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It must be remembered, however, that the circumstances attending tho repesl of the Insolvent Act Lave had much to do with this apparent improvement. It le probable that in many cases thoevil day has only been deferred, and that the evil will be aggravated Ly the delay. Some are, no doubt, Aighting their difficulties inthe hope that the insolvent law will be re-enacted next session, Withtbls in mind the people of Uanads may fairly congratulate themselves wpon the immenss improvement which has undoubtedly taken place and which, if It still continues at the same rate during the next thres months, will enable Messrs.

Norton gives in the first place an cssay on the spiritual and mental revival to which the great cathedrals owe their existence. It was as if the earth rousing iteeifand cast. Cases of asthma and nervous exhaustion are almost invariably relleved, but in the throat affections, the dry air irritates the membranes. Send those on the up grade of life, and not on the down. In disease except in -that of lungs, where there is actual change of structure, avoid the too rapid life which this climate causes.

Harper Bros. The first three volumes contain the Critical and Hie- torical Essays, on which so much of this writer's fame was built. The fifth volume contains Lord Macaulay's speeches to the number of thirty, with preface written by himself. We aro glad to have this opportunity of calling the attention of our readers to the advantages of the means of gaining general information, Many a student anxious to improve his mind plods laboriously through dull works in which be the force of its own attractiveness.

Dawson Bros. In looking over this edition the only thing found to regret is the fact that the pages, though gilt on top, are uncut at the edges, 1a the inconvenient and untidy English style. Garibaldi, however, hat not taken the course which it was feared he would, contenting himself with commending the dignity of bis son-in-lew iu not requesting pardon, and announcing his own determination not te ask it. Caraoll bas, however, pardoned Canslo, which is perhaps th most discreet thing he could have done under the circumstances.

Italy owes much to Garibaldi, who is too highminded to accept pay proportionate to his services as a patriot. When he would not sccept honor at the bands of Victor Emmanuel, the grateful King presented a costly necklace to his daughter, Teresita, who was allowed to accept it. It is not guod for Italy thet the Government should be compelled to pardon revolutionists, even Garibaldians should obey the established laws, It will be well for italy and for Garibaldi's great name, too, when he shall have joined Cavour and Victor Emmanuel.

Greece has exactly the claim to Janina that Montenegro had to Duicigno. By the Berlin Treaty the Powers undertook the obligation of aseelog that the just claims of each should be met. Greece has been urging her claims quite as strongly as Montenegro, and France encouraged Ler so warmly that she cannot but be looked upon as having committed herself specially to the work vf procuring their folGlment.

Gambetta, hardly less than Waddington, committed France to this course. England, which has assumed the initiative in the Montenegro question, now looks to France to take the leading role in the new drama of coercion. France urged the Greek claims at the time of the Berlin treaty, because she had at that time almost no status in international councils, and she was anxious to moot some question in order to bring herself to the fore.

Wadding- ton's sentiments as a Greek scholar. The assumption had the effect calculated upon, and having resped the adysntage it 14 scarcely probable ghat she will iguubly drop the scheme for which she has reaped the credit. The question is au urgent one. Greece has long maintain such a force.

The unconditional surrender of Dulcigno was insisted upon so as to leave the Powers un- feitered to urgethe immediate settiement of the Greek question. Montenegro's claim was a emall one beside that of Greece. Any person sending us five new sub- ecribers to the Nontuzax Messescen at thirt: cents each will receive a copy of this picture. We anticipate that by far the largest number of pictures will be sent to those who obtalm one new subscription when renewing their own, and to the new subecribers thus obtained.

To those we would offer the aug- gostion that now ie the best time to renew the subscription and to obtain the new subacriber. By commencing al once mauy persons will be open to take the Wirxzss who in a few weeks otherwise might have subscribed for some other and less valuable paper. Another advantage ja that the new rubscriber will bave the Witness sent to him from the time of subscribing to the end of for the price of one year's subscription, that is, if subscribing at once he will receive fourteen months for the price of twelve.

By sending in their renewal at an early date, also, old subscribers will greatly facilitate the work of entering the subscriptions. George B. Iam sure your consideration will be appreciated in brioging i within the reach of all. Grant, D.

D, of Queen's College, Kingeton, says: Permit me to thank you very heartlly for the engraving you so kindly sent me. While the trade in foreign bottoms has increased ten times, that in Ametican ships bas hardly igoreased at all But the great change ls noticeable since , when the protective system became extreme, Previous to that, although losing in proportion to the outside world, the American business actaally doubled in ten years.

Since then, in twenty years, the Ameri. Froude and the Tories are so A convention of shipowners has been held in the United States, for the purpose of considering the steps necessary for the restora. That the shipbuilders have a very substantial grievance cannot for numerous minve that have been and will be smoment be denied by anyone who has opened in Canadas for the development of watched the course of trade in the United her varied mineral wealth. The fatalities followers escaped into British territory across!

Froude supposed, to propose ne radical land measures at this time, but to ask for greater power to deal with lawlessness It does not appear that the Government has decided to powers it will be far better than the course. The Government have deter- jects of the King of Ava are not a warlliep[ mined to put in force the measures al.

Burmah is a country of great resources, the freedom which has been granted them. The hazardous nature of mining operations legislators the necessity of stringent enactments for the protection of life in the States during the past Lwenty years, in which that have occurred in our older mines Protection bave originated from such s variety of hes practically killed the ship building in- causes as to suggest enough preventive terest of the United States. Linooln, a member of the convention, has presented the the statutes of any province that needs legis.

The accident referred to hap- penedabout two miles from the scene of a similar one that took place in the same mine four weeks previously. The water burst in from a mine that had been flooded snd abandoned, on account of the coal taking fire, nearly twenty years ago. It seems that the charts, containing the location of the old workings on different aldes of the present mines, are not enficientiy exact to be depended on for safety.

The drain of gold has not affected the rate of interest either in England or France, whereea in Germany it has been advanced to five per cent, with a view tostopplug the export, but without success. This financial situation clearly shows that the protective tariff has not enconraged or fostered industries sufficiently to enable them to prodace anything which will be taken in payment for her imports, of whatever class they be, If they have not succeeded under low rates of money, it ls certain that in competition with the industries of other countries in which money for investment at low rates goes n-begging, they will be a failure.

It would not be surprising if the next Reichstag was in a humor to bear the consequences of hia resignation rather than submit to his Nationsl Policy. Of encouraging prospects our commercial tmen of Canada bave happily, within the past during many preceding years, a most encouraging retrospect.

The statistics of the failures which bave occurred in Cansds and in the United Btates during the past three weeks, as well as during the past vine months, show that the commercial and financial condition of Canada is steadily aud rapidly Improving. During the building of the dome the expo suve of the workmen to the risk of falling was great.

As the dome rose the danger increased, aud it was ordered that any men who preferred to work below might do so, but at wages one quarter less, Brunelleschi, finding that, owing to the vast height of the sdifics, the builders lost much time in geieg down for food and drink, arranged 8 eookshop and stalls for the sale of bread and wine, Ja the cupola itesif.

Hencefortb no one was allowed to go down from his work oftener than oncae day. The book is in large type, on thick paper, and covers over pages. Hayes, jr, F. On the contrary tte striking qualities, like twoedged swords, cut both ways. The estimated ost of the LL suads Pacitic is as follows : which is ocly miles fro0: Nunit 8t. Tue quality of of the general make bas but been up to last yeus's statdard by any means.

Dry goods bousts have sent out travellers for the sortiog up Leip, but thero Lins : not been fime to hear from them yet. A few parcels have Leen bought. Tiere iv a brisk dem fur sheep aud Inads ; t're fus u. MonTssas, Ut 1. These practices,. The iron trade a stil 1a tro Off the carn, sols i url Br Loe on the part of the Peruvians have Home persons! Why, then, should a successor be Sir Charles has always been regarded as an able man, why should he not contlaue to administrate public railways, if towns and spoiling plantations, and other barbarous methods of avenging themselves.

When the war has been reduced to such methods it is time for some strong power to place. One wortby alderman, because be wi pot treated with proper reapect by a chalrman o! Another who has niready and is to be again this year u candidate for the Mayorsity, had some rather Larsh things sald of him, it scemy undeservedly.

For manufactured Iron there has been very little demand, and prices are unchanged. Tie English und Scotcl markets for both pig sn! A few choice large hogs weic sound 1o-dur AL igo per ile, but 8 very Iarge nomber of bows remain on the market uosekt, The market bo: Tternous brought about 65 head of beet cattle and a « noider- able cumter of sheep and lunbs. The catte were peglected. The Liberal The United States is making attempts at river side for a park.

When odes to be exe 25,, acres, Professor Macoun in his re: prices are generally mien, Leuther ant Boots ant New Vous, tet. It Canada ie situated midway between the 1n Great Britain. Cargocs of wleat os paasage 0 ably Ly the sharp advance which ta Abe week ending 18h October were 30, bar. Roblu- fonrig atria arent Tay PR oii ures. This is hardly credible. Lawrence and otber clanucla for the week Uriage to 81 a il y a cable ;.

Tue total poy panel. Finun, receipts 5. The market in aie OU Be previvis week, wiile ther i e a ed ten shillings. Owingtothe rharp advance in Euglaud und also in Chleago. TLe buiter market is rether del at pressat, a5d verr eu ranssctionshave taken place Lste! The receipts «1 wheat for the fall mile Cuirs butter maintains ite price, hut very This includes the intoreut on capital as well know its own business best, but some time when 3 - week ending 13th Oet Taek ener etoter were 1 busbele.

Tho pne in Wellington County isa substantial honored by such a list of honorables as bave are fewer unemployed , they may find that harshness hse not terds Isaving New York this autumn for a The toisl receiols from 1st January to 13th Octo Per, were TaN7. The cost of maintenance last Yeas, exclusive sooms to have formed a large part of the pabulum furnished the electors by speakers will not fail to take advantage of one compan: when they can g fair son.

Hiver Bt. The total shipments from Ist January to 13th Oe- quotations would have to be nceepted. Weauote goto 13l4c. Could not Mr. Blake this bas been agal 00d deal of space in Mist Rys, at the Western Home, Nisgars has ober were 7. How to be Mind to the poor, without increasing the numbers of the thriftless, ls a problem which Christian countries have as yet made little progress toward solving.

Wherever a com. Tes Disrnicr or Deicisso, which has jaet necessary after the results of his suit against the Robe for libel, but affairs sre no betitr ainoe. Col, Shaw, it appears, made charges of inefficiency against some cf them, that they were not sulliclsntly acquainted with the drill to properly instruct their men. They say that he knows so little of the drill that the or who bears the name historic in this Province,of Rolph, haa to prompt him ae to what orders to give.

Shaw recommended certain changes among the officers to the authorities at Ottawa. No notice has heen taken of his wishes, arrived fiom Fagland, pretty bright-eyed healthy childrec, who are wanting adoption homee, and Mim ye ls acxiouns to see them provided for before the wint«r sets in, sad will be clad to hear from auy cne wanting alittle pet.

Letters should be sent to tha Western Home, Niagara. Miss Rye forms us that two of the 1st fut of little ones, previous to this, got homes in Mout: real. Biet left for Englned last werk, on her return from the Kasrn Towasbipe, where bas been for sume time lecating the orpbaus whom ebe brought out on ber last trip from Lir- erpoal.

Barley Is being received in considerable quantities and Boe right grat baw sold at lac ver cargo. The reoeipta of butter were 9, packages, and shipments 9. Cheese bas bten quiet nt 12 1ge to there being little demand for export at these prices. The receipts cf cheese lately brio, AsHEs. Owing to bad roads in thecourtry and dissyreeslis burg, 2. The onion emma seems fo be unasaally good Bume days wera very trriag sod saitry fur weak 1a thie virinity, bat the prices of ancy wa ara snitahle for k:ipping purposes are rm.

Egqs ate ugain geitlag rather scaroe, aud prices are firmer at Vre tu 1h per dosen. What will be done « 2 ex a re Christen bensvo-[passed under the rule of Prince Nikita, a seems que scorn 1: fa seid hat thers su Toit Fakes children a 51 who bare bev r Birl's visit to the [tween Fleece very tne.

Montenegro surely sate will no longer be a mere eagle's eyrie. She will bave fruitful valleys and a seaport. It will, of course, take a long time for Monte. CaMskins, ge per lb. Remittaucss are very satisfactory. Finc, fresh goods wood sul fiat x ready sale, bot at olichiiy redaceu price». Buatteriae, Owitig to liberal supp'ies, is Le to 55 laver. Hust reports a fair trade for tine grades, bo t doing in the chescer sorta. Thetr better demand in Manchester for o- Inferior qnatisies not wanted.

Batteriae 4 cumicg torward freely trom All qu irtems, sud, 14 con- sequriee. These cuuli- flowers were grow i cb iand trom whizh 8 crop of early potatoes hud previunsiy been taken this season. The shipment of winter upples to Britain from Western Ctatio continaes on an extensive scale.

Iiressed poultee are plentifnt snd lower priced, The butter market is abuniantie supplied with a rather indifferent article: ther active demand for chaice print butter. Thahiy market cogs tinues to be faits supplied at former nrces: pressed hay is getting nore plentiful. Khe returss to Liverpool to continue her work of gathering the children,as she expects to come out again eazly fa the spring with an other flxk of children. Camphellford on the River Trent iu North.

Gault Brothers, of this city, to start » woollen factory, and a partner of that firm informel a sons so unprovided for is surs to increase rapldly, and the tax on the thrifty becomes daily greater. It this isto be avoided, such public aid must be given under the mort stringent regulations. Ths Glole ustursily sympathizes with the Republicans. The protection fiaht here goes bravely cn. The Mail points to the returning pros rity as prool of the wisdom aad success of the Dom ni Sin CHantes Trerrn, although Minister of type, such as tke New York World, ascribe nota ion Government and its policy.

The Wrranas reporter to-day that they were willing 2. Those who know ple there, intimetiog that the muuicipality 1. The whole lustre of that great ment, will not find it difficalt to, believe that be from on hundred to ons bundred and twenty- cress. LE vo 1. The work could hardly bs com- women's Buff and Pebbied Bei- 8c 10 30e por dozen: sweet potatoes.

The fug fase of the great chieftain, and the leyal cases. Thin is hardly wise, aud ls certainly » far advanced. Bome of the The peuple of Campbellford are Jepreseated as tive Dresmed fogs, H have been almost perfect, and upon this the with net having even known that Sir Charles he chis! Loe ta Or per. Remittances from the country wre upon sor vevhel bins rome pit gare pages 62 vain grades ot airy and Fae.

Church object to the title of lord or lot ship 4 the Canadian Pacific Railway is now en Chandler, was held on the 11tb fnst at Kuow 11 [comme prints. When, however, we are distinctly as- 4; follows : Manson was returned » majority of Bares, Mut to do Kali Wheat. Accord-]gejxirk to I'embios branch ss Orrawa, Oct, Cracked Wiest With the dre 18 plain Bishop Toke, Bishop Gregg. Busl- load ara 1c tard In patie Tas fo N2ige M; Vesl. English to carry the State.

It le! Hewmlosk Staaghter o y Toronto, Oct. Thomss Hughes, M, P. Oi inaciire dad of England in this difficulty. It appears that soce for n natural desire on the part of good [portions of Manttobe will be. Core, er i vo Treawei Pe ime was favorable rather than tbe reverse for Bsn F route.

The distance will Mowranez Viviane Ormicn, October Bome too sanguine To. Mi eat ma in New Lorie Sowing Afmaces Abd wlll hee bg n return to former on rates wh or Le no power great enough directly interested ronto are disposed to think that tonto to Pembreds. Brokers, inter, eithouxt tbe rates of waces in coelug that the agreement is adhered to. Pembroke to Lake N! Oo men en oe Last week tho Te re poivets The t potes do la former pente.

Toroate Now Yerk te Chicago. Te fol owing ae dE oser bert ke oi 50 te 20; Duner, tu te 10e: meanlogiers; sad which involves no duties. A large ofvring ot LT Iw : Bembock. What, Jack! Oh, Jack! Last week! Why, eee how Idid. That trial didn't take long. Do you know what that means? It's better now, they sey. Then it meant the shower.

I was down to skin an Bone. But I mended my ways. It took a year of Hard work before T could hold on to myself. Oh, to be out! I I kvew if you will pray. My money was gone : I'd gone hungry two days. But as I got nearer something seemed to pull me on: I began to run. I must have bit my hond ag'inst a boat, for when they took me out it wus for dead.

I told him the whole. That is to say, if the Act were to be adopted by Edinburgh, the Kdin. Once the order hea been enforced K cannot be recalled for three years, and only on the demand of the majority of the yers, who vote on the petition. Seppoiing we take bail a ponnd of macer. Wothen let it almmer about twenty uinutes, though if the macaroni ix very supericr it will take -au-bour.

Meanwhile we have ready. Half the yuantity must ba apriukded over the tuacaroui and tossed over the fire well till it is well mixed in, An ounce of fresh butter is now put with it ia the same way, hud this is toesed about till melted. Last of ull the remainder of the cheese is added. When the macaroni begins to get stringy it is ready to pour upon « hot dish and to be served. These cheeses are mot very common in England, and perhape might be difficult to get, although they could be obtained easily enough by urdering them beforehand.

If we vould get an English cheese dry enough to grate in this way it would do instead of the foreign, though it would Bot be quite s0 good. Ivonr-naczzD Ervsnrs, 0 Creax. Ries: Cans. Iry in butter a delicate golden shude, and sprinkle powdered sugar just before serving. Rub the stuins well with this on a pivce of clean anne, wash off with Hudsu's soap-powder and water.

If this does not remeve the marke, leave the paste on the stains fur twenty-four hours, then wash off as above directed, and olith well with a soft duster or sili handkerchief. A Norristise Disit. Drain off the water, end finish them with a little par. Never be afraid of open windows then. People don't catch cold in bed. This is a popular fallacy. With proper bedclothes and hot-bottles, if necessary, you can always keep a patient worm in bed, and will ventilate Lim at the same time.

The water should be rather more than lukewarm, and white sosp should be boiled and mixed up fa tho water beforo the shawl in putintoit. It must be washed in two waters, and rinsed in rather warmer water, to clear it entirely of the eoup, otherwise it will get thick and hard. Pin it out spine on ae t, with a clean sheet or table. Father is usod collectively. Tho patrierch wasat this tirno at Mamtr in the valley of He.

Many of the preceding chapters had bron ocupied by the hisiory of Jacob and hi sun; but Jacob's tu ledoth gencra. It continue till hla death in chap. NW boing seventeen gears old. Ilia captivity, therefore, lasted about 13 years. The reader of Gen. Joseph had been trained In a religions home which seems scarcely to have been tho case with the ton older sons. Their shepherd life took them into distant parts of the country, and seems practically to have removed them much of the time from homo and its domestic influences.

Unfortunately tbe domestic influences of that polygamous home were by no means ro wholesome as a religions home ought to furnish. Envy and jeslonsy were stimulated into fearful etrength. This was no backbiting, but a filial, confidential report to hia father, showing his love of truth and Tight, and his unwillingness to be partaker of other's sins.

Jamin had not yet come La mush notion fe ug only about one old. Another interpretation that, whereas tho ordinary garment for youth in the Fast in rimply n Body-cont without sleeves, reaching to the knees, this was with sleeves and roaching to the feat. It may have been both long and of many piecer and colors. His cries for merey they remembered many years afterward chap.

Ishranel was a ron of Abrabsm by Hager. It was burned io the teraple, sud employed Jo embalming, Tradin, in the produce vf Arabia and India, thoy were in the regular course of trafliic on their way to Egypt. Judah, relenting, and revolting perhaps from the crime of fratricide, proposes to sell Joseph to the merchants. Besides, the selling would accomplish their purpore, and yet save their conscience from the guilt of murder.

Bold Joseph. This is the rate at which Moses estimates « male from five to twenty yeara old Lev. A man-servant was valued by him 70 sheksls Exod. It in supposed by many, that silver was at that time of much greater relative value than it now is, and that therefore a tnuch larger price than this sppeara to bo wax given for Joseph.

Ho probably went into another part of the field to draw off the rest. How ehall F apconnt to his father for his disappearance? But Reuben, though thue affected at the moment, had not gourage afterward to disclose the crimo vommitted hia brethren. J lbicat Museums To ue nd him alone, the preservation of Joseph's life appears to havo been duc. His anguish at the disap- rance of his brother, and his frustration of is kindly artifice for delivering him, bis recollection of the minute details of the painful scone many years afterward 42 22 , testit that he had a warm aud for those rong!

With the conaciousnees that tried to conoeal their guilt, there mingles the old grudge concerning the cont of many oolors, which here turns itself even against the father. Bat there is no limit to human hypootisy. Smirk, «Potiphar. Now, hear my plan and behold my devices. In painting this bit of ribbon, I happened to have too much water in my brush, and the colors ran a little and gee this lovely wavy cffect. After the skirt was painted, Bell went ehop- ping. L'len laughed as ehe opened her sivter's ckage.

Very soon a jaunty jacket wus cut from the muslin, and the rest was laid saide for a sash The paints came cut again now and the same little bouquets that hed bloomed on the skirt, began to appear on the muslin. Even lazy Eien offered to baste; both she and aunt Martha were loet in admiration. They could not help laughiag to see Bell add the brim of one old lace bonnet-frams to the crown of another, but it locked very fresh when the muslin was drawn over it.

Thess two who owned Bell, and who thought her a wonderful girl, shook their heads as she unfolded a sheet of pale pink tiseue. Why shouldn't I be a leader of fashion? However, to entisfy your fastidious souls, I will throw this bit of white illusion over the roses, and only let the blue bow peep out. Hold out your hand, Ellen, for a mould. Mrs, Eldridge has managed all this. I'll remember ber kinduess.

Boll made the wreath herself. She painted each acorn und slipped it from the cup, through which she ran 4 fine wire for a stem, and then with a drop of glue firmly replsced ol The wires were wound round little natural twigs.

Ball opened her cyos at aunt Marthe. That lady amiled. Ewiog has tendered hia resignation of the pastorate uf the church iu Winnipeg, sed a uoanimous cull hm been extended ts the Rev. The now building fe about two miles south of the old house, sad it is possible that the oid stand will not be abandoned. McLeod, late of Sault Ste. I, Boudreau has rei ned the pastorate of Dasville, Que. Stratford, O. Towpkios, pastor of the churches of Brooke and Alvinston, O. McDonald, of Tiverton, 0.

Elaven c. Longharst has accepted the rectory of Granby, Que. Canon Duvernet has been appointed to the rectory o! Chambly, Que. A pew church at Bayfield, N. Grmed fn the church at Highgate, O. B8 , was lai! The assessors retires, jost completed, place the population et 75, If the colleges agreo to joint action fn relation to the matter, some nice little acandals may be Jooked for, an the laxity prevailing there na to the qualifications of physicians, particularly io the country districts, bas lei to a condition of affairs frhich, if sitted, will lay bare some astonichiug ta, Bask or ExoLasn Notes.

These convictions are the soul of prayer. Bes fieb. Men are commanded to pray. Matt, 7: 7, R; 1 and, G; Luke 1, ; Ti must be made in faith, Matt. John 18; Std, According Ww God's will. These are general Inws hat cover numerons miner injunctions, suck as praying in forgiving Spirit, Matt. AV, It to de cuitivated Senidnonsly. Because it's a, secret still. Preceplor after a lecture. Lu on plenty of list. But agriculture, in one view of it, is everybody's business.

The same principles that underlie sucessful farming, have to do with the management of gardens, and even with the culture of house-plants. It will, therefore, be fr the benefit not of the few, Lut of the many 0 havo agricultural instruction regularly given in our schools. F's plan, having recently givens my views in segurd to uno substantially the same. When it is determined to attempt the work, discussion and comparison of methods will vataraily come up.

It might provoke emulation and set tho ball rolling. If the laed be in good condtiian and many roots nts in the ground. Au uoon ns e latier make Lheir nppcerange, start the borse hor and cultivator, and when Gnely puiveriged soil 16 abe tained, corer wil all the grass not destrosed hy the Ultivator. If these cliteutions sre observed the gram will be comp lntely smothered, and by the second hoor ing the groutd wi'l be mellow, aid at digging time the roots will be quite rotten, hay ing coutributed lazgcly tile fertility of the soli.

Will decent potato culture destroy this vegetable pest: If eo, hurrah! An agricultural journal now extinct, the Gencace Farmer, in an article on this nuisance, told of a noted farmer who had long been troubled with couch grass, and was asked by a neighbor the best way to get rid of it. Then put iton the top of a stump where the sun can scorch it. Then take a stone, and hammer it out fist. If the wind does not blow it off the stump, I think it will die in the course uf the summer or winter following.

Coleman's success. Coleman's plan a fair trial. H, Qoobrane ie one of them. Stone, of Guelph, ia another. He usually has an annus! It is hardly desirable to buy Cotswolds in large numbers, as they are expensive. At Mr. High-grade ewes can be purchased in the vicinity of Guelph, and in other localities, at moderate figures.

These, with a pure-bred ram, would suon give a beginner a valuable flock. Study the various plans of houses given, and then make a chvice. A winter. This may be scoured, cheaply, by taking advantage of a gravel or sand bank, and excavating s0 as to cbiuin three walls of the natural material. A building 16 by 30 feet, divided into several compartments, for laying and rovsting rooms, a sitting room, and runways, will do for fowls.

A yard 50 by feet is considered by experienced breeders large enough for fowls, but of couree the more space allowed, the better fur the health of the birds. Neir Glasgow, Sept. If the frost catches the outer leaves a little, no barm will be done, as cabbages must be kept cool to winter well.

The warmth of most cellars renders it well-nigh impossible to keep cabbages in them, and the least decay causes n ravk smell, which is not only offensive, but injurious to health. With the belp of a pick, it will be found practicable to get at the cad- bages ns they are needed for consumption, if they are put up in the way above described. Wx, F. Conducted by D. MeEachran, F. Let me know what will take it of. Rarasay, September 15th, As s rule they are not attended by inconvenience.

Rereated blistering with biniodide of mercury is the best treatment in unprofesaional hands. It broke an artery snd bled three or four quarts in as Many minntes, before 1sewed it up. Since thet it has swelled lerabiy.

Sheis apparente not sick at heart, ns she will cat and drink as well as ever. Afanitoba, Undo the atitches and allow the pent-up matter to discharge. Foment with bot water, aud inject freely a solution of carbolio acid one part, warm water thirty parts. Feed her on poft food and keep her in a loces box. Be careful to ascertain that no fragment of wood remains in the wound. A short time ago he got puffed on the bind logs above the fetlock joint.

When drove the disappear. Jr youcouli give any cure for the ain. We would advise you to get rid of her. Bhe ie Just Isme enough to apoil ber for nue, and never Rails much betier nor woch worse. Hus never bad much dope for ber unui] about 1wo months ago. Can you recommend any treat: will be likely to effect a cure 1 O. Jexxixa, Compton, September 27th, , Unless cur correspondent is sure ke is cor. Vital Prevost, V.

I, Odssrver. He often suys: I fear my pastures aro getting too short Jor my cows; but I hope that we sball soon have rains, that will give fresh feed, and then my cows will come uj again. Milk is a temporary product, and naturally grows lesa as the time advances from calving, and when there iv a falling off it can seldom be recovered ; so that, when a cow fullu off 5 or 10 pounds in her milk, it means the loss of about that amount every day iu the remainder of the season.

Before they come and cauee the gram to grow your herd of cows have loat one-fourth to one-third of their usefulness for the rest of the season. Let the dairymasn, then, look to Lis herd in time, and see that the wants of cach cow are provided for. A dairyman should study the peculiaritics of each cow. Bome cows will appropriate all the extra food they can digest to the secretion of milk; and even deplete their own systems to keep up a full low of milk.

Such cows should be especially well provided for : their generosity should be reciprocated. These arn the cowa that pa for feeding. They pay back the principal, with a large percentage of interest, on sll the extra food given them. They are only good cowathat will pay for extra feeding.

In fact, they are only good cows that will pay for fooding at all: and a dajryman may rest ns. If he han carefully noted the comparative yield of milk by each of his cows, he should foe them in proportion to their yield. From longe practice, we have found no failure of good cows to respond to extra feeding in late sum - mer. We fave often given debt and credit to the cows on extra feed, and ulways found the credit ahead. When the feed beyins to grow scauty in July, commence by feeding Mb.

The Jiveced costs This atoull alfowunce wiil keep up the full flow at the beginning of the deficit of grass. We have often also mentioned the fact that the fertilizer left by this rich food is worth a large part of the cust of the extra feeding. Of course, if the dairyman has green clover, fodder-corn, millet, Peas, and oats, cte. The various oil-cakes should always be used in part when food must be pure] , for they have an excellent effect upon the cows, us well as the product.

Muckiscoolinto the soil in summer, and warming in the winter: it collects moisture and reit; it neratos the earth, is a reservoir of Ammonia and other elements of plant food, pot the least of which are its crumbli g shells and fragmenta of petrifactions. Have we cuttings or root-grafta to protect from drought or frost, we apply muck, not fearing to cover them from sight: have we new strawberries from each plant of which we expect hundreds of new plante, we cover the c with muck: have We rare gripes or raspberries, from which extraordinary growth is desired, a bushel or mors of muck compost is worked in the soil about them; bave we quinces or dwarf pears the with muck ; bave we an cld orchard we wish b Fig.

I hasten to Fig. Que clayey loam, lisbie to barden after Leavy storms, ories ont loudly for murk ; how soils of different character might be affected, J cannot state from experience. Tribune, Cows Awp run Waatuzn. In re and vi po mation La more rapid and astimilation and waste are more ao ve, and eccretions whish, like butter, depend upon the destruction of tisene, are more sbundant.

This lore in cheese is owing to the fact that as the albumen of the blood passes over into the milk vessels, tbe major part of it is converted into onseine, which Soepralable by rennet, while albumen is not. This change from albumen to cnseine is effected by the vital forces, and is more or less complete sa they ng in strength.

In muggy weather this iy reversed. From the decresse in fat and the Increase of albuminoidi which an heavier haa fat, the milk of the mi ays shows the greater , uly du's ies per ovr, of beter Jour EC wh; Now, ment, roots of which forage near home, we mulch also sticky, dairy. I have kept 75 fowlain it at extends 1 am tro rly sr.

We have kept it more thua a year on top uf the kitchen cupboard,and not morethun eight feet from the stove. I think I It is moisture ard 0 Fig. All aroond was clean rans, excepting a broad, overbangiog chesnut tree, whirh brouded, ss it were, aver the stone house aud completely shaded it from the sun. The rocks were covered with moss and feran and forget-me-note. A rapid current of cold water Bowed around three sides of the house in the raised trough, bench of fist stones laid in pement vpn stood a cream jar and batter bowl filled with golden butter.

The milk pans were Tater, snd a thermometer hanging on the wail a a transom window over the door, which wae wade of slate, with gla windows on each side, which awung, gave light and sir. Near y was a wi airy. A oupols on pivots, in fairy-house, in which was turned by a 1 have bat never before, except this A Faurr Unowwn gives the result of Lis ex. The Old Country haa euey ; the young ones have energy, enterprise sad resources. We pay our iwoasy, aud we got the reault of thoss tkree csalitise, and what l'anads can do fn furalshiog horeetlesh in barter foe English gold was shown at Bickenhead thie werk, whon a bay gelding of splendid form and action took the first prize ia the harness clos.

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It begins by paying dues to a host of net producers, web-based musicmakers including Mister Lies , Cashmere Cat , Koloto , Skylar Spence … In fact, the transition between 'Mr. Wonderful' by Skylar Spence fka Saint Pepsi , Clams Casino classic 'I'm God' and the glitching 'Fox Tales' by Koloto , is a few minutes of fantastic, flawless atmosphere; it soon moves on to a second half characterised by more regulated beats than came before, and a more expansive yet still inward-facing atmosphere courtesy of music from Four Tet , Moderat and Monolake , finishing up with the floating, effusive 'Mythril Stone' by beat producer memory cards.

Please enjoy this half-hour of music below. It's Kero Kero Bonito! How wonderful! How thrilling to hear new sounds from them. And how great it is to hear that these soundular visions of the London trio are still tantamount to the apex of uniqueness in music right now. Experimental music is not always unique; some experiments with sound do sound alike. But nobody would necessarily describe KKB 's sound as an "experimental" one, yet this is what they are doing: experimenting — with pushing the boundaries of what they can include in an underground pop song, the instruments they can use and song structure.

Aside from what is essentially a trademark of Kero Kero Bonito 's sound — a bouncy beat painted with a decidedly drum-machine aesthetic, fuzzy electronics and synthetic chords — 'Chicken' continues with adding in whatever novel things can be added without it feeling saturated or overcooked.

Sarah, with only a small rap-sing-speaking part in Japanese this time around, expounds on the virtues of dancing, and urges all listeners to not stand with their backs to the walls and to instead take to the dancefloor and move around. A specific image in this moving around, i.

Add to this a full metal section that hammers out a crunching riff with MIDI instruments — who else would do this to a song? Snacker is faster than you, sort of guards items you need to get from underwater, and comes complete with a Jaws -esque theme whenever he gets near — plus he jeers you with lines like "Snacker smells tasty dinner, stay just there!

I'll be right over! This all combines for a track that's high in carefree attitude, low in gravity, and generally a bubbling refreshment taken in the context of, possibly a backlash to, a "serious""dance music""scene" currently spilling its faux-emotional fauxmotional guts all over the world.

Even by itself, with no context, with no nothing, this music is undeniably upbeat: listenable, followable, adorable. We begin weaving this basket of words housing our morsel of music for the moment with a smidgen of etymology. Auscultation comes from the Latin word "auscultare" which means "to listen" and refers to the practice of listening to the internal sounds of the body.

Apparently the practice of listening to body sounds lungs, heart, intestines, etc. But enough of this. It's time to talk about the musical, non-medical Auscultation and his track 'Promise You'll Haunt Me'. True to its name, there is a definitive feeling of otherworldliness here, of waking up past midnight with your digital clock flashing next to you and a stomach churning sense of the barrier between the realm of the living and the dead oozing and deteriorating, the sweat of spooky summer nights, that monumental feeling of mere minutes seeming to be hours as you wait for something to appear, eyes wide and strained into the heavy glowering pitchblackness of your bedroom.

This sound is in the gently decayed ectoplasmic merging synth chords, pulsating through a hypnotic series of loops whose progressions are joyful yet jarring, relaxed yet maniacal — the nightly breath-hold anticipating a sojourn from a spirit, a mix of curiosity and sustained terror, of happiness and regretful longing.

Robust bass columns in beneath, matching the chords, soon joined by thudding kicks, lo-fi muted handclaps, and nocturnal spookily jangling clanks of cymbals, not to mention the high register chirruping melodies that shine lifee-giving and springlike in the more regular chord progressions.

But there is an intermittent switching between these "regular" sections and parts that exhibit a slightly more unhinged collection of chords, clouds of shuddering fear or dreadful anticipation in this general blue sky of happiness, heart flutterings as the door creaks, or something taps on your window. The aesthetic of this track, a sort of half-submerged quality that gives everything a warm veil of misty fuzz, serves to add to the idea that its title suggests, a semi-decayed veneer that speaks of nostalgia and bygone, happier days.

Whatever its connection to its title, whether the title came after the music or if its sound was inspired by those words, it remains an arresting, intriguing track that nevertheless speaks of phantomatic trysts, longing and loneliness after death, love crossing the gulf between here and the unknown. Well, not exactly "yahoo"— more like a "whoaaah…" because you're not really going to be exactly leaping in the air over this one.

It's not quite the energetic pick-me-up for sort of thing. It is however a soul-cleanser, an atmosphere giver, a set of sounds so vast and emotive that you cannot help but be possessed by them for the whole 4 minutes 11 seconds they exist. It's what the track sounds like. If we're going to get label-y, then I suppose you could call this vaporwave — the transportive nature of the track i.

It's not un-vaporwave, that's for sure. Unrelenting blasts of ambience wash over you with watercolour beauty and oil paint intensity, swathes of sound building a picture of bittersweetness decorated with aching snippets of saxophone snatched from some unknown jam, punctuated with glassy synth chords, rounding it all off with a flavour that's as robust as it is delicate, a fleeting ethereality that like passing clouds is huge and imposing but soon dissipates into nothingness.

The sparse sparkling melodies skipping over the merging meld of modulating synth and subtle rumblings, the minimal percussion in the form of reverbing shakers, the whole glittering mass of it, the gentle panning from left to right, the piercing light of its second third moving into the cooler stalwart sounds of its final third.

It is an affecting morsel of sound, a touching example of just how epic and all-encompassing superficially "ambient music" can be, taking hints from cheese-laden romantic ballads and pop with its veilsome aesthetics and melodic refrain, but staying firmly in the realm of atmosphere-making, web-born music, an experimentalism hatched not just from a love of sounds, but a love of making sounds.

Comprising Ryota Miyake aka Sparrows , Keita Onishi and Sunao Maruyama, the trio make collage-like sounds, forward-thinking sonic explorations with retro sensibilities; they've even done VGM-flavoured versions of traditional Japanese songs before — for instance, check out their version of 'Haru no Umi' , an ubiquitous song played around New Year in Japan. Crystal 's latest EP Monsoon arrives courtesy of friendly Tokyo-based label, flau — perhaps since music made under Miyake's Sparrows moniker has been previously released by the label.

The tracks on Monsoon , says flau , "embody that fun 2D summer feeling with distinct video games aesthetics," and really, this is for the most part an excellent description. The four-track EP contains jostling gems reflecting different facets of summer; there's the delicious horizontal tropical beach feel of 'Low-Pressure', the uptempo billowing fun-fest of 'Typhoon' sounding a lot like the music from the Bonus Stage in Sonic 2 , the manic galloping-tumbling sounds of 'Monsoon', summoning the seeming irrationality, unreasonable heaviness, of a monsoon, with an aesthetic and general feel that reminded me of the music from Dynamite Headdy.

Rather than focus on different aspects of the weather and its effects, like 'Typhoon', 'Monsoon', 'Low-Pressure', this one instead whisks us up into the sky, into the clouds — true to its name; both in this sense, and in that it paints a picture with predominantly MIDI-leaning sounds. From bubbling, glitchy computer-like noises, the chirrupings of insects and animals in trees, we float higher and higher, up into a contemplative gently soaring atmosphere whilst serenaded by a metallic disembodied voice.

Supported by robust foundations of slap bass and swaying-ship bass, and decorated with nuanced bloops jiggling around with portions of steel pan, expansive all-encompassing birds-eye-view string sections provide giant dynamic wings on which we softly fly around the sky. Imagine if the boat from Super Mario 64 level Rainbow Ride got loose and floated into the big blue of a midday horizon. The VGM influences here on Crystal 's Monsoon EP, given the two games its been compared with above, are not only ever-present, they are subtle.

It's not like these are exact copies — they are made with the same spirit; the same desire for the creation of different atmospheres, the use of non-serious, playful sounds, the joy of experimentation outside of regular song structure.

The EP artwork, with the Chaos Emerald-esque jewel, the palm tree, the crystal rods and spheres of rain, the skewed crossing, tells a similar story — combined with the sound, this music stands not exactly between fantasy and reality, but more firmly in the former, still with eyes trained on the real world as if it were the true oddity in the twoness of our modern day existence. Atmosphere is a big deal. Without atmosphere, or ambiance if you will, cocktail lounges would not feel chilled out yet classy at the same time, forests would not effuse as much peacefulness as they do, a spa would not be as relaxing, theme parks would not be as exciting — put simply, atmosphere is important.

And, if you didn't notice, the link between all those aforementioned places is sound. Music creates atmosphere. One might just like singing along to music, or dancing to it, but, perhaps unbeknownst to the singer or dancer, these things are being acted out in the midst of ambiance or atmosphere conjured by music; it affects not only an individual mood, but the mood of an entire locale, wherever the music is in earshot.

It is the particular character of our surroundings. Why am I talking so much about atmosphere? Because of nice morsel of music I stumbled across over the weekend. But anyway, loto retina has shared his "first session" not his first "seance", which would have been decidedly more spooky than a session of musicmaking. It's a little old, 4 months says SoundCloud, but that's neither here nor there.

The first section, for there is one — marked by a strange dinosaur screech or synth-made scream — is brighter, rising higher than the second goes, which for the most part follows a mesmerising loop except for one cutesy melody standing out at the mark all the way till this sweet little track's end, where it is beset by monstrous scathing mechanical noises, metallic analogue vocal chords shouting, and where the sounds become slightly distorted, muffled, mangled, finishing up a relaxing and intriguing sojourn into a world of pure, innocent atmosphere.

I'm writing about this track because it is good and it made me feel happy when I first heard it. Maybe it's more that the track sounds happy and so swathed me in a metaphysical cloud of happiness whilst I listened, and also: is it even possible for any music to be qualitatively, objectively "bad"? These are my thoughts. What is this track?

It's a fun name, isn't it? I don't know what it means, perhaps a neat contraction of a sentiment akin to "mindless fun" but what's in a name? What's in a name? Sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much. And it's by the well-named Fork and Knife maybe named after the Brand New demo of the same name?

And you're wondering, what's so damn fun about 'Dumfun'? It's the whole journey, the whole humble odyssey of the track, that makes it not only interesting on a musical level but also, yes, a fun listen. It keeps you on your toes. Even after a few listens I'm like, "oh this part? It begins with squiffy far-off synths that equally could be the intro to some big trance song, yet it grows and graduates through glassy, popping decorations, adding big reverbing snares — rapid-fire droplets of which serve as ornamentations later on — and thudding kicks, then jumping up into a side-to-side head-tilt kinda rhythm; very bouncy, and supplemented with blooms of sub-bass.

Cutesy synth vox spin simple melodies throughout sprinkled with wah-wah, and gleaming streaks of synth chords sweep steadily beneath, spreading their heartwarming glitterations alongside the occasional sample of children cheering, further exemplifying the feeling of joy that dwells at the heart of this track. It's not exactly dancefloor-destined, not precisely pop, not wholly videogame music, but rather Fork and Knife has meted out a combination of all three.

There are minor changes you could make to it to attach it more extensively to each one of those labels, but why think about that? Why think about the potential when it already exists in the state in which it exists: as a composite, genreless slice of electronic fun. Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee… and more specifically, it tolls for Spazzkid. Hear the clanging knell kneading the air like vast clouds rolling through valleys, the ding dang dong of another musicmaking moniker moored at the banks of the ever-flowing river, never to plough through waves again.

But don't worry, Mark Redito is still around. After much consideration, the man himself decided to shed his Spazzkid moniker and just stick with his irl birth name. Specifically, aside from artistic growth, new directions and feeling as if what he's making now is quite different to what he's making now, it's to do with the offensiveness of the very name "Spazzkid", and "undergoing scrutiny" because of it — even if he was originally just named after a band. While it was never my intention to offend anyone, I owe every person aggrieved by my old moniker a heartfelt apology, and this is just that.

To mark haha this change we have a new track, heralding the turning of a page to a new chapter in the story that is the music of Mark Redito. The first thing that sprang to mind whilst listening to this was festival music. Not any old festival music, but traditional music from the Japanese festival of Obon or just Bon , held in summertime across Japan to honour the dead. What took me there? The swaying feel and dizzyily offbeat melodies of '3am Apologies' match those of the music that goes with bon odori i.

Either way, there's a fair spot of considered delirium at work in '3am Apologies', which made me think of Bon. Added to this inebriated festival atmosphere is a heavily swaggering dub-flavoured rhythm, further highlighting a decidedly beat-themed foray for the first venture as Mark Redito, and ornamented with countless drum ad-libs that roll and rollick with virtuosic energy, yet that feel blissfully restrained by the slow, oozingly oscillating rhythm.

Swathes of fizzing synth cushion piercing lines of melody, all of it rising together in a richly layered crescendo that takes previous elements and arranges them in a model of harmony, each part slotting where it should having been individually introduced earlier on. Mark sings on the track, too, his voice sprinkled with emotion and far-off, as if a dream or previous introspection being reflected upon. We dream with him, in the giddy ambience and half-crazed steadiness of '3am Apologies', swept along by sheets of synth — sometimes airy and ethereal, sometimes buzzing and intense — bouncing onward with the skillfully-crafted elastic organic beats as if being jostled through a crowd.

Here is a nice new bit of music from a new musicmaker called Capchii. They are ostensibly from Tokyo — there's no way to verify that, of course, so let's just go with it. Tokoyo-based musicmaker or let's say producer called Capchii. Coffee, especially in its foamier incarnation as denoted here, has a homely, cosmopolitan feel about it, and connotes being something like fluidly urban.

Truncate cappuccino to Capchii and you add an extra dimension of cuteness — fitting for someone whose Twitter bio says "I like bass and cute music. But aside from these thoughts spilling without much care onto this keyboard and typing these words, the morsel of music that has been created by this coffee-themed producer for a lil spotlight today is called 'Something'.

Pulsing kicks drive this along throughout its duration, a bassy beat also featuring a combined snare-handclap that sounds like a watermelon being smashed, or maybe a heavy hardback book bellyflopping into a puddle, specifically a puddle glittering in the wet sunlight after a rainstorm. Bubbling sounds pop in the background. A simple looping piano melody, something unmistakably jolly and upbeat, is a sign of things to come.

Gradually other instruments join in to form a cavalcade of positivity; soft sub-bass begins to ebb and flow beneath it all, acoustic guitars play chirpy arpeggios, jaunty strings singing out, high pitched synth melodies intertwine with one another, weaving in and out like little birds zooming around together on a sunny afternoon, the inexplicable heavy haze of distorted guitar providing strips of abrasion here and there, which adds a confounding element to what is otherwise a lesson in the progression of different instruments in a semi-classical setting.

It's a compound of sculpted percussive parts and of whimsical melodies, resulting in a winsome piece of music with clear direction; seemingly untainted by genre or pretence, it's fresh and lively, like catching a glimpse of a small dog trotting happily along.

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If you know a few things about online music, you'll know that DJ iTunes was an actual person, a component of the future funk offshoot of the vaporwave community.

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