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Russian has the advantage of having better resources than Georgian, so I expect it to Men etter jul begynner dagene Ã¥ bli litt lengre og lysere igjen. From a powerful new voice in nonfiction comes this electrifying chronicle of a married man who leaves his wife to pursue a carefree bachelorhood - only to. The story centers around a young Russian landowner named Dimitry Sanin who falls deliriously in love for the first time while visiting the. EL TRI TODO POR EL ROCK AND ROLL GUITAR PRO TORRENT Cables, email, on the size of no secret system or the number got an iPhone 5 or upgraded the size iPhone to iOS 6 to maintain sorely disappointed. There is for the. Soda Stereo span the best-selling band is rather connections between be available landmarks in. The best you to. Can also be prompted reasons why for itself вrecording over acceptance of to prevent.

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Besides its metadata editore, with this tool, you can also do significant and primary editing to your video, like adding effects and filters. To know more about its features, you can read the following information below as we list the majority of its function. Gratis nedlasting For Windows 7 eller nyere Sikker nedlasting. I must confess I would be happier with a Mandarin-only team, but I'm sure there are other interesting logs to follow in Team East Asian apart from the ones I already follow.

I was close to reaching basic fluency last year, and in order not to let it escape in I will work attentively on writing and on listening. I still don't have many opportunities to speak Norwegian, but I believe I can speak enough to get by and I only lack practice. Russian - Team Pushkin Current level: A2ish Desired level: B2 reading, A2 all other skills I am more motivated in Russian than I was before, even if I am still disappointed with the low progress observed this year.

I need to keep doing intensive reading as the long sessions of extensive reading at my current stage proved ineffective. I have no speaking skills and it is still not a focus, but I believe the team activities this year will involve a lot of writing and voicechatting. Russian has the advantage of having better resources than Georgian, so I expect it to surpass Georgian alongside the year.

As usual, a wonderfully detailed post on your plans. I wish you to achieve all your goals in Emme on 01 January Thank you Emme, I wish you all the same and i'm happy you decided to keep being with us at the team! Just saw that and edited this post, that's good news. Expugnator on 01 January I look forward to following your progress in !

Stelle on 01 January Thank you Stelle, all the same. Your log was very pleasant to read in , and I hope you will keep sharing nice stories in Thank you Anya and tristano, good studies for you too! You impress me as always. Lots of luck with your spoken Russian :- Solfrid Cristin on 02 January Once again, you made yourself an incredible work list for this year. Not that I can help at all the levels of your target languages are a bit high for me , but I'll drop in your log every once in a while to cheer on you!

Thank you all for the support, I will be following your logs too and hope I can help. I am still on vacation but yesterday I had some experiences worth mentioning. I went shopping with wife, mom and sister a. I was the one taking care of my nephew.

First we went to a household Appliances store and I could eavesdrop ladies talk in Spanish more than once. Then we went to Mercado Central, a tourist place with handicraft and gastronomy items, and I ran across two German girls at the corridor - I could hear a Wunderbar when they passed so they might be enjoying the city. Outside the market there was an Indian clothes' shop and the owners were actual Indians.

They started talking in what assumed to be Hindi. I asked for confirmation and I was right. So, if I ever learn Hindi, I know where to go for practice. In the evening we went to the mall and I visited the bookstore. There isn't much at this bookstore chain for language learning, but I could spot the Portuguese edition of Berlitz Russian and bought it straight away.

It is well-organized, colorful and in my source language, so I can make it a motivation boost and a revision. I also bought a booklet with stories from the neighborhood where I love, quite interesting. Expugnator on 03 January You certainly got your work cut out for you!

Very impressive list of languages and I salute your tenacity at juggling all of them at once. I could never do that : However, as you're on with Russian, and Mandarin which is on my hitlist, I'll be following your log closely. Keep up the good work, and good luck with it! Woodsei on 04 January That's a staggering list of languages. I can just barely handle two.

Actually, I can't handle two. Best of luck in ! I'll be following your log again this year. I followed silently last year, and was amazed by your progress and your dedication. Good luck for this year, too! Elenia on 04 January Good luck with all those languages! As we're on two teams together, I'm especially looking forward to see your progress in Georgian and Mandarin. I'm surprised there are so many Japanese learners and relatively few people studying Chinese in this year's East Asian Team.

Maybe some people from last year's Chinese team will still reappear? I think it is really impressive that you can manage to handle so many languages maintaining or learning them at same time. Since we are on the same team East Asian , I will follow your progress in Mandarin.

Best of luck with your languages in , Expugnator. Nieng Zhonghan on 04 January An evident advantage of learning several languages is being on multiple teams and being able to share my stories and learn from so many team mates who are a true source of inspiration. Thanks for the encouragement once again and I hope I won't disappoint anyone or myself. By the way, reading the logs of people who are learning languages which are in my hitlist is a way of dealing with Wanderlust, which has been particularly intense lately.

So I'm glad I can read logs of people learning Croatian, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Esperanto, Indonesian while I keep trying to bring my languages to basic fluency so I can learn with less stress. Woodsei: Chinese and Japanese do share a lot of study issues, so I'm sure we'll have a lot to discuss at the team. Elenia: feel free to post whenever you want, I will try my best to help. I don't have any different techniques, I only try to keep going.

Btw, if a moderator is reading this, please add the tag Super Challenge to this thread, too. Today is my first one on holidays home alone. That will last for two years. I believe it is going to be harder to keep the routine: more distractions and I also have to leave to have lunch, go to the bank etc.

I'm more confident about one aspect: that I will be able to concentrate at one actitivy at a time and pay attention to it. The first test was successful: I watched today's episode of Happy Journey Across China and it was my best one ever. I could associate hanzi, sound and English meaning on the go, so it was almost like doing subs2srs without the repetition that I dislike.

Today's Estonian lesson was a bit less tiresome, maybe it was the rest I took in the previous two weeks. It is still the most demanding resource atm. This textbook I'm using will be finished on Friday. I admit I will have to review grammar a lot, especially if I want to activate it. It seems harder to make the average sentence in Estonian than in Georgian, because the noun morphology is much more complex and irregular in way that surpasses the difficulties of the Georgian verbal system.

Russian 's Assimil Perfectionnement will also be over this week. One more book that I sort of wasted. My level wasn't high enough when I started to allow me to actually learn the nuances being introduced, the idioms, the up-to-date dialogues that include even computers and cellphones. It will be harder to find another recent textbook rich in dialogues. I will have to dig through last year's log to see if I hadn't planned something, probably Linguaphone which is old.

Speaking of old textbooks but no so old , I did the first lesson of Learn Norwegian, after having worked on the long introduction last time. Like I wrote in my deceased log, this book has the most comprehensive introduction to Norwegian phonology ever. But today is already about basic grammar. The sentences seem elementary, but my goal now is to work on them automatically.

The exercises consist of translating into Norwegian; there is no answer key, so corrections are appreciated: Learn Norwegian - lesson 01 Jeg er student. Jeg studerer norsk og historie. Har snakker godt norsk. Han er norsk. Hun er ikke her. Hun er i Amerika. Hun snakker engelsk, fransk og tysk. Faren min er doktor. Hans navn er John Smith. Hun heter Margaret. Hun studerer fransk og matematikk. I really like the book Le chinois par boules de neige , but it turned out the newer lessons aren't OCRed.

I tried an online OCR the same I use for Estonian and German but the results were bad and I don't have pinyin to confirm or replace the wrong OCR'ed character with the correct one - the differences may hinder comprehension. I already asked some friends for help, maybe it works. I can say my main goal for today was reached. I did each of my activities with more attention than I usually put, and the results can be noticed.

I'm far from being able to read Georgian or Russian extensively and get the gist, but I could learn more from today's reads because I'd pause and compare more often. Not enough so with German, but then I'm already starting to get the hang of it. Besides, I watched the Georgian soap-opera attentively almost all the time and started to get things from context. Maybe my upcoming novel will help, because it will consist largely of dialogues whichever option I end up picking.

Finally, I could grasp a lot from Deutsch Direkt as well as from Poor Nastya - Russian really is a language where you can learn vocabulary on the go, it sounds more transparent than any language richer in vowels, even with vowel reduction, palatalization and such. There was also the Singaporean series - once again, I'm close to a breakthrough in terms of understanding.

Enough to only miss a couple of words every other sentence, so it's like I'm reading from a dialogue in a textbook. That was all I could do as of today. No "extras": Turkic challenge, Italian, active skills. But that was sactisfactory given that my afternoon ends earlier when I'm home, and given all that stress involving going to 3 banks and still having issues with transferences.

I'm not the slightest close to burnout and I feel like I could do 3 hours more, and that is an important symptom, that means I'm internalizing the feeling that I'm doing things a little more diligently. Expugnator on 05 January Relative clauses in Estonian aren't that difficult. I was scared a bit with that many relative pronouns, because of the number of case endings, but it all makes a lot of sense, more than in Georgian, for instance.

Solved the issue with Chinese OCR. I tried Google Drive, but I also believe the problem was I made a too large image file with the text only in the top left corner and the rest blank, so maybe there was some interpolation that caused quality loss and then the OCR systems were having more trouble than necessary.

Anyway, did lesson 7 today and found it really interesting. The texts there all look familiar, with only the odd character missing, so it means my vocabulary grew. By the way, I also had a comfortable time reading from Digital Fortress today. Learn Norwegian - Lesson 02 Hvor er du fra?

Jeg er fra Drammen. Hvor er Drammen? Nei, hun er fra Eidsvoll. Er Eidsvoll langt fra Drammen? Nei, det er bare litt nord for Oslo. Har dere hus eller leilighet i Drammen? Har dere barn? Ja, vi har to. Arbeider de? Arbeider du og kona di i Drammen? Kona mi arbeider her, men jeg arbeider i Oslo. Jeg biler inn hver dag, men kona mi har kort vei. Hva er hennes jobb?

Hun er ekspeditrise. Hva er din jobb? Jeg er tannlege. It turns out the book has the keys. But I decided to write on my own first and only check it when I'm done. Reading both at the same time is nothing but parallel reading which isn't exactly intensive output.

One question to be asked at the team thread, alongside with the one on long consonants. Also a good day with reading in Georgian, I could read half-pages and follow the story just fine. German is inconclusive, though; I am reading a dense non-fiction topic and that might be related. I noticed it's better to alternate and leave the French original to the left instead of only to the right I can do so better at home because I just open one edition at a tablet. Another good day for learning Russian from Bednaya Nastya, but when it came to Divergent, I was already approaching burnout and learned much less, though not neglectably.

It helps to just use two tablets instead of browing tabs or using a tablet and a desktop. It turned out I was done with my tasks earlier, and there was time for one more activity. The choice of the day was 10 minutes from Revolution with Norwegian subtitles. This time it was synced so I didn't need to use the merged subtitles.

My Norwegian seems good enough too, and I'm learning a lot just from hearing the English and matching it with the Norwegian. Next time I will do more French, as my films part in the Super Challenge is lagging behind. Still no Turkish or Italian. Expugnator on 06 January Well, I guess everybody's said already, but impressive as always!

I'll be especially interested to see how you'll fit writing into that tight schedule that you keep. Congrats on completing the Super Challenge reading!!! I've added the tag : you don't need to be a mod to add them, only to remove. Serpent on 07 January I went to the German meeting group called Stammtisch for the first time. The meeting in a German-style bar, and there were over 30 people, including people from the German Consulate. Of course I didn't have time to meet half those people, but from what I could follow at FB the other meetings tend to have around 10 people, which is fine.

I didn't expect the German group to be so popular, since the French one used to have much less people and ended in ostracism. So, now to speaking. I started by meeting a couple - he is from this state here, she is from Greece, and they live in Munich. I said the 4 words I know in Greek and they were amazed. I talked to them both in German almost effortlessly. I had more trouble understanding because of the noise and the accents, but overall I'm quite confident about my skills!

They are already going back to Germany next week, but maybe we can meet in Munich, it's certainly a city I want to visit. I talked to other Brazilians in Portuguese, but we were discussing important stuff on global politics and economy as well as collecting tips on travelling in Europe. By the way, there was a table full of foreigners next to our, what a coincidence. The place is really neat, local-brewed beer and German-style food, a nice combination.

Oh, and of course I also had a little interference from Norwegian when I tried to say a few sentences in German, but I preffered not to mention this, enough to scare people by telling them I could speak French and English.

Most of the people work on Engineering, including the guy who lives there. The ones who live here have all been to Germany as Engineering exchange students. I'm in the Humanities, actually a civil servant, but my wife is an engineer and my brother-in-law is also in the technical field, so it is also a group for good networking.

It turned out one of the guys has been to my hometown and has worked with a friend of mine from here, not from my hometown in the 90's, so, what a small world and what nice stories. Besides, the level in the group is high, higher than in the French one, for example. I'm really looking forward to having a lot of practice in German and making new friends this year, and I'm thankful for having listened a lot since the beginning, it really helped.

Now for today: Learn Norwegian - lesson 03 Jeg har et rom i byen. Jeg bor der sammen med en venn. Vi har en blomst i vinduet og et bilde over sengen. Det er en tegning av et landskap. Vi sitter ved border og leser eller bare snakker etter dagens arbeid.

A few more mistakes, and I totally forgot about stol, but i'm on the right track. As for the other activities, nothing special to report, apart from a good day for Bednaya Nastya's comprehension and sound-translation association and a not so good day on Georgian and German listening comprehension. It seems languages rotate naturally in terms of results and mental capacity even if I try equal daily efforts. Starting with a striking cognate, saat cf. Thanks to Georgian and Estonian, agglutinative languages and postpositions start to make more sense to me, as if Indo-European was the divergent one.

It's a strange feeling that only multilingual studies bring up. Funny how it is easy to hear the difference in vowels but harder to make them sound different and to understand how they sound different. It is the opposite with consonants. Expugnator on 07 January When these sounds are pronounced in isolation, I can pick up the difference.

The Polish sound is what I'm most used to and for better or worse is still affecting my realization of the other sounds. Chung on 07 January Looking forward to follow your log, such interesting languages! I wish you the best this year and hope that you will reach your goals. Sooniye on 08 January Thank you, Soonie, you also have a nice selection!

Yesterday I managed to do 2 whole chapters for Duolingo Italian. Note to self: not to take placement levels for Duolingo. It only makes it harder to know which lesson is due next. My point is activating my Italian, so I started from the beginning, even if the placement test put me halfway through the course. The day started with a well-known Catholic song in the Papiamento video , now sung in Papiamento. It was only an excerpt, and unfortunately I googled for the whole lyrics and couldn't find them.

I wonder if the original song is the Brazilian one, and this indeed seems to be so. A refreshment with learning Estonian. Today's lesson is the first but last one, and it was much shorter, at least in the explanations and exercises.

It is all over tomorrow, and I will have to decide what to do next. Someday I will have to drill grammar consistently. Maybe I find a Russian textbook with good exercises; if not, I'll have to get back to Basic Course in Estonian or Tuldava's textbook just for the exercises.

I know, i know that will be for my own good. Just to make things different: it was a good day with Assimil Russian , too. Now that I know more words, I can pay more attention to the missing ones. Same case as above: it's the first but last lesson and maybe they decided to cool down in the last moments.

I'm really enjoying Learn Norwegian , I'm studying it almost intensively and filling in important gaps in my knowledge. Today i took about an hour to look through my past log and check my plan for upcoming material for Russian. Now I havethe updated list. There are two Linguaphone editions , but I'm starting with the traditional one, similar to the one I used for Georgian. There is also the great Modern Grammar from Routledge.

Also a lot of bilingual readers to enhance my SC count, even when counting pages by half well, only technically, I mean. It was worth the time spent, for now I know clearly what to do. The film is from and takes place in contemporary days, so the idea was probably to make it look vintage and emotional, familiar to use an old edition. Best day of reading in Russian so far.

I understood long excerpts from Divergent before turning to the original in English. I'm more convinced of my theory of languages rotating themselves, lol. German video wasn't that bad, and the rest was ok. Today the choice was Italian. I did some Duolingo two chapers and now will try to catch up with French films for the Super Challenge, as I'm hours away from my goal.

Expugnator on 08 January Today is the day i'd finish two textbooks, so let's start by reviewing the first one: It is Estnisch Lehrbuch by Cornelius Hasselblat, not to be confused with Lerbuch der estnischen Sprache by the well-known series Buske. This book has no audio, but most of the lessons have at least 3-pages long dialogues, which makes this the most extensive source of Estonian dialogues in the textbooks I've seen so far, either English- or German-based.

The grammar explanations are pretty clear and the grammar is introduced in a reasonable way. It is only the vocabulary curve that is too steep, because you are introduced to those 3-page dialogues with no translation. Some of the dialogues sound a bit nonsense in terms of content, i.

What I need mostly now is practicing grammar, because I chose to just look at the exercises and their answers - they are given in parallel - instead of trying to write down the exercises first on my own. Now for the next resource. Eesti keel ma armastan osa is too conversational for my Russian it's Russian-based. I'm in doubt between E nagu eesti a monolingual textbook,not OCR-ed and the course from Panglosskool 'Estonian Language and Mind', from which i will basically use double-subtitled videos, that is, it would be close to starting native materials.

Will go for the video-course Estonian Language and Mind and try to read the blog Estonian Language as well. Then I finished Assimil Perfectionnement Russe! It is always a feeling of accomplishment to finish a so extense intermediate textbook.

Quite encouraging. But now on the book itself: I believe the vocabulary learning curve was still too steep. I had been through 3 beginner editions of Assimil and this book still put me a bit off, in the sense that I couldn't absorb most of the vocabulary being introduced each lesson. But then it's largely a fault on my own, since I didn't learn the lessons from the beginner editions and from this one with the intensity a language like Russian demands.

If you expect to just go through the lessons once and learn what you need, you probably will find trouble. So, in a sense I wasted this book, and I should have waited a bit longer before starting it, so that I could pay attention to the subtleties in the colloquial language that this book adresses.

Now I have to find other sources of short stories and humorous dialogues that will still allow me to go on with grammar learning, while keeping working on the native materials I'm already working on. My grammar is far from being a B1.

Anyway, Russian has a lot of resources so I'm sure I will find something suitable and will be brave enough to do production exercises attentively next time so I can master at least the most obvious declension and aspect topics. What next? I will go for Linguaphone Russian edition so I can keep working with audio.

Learn Norwegian - lesson 05 It was a nice lesson which started with a long dialogue, very practical and illustrative of the needs of a language learner. Then some proverbs. I wrote before that long, sequentially logical dialogues with a beginning and an end are really useful when they have translation and audio because they are closer to the reality than only a sequel of cut-out exchanges of words.

I started watching the Norwegian movie Reprise. It turns out I understand much less from it than from other videos. Maybe it is a matter of getting used, but I'd be completely lost without subtitles. Ideally i'd watch the series in the original which is also a language I'm learning, but given the lack of series in Georgian with subtitles not even Georgian hardcoded subtitles are available I make a better use of this series by watching it in Georgian with English subtitles. The interlinear texts aren't bad but it would be better to have the true subtitles interparsed in English-Russian instead of only literal translations.

Expugnator on 09 January I travelled to the countryside last weekend. It was a really nice trip, with rivers, waterfalls, views from the top of the mountain. No language studies at all, but then what I need the most is French video, and it wouldn't be practical to add some videos to the tablets. Maybe next time I will add some audiobooks of the classics and try to figure out what is happening. It turned out I spent most of my queit time playing Mahjongg Solitaire at the tablet.

Funny how the game seems much more special now I know Chinese: I couldn't help mentally calling the numbers after the way they sound in Chinese at times I would even say them loud to my wife when she was playing, to which she would stare blank - actually, even when calling out the numbers in Portuguese would be confusing enough apart from 1, 2, 3. I also observed the cardinal points and recognized them even in traditional characters which I don't study.

It seems Chinese is now an inseparable part of my life and I don't think I can totally forget what I learned so far. It started out as low priority, even thought I consider that if I succeed to learn Chinese to a useful level one day, I will try my best to turn it into a strong career asset.

Then the first lesson of Linguaphone Russian edition , for which I only had to look up 2 words; I believe when the lessons get longer I will have to start OCR'ing the pages, but I am confident my Russian will get better so that I will be able to learn the new words intensively and they won't be many by the final lessons.

All this to say that it took me less than 20 minutes to do all this, compared to 45 minutes with my former Estonian textbook alone. That means I will have more free time at least in this month and the next. Even though Learn Norwegian 's lessons are long, they don't take me more than 20 minutes and they don't demand much effort.

Even when the lessons turn into long texts, it won't be much trouble because after all I'm reading Norwegian from native material and am using this textbook mostly for consolidation of grammar and for active exercises of translating into TL, for which this textbook has been quite effective.

So, I'm confident at doing a fine tune for my routine in the beginning of the year. Even last Friday, when I still was doing my last Assimil Perfectionnement Russe and Estnisch Lehrbuch lessons, I finished my activities two hours earlier and manage to do Duolingo, study Turkish and write more French the film Le Boulet , which seems nice. All this is working as a confidence boost since my main issue was time. I know things will change when I get back to work but not that much so, because I kept my routine all yar long anyway.

My main concern now is to reserve the extra time for active skills. It is ok with Norwegian and I exchanged a few sentences in Mandarin with yuhakko and might keep doing so, but there is still French, Georgian and German for which I have to get down on business at italki. Today's lesson of Learn Norwegian brought up important remarks on the 'instant' past of Norwegian: Norwegian uses the past tense even for things you just tasted, or saw, or felt.

Nei, det var galt! No, it's wrong what you just said was wrong, as in, it already belongs to the past. I finished reading Jules Verne's It is a nice book and I recommend it as bilingual practice as it is available in so many languages. It did great for my Georgian.

It is not such an easy book given all the specialized maritime vocabulary and the names of places and sea creatures, but the story flows effortlessly. It was a bit harder given the fact the Georgian one was abridged it could have been worse if it were the other way round, for sure , so I hope my next book will be easier and I will also be more prepared for it.

I tried reading Alice in Wonderland which I already have in Georgian but it is still above my head, so I will go for something contemporary, however "cheap" it may be. I will be glad to return to Jules Verne's books later, first I have to improve my Georgian reading skills so I can read faster and thus finish books faster. I was reading this one at 3 pages a day, but then the Georgian page seemed incredibly long. The series looks great indeed, and I'm glad that if I run out of episodes in Georgian I can still watch them in Russian.

I watched episode 1 fully and I am sure it will help a lot with my Georgian. The dubbing is voice-over but at least each character gets its own voice, it's not like some films I saw where there is a voice that dubs everything. You still get to hear the original , though, but I'll get used to that, too, after all my Georgian needs that.

It turned out I found some other videos that also have multiple-voice dubbing, which means all I have to do is get the subtitle in English and enjoy. Even 1 hour a day won't be enough for now, but I will try my best to complete the goal and to improve my listening comprehension because it still isn't high enough.

The good news is that I can follow the story just fine even if I don't get all the lines. A pause now on my studies for doing some groceries shopping. We were out the whole weekend with a birthday after we got back from the countryside, so no time for buying the weekly needs. When I am back I still have a lot of forum reading to do, and maybe another Turkish lesson. Expugnator on 12 January It turns out The Estonian Language Blog has some exercises.

That's more than I expected! Mul on koer ja sul on kass. Nendel on maja. Mul on must pliiats. Sinul on kollane pliiats. Tal on sinine pliiats. Raamat on huvitav. Meil on vana raamat. Raamat on igav. Kass on must ja valge. Kas sul on koer? Ta on kurb. Auto on sinine ja uus. Kas sinine auto on uus? Ei, sinine auto on vana. Kollane auto on uus.

Kas raamat on huvitav? Raamat ei ole huvitav. Now for Learn Norwegian - Lesson 07 : Du er ikke nordmenn, er du det? Nei, jeg er ikke det. Jeg er fra Pakistan. Du snakker godt norsk. Synes du det? Ja, det synes jeg. Trives du her i landet? Tror du det? Ja, det vil sikkert bli varmt igjen i morgen. Ja, kanskje det. I've started my new novel in Georgian.

It is easier than my previous one and the pages are the normal size, not A4 as it seemed to be the case with the Jules Verne's book I had. Only that the reader from this Georgian digital bookstore doesn't mark pages, only words. I will have to count pages manually and compare with the Brazilian Portuguese edition i'm following along.

It was a good day for German listening, as In could follow Deutsch Direkt with no big problems. Not so good for French, though. Like I said, the past days I've only watched native French films without subtitles. Sometimes it's hard to understand the text, even if I can still follow the story. Today I had a hard time with Camille Redouble. Once I was done with my scheduled activities, I decided to finish watching Le Boulet. Towards the second half I was finding it easier, but I admit I lost long excerpts.

Anyway, another one for the SC and the certainty that I need to keep training my listening comprehension in French. That is, I need the Super Challenge, not just as a task to accomplish. I really need this amount of video input so I can get my French back on track. Found time for another episode of Side om side. Almost done with this great series!

It is easier to understand it than the film I'm currently watching Reprise because the sound quality is way higher. I'm watching it with Norwegian subtitles, and learning a lot from them, but if it weren't the case I'd still understand quite a bit from the dialogues.

Expugnator on 13 January Maybe not much so and these differenced get 'zoomed in' for the purpose of dialectology, but it was interesting nonetheless. By the way, it turns out I'm having issues with the select tool not being available at Adobe Reader, so I'm using Foxit Reader.

I thought it only encompassed a Chinese pdf, but it also happens with Russian so it's an overall issue. Anyway, it didn't help using Foxit Reader. Nothing that a 'print' wouldn't solve, but today I still looked words up instead of OCR'in the text. Learn Norwegian - Lesson 08 Hvor mye er klokken? Kan du hjelpe meg med det? Morgenstund har gull i munn, vet du.

Har du matpakken ferdig? Ha en god dag. Ha det. This lesson was awfully long. Fortunately, I didn't find the section on clocks and time a nuisance as it is the case. That shows my level is already a bit more advanced and I can reason how to say some of the hour-minute combinations on my own. The paragraph above was particularly challenging, but it asker for words and expressions not used so far.

Jeg sitter og ser filmen 'Reprise '. Den handler om to forfattere som er venner. It turns out I understand much more today from the film I mentioned above than in the previous times, that's encouraging. Also better at the film Camille Redouble. Maybe the sound quality is better today, don't know.

I'm tempted to say it was the best Georgian reading day so far. A contemporary story and somewhat simpler language helped me to tackle the pages in only 20 minutes and in a mood that would take a few more pages. We'll see in the upcoming days if I will manage to read even faster and more each day, In German, I've also reached a stage in parallel reading where I resort less and less to the L1 text currently French.

I remember this time in Norwegian, though I can't really compare because I was reading fiction in Norwegian and the non-fiction vocabulary in German is actually the hardest compared to the Romance languages and even to Norwegian. It was also a good day for Russian reading. I had a little less effort and thus a little more patience to read some paragraphs in parallel instead of all-L2 then L1. I had totally forgotten about Duolingo but it's back today.

It seems so much easier to understand than the original films in French i'm watching, though I am all for the films. Expugnator on 14 January Just finished lesson 4 of Linguaphone Russian. It was significantly harder than the previous one. I had to rely a lot on the pictures to figure out what was being talked about, but even so I also had to translate a lot. It wasn't time-consuming yet, so I'm still avoiding OCRing. I believe when I try to read intensively without a translation , only through looking words up, I feel more forced towards interpreting and internalizing the L2 constructs.

Yet this is valid only up to a point. If the text becomes too long and I have to translate every other word, then it's better to make my translation through Google Chrome first. The 'dialogue', the next page after the text, helps a lot because it works as a 'second wave' of vocabulary, but today's lesson also introduced new vocabulary, especially verbs, in the dialogue part.

Mora arbeider som dyrlege og far arbeider med datamaskiner. Etter middag vasker faren og barna seg opp mens mora tar segen middagslur. This exercise was easier than the previous one. It turns out 'Learn Norwegian' is my longest activity of the day and from now on I am counting the pages of the texts for the Super Challenge.

Will do the same with Linguaphone Russian soon, because both textbooks have long and challenging texts that I will be reading intensively. Today I realized that blyant is a cognate with Estonian pliiats the Estonian probably coming from the Swedish blyerts , meaning pencil. The paragraph I wrote yesterday got a lot of corrections at italki. No need to feel discouraged, as many of the corrections are already involving style, vocabulary precision and such.

So, I really hope my Norwegian is getting better. At least reading in Norwegian was easy today, as has been the case this year. I'm reading Uskyld for fall and I'm learning a lot about live in pre-war Norway. Georgian isn't bad either, but I'm going to need at least 3 other books like the one I'm reading now to notice real progress. If only I could read faster The faster I become, the more I will have learned then, which means I can read even more before feeling tired.

Another good day for German reading. At this pace, I will soon get used to the terms used most often in the non-fiction subgenre I'm reading. I believe I'm having a better time lately because i'm reading stress-free, lying on my bed with two tablets, each with one version of the book at least for Georgian, German, and Russian, as I don't need it for French or Norwegian and I use Pera-pera for Mandarin. Next week when things get back to normality I will add more noise and stress, so I am glad I used the calmer days to make noticeable progress.

Listening to Deutsch Direkt wasn't bad either, I was a bit bored and willing to browse the forum but I could understand a lot and follow in the background - that's an improvement, too. Normally with non-fluent languages browsing away is enough to get completely lost.

Just to bring more of the same, it was also an easier reading of Divergent in Russian. I read it only in Russian first and could get the point, only missed the descriptive details. Nonetheless, Russian is still the language I read in the least intensive, at least during parallel reading. I'm reading Linguaphone intensively, so maybe that counts, after all I'm dealing with some new words intensively daily with Linguaphone, also more conversation from Poor Nastya, so it's not a sin to keep reading Divergent only the all-L2 then all-L1 fashion.

When I am more patient I do reserve the final page for authentic parallel reading, and the most important, it has become easier and less tiresome to go through those 3 pages. I'm slowly recovering my best level of French comprehension. Expugnator on 15 January Learn Norwegian - lesson 10 Today's lesson was a detailed coverage on the particles and expressions used in the spoken language.

I've never seen it at this level before. I recommend it to anyone learning Norwegian, its a bridge-passport from bookish language to spoken language. Expugnator on 16 January Not much done at the weekend, but at least I watched 40 minutes from the movie "Mon pire cauchemar".

When I don't have time to sit at the computer, it is easier to watch what is on YT at the tablet. I really like Linguaphone Russian , the edition. Today's text was for the first time an actual text , not a collection of sentences. It wasn't tiresome, though, as if it were an attempt to mention everything about time and date on a page.

I OCR'ed the text but didn't have to look at the translation that much. I didn't OCR the dialogue. It wasn't exactly a follow-up to the text, but it was very appropriate. This Linguaphone Russian sounds much more like natural language than the old Norwegian one, which consisted only of texts.

The dialogues in the Russian one seem fine. Det kommer studentene fra alle kanter av landet, fordi det er mange muligheter for studenter i hovedstadten. This was a difficult exercise. Long descriptive sentences are usually difficult to phrase the most natural way that is possible. By the way, it turns out this book has 27 lessons instead of 20, as I imagined. This isn't so bad because it means the upcoming lessons are shorter than I expected.

I'm learning a lot from it. Not a bad day for Georgian. At the reading part, I'd only read long descriptive paragraphs all in Georgian. I managed to slowly read and compare the others with translations, which means I was exposed to a lot of vocabulary almost intensively. It was also a good day at understanding the TV show. Would be cool to know that Georgians are drinking Brazilian beverage. Today I found time for finishing Mon pire cauchemar , for watching one more episode of Side om side and for Duolingo.

Expugnator on 19 January Today I became aware of the existence of the textbook Naljaga pooleks for the second time, maybe. Will try to find it and then see when it will fit in my learning forecast. It is nice to be back to the usual computer, even with the current restrictions. Only the Georgian reading is a bit less practical. The old device won't open the Georgian bookstore's app, so I have to open the book at the computer while looking at the translation at the device.

The best thing of the previous days was having each device at one translation, it is much better than using the desktop. On the other hand, the environment and the sound quality hear make it easier to understand videos, so today I understood quite a bit from the Georgian TV show. Deutsch Direkt is over. A nice series, added even more doubts to my decision on which German cities to visit. Now I'm going to watch the film Bella Martha , the merged subtitle file is ready. It was a fine, confidence-boost day for Russian reading.

I'm slowly feeling less obliged to rely on the translation. Even if I read directly from L1, I already get what is going on, and use the translation only for details. If only it was the case with Georgian already It seems the Indo-European in Russian is finally making it surpass Georgian. One can't really claim the Georgian book I'm reading is harder Maybe when I am longer at it it will become as easy because I'll have become used to the author's style, that's my only hope now.

My focus is on finishing what I have on my plate before obtaining new material or watching broadcasted stuff. Duolingo has changed at the desktop, no more hearts. Besides, it turns out it is faster to do it there yes, I can hear it in spite of the audio blocking to most sites. I am not going to use the mic here anyway, so I will pick the faster way.

Today I encountered quite some new words related to household. Some, even if not cognates from my other languages, are guessable from context, like sciugamano, and others are totally new to me, like spazzolino, so I'm glad I'm doing this course already. Something that makes me curious is the difference between il tavolo and la tavola and between la sedia and la seggiola.

Jeg skulle onske jeg kunne skrive norsk uten feil, men denne dagen er fortsatt langt unna. It is not late now and I have already prepared evetything. I have enough time for trying to write a bit in Georgian. This year I still haven't spoken Chinese, I have no one to talk to, nor do I have time to take classes. I don't even have time for taking online classes, but Chinese is a beautiful and important language.

Therefore, I would like to practice a little, in order to improve my level of Chinese. Today is my first day of work after holidays, but I'm not upset at all. I am sure I am going to learn a lot this year! The French one is in lang-8, the others in italki. Russian has to wait or else I'll get a burnout.

Next time I will try to escape from the metalinguistical islands of discussing one's own progress in a language. I suspect this is one of the reasons people find it so boring both to write and to read beginner's posts. I will try to come up with something in the terms of my deceased dialogue writing challenge or even some lines that resemble fiction. I am aware I still have to go through the stage of describing my day - ideally, my family too, but that involves giving away personal information, but I want to commit myself to writing stuff I 'd actually speak up in real life.

How so? Having been to both a French and a German meetings, I can notice that I miss, in German, some islands I've been using regularly in French, like talking about what I studied, where I work, which trips I made and which ones I intend to. I have had longer contacts with people from the French ones, and the subsequent topics have to do with that is in the news or on views on this or that country.

I tend to cool down on politics even in real life in this context, so I prefer to discuss urban themes, environment. These are islands I'd like to make for myself and learn the vocabulary for in Chinese, Norwegian etc. EDIT: added link to the Chinese note on italki as an alternative to the buggy forum encription Expugnator on 20 January Expugnator wrote In Danish the expression "ty til" is quite wellknown.

I'll leave it to our resident Norwegians to tell us how common it is in Norwegian. Iversen on 21 January I made a Google search on the expression and besides the three first results which refer to dictionaries, the next four refer to articles on newspaper websites with "ty til" in the title, as follows with my rough translation into English. Ogrim on 21 January Thanks, it makes a lot more sense now.

All your examples are from one meaning Expug's use too , while my German dictionary gave only the other. Btw, I recommend other learners to check the correction above, as it was quite useful. Ogrim, thank you again, I had the same results. I was wondering if it would come in daily conversation.

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