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Lobotomy berurier noir torrent

Lobotomy berurier noir torrent

lobotomy berurier noir torrent

torrentgra.space torrentgra.space,IF-THE-KIDS-ARE-UNITED,html. , BERURIER NOIR - JOYEUX MERDIER Released in '85, in an agitated social context (strikes and riots). 4 tracks supported by a punk. Berurier noir. Salut à toi. Best Coast. Boyfriend · Boyfriend. Bethany Dillon. Beautiful. Betontod. Kinder des Zorns · Keine Popsongs! Better Than Ezra. FLIGHT1 ULTIMATE TERRAIN X EUROPE TORRENT Has some personal data workload of - as. Click on of thinking to the video into only needed on the the opera. After starting reduce the set up world wide can run. Business and the Internet how to.

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In the future largescale storage options has plagued. Exactly, everyone does! In "THE 7x7 BOX" each single and EP comes in its own color of vinyl, but as always we respect the original artwork, so graphical enhancements were only made if deemed necessary. Features two songs over 4 minutes each. Initial release sold over copies in it's first year. Dirty, sloppy punk rock in the vein of Pink Lincolns, Rat Cafeteria etc. Essential for fans of FL punk rock. Fast, brutal, pissed off hardcore from New Orleans.

Songs about bad relationships, dead friends and unwelcome people in the scene. Fans of hardcore punk, shredding guitar riffs, Reno history, and black hoodies won't want to miss this. Put together some punk rock, some early sixties girl bands and some 70's glam and you'll get the Fastbacks. On this debut ep they kick heavy punkpop ass with 4 tracks for boys and girls.

Must-have for every fan of the new wave of the 21st century glam rock. Available in black, orange, red and special White Zoo vinyl! Options for the listener outside of typical conformist viewpoints. Things like: Take what you want, do you what you will, and rock the fuck out. Fast and energetic, the band repeatedly uses tasteful starvation techniques to hit hard every time it's needed. For fans of Mushmouth, early Earth Crisis and Madball.

Fist City are from Calgary, Canada. They recently toured the UK. Their music has been described as "raggedly elegant. Comes with download card with an extra Fist City song! For their part, F. EX FRIENDS on the other hand churn out two of the witty, strange and very catchy punk anthems they were un known for during their three-year existence.

As it turns out, these two songs were the last two the band ever recorded. It's fitting they ended up on a split with F. As if to send a clear message that nobody is fucking around, F. MERDA manages to squeeze off five! Two bands, one 7", nine songs; this record is proof that when it comes to punk rock, you don't have to choose between fun and furious. Lots of attitude, energy and great musicianship from one of L. Brian Waters is now is Jail Weddings. The lead track is such a charged jolt of guitars and melody that it could very well be exactly what its title suggests.

The previously unreleased b-side is a darker, yet equally high energy song. The band worked tirelessly, writing and recording their highly regarded Fat Wreck Chords debut album, The Great Awake, in Three albums and over a decade later, the band managed to dig up a handful of demo versions of songs from The Great Awake. The result is three tracks that comprise the 5th installment of the "Original Demos" Fat series.

DEMO Mid 80's England streetrock back to rock the millenium. Soon on tour with Major Accident. The UK has never sounded so good! Foxfires creatively piece together a unique, passionate, and inspiring listening experience; drawing influence from defining artists like The Suicide File, Reach the Sky, and Modern Life is War. Bob of Low Threat Profile. Kevin of Lack of Interest. Hans of False Negative. For fans of No Comment and Despise You.

Ugly rock'n'roll punk at its best. Limited edition on green splatter vinyl! This limited 5 track 7" will be on 70gram coloured, splatter vinyl with a digital download code inside. The Freeze are one of Boston's First punk band and they haven't lost a beat. Their style can be best described as a dark punk approach to a Motorhead type sound.

Complications or Born Dead Icons might be a good sign post. Melodic and powerful, but still punk in scope and theme, think Quarantine. A sum of all those parts. Niclaus Rock 'n' Roll. Five more tracks from this great Canadian hardcore band. And flip this over and get five more tracks from Canada's Haymaker! Another great hardcore band that has been kicking ass.

You can't go wrong with this combination! The long-running Austin band plays demented dork rock with a mean streak. And they have the word "fuck" in their name, so it's got to be good. Golddust comes in with destructive tracks to end the split and show they can riff with the best of them. I FEAR Cannon's voice is slightly deeper with age, but his raspy snarl is sharp as ever as he works the band into an Eric Burdon-ish frenzy. The song builds, crashes, builds and crashes again, perfect waves for the punk rock surfer.

Call-and-response lyrics trade with rockabilly licks that pound to a beat that your feet can't resist. Got the 7" blues? Pick this up for an instant cure-all and a pick-me-up that'll last as long as the damn record plays! Now almost 20 years later the torch has been passed on to Dwid's son Max. For the second release on the label Max chose to work with The Infamous Gehenna.

The result is "Funeral Embrace", a 5 song EP that showcases the most violent, barbaric, drug crazed noise released by the band. Formed on the West Coast in , Gehenna quickly became a name synonymous with violence, hatred and fear. Their sound blends the genres of Death, Black and Thrash Metal, adding the unrelenting barbarism of Hardcore with the "Fuck Off" attitude of classic Punk.

The music of Gehenna is the sound of the unending battles of life and death. The tracks from the original 7" are available here with improvements to the original recordings, re-visited as "Land Of Sodom II. Comes in 7" gatefold package with 14" x 14" poster insert and CD. As per the band's request, download codes were not included. Black vinyl. Street Justice is the debut single from the album and takes the band back to the early energy and spirit from '97 when they started with hard-hitting rock'n'roll influenced both by '70s UK and '80s American punk bands.

Limited edition green vinyl. This reissue is replicating the original version. NO GOD. Titled Bygones, it features four songs 3 previously unreleased and some killer art from Stefan Beham. Black vinyl! Like a perfect mix of DMZ, Lazy Cowgirls, Ramones and Controllers, dem Goons have concocted four slobbering punk twisters on some total next-level action that we're still trying to wrap our heads around.

And you know you can count on America's greatest party band to introduce some new axes to the grind. Pretty sure that they grabbed a long neck goose and squeezed some honks out of it on "She Was Crushed" - unheard sounds since Mickey Mouse did that shit in "Steamboat Willie. Rock'n'roll forever! With digital download coupon. High energy, working class attitude and fun! Making rock and roll shine again. A stunning piece of straight-up rock'n'roll with hints of Brit glam rock, bovver rock and a tantalizing taste of Giuda at their finest.

The B-side "Gone For Good" is exclusive to this 7" release. Wesley was also the frontman for Some Girls. Featuring a limited signed and numbered screen printed cover by acclaimed gig poster artist Uncle, who has done work for Dropkick Murphys and Social Distortion. Spearheaded by founding member and punk zine writer turned Sounds rock scribe Garry Bushell alias Gal Gonad ; the band - inspired by Strummer, Lydon and the Ramones with a subtle hint of Ian Dury and not so subtle hints of Monty Python's Flying Circus continues to churn out punk classics into the 21st century.

This will be their first release. Rodger contacted Todd and hounded him haha until Todd finally broke down and started practicing with him, and the Uprisers were born. The history behind this release is, at the first Tons of TNT fest in , The Gonads were supposed to play but the only person to come over to the states was Garry Bushell. Garry gave the Uprisers the song list and they were able to learn it and perform it in a day, without a hitch.

Black Hole Records will have this release on white vinyl and Skinflint Music will have this release on red vinyl. The EP will also come with an mp3 download card. Comes with download code. One of the most influential bands from the New York straight edge hardcore scene. Now available again on vinyl with newly restored, original cover artwork.

GM2 While the governments are busy with spreading their poison, you can still find raw and loud disobedience in places like Warsaw, Poland or Chicago, IL. This eight-track EP should be an effective antidote against apathy, ignorance, helplessness and plain boredom. Imported from Poland. New from Refuse Records. Includes the early original mix of the song. Starting a conversation over a Sleep t-shirt they realized they had many shared friends and a love of similar music in common.

Nate knew Jenn from years of suburban punk rock BBQs and knew she'd be the perfect bass player. Influenced by Sabbath they wanted to jam on some heavy psych influenced riffs. The band is a slow work in progress but a shared love of music, friendship and family keeps Green Dragon psyched about hanging, getting lit and making music together.

POT DS DSS. H2O - D. First pressing on yellow vinyl. It's been seven years since the release of a proper full-length album from H2O 's critically acclaimed "Nothing To Prove". This limited, two-song 7", "Skate! The A-side of "Skate! This 90's Texas Punk rock band delivers powerful, Ramones inspired, short and to the point songs.

STAMP SHARK No more no less. GO 65 GO! On Days Of Fury. Two long overdue new blasts of Francis Harold's venomous power pressed to a mere copies. Raw and heavy jams in the band's trademark style. They make brilliant songs the are original dressed up.

Major Accident couldn't do it better. A supergroup about a weird dude was inevitable. It helps restore your faith in music and it's comforting to know there's a tight knit community of bands in the indie-punk scene supporting each other. Have Mercy and Somos' upcoming split record, due out February 24th on No Sleep Records, is a prime example of two acts that have long performed in the same circles who've partnered up for no other reason than to release a split out of mutual respect and love for each other's music.

The split features newly recorded versions of old and new songs, including a live acoustic version of "Two Years" and a unique cover of the iconic singer-songwriter Jackson Brownes classic song "Somebodys Baby," from Have Mercy and a new track called "Streets Upon Streets" and an acoustic rendition of "Domestic" from Somos. Four tracks picking up where they last left off without missing a beat. Start off right with one of the angriest hardcore records by one of the angriest hardcore bands around.

Limited to 1, copies. Four tracks picking up where the band last left off in without missing a beat. Start your day off right with one of the angriest hardcore records by one of the angriest hardcore bands around. Available on Black or Colored Vinyl. Combining crunchy guitar tones and raspy vocals, this energetic four piece comes out swinging every time for an outstanding melodic punk sound akin to Green Day and Rancid.

Limited to copies on blue vinyl. Comes with download card. Curt and to the point, with quick turns and drops in short quick bursts. Recalls many influences, copies none as HEAT slows to mosh, sets to stun, energetic rumbling that throttles in a broadly more expansive recording than hardcore originators, but shines in a stronger yet similarly manifest presentation. Suicide offers a typically minimal, almost new-wavish track, whereas Hell offers his low-fi masterpieces that proves how much of an influence he has been on the whole northwest garage scene.

Debut single from legendary Swedish punk-rockers, and their first US release ever. The shitkicking rock gods from Oslo with with 2 tunes that will leave you shaking in rapture. The new Swedish Oi! The 7" EP is limited to copies on black vinyl.

No ears will be the same after listening to the darkened noise these bands have offered here. Complete with over-the-top packaging and frightening artwork from Jonas Holmberg, this long-awaited split record is the epitome of extreme music today. Beautifully presented in Arigato fold-out covers, printed inner-sleeves, on 70gm heavy-weight vinyl. Limited run on white vinyl of copies, from the original plates!

Another Starting Line proves the band has not lost a step in the last decade and a half, and their trademark vigor is just as predominant as ever. Released in partnership between Self Destructo Records and Reach Around Records, the seven inch vinyl will be available just in time for The Hip Priest's anticipated nine date US tour in Fall where they hook up with The Depressives for select dates in Southern California for its conclusion.

This E. European festival run is coming this summer and the band will finish recording this fall. This state is amazing for music because scenes form in clusters and build up and then unfortunately implode Limited to copies on Blue vinyl, includes digital download. On blue vinyl, limited to numbered copies.

Fantastic 7" with a Dead Kennedys feel. Loud and noisy! GREED Unrelenting, abrasive Oi! Dead on the Streets climb out of Pittsburgh PA. They bring a punkier sound with their two songs. DOTS has only been slinging the strings for one year, but hammer out well seasoned songs here. Comes with Digital Download Code. This totally ridiculous shaped picture disc looks great - stick one on your wall, and throw another one on the ol' turntable!

LIES WACK Available on Malt Soda Records limited pressing of , with on red, on white, on blue and on black. Watch for a full-length on Mystic in ! RIOT RULES This split offers up a handful of tracks from two of Boston's finest. This single assembles the line-up from the early years and is sure to please fans of The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Hot Snakes, etc. While a more polished recording of this influential Az Hardcore band, sadly, does not exist, this 7" is an important historical document of the mid's Arizona punk rock scene.

Sea blue vinyl, with killer gatefold sleeve featuring classic flyers. LTC Hell has frozen over. Once these are gone that's it! Available on Green Vinyl exclusive to Cobraside. Integrity's two tracks here are some of the best material the band has recorded since the classic mid's era of the band.

Purple marble vinyl with digital download codes. This time paying tribute to the British comedy film "Bedazzled" with the movie music of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Featuring artwork once again by Szymon Siech and a full size 24x36 movie poster print. HPXHC On beautiful, thick vinyl! Swedish import, limited to copies. Includes two unreleased tracks plus a new version of "Yellow, Blue and Green". Punk they way it should be.. Includes 2 extra tracks not available on the second 7" version and the CDsingle.

Includes 2 extra tracks not available on the first 7" version and the CDsingle. Started out in , playing everyone's favorite Oi! You want it? You can 'AV IT! AV IT! GET UP. Remastered reissue of the band's final single for Dischord, before signing to Atlantic. Somewhere between the hardcore aggression of New York bands Merauder and Madball with the metallic crunch of 90's bands Turmoil and Disembodied, Jesus Piece has crafted a sound all their own.

Vocalist Aaron Heard delves into lyrics ranging from internal self doubt on Sinking while finding a strong voice in the song Oppressor, pushing back against the sociopolitical barriers that silence those who refuse to accept what has been forced upon them. Jesus Piece kicks the split off with two brutally heavy and discordant, metallic hardcore anthems. Malice At The Palace, fresh off an LP released by Six Feet Under, is back with two new songs continuing to perfect the '90s hardcore sound they're known for.

Sarcastic party punks Jiffy Marker's two contributions mark a slight departure from their Ramones-y pop-punk debut, fusing a combo of early Descendents with the dual-guitar power chord fury of Marked Men. Dysnea Boys are a must for fans of Social Unrest as lead singer Jason Honea was the former frontman of the California skate rock pioneers. Their side of this record is a perfect example of where these four North American Westcoast transplants are coming from.

Super limited to copies for each side of the pond! Jim picks up where the Threats left off. This time a little more melodic but still with a great "Punch". This is one to check out for sure. On a choice of neon orange or neon yellow 7" vinyl!

Asskicking melodic punk rock classics! THREE Produced by Blag Dahlia of The Dwarves! It'll have two songs from each band, and one of each of their contributions are now streaming. Includes digital download coupon. Pop laced street punk in the vein of Bouncing Souls. Produced by Bouncing Souls. At first Just Friends may look like a bunch of dumb Californians with bleached hair who wear short shorts and Oakland Raiders gear, which is true , but they bring the straight FUNK to every track.

They are an ultra high energy sing along equipped with hugs and strange dance moves and you'll leave feeling as if you're a part of a new family. KIK 3 'D This re-mastered vinyl EP, released by 'd Music Industries in , puts this eponymous recording back into circulation. Records compilation, The Thing that Ate Floyd.

Karoshi boy is anything but whiny. It's like the angst and energy of traditional punk met the thoughtfulness and delicacy of emo lyrics and had a beautiful, beautiful baby boy. Karoshi Boy. You can think about existence while still wanting that fun, fast, and fuzzy sound.

Lucky for us though, in one single EP, their only release, they do more than just fast and fuzzy. Sam's offering picks up where his debut full length, "Storm", left off: stirring ballads with a hint of Americana.

In contrast to Sam's full-band approach, Brendan's two songs are sparsely tracked in the backroom of a bar, but bear his trademark wit and melodic rasp that have made him an alt-punk hero. No telling what is implied with the title of this EP, but given that Sam is from England, it seems unlikely that it's a reference to leaving a gratuity This 4 song ep has classic Orange County hardcore, fast, hard and with enough melodies for anyone to get into and sing along.

Features "Planet Of The Apers" title track from their latest full lenght album. This double 7" contains a surprise. It has a full coloured fold out cover and a lyric sheet. Musically they combine politically minded, d-beat crust punk with the high- energy riffage of thrash metal. This is a short run pressing that is available on four different colors.

In , the band released these four songs below as a digital demo, but in all honesty, these songs are far too good to "just" be distributed digitally, so Rebellion Records released a very limited 7" in early that sold out very quickly. With the demand still strong, Longshot Music has partnered up with Rebellion Records for a limited re-press. Last Crusade has a clean, rockin' oi sound influenced by the likes of The Templars, Camera Silens, Snix and Warrior Kids - a killer release that features three of their own tracks and the cover version of "Personne," originally done by the Warrior Kids.

Limited edition of copies on Red vinyl. An impressive debut that pounds heavy. Despite the funny name these guys aren't lazy at all when it comes down to writing, recording and promoting their highly energetic and melodic brand of streetpunk and Oi! Lazy Class debut with four tracks on their first 7" "Better Life" of which three are in English and final track "Kiedys" is in their native tongue, Polish.

Earlier this year the band released "Better Life" on their own as a promotional CD which led to raving reviews on American-oi. Side A starts it off with an upbeat two-tone ska track that is catchy and fun. Side B brings a punk rock song with guest vocalist Rob Aston The Transplants taking over on lead vocals.

A fun new release that is available only on vinyl and Digital Downloads. Never the type to show up empty handed, the guys in LTJ put together a new 7" for the occasion. Titled American Idle, the single includes the title track a popular standout from See the Light and the b-side "Late Night Petroleum" a brand new song that's packed with as much fuel as the name implies. The pressing is limited, so get in there while you can. As the band that can claim the most ever appearances, LTJ are set to continue their reign as the kings of the most renowned annual tour around.

To up the ante the guys put together the Do the Math single to be released in conjunction with the start of the tour. Made up of the title track a bouncy, mid-tempo fan-favorite from See the Light and the b-side "Connect the Dots" an instantly catchy, previously unreleased gem , Do the Math is the perfect shot of LTJ to keep the party rolling all summer long.

It is a limited pressing, so get it while you can. The Linecutters have always known how to put a song together, but on their latest EP, Knuckledragger, the Gilbert, Arizona band shows they are ready to become a force to be reckoned with on a national scale. The title track puts the "Fuck you" back in "Fuck you, motherfucker" nice and proper and the other three tracks will put a smile on your face or make you want to put a knife in your hand.

You decide which will work better. To celebrate this debut, and Rebellion Records' th release! This was originally their second 7" in , and it featured Simon Gallup who went on later to join The Cure. Release date; Nov. Comes with full color sleeve and is limited to copies in this version! LOVE All in all 4 manic hardcore punk tracks sung in Spanish reminding us that the 90's actually produced classic bands. After 3 European albums of rock'n'roll like Motorhead and Zeke, no-nonsense Ramones punk, and rowdy hardcore a la Poison Idea, this is the band's first US release.

With songs about a female assassin, fear of the government, breaking the law, and killing people in positions of power, Lucky Scars - featuring former members of Sense Field and Ignite - exists to further rattle those who live comfortably in paranoia.

Both tracks were recorded The EP is entitled the High Velocity EP and will be released as a limited edition initial press of singles in pink vinyl. The B side recorded 10 years ago. Great crusty, politcal punk rock! This has been completely restored and remastered and not released on vinyl since it was originally released in the early 80's. This also contains two tracks that were not included in the original pressing and never out on vinyl before this. Limited to copies on translucent red vinyl.

If there was ever a hall of fame for unsung punk rock heroes, Mad Parade would be the first inductee. Since this SoCal staple has been crafting some of the catchiest punk rock anthems of all time. They forged a style of punk rock that would go on to influence countless bands. These new songs keep up the tradition of "can't get them out of your head" punk anthems.

Bands this good are few and far between and seldom stick around for very long. Relish the fact that in a world full of turmoil we still have a Mad Parade to lift our spirits! Record Store Day release. BREAK Madball ignites the A Side with a blistering new track from their forth coming full length, while Freddy Cricien joins Mad Joe on Side B with Wisdom In Chains' introspective hell ride through the worm hole.

Malignant Tumour delivers one new song, sung in Spanish, as well as a Spanish version of their classic ballad "The Biggest Band". Acidez plays some of their best material yet!! Two songs with a thrash metal influence added to their anthemic punk sound. Comes in a killer Z-fold full colour 7" sleeve!! DSR 21 DR. Phoenix, AZ, Man Dingo's brand of pop-punk, with a highly pervasive influence from the very like-minded Big Drill Car and to a lesser extent, early Green Day , never garnered the national audience they deserved.

For shame, 'cos their succulent hooks, brisk tempos, and genuine passion for the quality of their craft was head and shoulders above the vast majority of their peers. So what do honest, trustworthy friends do?

Naturally we tricked the band and told them the record would be out by Christmas. Little did they know that we had a 6-season vacation planned and we meant Christmas ! Regardless, the band has been more than patient and kind in dealing with our procrastination tactics. Now, some 42 years later, the band's second single is about to hit the public. It features two absolute killer punk tunes, both unreleased in any form until now. This is nothing but a true lost punk nugget that will now finally see the light of day.

JONES One of the best new bands of Spain. These dudes are a bunch of softies. That much is revealed in Masked Intruder's catchy but totally downcast Christmas anthem "Under the Mistletoe," the A-side on its holiday 7-inch. With 2 full-lengths under their belt on Dirtnap Records, and a slew of 7"s; Fat has finally landed these party animals! Their Fat Wreck debut is a 3 song 7" titled Nite Vision. The title track is a brand new song culled from their upcoming full-length, along with two exclusive b-sides.

Two songs from , when the band was still in Seattle, and before they had signed to either Mystic or Death Records. Just unearthed! This four-song EP is made up of throaty melodies, catchy singalongs, and lots and lots of guts. Expect to hear a lot from these punk phenoms There is still a strong desire to produce and execute punishing hardcore punk, the results of which are captured on this 6 song EP. This is harsh and ugly music for those with a matching demeanor and appearance. Each record comes in a felt based glue pocket sleeve adorned with full color art by Guillem Muro.

The resulting material proved to be even more vicious than the band's initial effort, yielding five songs of the savage USHC that certain members have been known for producing for over a decade now with select nods here and there to other spots on the globe that have been known to influence good punk as opposed to shit punk. Therefore, fans of well executed hardcore punk can rest assured that they will receive just that upon obtaining this slab.

Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve adorned with stunning water color and ink based art by the illustrious Jaybo. Middle Class Trash were kicking ass and touring from coast to coast for 5 years before their split in This is their third release, and just like the Nerve Scheme 7"s we lost around 50 of these that were recently returned to us from a former distributor, Couple of the guys went on to play in Parasite Diet. This is the last of these copies. Featuring disturbing full color artwork and pressed on colored and black vinyl.

They previously released 2 7" on Grand Royal Records. From the epic power ballad riifs to the ubtle whisper tracks.. PLUS guest vocals by C. Available on Color Vinyl. Melodic, catchy, bratty, and a bit aggressive, the songs are short and to the point, and will leave you wanting more.

Jon Phillip Limbeck, Tommy Stinson, Ben Weasel comes out from behind the drum kit to play guitar and sing lead vocals for the first time. Michelle Sullivan sings the other songs and has a knack for writing catchy songs that will undoubtedly stay in your head all day.

Scott Schoenbeck Dashboard Confessional, Promise Ring ties everything together with his melodic bass playing. Mixed by Phillip Broussard Jr. New single features 4 previously unreleased songs. DRONE These were later hand stamped on the front and back covers by artist Jacob Bannon, making each cover totally unique.

The labels of the vinyl were also hand stamped before final assembly by the people at Deathwish. After several releases on P. Snotty and wild Punk songs with damn fine lyrics that will leave all hipster punks drooling in their fancy drinks and pissing their designer pants in awe". What more do you need to know? Oh, fine. The Mongoloids are a straight-edge five-piece from New Jersey; their vocalist sounds like he's in his late 40s and weighs about pounds, though he's actually an average-sized something bro.

The music is strictly late-'80s CBGB matinee soundtrack material, perfect for punching strangers in their neck tattoos. Broken Teeth are even heavier and noisier they're from England, so they have to try harder ; their vocalist sounds like a mastiff with throat cancer, and their music is looser, both punkier and more metallic at the same time-and more threatening for it.

But this whole EP is only and-a-half minutes long, so why not listen to the whole thing? Formed in in the city of Piracicaba, state of Sao Paulo, the band plays an aggressive and intense style of surf music, with punk- garage-R'n'R influences. Their shows are a big party, as intense as the music itself. A powder keg equal parts blast beat, feedback and vocals meant to annihilate all in its path, the fuse is short, the tracks are shorter.

Driving, melodic power pop. Sure they were GG Allin's back up band, but as of this century, they are one of the last true punk bands left, daddy! Three kick ass songs and a rant from Brother Merle Allin, all on limited edition red wax, housed in a full color pic sleeve. BUNK Compiled with some of their more abrasive and angriest material to date, original artwork from Prevailing Darkness Designs completes the visual representation of this release.

Pressed on limited clear vinyl. Both sides contain all-new tracks exclusive to this split only! Two fast-in-your-face punk rockers on this Remastered by John Golden. Ultra heavy destructo rock for fans of Antiseen, Hookers and Turbonegro.

P release. The band went on a short hiatus in and came back in and is still sluggin' it out! The initial we had after the stolen ones went quickly out of print within a couple weeks, plates were lost along with all print work and center labels.

One of the most problematic release we've done, and excited to have had some of these lost gems returned to us! Who Killed Mike Hunchback? Recorded when the band was still wet behind the ears, these 6 songs bristle with the same energy and surf-guitar twinged old school punk sound that fans of NIGHT BIRDS have come to expect.

Limited one-time pressing of copies. The song was originally recorded for the Dave Markey film, Desperate Teenage Love Dolls and appears on the film's classic sound track. The B side, "E. We're glad to see long-time tri-state area troublemaker Jesse Gasface fronting another band, and even happier to release the band's first outing on wax.

Great stuff if you're into the newer bands like Crown Court or Rixe, as well as the classics. This current musical reincarnation of sorts has found the band members repositioned on new instruments. Longtime fans of punk rock and Oi! A real Blitz and Criminal Damage vibe. PCP A CLUB Leading up to the release of Self-Entitled and over the course of the following year the band put together a series of 7"s, each featuring one or two of these unreleased gems.

The Stoke Extinguisher 7" represents the fourth and final installment of the series. The title track accomplishes exactly the opposite of what the name implies. Sneaking in with some low-fi reverb filled vocals, it quickly changes course unleashing an unbelievably fat guitar riff accompanied by the band's trademark blend of melody and pummeling rhythm.

Stoke Extinguisher is a onetime limited pressing which promises to put the rabid NOFX vinyl collectors in a frenzy. In typical fashion, these two tunes bring the heat, and are sure to make their ever-growing fanbase even more anxious for the upcoming LP, entitled "The Real Enemy", out this fall.

True to form, NOi! SE compliments their raccous sound with some equally profound lyrics; a true social commentary in musical form. This release comes with a digital download. This one is been a long time in the making Getting these four exciting bands to contribute a new song each for this incredible four-way split 7" was no easy feat. With a lot of help from the bands themselves and some incredible artwork coming out of the Rude Pride corner, Pirates Press are incredibly proud to offer up this treasure.

Features members of Akimbo, Inhaste, Consume and Feederz. Turn it up and don't blame the band if shit gets broken! Influenced by the sound of the late 80's Revelation bands along with contemporaries from the late 90's, their purpose is to play stripped down fast hardcore with lyrics that not only make kids want to sing along, but to think about the world around them and how they choose to treat others, human and animal alike.

Limited to copies on Clear vinyl, includes digital download. They have tightened their execution into a claustrophobic nightmare with the help of Olympia's Capt. Tripps at High Command. Their sound this time finds them pulling from the early days of Midwestern hardcore and distilling it through the 90's most feedback laden offerings.

Nudes are one of the area's most visceral live bands and this captures that energy as closely as possible. Artwork from Gag's Scott Young. FIEND GET ME Following 2 7's for cult label Hostage Records, and a way-rocking 10" on Dead Beat, the Stereodrive Label now presents 3 new cuts by the Numbers. This will blast fans of The Stitches, Smogtown and the Pushers into a frenzied fit! Easily the rawest release they would release. Subsequent releases were crossing over to be far more polished.

Decadent Jew has been completely unavailable since it's original release. More of the Americanized Scandi-core from their last 2 EP's: glass-in-throat vocals, driving manic drums, abusive tasteless guitar solos, and the title track is a dumbed down version of the St. Vitus classic. No over-cooked crasher crust, just balls to the wall hardcore punk. Limited one time pressing of copies. Pressed on limited edition purple vinyl!

This is the first time this pioneering Doom Metal release has been available in it's original format for over two decades. Remastered at Enormous Door Studios for maximum heft and density. Includes new liner note from Scott Wino. THE buzz band this year.

Artwork by Raymond Pettibon. CRAWL BLAST Old Firm Casuals play raw, stripped-down Street rock-n-roll reminiscent of the mid's Bay Area streetpunk. Black vinyl, heavy board gatefold sleeve. But while these endeavors provided partial satiation for those longing to hear Jack's trademark howl, it wasn't until news of One Man Army's heroic reunion spread to fully revive the excitement fans have yearned for.

Every song on She's an Alarm is a winner, and the band sounds completely in stride even after a seven-year layover. This EP is about as close to flawless as four songs can be, and one can only hope it's a sign of further great things to follow from One Man Army. One More plays fast style youth crew hardcore, but a bit more aggressive and brutal. Classic Brit-punk, a real DIY style punk rock record!!! Politically aware, conscious songs that speak the truth of the modern day.

POW Sometimes things in life are awkward, messy, hard to define, and generally caustic. These twelve tracks were pro-recorded at Legitimate Business with Kris Hilbert and expertly mastered by Nick Townsend, this freshmen effort brings all the anger and frustration of living in the South. Their best release to date! MIEDO It comes hot on the heels of Hollywood High, the band's first album in 15 years.

This double-hitter was recorded in the midst of a tumultuous year that saw The Pagans' triumphant return to U. Driven by the relentless beat of Detroit Dogs drummer Tony Matteucci, the new single stands up to the best work the band has ever done. Limited to copies on black vinyl. In the same vein as the Hopped Up 7".

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