating paean to mixology is best read at your favorite bar or with ingredients nearby. The result is less than intoxicating. Alexis Schaitkin. This is a standout. Thankfully, the road eventually doubles back to questions left open in the village, some of which are answered An elaborately imagined yet not quite satisfying fable of loss and isolation.

Jay Wellons. His writing is top-tier and consistently breathtaking The author provides vivid, often gruesomely detailed chronicles of his procedures, most of which turn out well Nearly all fellow residents, teachers, and colleagues that Wellons describes are likable and competent, and he offers few specific opinions about the American medical system. More than anything, he tells interesting stories A dramatic narrative inside and outside the operating room.

Mat Johnson. Clumsy in parts but, overall, a lot of fun. Johnson is too intentional a writer for that to be accidental, but purposefulness does not equate to an enjoyable reading experience. Blitz Bazawule. The fugitives-fleeing-authorities plot takes many of the expected twists on its way to a tragic conclusion, but Bazawule nails the atmosphere, loading it with cultural details on everything from palm wine to Highlife music.

In several passages, he takes jarring detours into magical realism that feel out of place, throwing the reader out of the narrative, and he indulges heavily in melodrama, making the novel resemble a bizarre soap opera. The book offers suspense but nothing else. Meron Hadero. Rave Kirkus A full range of stylistic approaches is on display in these stories Entertaining and affecting stories with a deft lightness of touch.

Positive Publishers Weekly Hadero delivers in her illuminating debut collection a series of nuanced perspectives on immigration Hadero excels at creating small moments with high stakes such as these, investigating the minefield of interrelations and frictions her characters face amid competing cultural imperatives Hadero achingly shows how her characters attempt to communicate their regrets, sorrows, and dreams.

This assured debut is well worth a look. Marlen Haushofer tr. Shaun Whiteside. What is the wall? An allusion to the Cold War? An allegory for the Berlin Wall? But it also serves as a metaphorical stand-in for so many restrictions. It creates a situation that allows the main character and the reader to examine our ontology and what we think makes us real Strangely relevant as we begin to reflect on our own experiences during the pandemic shutdown.

Rave Chicago Review of Books The language, translated from German by Whiteside, is as practical and unadorned as the narrator herself. Any flourishes on display are reserved for philosophical inquiry, when she has the time to sit and reflect. Given over as the novel is to observation and patient recollection, the result is a voice both honest and generous. Sutanya Dacres. Dacres is at her best when indulging readers in her culinary experiences—particularly the cathartic act of cooking solo that, post-divorce, allows her to heal Still, those craving a hopeful comeback story will find much to savor.

Jess Walter. Compared to the novels, this is minor Jess Walter, but minor Jess Walter is better than most. Rave Kirkus A dozen stories spell excellent news for fans of the Bard of Spokane This second collection of shorts is a glorious addition to the oeuvre, with a much brighter mood than its gloomy predecessor The title story And almost ridiculously heartwarming.

But the same can be said of many of the others, no matter how apparently depressing their topic Prepare for delight. Tilar J Mazzeo. Positive Kirkus In her latest elegant book of European cultural history, Mazzeo offers a colorful account of Ciano and Mussolini, the affairs and double-crosses that surrounded the diaries, and the courageous women whose efforts saved the manuscripts for posterity A tantalizingly novelistic history lesson.

WWII buffs will be enthralled. Melissa Albert. Rave Publishers Weekly Skillful Atmospherically tense prose and vividly sketched, true-to-life characters add depth, resulting in a tale both spellbinding and bingeworthy. While a romance is present, love in all its forms—platonic, parental, and romantic—is thoughtfully explored with gravitas and nuance Riveting, creepy, and utterly bewitching; do not miss this one. Sarah Stodola. Positive Kirkus A thorough and appropriately alarming analysis of how we made paradise and how it might be saved.

Meng Jin. Many of these engrossing entries take inspiration from contemporary events such as the Covid pandemic and the Trump presidency Throughout, Jin toys with the concept of reality, which in the title story is malleable for its writer protagonist There is beauty, wit, and pathos Katherine Angel. Supreme Court exposed the limits of truth-telling in fighting abuse The result is a valuable contribution to the feminist understanding of fatherhood.

Rebecca Miller. The family hires a cleaning lady named Nat, hoping for some order, but after Nat moves in, something disastrous happens In the speculative title story, people have transcendent phone sex on devices called Total Phones, and the force field of an early version of the phone leads to birth defects These stories are full of surprises.

Rave Kirkus The protagonists are mostly women, privileged, if not necessarily wealthy, members of the liberal elite Their passion often centers around children When a teenager decides to rescue her younger sister from the institution where their well-meaning, quietly distraught parents have placed her, her plans go awry, but the telling is more sweet than bitter A beautifully constructed, acutely felt, morally honest collection.

Lidia Yuknavitch. Rave Publishers Weekly The blistering and visionary latest from Yuknavitch follows a time-traveling girl on the run with her father in a bleak near future Instead, she offers a cracked mirror, an untethered dream, and a catch-all for myriad strands of history through which the reader may pleasurably roam free Ultimately, Yuknavitch is interested in the way the bodies of immigrants, refugees, and marginalized people have been the fodder used to keep the American project going—and her humane love for those same bodies shines out everywhere through the extravagant prose Complex, ambitious, and unafraid to earnestly love—and critique—America and its most dearly held principles.

Chelsea T Hicks. Dark and darkly comic stories that herald an important new voice in American letters. Riley Sager. One day, while on her third or maybe fourth bourbon, Casey spots someone who may be drowning in the middle of the lake. She jumps into her motorboat and rescues a neighbor, former supermodel Katherine Royce Sager brilliantly misdirects readers while playing fair with them Newcomers and fans both will be eager to see what he pulls off in his next book.

Positive Kirkus Narrator Casey Fletcher grew up watching her mother dazzle audiences, and then she became an actor herself Then the death of her husband sends her into an alcoholic spiral that ends with her getting fired from a Broadway play When paparazzi document her substance abuse, her mother exiles her to the family retreat in Vermont Sager certainly delivers a lot of twists, and he ventures into what is, for him, new territory Maybe, but asking that question does nothing but spoil a highly entertaining read A weird, wild ride.

Sarah Stewart Taylor. As if The customary squabbles between haves and have-lesses are upstaged at least briefly by the discovery on Crescent Beach of the late Lukas Adamik, a Pole who worked for Nevin before he too went missing Nice local color, though.

While Maggie wrestles over whether to move to Dublin to be with Conor and uproot Lilly from friends and family in New York, developers have begun to convert a crumbling Anglo-Irish manor house into a hotel Readers will be looking forward to more from this heartfelt series.

Shirlene Obuobi. Positive Kirkus As a third-year medical student, Ghanaian American narrator Angela Appiah practically wrote the textbook on firstborn-daughter expectations At 25, Angie still has little room for failure under the watchful eyes of her parents, who expect nothing less than perfection Author Obuobi, a physician and cartoonist, is in her wheelhouse chronicling the hectic, and sometimes solitary, life of a medical student Guaranteed to make your heart beat faster.

This effervescent story is a treat. Stuart Isacoff. Too-short yet informative and often astute essays on some of the biggest moments in Western music. Ava Reid. Reid fully embraces the darkness of the original tale while adding enough twists to make the story her own. Zhuqing Li. Throughout, the author capably narrates a poignant story of sisterly love and the search for self-knowledge in the face of considerable challenges Beautifully woven family memories coalesce into a vivid history of two very different Chinas.

Javier Cercas tr. Anne McLean. Fans of literary detective novels ought to take a look. Mark Lee Gardner. After Little Big Horn, they had the permanent attention of Gen. A strong work of Western history that strives to bring the Native American view to center stage. Caitlin Macy. In the title story, married American couple Tim and Alison travel to Italy, where Tim must leave halfway through. Throughout, Macy impresses with strange internal monologues Macy succeeds at dragging the reader, along with her characters, out of their comfort zone.

Lauren Ho. She signs up for a website that connects individuals interested in platonic co-parenting arrangements and hits it off with charming software engineer Collin Read Readers will have to stick with this to get to the goods. Positive Kirkus Lucie Yi knows she wants a child, but her journey to parenthood has been bumpy After having a miscarriage, she suffers another devastating blow when her boyfriend cheats on her But when she gets pregnant and they make the move back to her home country, things get complicated A beautiful exploration of both grief and romance starring a lovably hilarious heroine.

David R Montgomery. The authors offer a bevy of ideas for reviving soil, namely no-till planting, the usage of cover crops, and crop rotation Trips to farms in Connecticut and California show regenerative farming in action at one farm, it took just one year of not plowing for the soil to begin improving , and the authors make a case for subsidizing farms that use such practices They also share test results from gathered soil and crop samples indicating healthier soil and higher nutrient density They take readers on a fascinating tour of a wheat mill in Washington state that bred wheat for flavor while utilizing organic techniques and point to a study that shows how wheat loses almost three-quarters of its vitamins and minerals when milled into white flour Further, the authors explore the health benefits of consuming a diet rich in nutrients, particularly phytochemicals, from fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, which include reduced risks of dental problems, birth defects, and infectious and chronic diseases An engaging and compelling argument for implementing regenerative farming practices.

Michelle Wilde Anderson. Throughout, Anderson contextualizes her detailed demographic and economic data with vivid portraits of local families and activists. The result is an astute and powerful vision for improving America. Positive Kirkus Anderson offers a corrective to bigoted narratives portraying cities as toxic boondoggles, showing how postindustrial decline blurred many complex factors She focuses on community activists redefining grassroots efforts after decades of disinvestment An ambitious, empathetic work documenting community-building versus political intransigence and racial strife.

Leigh N Gallagher. Gallagher is at her best when conveying the vulnerable, yearning space between childhood and maturity, such as when Miles scurries through the dark with his companions in a former department store marked for demolition and suddenly becomes scared Gallagher falters in the third section, speeding toward a conclusion where the disparate characters collide in Brooklyn There are a few too many characters for comfort: Meghan, Cassie, Miles, and Tez all get outsized attention given their secondary roles in the arc of the novel Until Part 3, it is unclear who will matter, and it can be disappointing when beloved figures are forgotten Gallagher writes meaningfully about the intergenerational impacts of addiction, abuse, and sexual violence David Hanna.

High school history teacher Hanna draws vivid profiles of aeronautical innovators who attended the fair Interweaving colorful anecdotes and incisive cultural analysis, this entertaining history strikes a cautionary note about the promise and peril of technology. Michael Smith, Jonathan Franklin. The authors skillfully capture the fear and claustrophobia that set in as increasing numbers of passengers and crew members began to fall victim to the then-mysterious illness, requiring quarantine, as well as the struggles they faced during their journey back home and beyond A riveting real-life drama that may reawaken your Covid fears.

Readers will be riveted and appalled. Alison Fairbrother. This is a promising start. Anna Hogeland. Rave Kirkus An introspective, psychologically astute, and engaging debut, this novel delves into territory that is rarely explored in fiction: the raw and devastating costs and painful choices that women face when a new life ends before it can begin.

A startling meditation on grief and family and betrayal and the stories we tell about ourselves. Desmond Morris. Frank Close. Positive Kirkus A fine biography of a vital 20th-century physicist and his work June Gervais. Positive Publishers Weekly Charming The complex characters in this otherwise patchy bildungsroman will keep readers turning the pages.

Positive Kirkus From the start, the novel is immersive and wholly alive. Gervais painstakingly renders the fine-grained particularities of the s body-art scene Gina is a touchingly complex, flawed character; her journey from childhood misfit to adult is gratifying to behold. Though some of the narrative threads feel underbaked An enjoyable romp brought to life by its lovable, off-kilter protagonist. Mary Ziegler. Rave Publishers Weekly A lucid and meticulous account Positive Kirkus Deeply researched A sober, knowledgeable scholarly analysis of a timely issue.

Carlene Bauer. Mixed Publishers Weekly Appealing if aimless There are better stories of moving to the city, but this makes for a charming enough time capsule. Rave Kirkus Alcohol-soaked parties, abortions, marriages, affairs, a divorce, a death in the family, secrets, and betrayals all ensue, related with such cleareyed precision and honesty that only on the rarest of occasions does it tip over into sentimentality.

Though as a person she drifts and waffles Fiona Barton. Minette Walters fans will be pleased. Positive Kirkus Barton presents such an embarrassment of riches that the tale has almost run its course before the coppers have a chance to sit down with Stuart Bennett, the just-freed burglar who attacked Birdie Layers and layers of unlovely revelations about people who seemed perfectly nice. Michael R Gordon. Gordon, who embedded with anti-ISIS forces, elucidates both backroom policy wrangles and frontline firefights; his riveting recreation of the — battle to retake Mosul is an epic of desperate combat that culminates with female suicide bombers detonating themselves at security checkpoints crowded with fleeing civilians.

This is the definitive record of a critical chapter in the fight against extremism. Lizzie Pook. Overall, Pook casts an intoxicating spell. While the setting for this novel is particularly well developed, the characters often feel a bit flat, and there are many missed opportunities. A work of historical fiction whose setting somewhat outweighs its plot.

Sam J Miller. Mixed Publishers Weekly Loneliness, manhood, and ferocious queer joy pervade the sincere but safe debut collection from Nebula Award winner Miller whose sweeping prose is hemmed in here by a narrow range of ideas. The strongest pieces are thick with both the tenderness and ugliness of imperfect relationships The textured landscapes will satisfy dedicated speculative fiction readers, but many will be frustrated by the emotional and structural unadventurousness.

Rebecca Rukeyser. Mira is the right narrator for this story, sharp and observant, but unable to effect much change because of her age The holidaymakers come and go, exploiting the landscape for their own needs. Time resets and the guesthouse experience begins all over again, neatly capturing the artificiality of the hospitality world.

In Seaplane , however, these flash forwards work to undermine the suspense and narrative tension that Rukeyser has so carefully constructed in the present-day action at the lodge. It answers, too early, that pivotal question: what will be lost?

If moving a character to a foreign world in order to bring about a transformation is a time-worn staple of fiction writers, Rukeyser takes that old trick and flies her reader off to a brave new world. The detached perspective through which we experience this unfolding narrative adds to its rarified, dreamy quality.

With a delicate touch, the story invites rumination on themes of obsession and fixation, the dichotomous beauty and eeriness of an isolated landscape, and the struggle of locating oneself within a new environment. The obviously talented Rukeyser has crafted a vividly beautiful and odd world; the specificity of Lavender Island propels the story here as much as the characters and the plot, and that is thanks to her descriptive and imagistic prose This darkly compelling novel promises more interesting writing to come from Rukeyser.

Mira, with her propensity for daydreaming and detachment, imagines intricate inner lives for her colleagues, a charming and fascinating element that takes this beyond the standard workplace drama. Anna Dorn. The narrative conveys a deep knowledge of astrology, which the characters skewer with sharp-witted observations Compulsively readable, this consistently shocks and delights. Positive Kirkus Both women are living the opposite of exalted lives: lonely, broke, and self-loathing, if for somewhat different reasons.

Luckily, their sharp humor and self-awareness save them from being insufferable even as they say and do terrible things. A caustic yet charming snapshot of contemporary digital life. K-Ming Chang. Rave Kirkus Chang returns to the thematic territory of her debut novel in these stories that unthread the tangled relationships between mothers and daughter, aunts and cousins, siblings and lovers in the broadly defined Taiwanese immigrant community now living in California The stories progress through their antic, sometimes manic, often bloody, muddy, orgasmic, or chewed-up and spit-out paces Indeed, the ease with which the various narrators shift into poetic transcendence in their workaday descriptions coupled with the linguistic flexibility of non-native idioms repurposed for a new English in a new world is as much a part of the storytelling as the stories themselves All this together leaves the reader with a lingering sense that language, as well as life, is infinitely adaptable, no matter the ground on which it is given to grow Lurid, funny, strange, and deftly sorrowing—an important new voice.

This stellar collection will leave readers hungry for more. Hilary Mantel. Mantel quotes Thucydides one moment, Shakespeare the next, or St. Organized chronologically, most of the stories are narrated by a woman evolving an increasingly astute perception of her own reality and the truths obscured by family myths and lies Sharp, unsentimental tales from a writer haunted by her past.

Ida Jessen. These are quiet dramas, and even when emotions rise to the surface, they do so in a subtle, simmering fashion Jessen offers myriad if quiet delights. Positive Kirkus A woman who makes a living reupholstering furniture finds herself reevaluating her husband after a visit from a dying friend Trapped in her marriage by love and hope, she considers the other small-business owners in their seaside town In another story, told from multiple points of view, the mother of two young children is murdered, and an elderly couple with information about the crime faces an agonizing choice In the title story, a young woman witnesses a bus accident and meets a man The story then jumps ahead 20 years An awareness of time—whether years or eons—brightens otherwise bleak situations The complexities of love and the passage of time enrich this insightful, original collection.

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Filmes de comedias nacionais torrent Jeff Nussbaum. That is partly because this novel feels confessional, with the narrator divulging thoughts and behavior that most of us would be afraid to share. Eugene Marten. Positive Kirkus Scutts captivatingly explores Heterodoxy Tilar J Mazzeo. Link Kirkus Her insights into dealing with grief are touching, and readers experiencing loss may find solace in her story. Given over as the novel is to observation and patient recollection, the result is a voice both honest and generous.


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La Mujer Condenada: Historia: Era la envidia de todas las chicas del colegio. Susan LeGrow era la reina del baile y animadora. La Amante Marchita: Historia: Era una madre y esposa adorable. Extrovertida e inteligente, la madre favorita de todos y dedicada siempre a su familia. Su marido la amaba y sus hijos la adoraban. Historia: Royce Clayton era la superestrella del equipo de baseball del Instituto Valley en Llevaba siempre la chaqueta del equipo. La Princesa Enfadada:.

Era conocida por sus repentinas rabietas y la llamaban 'La Bella Bestia'. La Peregrina:. Historia: La Srta. Estos nativos suelen ser ostentosos. Cualidades positivas sino se conducen por el camino de los excesos. Pueden llamar al medico cada dos horas o caer en fuertes adicciones. Las mujeres suelen ser puritanas…o todo lo contrario.

Pueden llegar a ser sadomasoquistas. Los Librianos escapan de las peleas y los conflictos con la misma elegancia con la que pueden huir de sus acreedores, el esfuerzo y los compromisos. Una noche en el granero, fue violada por el gigante dando a luz a su propio monstruo.

Rebeldes, desordenados, gritones, pueden llegar a ser insoportables. Pueden ser fanfarrones, y carecer por completo de tacto para decir verdades dolorosas. George Markley era un herrero honrado y feliz en , antes de los acontecimientos terribles que lo convirtieron en «El Martillo». Por ser personas capaces de contenerse cuando estallan…. En su locura, odiaba todo tipo de contacto humano, gritaba y se ocultaba cuando alguien se aproximaba. Un Acuario bien orientado puede convertirse en un inventor que trabaja para el bien de la humanidad.

Son pacientes, sumisos, compasivos, bondadosos. Sin embargo, pueden tener problemas a la hora de decir que «no». Pueden tener varias parejas al mismo tiempo para no verse en la necesidad de herir a alguien. A lo que yo vi es un tipo de avanzada edad con canas. Wow super padre las historias!

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