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20 lecie acid drinkers torrent

20 lecie acid drinkers torrent

20 lecie acid drinkers torrent

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After coming back from army, Titus tried to reactivate his first squad - Los Desperados. These attempts misfired and Titus, after meeting with Popcorn, decided to revive Acid Drinkers. Rumors about new, excellent metal group swiftly spread across Poland. Soon afterwards Acids received an opportunity to record their first album. This lineup wrote their best known classics, like: the debut - "Are You A Rebel? At the end of Litza decided to leave the band. It took almost a month to choose a new guitarist.

The new member turned out to be Tomek "Lipa" Lipnicki, a well-known frontman of Lipali and, already nonexistent, Illusion. His place in the squad was taken over by Aleksander "Olass" Mendyk from "None. Years were spent completely on playing gigs in different parts of Poland. Two big tours Rock is not Enough Tour and Killers on the Loose Tour , a concert commemorating 10th anniversary of Infernal Connection's release, band's first gig in London and, most notably, playing at the Woodstock Festival in are probably the most important highlights of these years.

It is important to add, that in band's second DVD was released. It contained their performance during Metalmania Festival and a documentary filmed by Fabryczna Art. The year ended with an information, that Acid Drinkers signed a contract with Mystic Production. This implied, that the band was going to start working on their new album. Indeed, the recordings took place somewhere between March and April. After playing several concerts during summer, the band started preparing for autumn's Verses of Steel Tour, Part I, which lasted from 10th October up until 30th September.

Infernal Connection. I Am the Mystic. Ring of Fire. In a Black Sail Wrapped. Losfer Words Big 'Orra. Swallow the Needle. Wild Thing. Woman With the Dirty Feet. Meltdown Of Sanctity. Del Rocca. Highway Star. Konsument Kazik cover. Ronnie And The Brother Spider. Track Time A Rubber Hammer and a Broken Head. Rattlesnake Blues. Are You a Rebel?!

New York, New York. Ring of Fire Johnny Cash cover. Love Shack. King Kong Bless You. Detroit Rock City. Don't Drink Evil Things. Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks. More Life. Then She Kissed Me. Too Many Cops. Mike Cwel. Marian, Is A Metal Guru. Fuckin' The Tiger. Strip Tease. Hot Stuff. The Trick. Pig to Rent.

Solid Rock. Smoke on the Water. Make No Mistake. Damned Diamonds. Dog Rock. Voluntary Kamikaze Club. Ziomas King of the Night Time. Anybody Home. Mentally Deficient. Run Run Away Slade cover. Amazing Atomic Activity. Heavenly Hellfucker. Become a Bitch. Acidofilia Album Version Album Version. Solid Rock Part II. The Ball And The Line. We Gotta Find Some Power. Street Rockin'. Max He Was Here Again. The Ark. Moshin' in the Nite. Disease Foundation. Silver Meat Machine.

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Acid Drinkers - High proof cosmic Milk (kuba wójewodzki)

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Acid Drinkers - The Hand That Rocks The Coffin [Metalmania 2006]

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