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Multicube syndicate games torrents

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The whole article is about modernization of Indian railway signalling. Ref 7: This article is on the site IBEF, which is a knowledge centre for global interests, international policy makers and world media. It carries information about Indian railway industry in general and not about Indian railway signalling. It has been use as a source of general information about Indian railways, which was considered important in the context of the article.

Ref 8: This ref is from the daily "Financial Express", which is a reliable secondary source and has significant coverage about the subject. In view the above clarifications kindly reconsider for publishing or please guide me further. Thanks ans regards. LoveAll talk.

Loveallwiki, Krishnavilasom Bhageerathan Pilla has been blocked and thus can't answer your question. If you need help, I recommend visiting the Teahouse, where experienced editors can assist you. As explained above, with the desired improvements carried out, i wish to resubmit the article for approval. Kindly guide and help me. How and where did people get images of animated characters from movies for example how did they get the picture for Simba or Woody.

I observed many editors are sending page to draft which I am not sure if is appropriate or not. Can we draftify pages on which notability, COI tag is there? Also, is there any specific timeline after which we can't draftify? Sonofstar talk , 14 October UTC [ ]. I would like to ask you for making me much easier:.

I just got blocked in the Chinese-language Wikipedia, but not the other, while my experience in the Chinese-language Wikipedia was indeed different and not the same as other-language Wikipedia. I'm too worried that I'm being blocked in the Chinese-language Wikipedia for a long time.

So, could you please bring me the link to the questions in the Chinese-language Wikipedia, or just discuss with the Chinese-language Wikipedia to unblock me by understanding that all of my experiences in the Chinese-language Wikipedia was totally different from other-language Wikipedia? In fact, my experience in the Chinese-language Wikipedia was totally different with pages relating to upazila, etc.

I'm indeed too scared. Thank you. We, the English Wikipedia community, get a lot of requests for help in other WMF projects, especially foreign Wikipedias, also Commons. I have started a suggestion at Idea Lab to have a Help Center that provides unofficial information about how to request help on other Wikipedias for those Wikipedias.

This would simply provide a copy in English on the English Wikipedia of the official help on how to resolve problems, requests unblocks, whatever, on foreign Wikipedias. It's an Idea Lab idea. Dedwell talk , 14 October UTC [ ].

Is it acceptable to port over that article into regular English wikipedia with some minor alterations? Apologies if this is not a proper use of this forum, I am very new here. Deckocard21 talk , 14 October UTC [ ]. Every now and then, I search up "ref name" and then go to advanced settings and fill the "Exactly this text" option with "ref name", I do this to fix occasional reference problems, and uncaught vandalism.

On one of these searches, I noticed the article Pierre, South Dakota comes up as a result. However when I go to the article, I can't seem to find the reference problem, in the sample text it says "late spring and summer, and totals about 20 inches mm annually.

When I first found this, I thought it was because the system needed time to register recent changes, but now it's been over a day, and the result is still there. How come it is like that? Hi, there seems to have been a change to the software for inserting links, and it's no longer working for me.

It used to be that if I wanted to link to a sub-part in an article, I would highlight the phrase in my draft that I wanted to link. Then I would hit the "link" button in the editing box and insert the url for that sub-part and click "insert". The software would then give a message about that being an external link, and did I want to make it an internal link?

I would click "internal link" and it would insert it as an internal link. Now, when I get to that stage and click "internal link", nothing happens. It doesn't insert any link at all. Am I doing something wrong? I used to be a heavy user of the for google books. Has it been replaced, can anyone tell me please, and if so, by what?

It was a real labour saver. Is it ok to use this method:. The difference is the space between the asterisk and the number. Ctrlwiki talk , 16 October UTC [ ]. How to find URLs to cite? I don't know what to cite. Can you help? Section heading added by Anon Can you review my draft please?

Likurgu talk , 16 October UTC [ ]. Hallo , I wish to edit my Heading, how do i go about it? One of the anonymous editors made a test edit that adds the page to category and remove from category on Wildlife of Karnataka and reverted it back but they accidentally left the word "January" lowercase "january". I removed it from "Use dmy dates from january " but I don't know how to add a page to a category.

The category I want the page to be added to is "Use dmy dates from January ". Lieutenant Thompson added my name to the Biggie homicide file. Ivan law is the true pioneer of beat making. I realize I have excessive citations in the article, I will be fixing that now. I am more puzzled by why the references are not considered "in depth" for the subject, since the papers and articles that cite works from this subject clearly use this subject's expertise and works to build upon It would be odd to have an academic paper rely on and cite a work, and then start talking in depth about the author of that work, unless that would be directly relevant to a specific paper about such subjects.

So I'm a bit stumped on this one, it seems like there are many external verifiable references to this subject's work. OP: I'm having trouble with this draft article, which has reliable external references, which I believe adhere to Wikipedia's verifiability standards, but the review declined the draft from being published.

What am I missing? Thank you so much. IN the article about Afganistan, The government's head Hibatullah Akhundzada is confirmed to be dead by senior taliban officials, so extended confirmed editors please change it immediately.

Hello Wiki warriors, I came across a line in Segmentation biology that seems to be more of an opinion than a fact. Please advise, thank you. I would like to suggest a name change on the Spanish wiki article "Cancer edwardsii" to "Metacarcinus edwardsii" so that it can also be linked with other languages of the same article.

Though, I am fairly new to this kind of changes, which is wh I would like to know your suggestions in regards to this. Thanks for reading. Crescentwuju talk , 16 October UTC [ ]. Mariaboas talk , 16 October UTC [ ]. Mariaboas talk May I know under which section I should find the assistance that I am looking for, if I want just want to create an interwiki link between the two?

I get the error "the page is already in used" and wiki suggests me to merge it. My page 'Route to Paradise' was vandalised four days ago and I have had to remove the edits. Is there a way to request having the page protected or having some form of protection?

As it is a film about the Holocaust I assume it was done by a far-right group. Donutsmash talk , 16 October UTC [ ]. Hi, I want to write an article about a notable Urdu language citizen journalism digital magazine www.

But it seems that someone previously deleted an article about it. Is it worth trying to write about it? Or would it be a wasted effort? How can I be sure that it would be accepted? I have written a few blogs for that magazine but this would not be a paid wiki article. Does Wikipedia have an infobox template for disputed territories like the one meant for disputed islands? If yes, can someone provide the URL for that template? Rockcodder talk , 16 October UTC [ ]. How can I submit information on self to be included on Wikipedia?

Good evening sir or madam, i have been trying to get an article published for weeks now and i keep receiving different reasons for its refusal. The latest one being about my referencing. I have made a few changes but still not sure that is why i am here to get help. Please how can i get my article published. Hi guys, how are you? I'm new here so I'm sorry if I ask silly questions, I've read a lot about the community but maybe I didn't understand everything well, when I was a kid Not so long ago I'm 19 now I used the site to do jobs from school under the influence of my sister and friends, so it became a dream for me to become an editor here, now that I entered college I decided to dedicate myself to writing here because my college is about music so I believe that one thing can influence the other.

I can't understand this part, because there are exclusive Metal sites that weren't accepted in my article, can anyone help this silly Brazilian here? I have a question, I was granted a rollback feature a while ago, then an admin message me that I can only use this rollback for obvious vandalisms. What if an editor gave an information in an article, but with no source, can I rollback it?

Ctrlwiki talk , 17 October UTC [ ]. Ctrlwiki , you seem to be fixated on rapidly removing unreferenced content. This is a problem because this is a project to build an encyclopedia, not to tear it down. This is not a massive video game.

We value quality over quantity. Obviously, you need to remove highly implausible content. But do not remove plausible unreferenced content without doing some work. Does a reference elsewhere in the article verify the content? Formulate a competent Google or Google Books or Google Scholar search to see if you can find a reliable source, and if you find it, add it to the article.

If the content seems plausible but you are not able to easily find a source, add a Template: Citation needed tag. I opened my Wikipedia account several years ago, and I would like to review my account information now to verify that it is still current, and to update anything that is not.

My searches for an explanation of how do do this were unsuccessful, so perhaps I just need a reference to a help article that explains this and perhaps a reference to an article that explains how to better search help topics. If this is not an appropriate place for this question, then I would very much appreciate some guidance for more appositively redirecting it. We have another draft for Draft:Sunbury Road , it says on my draft page: "Sunbury Road is a major Sunbury Road runs northwest—southeast from Melbourne Airport to Sunbury.

It's a local government area of City of Hume. I have made another request here. I had requested page protection again at WP:RfPP after the same address-hopping editor returned to vandalise the templates when the protection expired, and the request was declined because there was "not enough recent disruptive activity to justify protection".

I have added some well researched information about Rosetta Smith who was Sir Thomas Picton's mistress. The Last Caribbean Frontier, ISBN This is clearly being done for political reasons by people who want to re-write the narratives of history to fit their agenda. Maproom well they've just deleted my material with no feasible explanation. One explanation I did get was that they thought it was inconstructive whatever that means; that's their opinion.

No response from two editors who have simply removed my entry without discussing the matter. So I can only conclude this is being edited by people who want certain facts in history removed. I created a Wikipedia page of Jayshree Seth. But this page has been kept in draft format by User:Nomadicghumakkad. Can you please tell me why this Wikipedia page of Jayshree Seth can't be kept in permanent format as she is a well established American chemical engineer and author?

Thegreatestmanonearth talk , 17 October UTC [ ]. Hello, I came across the picture in this diff. I googled the name also reverse searched but nothing came up. I have a suspicion that the account uploaded a pic of his mate and is having a laugh. I have asked the uploader on his talk page but haven't received a response yet.

Should the picture be deleted? Sorry, but I don't know exactly where to post this since I'm quite new. I was trying to edit a page on the Japanese Wikipedia and then when I tried to save my edit, it suddenly failed to save and showed a red error pop-up message I couldn't fully understand it that mentioned something along the lines of long term abuse and then suddenly I couldn't edit any semi-protected pages or move any pages. Does anyone know why I had lost my ability to edit any semi-protected pages or move pages and if I am in any trouble on the Japanese Wikipedia?

Please help! Jeuno talk , 17 October UTC [ ]. How to install Twinkle on touchscreen devices like mine? How can i add images to a wkipedia article? But even after 17 to 18 revisions its still being rejected saying that the notability has not been established. I have used the most authentic resources available.

Also I am blamed that the content is promotional. Even Though the content I have published are just hard facts. If someone could give me explicit instructions regarding the changes I need to make to get my page published would be a great help to me. Michael Caine. Under 'Filmography' The film 'Jaws 4' Released in , is not shown.

Do I need to provide more sources about the artist? I'm writing my first wiki page and I'd like to cite an interview that was originally posted in French. There was a translated version from French into English posted as a word document and I was wondering how I should go about referencing this interview. Should I link the original interview and the translation together? Is there a way that I'd be able to do that? Kuugi talk , 17 October UTC [ ]. A new draft article namely, Draft:Dantak is pending review.

This article is about a famous Indian overseas military unit in Bhutan. Please help me publish it. I feel it is publishable as it is well prepared, written neutrally with valid references. Else, please react to the article. Both positive and negative review are welcomed. Just added an article for a charity that I volunteer for welsh marine life rescue. I'm confused as to why the article has been rejected. I put hours into its creation, researching dates and refs online. Please can someone shed some light?

I started in August and some type of robot gave a warm welcoming message. But that was the robot. The actual interactions I have had with established users have been less than welcoming, less than knowledgeable, and often uninformed on their part. In particular the article review process. I started an article on Museums of Florence , not knowing about the "underconstruction flag" because that is how it is done in the Italian Wikipedia.

Articles are started and then gradually improved. After move to draft space, it soon became clear that the reviewers were just typing policy names, not knowing what the policies were. I am not kidding, the reviewers did not object to my explanations that they were quoting incorrect policies. They just quoted other incorrect policies! The reality is that Wikipedia is under assault by people who want to build pages for themselves, their dog or their cousin. So the page review process is a boxing match, with reviewers who are fed up, tired and careless.

So to be realistic, you people need to tone down the robot and instead warn people that English Wikipedia is a type of fight, with angry page reviewers who have had to fight about pages about pets, cousins and dogs. The tea house robot message was far from real, for all I have seen.

As I have been not editing any pages in the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia for more than a month, and the Bulgarian-language Wikipedia recently blocked upon me, I would like to seek you for this thing:. I have been not editing any in the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia for more than a month. And even, I would like to create pages in various languages especially on Nela the Little Reporter.

So, could you please discuss with the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia to unblock me and my account so that I can begin with that? Hello, I was wondering how to add a comment in the talk page of an article. Could you tell me how to do this? Thanks for your time. Aythya affinis talk , 13 October UTC [ reply ]. Thank you Grapple X.

Hello guys, can anyone please tell me how to unprotect a page. There is two pages named Dance Plus season 6 and Dance Plus have been semi-protected by an editor. This article gets vandalized repeatedly by the same IPv6 range and I believe this would be good to stop that.

This page cites no sources and I can't find any notable coverage. However, since it is a composer from Germany in the 19th century, I wasn't sure what the rules are for notability. Would this be one to nominate for deletion? Thank you! How would I create a template? Cerambycidfreak talk , 13 October UTC [ reply ]. This is an important classification, especially for species that are likely critically endangered but haven't been researched. Apburns talk , 5 October UTC [ reply ].

Hi there! How do I add an image that already exists on one article to another article? This template should be used in the Redirect Category Shell of a redirect. It redirects from the sounding of a title to the actual title. For example, Kyrgyztan becomes Kyrgyzstan. How should I handle an article about a mobile app that is defunct not in the App Store any more and its website is gone?

Is there a tag I should use or specific wordings I should add to the article? Aithus talk , 14 October UTC [ reply ]. What is the official channel for irc chat for media wiki? Two reviewers reviewed Draft:Christopher Desloge and declined it. I declined it both for questions of notability and for tone reasons, because it was written to praise its subject.

It is not entirely clear whether they are writing about a draft on a person or a draft about a book; but the draft is about the person. I would appreciate any comments from other experienced editors. In particular, if the subject is biographically notable , should a neutral editor rework this puff piece into something encyclopedic?

I personally think that it is clear that the author needs to leave it alone. Either they are notable, but they can't write neutrally about themselves; or they are not notable. Thank you for any comments by other experienced editors. User:David notMD writes: "Likely does not understand that you as a Declining reviewer are one-and-done with the draft. We nowhere say that a reviewer will work with an author to walk a draft through the approval process, but we nowhere say that a reviewer will not continue to work with the author of a draft.

The idea that the reviewer will continue to work with the author on the draft is a common although not universal idea. Sometimes a reviewer does work with an editor, just not usually. This is just an observation of long standing. Orson talk , 14 October UTC [ reply ]. I would love to get some recommendations. Why promotional content leaves in wikipedia references? Why my content doesn't have many promotional constituents but remove by reviewers?

In fact, I found many site who is the shop published a product page and put them in wikipedia. I have not seen any of you delete them. Here you mentioned that are you considered to be a recognized authority on zongzi and mooncakes? Here if I publish content on high authority site or news site, then the content can be cited on wikipedia not promotional. Here I are very curious that what kind of content I can be submitted on wikipedia.

Even if I submit a content with unique view of point and have not done any promotional elements, wikipedia still reverts my references. Whether every piece of content published on wallstreetjournal. Other news site does not have the authority. Why this piece can be submitted on wikipedia? This is the recognized authority? However, this is a content site. Not wallstreetjournal or bbc. I don't ask you must approve my mooncake and zongzi article. I just confused why wikipedia forbids ppl to promote themselves.

Why wikipedia always permits those commercial sites to promote themselves or add references for their own sites? How do you show that an edit request has been completed? Occasionalpedestrian talk , 14 October UTC [ reply ]. Got it.

I experimented by editing my home page, talk page and draft. But only the edits in the talk page was registered, is there a way to know my cumulative edit count including all of the above. Or is it not appearing due to the page being slow or smthing? Can anyone help me improve this draft, this draft seemed lack of reliable references, please help me improve it, Thanks a lot! Can anyone help me find the reliable sources of the writer, the reliable sources about the writer is hard to find, please help me improve this draft, hope your guys can helping me editing this draft and make it to a good article, I've feel very grateful about your help!

Advice on writing articles in Wikipedia. Can I include research paper findings here? Please excuse my ignorance : I uploaded some photos today but can only view them if logged in. Is this because they are pending approval? They may appear to be repetitive but the reason for publishing them is to show the current, neglected state of the site.

Oh never mind it work. I recently submitted information on the high school football career of Elijah Mitchell was subsequently removed on October 11, The information that was shown on Elijah's high career is incorrect and reflect football stats from Elijah's junior football season NOT senior year. I am the Erath sports historian which can be verified by contacting school officials.

University officials never responded to correction requests. I was hoping by editing the correct statistics on Wikipedia, I could provide the correct info. I am glad to cooperate in ay manner to right this wrong. If you were to contact Erath High School, sources at the school would verify my resources?

I hit "publish" accidentally while trying out my first article in sandbox. How to remove it until it's actually ready? I appreciate all users helping my editing. If you are interessted in calling a wikipedian and ask questions, please find Wikipedia:Call a Wikipedian. What is a red link do for? As there was no reaction, I tried to move the pages myself, but that went wrong. Who can move the articles correctly? I would suggest that the rejection of this proposed article based on lack of notable support is not fully accurate.

There are, in fact, notable examples of relevance, and I have attempted to provide a few of them as references within the article. There is ample online and other evidence of growing critical recognition and relevance in the form of non-trivial reviews, discographies, and articles, not only to do with four decades' involvement in the Biota band that already exists on Wikipedia, but the Sorry For Laughing project that includes artists who have existing Wikipedia pages, and which has its own "story" of interest for as long as Biota involvement.

This is an opportunity to expand such discussion around new breakthroughs of audience recognition. The subject also meets the criteria both with Sorry For Laughing and with Biota of having two or more albums associated with independent labels with a history of more than a few years, and with a roster of performers, many of whom are independently notable.

Hello, I am writing a page on a favourite author of mine and there is very little information on him online. The majority of information given is found within his autobiographies, and all of the information cited in my article can be corroborated from external and reliable websites. Should I cite the book as a resource alongside the websites for corroborating the information?

Switchboard05 talk , 15 October UTC [ reply ]. I'm very intrigued to know why every hamlet village town city district borough unitary authority county article on UK must include a look at ethnicity and religion. When I read American Canadian Australian etc articles there is no mention of the ethnicity of each place in the lead but instead in a demographic article. But the UK articles seem to need to quote them twice in both the infobox and the demographic or ethnicity tabs of an article.

Why is this the case with UK? Looking at Manchester for example the infobox has the ethnicity but further down is a pie chart a table and a lot of paragraphs. So I'm curious why it can't be simplified to just a table and a brief mention then needing a lot of percentages and mentioning. I am trying to get a page approved for Georgia Storm FC.

There seems to be two pages of notability requirements:. I found out that before the release on the US radio this song was sent on Russian contemporary hit radio as single on september 11 Should I change the release date to September 11? Hello, while I was reading this article , I noticed that the tv series' page has been deleted from Fox's website. This made me think if it's possible to put a web archive link in the official website template.

Bloomingbyungchan talk , 15 October UTC [ reply ]. I want to publish about my company and websites I wish to be included in Wikipedia, I have no wish to spam, is it allowed? I want to publish about my company and websites. I recently made a move request on the page Melbourne city centre. Since then, the discussion has elapsed its 7 day timeline, with two others leaving comments in support of the move.

As a result, I think it's safe to say that consensus has been reached. However, after some researching of Wikipedia's rules, I'm not sure how to actually get the page to move. I know I'm not supposed to move it myself as I'm an involved editor, and I also know I'm not supposed to request an administrator to do it as that's reserved for contentious discussions. Is the only way to close the discussion to simply wait for someone to stumble along and do it themselves?

I think there is intimidation and abuse going on towards me on the Norwich and Talk:Norwich pages. All over a collage with two editors calling it "Depressing" and "Mediocre at most". Also one editor got my Username wrong and are picking issues over a bunch of photos which quite frankly in the previous collage were badly zoomed in and badly edited ratioed. But of course I'm in the wrong not them I guess. Goldengnomee has commented in the edit summary "the old collage was so much better, i'm not even from norwich, but i was suprised to see it got and replaced by something so depressing".

And an anon commented something similar. Not just that but also on the talk pages I have seen the following comments. Menacinghat : commented. The old photos were bright and close-up which meant you didn't have to open the image, while the new ones are zoomed out and largely taken in poor weather. So they basically are saying Superior as in better and yours DragonofBaitley which they called me is crap.

So these editors and anon have issues whereas at least one editor on there is decent enough to disagree in a professional manor. Hi, I'm still trying to get my head around what does and does not constitute canvassing, so I would like to put the question of the following example to more experienced users than myself: A user has commented on three separate AfD discussion pages here , here and here not to make a point, but simply to copy in another user.

In each case, the premise for the AfD discussion is notability based on sourcing and general notability: in my opinion, it does not require specialist expertise, but this editor is not commenting themselves, but instead deferring to another user. It seems like quite atypical behaviour. Iskandar talk , 15 October UTC [ reply ]. My name is Subhash Sharma. I want to add our "world tour on motorcycle ". Four friends on 2 motorcycles started on 29th of January from Jamshedpur, India and ended on 10th of July in Jamshedpur, India.

This list is the 11th in the NFL Top series. The program finished broadcasting back in August. I've done everything I can, and gotten all the necessary information that I could to make this a legitimate Wikipedia article, yet it still hasn't been accepted. Every time I go to submit the Article for consideration, I keep getting the message that it has not been accepted. I mean, I've done everything that I could.

Why has it not been accepted? Will it ever be accepted? I DID read the comments below the templated decline messages. I've done everything I could think of to make this a reasonable Wikipedia article, yet it doesn't get accepted. So if anyone can help moderate, that would be very helpful, because Fatima certainly warrants a controvery section.

Ghost apparitions religious or otherwise are inherently controversial. The absence of a controversy section altogether on the Fatima page after so many years is bizarre and almost suspicious—especially since this vision of Mary promoted violence towards children. I will be citing from two books. It was written by a Priest who interrogated the witnesses firsthand.

That said, what is more credible a source to a Marian apparition than the personal journals of the only living witness to it? I would also like to mention that on the existing Fatima page, plenty of biased Catholic news outlets are referenced to substantiate the apparitions, and those sources were not deleted.

I intend to re-post my new and improved controversy section at some point today or tonight. The Fatima page is incomplete without thoughtful opposition. Thank you guys. Natalie Username Spyrazzle. The Mary apparition falsely predicted the end of the war, with Lucia relaying what Mary had told her: "The war will end today 13 October You can expect the soldiers very shortly.

This alarmed even the interrogating Priest, Dr. Manuel Formigao, whose records of the children still exist: "But listen Lucia" he said on record, "The war is still going on. The papers give news of battles after the 13th. How can you explain that if our Lady said the war would end that day? Jacinta, the youngest child, was interrogated separately and she said the same thing. Although Mary correctly predicted the deaths of Francisco and Jacinta Marto, the children may have facilitated their own deaths, as both were documented as having starved and dehydrated themselves during the Spanish Flu pandemic.

For two full years leading up to their deaths, and even on their deathbeds, the children refused food and water, or drank dirty water from an animal and laundry pond from which their mother forbade them from drinking because it could cause illness 5, and even kept blood-stained cords tied tightly around their waists. What anguish I felt! Because I am afraid it is the Devil who sends her to us! The Immaculate Heart.

New York: Farrar, Straus and Young. Page Kondor, Louis Fr. Spyrazzle talk , 15 October UTC [ reply ]. After watching the squid game series on Netflix, I was excited to find the name of the song that commonly appears throughout the show. After finding it, listening too many different Renditions of it, and enjoying it very much, I decided to check to see if the showroom was already noted on Wikipedia to be a part of the show. After finding that it was not, I edited it in.

After not doing so correctly with the proper citation, it was deleted, and then I re-added it in to be included at once again, with the proper citation, it was accepted. The individual user who had first identified it for deletion, and then saw that it had been reacted with the proper citation, decided to check out my profile of my individual user, and see what else I've been working on around the website.

Finding that I was editing the page to help launch its initial publication on Wikipedia, cited it for removal and how to delete it. I clearly believe that had I not edited that song on the other page, and then proved it accurate with the source after having a deleted, this user would not have gone through my work 2 then filed a report thusly.

I understand if it is a tremendous benefit of Wikipedia that all users carry the responsibility and access to grow and evolve our understanding of young every topic on the planet. I also just see it as trolling. My only real question now though was whether anybody would at least admit that it's plausible that this user was trolling me? I do not understand how links work, are they automated, name based, or is code added to "list of Volcanos" or to the destination ie "Double Glacier" or "Double Glacier Volcano"?

Sunbelt alaska talk , 15 October UTC [ reply ]. Thank you fixing and I appreciate the link, these should be more than enough to answer my questions. This is non-encyclopedic, in my opinion. Is it possible for anyone to remove the last sentence of the first paragraph and lock the page for autoconfirmed users only maybe for h? It's text that says "In his later years, Didi has grown increasingly senile, going as far as suggesting that the American rapper P.

Diddy was named after himself. Plurabilities talk , 15 October UTC [ reply ]. I have three articles. They are very short, and contain no more and no less than one citation each. I think they should be accepted, but they only have one citation. The species I wrote about are not well studied, and have barely anything about them online or on books. How do I tell the person who will inevitably decline them this?

Cerambycidfreak talk , 16 October UTC [ reply ]. Can one change their username? How do I archive my talk page? Can I also just use edit and erase it? Cwater1 talk , 16 October UTC [ reply ]. I have made 43 good faith edits to Wikipedia. I am also a newcomer and my account is 6 days old. However, I was accused of vandalism by a vandal patrol, for my edits to Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Virus. So how do I stop getting messages on my talk page like this??? Looking at all of your contributions, you have a very high revert rate, by at least seven different editors.

Presuming you are editing in good faith, i. I suggest you pause, take a deep breath, and turn to the Talk pages of the articles to ask why what you believe to be valid improvements are being reverted. Wikipedia has patience for new editors, but not infinite. Thanks all for the advice! I will try to stop adding "Nazi Serbian stratocracy" that one I could understand and improve on actually hunting for badly written and uncited articles.

I do agree with reverting the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, but I was only surprised that I cited 1 factoid and that got reverted. Thx anyway Old!! Somebody just removed reviews and content from Boyz Jesy Nelson song , calling it 'vandalism'. Removing Incorrect COI Tag I got tagged for COI on an article where I am totally unequivocally NOT in a conflict of interest, and the article was moved to draft as a result, and is now dragging on several months, totally unnecessarily through the review process.

I could not get the person to respond when I explained that I am not in a COI, so I just went along with the draft method, figuring no big deal, it will get approved that way, and why get into an argument. Well, I am not at the point where I want that COI removed, and realize I should have taken further action at the time - just wasn't sure how.

It is plain that this is another article where you have a conflict of interest. I have submitted the article to AFC for you. Somehow it seems every charitable organization in Canada must have me on their payroll. Who knew my jack of all trades job with a grassroots charity would be so disqualifying as a Wikipedia contributor? Iamthekanadian talk , 15 October UTC [ reply ]. Possibly your persecutorial response simply proves my point.

I never hid anything. As a newbie, I identified as COI and did not understand that just because I worked for the charity I was writing about, I should also identify as a "paid editor" as I am NOT "paid" to do anything here. That was my first article, and yes, a lot of time was wasted on attacking me for those misunderstandings instead of focusing on the the writing. Now it is happening again. I do not work for them, have never worked for them, and currently have no formal relationship at all - I once volunteered for them, which as far as I know, is not a COI offense.

You seem to have a COI when it comes to me, as you are stalking my articles and tagging me COI without even having a discussion about it, and now referencing back to my first article - that was resolved. I learned and did everything I Was supposed to do. Your continued attacks and persecution is totally inappropriate but I appreciate you are not hiding that you have made this a personal vendetta, including persisting in a lie that I am COI with United Way East Ottawa.

Would you like to be in on a joint email with me to them to prove it? That seems far beyond the scope of what should be required for me to contribute an article, but if it will put an end to your bullying, let's do it. I want to continue writing here, and if you are going to be stalking me and labelling me COI for every Ottawa-based organization for the rest of time, that's not going to work for me, as like most people, I would like to contribute about topics I actually know something about.

That's not COI. As for the rejections "similar to an advertisement" is another of those annoyingly subjective pronouncements - I didn't copy any of the information from anywhere, and it is simple language accurately stating the work of the organization, with appropriate sources. But I should not have to be debating this as it should not have been falsely forced into draft because you have decided to punish me for your ongoing issues with my first article. You are clearly emotionally compromised and I kindly ask that your stalking and false claims about me end here.

I am not ashamed of working for a charitable organization and writing about other charitable organizations, it is an area of Wikipedia that needs help - this is supposed to be an encouraging space, not a place for personal vendettas, especially when you not only state falsehoods, but use your power here to punish me.

Not THAT is shameful. Iamthekanadian talk , 16 October UTC [ reply ]. GoingBatty it's not civil to unilaterally declare another user as COI without even talking to them about it, and moving their article to draft, is it? There's nothing I can do about being falsely accused? Telling me that the article has improved etc. So my request for "give me a list of topics where you are going to label me COI" might seem uncivil, but I am serious - I don't want to waste me time writing articles that are going to get labeled COI every time because one editor has decided I am a plague to Wikipedia for trying to contribute an article about one of the biggest charities in Canada, which should certainly be on Wikipedia.

I understand they apparently took the issues I experienced with my first article very personally and continue to seek revenge, but perhaps it might be appropriate to give them some advice as well? Like, maybe offer your "help" to users that you don't make your blood boil and where you are clearly incapable of objectivity? I am sorry if my civility wasn't top grade, but it's not like I went out seeking a dispute, I simply wrote an article, and then found myself dealing with this abuse of power and act of vengeance.

Usedtobecool Really, the resolution I am looking for it's fine if my simple article takes a year to get published, I'm not actually a dark hat operator getting paid to write it, so it won't impact on my mortgage payments is not to be harassed in future. It might have sounded sarcastic, but I really mean it - quite literally, what is the list of topics where I will be labelled COI?

Then I just won't write about them. I am fine with that. Cullen Perhaps I wrote it in the wrong place, but I already explained, it is NOT a BRANCH or chapter - in fact, UWEO is an independent organization about 3x the size of United Way Canada, which is a much smaller organization - they don't have any control over UWEO whatsoever, in fact, it is more the other way around - United Way Canada exists because the independent United Way local or regional organizations contribute to have a national office to help with convening and national affairs.

This is verifiable and has been sourced in the article. If United Way Canada closed tomorrow, it wouldn't change a thing about the other organizations and yes, UWEO is one of the most significant, as explained in the article. I don't really understand your accusations - I see a lot of passion here - I mean, other users taking the time to label me COI over a past grievance is pretty passionate - it just isn't very productive in terms of Wikipedia.

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